Do we live a magickal life all the time?


Some time ago, many years ago actually, I taught a short course on magick. It was a simple way of introducing my students to magick, and I had fun learning from each of them and sharing what wisdom I had collected in my spiritual journey until then. Back then as now the same question has been asked of me (recently by a friend) how do I balance the my “witch” side to my everyday life? in other words am I a witch all the time? or do I leave it be to take care of other more mundane and pressing matters of everyday life?

Back when I taught that course, I had not been practicing for many years, but I found what I was doing beautiful and wanted to share the little wisdom I had obtained.   Now looking back through the corridors of time,  I am glad I did,  as it taught me a lot about myself and what I do. My answer back then was more rigid. My kids were younger, I had to concentrate a lot on the everyday aspects of my life, on the mundane as recently my friend pointed out, and to me magick was a way of finding a nice lovely “me time” in which to create changes, or help my kids in school, or heal family or self.

Time has gone by, and as we get older, kids get older, things change around us, we get wiser and more settled into what we do, and believe in. Hopefully we have grown more mature mentally and learned all the lessons that life has to offer and keep open for more to come, as learning really never ends.

So now I have time for reflection, and realize that I have made magick a way of life. Magick is inherent in all we do, all we see around us,  Earth is a magickal ground from which to learn, take comfort and wonder at the beauty of the place itself where we live.  I am living a magickal life everyday of my life. From the moment I wake up, I  instill the love of magick  in what I do.

Many of the things I use in my household have been created by me,  from the candles I use for daily blessings, to the soap we use.  I bless my food when I bring it from the supermarket, give blessings to my children as they head out to school. comfort friends that might seek spiritual guidance, help myself or family with healing, bless my coffee in the morning so I can have a prosperous day, greet my plants and ask they grow healthy and beautiful, meditate daily with intent. My children have grown in this belief, and although since they were young I told them they have a choice in what they believe in, they have chosen the same path I walk.  So you could say my home resonates in the same vibrational frequencies as far as we live our spiritual lives.

I have grown so used to blessing new items I buy I totally refuse to use them without doing so. It feels as if something not right if I don’t perform that simple magickal task.

I choose to live this life, that by years of practicing, believing, has adhered itself to my very being, and truth to tell, I could not see myself living in any other way.

Of course this is only me,  one life,  one belief.  There are others that have other religious or spiritual beliefs and they in turn live their lives according to those beliefs.

None is better that the other, all is part of the same really, we all believe in somethings or someone out there in the Universe. As long as we respect our beliefs and those of others, and harm no one in doing so, then I think we are all living a sort of  a magickal life,  for to believe in something, you must suspend all else and that which you believe in, will come to be and that itself is the magick and power of the Universe at work.

So my answer was that in reflection, you embrace what you believe in, practice it, live it, and with time it becomes such an intricate part of you, that you no longer think of being a witch, you just are.

We are love and light,




4 thoughts on “Do we live a magickal life all the time?

  1. Jason
    I think so as well. Over time our reflections on nature and our surroundings become reflections on a deeper meaning in our environment. In the people we love and the family that we surround ourselves with. Magick is all around us all the time we are all living it weather we choose to recognize it or not. Love the blog thanks for the post! 

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