Vernal Equinox ~ Ostara~


March 20th – Vernal Equinox – First day of Spring! Moon enters Aries.

Finally the first day of Spring its here in all its glory – goodbye Winter blues, hello flowers  and beautiful gardens!

Like the flowers and animals around us, we  are once more awakening in a sense from winter’s slumber. Now we are ready to enjoy the brand new energies of this new season.

In ancient times, this day of equal light and darkness  was called Eostar or Ostara. This season of rebirth was the predecessor to the Christian holy day Easter.  According to lore back then eggs were eaten to promote prosperity and fertility. Eggs which are a symbol of life, and creativity, were  used as gifts to be exchanged and were colored yellow and gold, then given out as gifts or used in ritual in honor of the Sun and fecundity deities. The custom of coloring eggs has survived through the centuries. We can use organic coloring instead of store-bought coloring (like beet juice, grape juice, green tea, onion leaves etc.)

Spring brings out the natural urges of going with the flow and give our homes a deep cleaning, letting out the winter energies that have been shut in with us during that season, opening windows, cleansing not only in the physical but also spiritually.

An excellent time as well, to tackle those closets, put away winter items, prepare a box for things to be donated, decluter and organize!  A perfect time to clean out ritual tools, give a good cleaning to our Altars, get rid of old candles, clean out the old wax from candle holders, mop our floors with a good magickal herbal blend to chase away the blues. After all that hard work :=) we can relax and chill in a nice purifying bath of an herb of choice (marjoram, thyme, basil, rosemary, are a few good herbs to choose from) to help renew tired auras and worn out souls. If you want to take it yet one step further, you can after your cleansing bath, enjoy a nice cup of green tea, sweetened with honey! yum! Green tea is excellent for our body and mind.

I think the biggest challenge now that the season of Spring it’s here,  is to not overwhelm ourselves with a big “to do” list and at the end get frustrated at the rate of accomplishing those things on the list. After all try to keep in mind that all those things that got mysteriously tangled in the closet, the extra paper clips that seemed to have multiplied in your desk, and the cobwebs in dark corners of your home, did not materialize there in one day.  It is best to tackle one task at a time, do it well, feel a sense of accomplishment for having it done. This will leave you more relaxed and able to enjoy the brilliant colors that come out of earth through beautiful flowers, enjoy the weather, look up and see the brilliant sky and maybe get a show of birds flying by getting material for their nests.. or one where birds are fighting  for a certain  mate.. aah! nature!  it does have a sense of humor  :=)

Happy Spring & BB!







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