An “in between” story



Trust the flow..

Today as I was coming back from work, I was keeping a ‘sharp’ eye for dandelion flowers. I have promised one of my boys to help him with a nifty spell to help in school matters, and we decided we were both going to find dandelions on our routine walk from work (me) and school (him).
Not a hard thing to do, specially as there are plenty of green spots in this part of the country, the sun and fair weather (well, warm mostly) makes for a variety of wild flowers to grow on sidewalks and everywhere else.

I was congratulating myself on having found even more than the needed amount for the spell, and as I kept looking at their tiny loveliness, I passed by a building that is literally exploding with a Bougainvillea that covers one entire gated area.
This plant has always been a favorite of mine, but it has bittersweet memories, and I’ve tried not to look for too long at their loveliness, as that would bring back sad memories, it was the norm for a long time, but today… hmm, well today was different. I just could not help myself getting close to the beauty in front of me, its tiny creamy flowers encased in the purple petals and there were many on the floor! they are so delicate and shed easily.
I crouched on the sidewalk to pick up some of them. I was, at some level of my subconscious, expecting to feel the old pain, and sadness..but it didn’t come. I felt so relieved! that I could once more enjoy their beauty without the pain of old memories.

I recognized an important moment, right there, on that sidewalk. That my heart has healed, forgiven and moved on, it was a matter of my brain connecting to what the heart has known for some time.
So I pass along this to you dear reader. Even if it seems inane, time does heal, life continues relentlessly and in its wake, we continue as well. We move on, make new memories, find joy in the silly and the important, love and give love. Our hearts know this, and it takes the sad to keep until is not needed and like earth renews that into something lovely, something better.
Trust the moment and truly….follow your heart♥


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