Magickal Tips

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Tips on how to incorporate magick in your everyday life:

Taking from what I have done through the years to help in my daily practice of my spirituality. I have already written here about meditation- a quick post on ideas how to reach that point of practice, nothing deep, but just to get you interested enough to start digging into more information regarding that subject. I think the best posts are those that leave you thirsty for more, as not just one post, or just one person will show you everything there is to know about a particular subject, but will open your mind to the possibilities and fill it with questions, and start you on a quest of your own for more knowledge about a given subject.

Through personal experience and through the years, I have come to the realization that your set of mind is the most powerful tool in magick (as in life, but here I am just “zeroing-in”  in our spiritual state of being). How you feel when you awake in the morning, decides the rest of your day. If you add to that a daily meditation or mantra, then you raise your possibilities and chances are your day will be as you wish it to.  Of course there are the external influences or events that we cannot avoid, as they are not ours to stop or command, but for this we have to prepare so as not to let us affect us.

Mornings are mainly hectic for the majority of people, we get ready for whatever place we have to head to, if you have kids then the preparations involve more than just you, even if its only you and your significant other, or on your own, we all have a certain type of “ritual” that does not necessarily entail a full blown meditation, but something we like to do in the morning- to calm, clear our minds and prepare us for the day ahead. Even if its an unconscious act we do in the morning, like drinking our coffee before everyone gets up, having a few minutes for ourselves etc.,  Why not add a little magick to go with your day?

  • If you have the time, light a votive candle- white, preferably- and focus on the flame for a few seconds or minutes. Just gaze at the flame without straining to put any particular thought on your mind. Just gaze and breath.  Snuff out and go about your day.
  • While you take your morning shower, why not add a bit more to it than just the usual? Give yourself a lemon rub almost at the end of the shower, rinse with clean water. Lemon is excellent to lift your spirit, and cleanse your aura, a good way to start your day. If you want to add a bit more of a kick to it, add a bit of sugar to the half that you will use in your shower, and rub all over you ( it takes the two halves for this actually ) just be careful not to drop sugar on the shower floor as it does make it slippery. Rinse and you not only have cleansed yourself in the spiritual you have added a sweetening element to your day, one that draws good things to you.
  • If you drink coffee before you head out for the day, do this;  before you take that first sip, bless it, and ask the Universe to bring you a prosperous day. Coffee is excellent to draw money to you. There is a belief that – if-  when you pour your coffee in your cup you see bubbles this is a sure sign of money coming to you soon, so it never hurts to bless that which helps to awaken our senses. Tea drinkers can also bless tea ( I personally love both:) Dark tea is also good for money, green tea sharpens your mind, chamomile tea (although this is best for night time) is another excellent money attracting herb.
  • Do  you work at an office? try to carry a blessed stone with you, it does not have to be a specific tumbled stone, if you don’t have those, any stone that has called your attention from the park, your backyard, the beach,  garden, etc. bless this stone (small its better) so that it has protective energies, ask it in blessing to keep you safe, and to keep away negative people from you. Small as I mentioned is best, so you can carry in your pocket or purse. If you want to ( and if you can) place in a corner of your desk to absorb all negativity. Take it back home and at night, let it seat in a clean cup that you do not use for drinking- with spring water and a bit of salt. Next morning take it out, dry it and let it do its thing all over again. Re-bless once a month on the Full Moon.

Stones after all belong to our lovely planet and it is little bits of its Spirit that we are carrying, don’t see it as childish or waste of time, it does work. I  have used the stones that my boys have given me when they were little.  All kids have their spirit more open than that of adults, so if your kids are bringing you stones, for no reason at all  (they do that a lot when little:) keep one at least, cleanse and bless.

  • If you have a presentation at work, try to bless the presentation a day before. Cleanse it from negativity, bless it for success and empower yourself so that all goes well and you give a great presentation. Try to also bless the items of clothing you will wear for the presentation. The more things you bless the more assured and calm this will make you feel.
  •  Wash your clothes with a blessed laundry soap, make yourself a vinegar-lavender laundry softener- and bless this rinse so that it not only cleanses out the negative vibes (Vinegar) but blesses it as well (Lavender). If you have to take your laundry to a public laundromat, add a bit of angelica (powdered) or rosemary (powdered) to the laundry soap. This helps to cleanse away the negative we collect daily from other people. If you do your laundry at home, then add the above mentioned herbs to the wash after  the laundry soap.
  •  Try do a weekly spiritual cleansing of your home, preferably when you are off from work, either weekends or any other day that you have enough time to do it. This as well does not entitle a full blown ritual (those are good every 3 months) but just a simple cleansing with a representation of the elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth. use the following: A bowl of clean and blessed water (blessed by you), a small dish of blessed salt (again blessed by you), a small candle (red its best-but white will do as well) and incense (powdered, cone or stick either one its good) Spirit is represented by you saying words of blessing asking Spirit to help you to cleanse your home with its energies and at the end thanking Spirit for being with you. Go around your whole house/apartment etc. open windows, closet doors, front door, and cleanse your space. This helps your home to hum along with good energies so that it vibrates to your own energy level. Once you are done with this spiritual cleansing, leave your items on your altar for a bit of time. Snuff candle and throw away (candle has already absorbed negativity) dispose of water and salt in your garden or backyard or just down the drain. Let the incense go out on its own and throw away ashes. Don’t keep any of the representation of the elements as they have done their work.

