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newsletterDear Reader: greetings and welcome once more.  I hope all had a good weekend and a lovely Winter Solstice celebration. It has been hectic at the Witch’s Gazette headquarters, with the preparation and revision of several of my newsletters. Let’s see what is new.


The holiday season is still in full swing. If we get swept along with the holiday advertising, we might feel as if it is the end of it all! “Only 3 days till Christmas” “hurry, hurry, step right on..” oh no wait, that is the circus.. but same difference anyway.

It is nigh to impossible not too feel the pressure of the buying frenzy.  I confess dear reader even I, truth be told; have been tempted to fall into the glittery world of buy now, pay later! I almost lost my cool there for a tiny moment, but came to my senses thank the stars. By now I feel a sense of peace, even in the midst of the holiday madness around me. I have celebrated Yule/Winter solstice. It was a lovely celebration. For many that do not observe the Winter Solstice, the main even is still to come, this week.


Did you know dear reader, that according to lore and history of festivals around the world, Saturnalia was celebrated on December 25th? This was to celebrate one of the Romans gods Saturn, their god of agriculture, fairness and peaceful living. Even though he (Saturn) was an important god of the Romans only briefly, it is precisely his celebration that Christianity borrowed from and changed into what is known today as our modern festivities. Of course our version is softened to what is deemed proper for the sensibilities of many and adapted to their belief. Thanks to Saturnalia we have the merry making (drinking ) gift giving ( holiday shopping) candle burning, bonfires, and of course we cannot forget the holiday caroling! Which by the way was performed in the naked while belting out some good old roman songs. The mind boggles!

I can only imagine that pow-wow of the people that decided to convert pagan traditions into what we know today..” Now see here” says one robed figured “we leave the drinking, the gift giving, definitively the candle burning, and ok, the singing, but I don’t know, this “naked” business…” while another one, the rebel of the group (there is always one in each group) says loudly ” oh come on people!!! we have to let them go naked! I mean where is the fun of just singing if you are not naked..priorities people, priorities.”  Needles to say that guy did not last long in their group.

In all fairness, I wouldn’t want to open the door to a group of caroling neighbors in the ‘all together’ faces pink from one too many spiked eggnog drinks. I don’t think that particular tradition was to survive through the years. The evolution of the human mind along with the advent of fashion, would have taken care of that particular detail all on its own.


Winter Solstice has occurred and now the Sun; bit by bit starts to increase in power. Saturn leaves Scorpio and goes into Sagittarius  on Tuesday Dec. 23rd – until 2015 (June).  Saturn will make a short retrograde on Scorpio again next June for a few months.

So how does the planet of discipline, structure, control and tendency for tradition, will blend with the fun, expansive and explorer Sagittarius? Saturn/Sagittarius influence will call for us to look at plans, the way we see things, the way we value our life and the people in our life in a  more decisive way. Saturn in Sagittarius gives us the motivation to reevaluate the way we live our lives and reach for our goals. It brings questions like ” Is this all there is to my life, or is there something more?” so we can seek, not precisely in the physical, but more of a spiritual search. It helps us to realize than inward there are answers to our quest. Saturn is relying in our instinct, to use with a measure of discipline and make our hopes a reality. After all Saturn is the planet of manifestation. So it will be a good stretch of the year, that we can put to good use to work on, and manifest our goals.

Then we have a nice and quiet December 25th. There is a conjunction of Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Another interesting mix with Pluto the planet of death and doom with Saturn planet of structure. I always think of these two as the brooders of the planets. Sitting down, across from each other playing a game of chess. Pluto’s influence of inevitability knowing that his game strategy will win and Saturn representing rules, trying to keep the game fair and square. No wonder Thursday will be such a quiet day. Take advantage and just take it easy.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Dear reader, I am hard at work with the promise of end of the year horoscope. As I said on my previous newsletter, I do not want to leave you hanging, so here is a fun and short horoscope for the week.

ARIES:This week, let yourself be the center of attention. Allow yourself to be pampered and feted and shown the sights.

TAURUS: The cash-flow situation is improving! You could have a garage sale or find there is more equity in your home than you thought.

GEMINI: You may be able to buy a loved one or partner a big, fancy present soon. Don’t get carried away. Make the thought count for something.

