Have you ever heard or read about Love being the key to our journey? and have you wondered is it? is that all there is to it? Lets talk about Love for a bit.

I am not talking about family love (which I think it’s a given) or friendship (ditto) but the one that makes us feel at least once, as if butterflies are living in our tummy for a while. The one that makes us smile at every little thing, looking sort of silly with that smile pasted on our face, looking up into space at nothing, reliving the moments spent with that special someone.

Love in all its beautiful glory, fills our lives and marks the tempo to our daily tasks. All is possible, all is do-able! They skies are blue, the air smells of spring and we are OK with our human fellows. We might leave little notes for our mates, call them at work, just to say “I love you” arrange to meet for lunch breaks (long ones, claiming later to our bosses, that the darn bus/train/ was delayed) thus making us late for work. Oh, my! “could this be true?” we ask ourselves.” Have I been admitted to the hallowed halls of those special enough to walk through the  isles of eternal love?” and we feel special,  we have found our niche, with the one person that we would like to spend the rest of our lives with, in complete bliss.

Many couples are lucky enough to stay together.  Does the love grow even more? Or does time erode that original feeling to be replaced by acceptance, routine and making the significant other a part of your family? one you love and respect, but one that doesn’t make your soul sing anymore? I would like to think that at least some, retain that special feeling. I mean if a couple survives together for lets say 40 years, it would be lovely to believe that spark is still in there.

What happens though when that love does not survive the test of time?

This is when love becomes the opposite, the light turns into dark, the sunshine into rain. This is when all we shared and thought of as special, becomes unbearable to think of, to remember and we start to despair at what  will be remembered next! we don’t want the memories or the light or the laughter of others, all we feel like doing is crawl into a tiny hole and stay there, hidden from life.

Surviving a break  up is one of the most difficult things we as human beings go through (right next to loosing a loved one through death) but it is also a very defining moment in our lives, how we deal with it and come out of it, is what will set the standard for how we continue in our journey.

These losses are hard, because they make us realize, that life is not an easy journey. We turn inwards, and analyze ourselves and our deeds  and actions and because we are feeling negative,  what we find, we don’t like. We think all died, all is pointless and meaningless, and shun friends and loved ones in order to lick our wounds in solitude.

In the meantime, while we deal with the emotional hurt out there in the world, this big machine called Life continues to churn away in its relentless move towards an unknown destination. I see us – human beings-inside this machine, trying to figure out the rhythm of life and the ultimate destination. We might see it as destiny, purpose, etc. The very strong continue with their journey feeding on their individual experiences and using those same experiences to fuel their outlook in life and how they deal with each new situation that appears in their path.

Some can’t keep up with the relentless pace of Life and either give up and literally jump of it, earlier than they should perhaps and others give in to their despair and shut themselves off completely away from love.

As trite as it might sound, life does go on, Summer turns into Autumn and that into Winter and finally the dance of life continues when that in turn becomes Spring, with all its promise of flowers, and spring rain.

It is as if Spring  is there to mock us, daring us to look around, really observe that the beauty has never left, that plants will flower, birds will mate, butterflies will migrate, and if that is true of mother nature, then it is also true of us as well. We humans reflect this planet where we reside, we are not accidental visitors.  We are in this journey for a purpose, we each have a different path to walk, and different things to conquer, to achieve,  but the end result will be the same.

Once this journey is over and truly understood our karma debt will be paid and we each will go in peace to whatever place we see in our hearts as our true home.

So perhaps dear reader Love is indeed the key to this journey on Earth.  We do reflect our planet and its cycles. As we love Earth, so we should love ourselves, for it is here that love starts, by accepting us the way we are. Thus when we cross paths with someone who we will learn to love, we will be able to leave something in their lives, something good about ourselves, and if that does not come to something more (the relationship) then we move on as Earth does with the cycle of life. We live, hibernate, flourish. harvest and finally we become one again with the cosmos.

What may you ask does Love have to do with magick? … I think everything, as Love has an inherent magick all of its own.

Until I write again,

We are Love and Light.




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