This day rings the first Harvest, an ancient harvest festival to celebrate the first harvest taken. It was considered a time of both joy and sadness, for although the light was waning and the growing season was winding down, the cupboards were full of the products of their hard labor. This date was often changed to coincide with the actual reaping schedule. Lughnasadh or Lammas -as Catholics renamed in an attempt to christianize the old Pagan festival- was a festival of bread, thus bread making is traditional at this time of year.

This is good time to take stock of what we have achieved so far in the year, what goals have been met, and what we would still like to see realized. Get some corn dollies, or make them yourself. Place berries on a bowl on your table, anything that to you represent harvest. Place a bowl of water on your center piece, with fruit and candles around it, as water is honored as bringer of life on this day.

Bake corn bread, or buy already made if baking is not an option, and gather together with your loved ones, enjoy with a tall glass of cool lemonade, as Summer is not quite gone yet, to acknowledge this day by giving thanks for blessings so far received.
Blessed Harvest everyone ! *M*Image


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