CANCER: You have “family money” written in your chart. You may be hearing about family businesses, investments, perhaps even an inheritance that is headed your way. You may need some financial wisdom from a trusted  adviser.

LEO: You need to get out and play, but you may have some challenges getting away from your responsibilities. Find a fun distraction like watching a movie or spend time with friends.

VIRGO: You will hit something of a plateau at work today, and may find that it is difficult to get much done. This is short term. You need a bit of a break anyway.

LIBRA: Relationships are exciting, interesting, and challenging today. You might feel  challenged  or intrigued. Differences make good sparks sometimes. You could be drawn to your polar opposite.

SCORPIO: Good financial news helps you deal with a lot of the negative energy hitting the “debts” sector of your chart. You may find yourself paying off loans, credit cards, or setting aside a sum of money.  Saving and paying down debt is definitely a good idea.

SAGITTARIUS: Don’t listen to the detractors that tell you that you shouldn’t leave your Christmas shopping till the last minute. This is when you’re on your best form, always ready to spot a bargain. This week is all about confidence building, so avoid old triggers.

CAPRICORN: What looks like a frustrating encounter with an employer or work-related authority figure could turn into a blessing in disguise. keep your focus and your cool.

AQUARIUS: With Mars spending his first Christmas in your sign, the warrior planet of the cosmos is likely to see you fighting and standing up for yourself a lot more, ready to not only stand your ground but to claim your own power back.

PISCES: This is a good moment in your life, there is a lot of positive energy surrounding you. Your mind and soul are in harmony and you are able to achieve serenity in the days to come even in the midst of the holiday season. Bask in the moment!


Today I am serving up a favorite of mine. I love salads, and I love even more when I can make and eat something not only healthy, but time saving. So here it is:

Cucumbers (2)

Salad tomato (1)

Butter Lettuce

Red Onion

Feta Cheese

Black seedless olives (optional)

French baguette bread

Wash your ingredients well. Dice cucumber, thin slices.  Dice tomato in thin slices or quarters (your choice). Pull apart lettuce leaves. Slice onion in thin slices. Drain the water from the seedless olive container, crumble the cheese.

Toss all the salad ingredients except for the cheese. Add your favorite salad dressing. Sprinkle on top the crumbled feta cheese.

Slice some of the bread in thin slices, toast a bit.

Your salad can be eaten with a toasted piece of french bread and washed down with a nice glass of  light white wine.

Bon Appetit!


For this week I am featuring a quick but powerful magickal powder recipe.

Most of the ingredients you may find in your kitchen cupboard:

Attract Money & Success powder

Cinnamon- 1 tbs – Money, protection, success

Nutmeg- 1 tbs – Money, luck

Allspice- 1 tbs – money, protection

Cloves (powder)- 1 tbs – protection, prosperity, anti-hex

Ginger- 1 tbs – fast money, fast luck

Salt – 1 teaspoon – money flow (yes dear reader, salt can be used for prosperity magicks 🙂 protection, cleansing

Basil 1 tbs  (powdered) – blessings, prosperity, purification

A glass container – this can be one of your empty spice bottles, washed and ready to be re-used. I like using glass for my magickal powder blends, but it is a personal choice, you can use plastic too.

In a small bowl, add your ingredients.  Blend well. Place your hands over it. Bless and empower. This type of powder is to draw money, success and protection of your prosperity. Enchant with words that have to do with the magickal intent of the powder.

Cover with a clean kitchen towel. Leave it be for 3 nights, but remember; the more time you leave it be, the more power it draws. Best to leave on top of your altar, or where you conduct most of your magickal work, so it is infused with those lovely energies. After three nights,  place all in your bottle. Close tightly and keep in your magickal cupboard. Burn on top of self-lighting charcoals. Dress candles, sprinkle at the entrance of your home, sprinkle in your money poppets, petitions, boil a bit in water that will be used for a prosperity bath, sprinkle a bit on your money, on your money bills, coins, etc. The uses are many and varied.

Happy Spell-castings!

Dear reader, I am glad that I had another chance to virtually “sit down” amongst you and share with you some of the happenings. It gladdens my heart no end, that I can write this newsletter, and pass along some bit of news, a tale or two. As always I wonder if my musings leave a bit of an imprint in your mind. I wish you a good week, in the company of those you love and cherish.

May your holiday be a blessed and happy time.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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