If the above is not do-able for lack of time (and you do not have pets or have small children) then place bowls of water in each of the rooms. This collects all negativity from each room and you can throw away at the end of each week, replacing with clean water and leave it there for another round.

  • Our kitchens are for most of us, the heart of our home. Even if its a small kitchen, families tend to gather there, talk while cooking, drink a cup of tea or coffee if short of time, etc.  My kitchen has always been a point of importance for myself and my family.

I think this is in our collective subconscious as human beings. Since the beginning of time, once fire was discovered it was kept in the center of the cave, hut etc. This is where people would gather to cook their meals, even sleep in the same room.  This was a point of importance and gathering. This has kept in our collective memories through time and many centuries later we find ourselves going through the same ritual, of gathering there with our families, talking about our days, etc. As magickal practitioners we may even use our kitchens to concoct our potions, and cast spells.  It makes sense as many ingredients we use for magick are right in our cupboard.  It is a good idea to keep it in excellent order, to separate what ingredients we use for cooking and what we use for magick.  You can if you want or wish to, burn a small candle each week in your kitchen. Cleanse with an empowered handmade “tea”  with herbs like: spearmint, rosemary, chamomile- boil, let it rest and dilute it with more distilled water. Cleanse your counter and cabinets with this brew, to keep your kitchen’s energies humming with good vibes.

Keep the fire of your home vibrant and in harmony – Kitchens are our hearth- no matter how small and humble your kitchen is- or how grand and “state of the art” Re-claim your fire!

  • To wrap up this post I am adding a short money spell. Simple but one that works. All you need is:

A small box (wood is better, cardboard its fine)

Loose change, pennies etc.

Money oil

Candle- (votive) Green, yellow, or brown. If you don’t have these colors, then white will be  fine.

Salt (blessed)

Water (blessed)

A needle.

This spell will help to focus your mind in a way that it will create more awareness of how we spend, keep and save money. Money like said in a previous post, its an energy, that flows in and out the human life. The more we understand this natural flow, the best we know how to make these energies work for us, and make its natural flow vibrate to our own energy flow.

* Gather your items and cleanse by sprinkling a bit of salt on each of the items. Take the water and sprinkle a bit on each too, Leave them for a few minutes and then come back and empower your candle by placing it between your hands. Say a blessing of your choice to help attract money to you. Once you feel you have blessed it well, make a symbol of a dollar sign on the candle with the needle. Dress your candle with the money oil.

* Place the small change inside of the box. Place the candle either to the side of the box or on top but use a fire safe plate. Do not put candle directly on the box , you want to avoid burning it.  Light up the candle and gaze at the flame, see in your mind’s eye how the money you will be adding to your box, will multiply. Do not doubt yourself or your spell work, just let yourself go with the flow of the moment. Let the candle burn in its entirety.  Your box has been blessed, you have started the attraction spell with the candle.

* Wait until next day and add more loose change into the box, the highest you can go is one dollar bills. not higher than this denomination. Every day, no matter how little you add (pennies) you keep doing this. If you don’t have any loose change or money- don’t feel bad or guilty, just gather the box in your hands and imagine how the money you have inside its multiplying.  When you little box is full, take out most of the money, leave some inside ( at least one dollar) and spend the money you saved in food, pay a small bill, give away, save in your savings account etc. Just don’t spend it in something frivolous.

The amount of money you collected will not be much, but that is not the point of this spell. The main object here is that you are making yourself aware that you can create abundance by starting small and simple. If you have been paying attention to your finances, you will notice that you might be able to save up a bit more from your paycheck, maybe your worries about money are a bit lessened, not because all has been magickally disappeared, but for the simple reason that when you place that money into the box every night you are sending a message to your conscious mind of being able to do something about your financial health, instead of just worrying constantly,  your are  doing something positive.

Start your spell all over again. If you have a goal in mind then you can put a time limit to your spell. Lets say you want that money in the box for something specific. You can take out the money every time is full- put that away- leave some behind. Once you have reached the amount you have set for you goal, spend it, and use it as you wish to. If you do not want to continue with this money spell once your reached your aim, cleanse your box and put away for maybe another time.

This is it for quick magickal tips,  I hope this post helps along your spiritual and magickal journey.  One last piece of advice… Let the magick work subtly in your life, if you let the flow move around you, without straining to “feel” it, things will start to shift and move and fall in the right place.
Until I write again…BB!


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