Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub VIII~2015

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new 2015 and welcome once more to the Witch’s Gazette!

The season is Winter, and the first days of this Gregorian calendar month are already shining upon us. What dear reader have you in store for your lovely self? What brand new goals, wishes, projects are you putting in motion? The new year brings an urge to move forward, but it does somehow denies our more natural instinct to hibernate during the Winter time. What do we do in the midst of the outside world influence and our inner calling of just being still?


Our collective mind has been so saturated with the holiday hype for  so many centuries, that it leaves us somewhat deflated as to what to do next once is over. We, as a collective group of earthly beings have forgotten that we live in a planet that has a natural cycle of seasons.  We are still in the midst of Winter. After all, it just started about 15 days ago. True, some parts of the country the Winter is not felt as much as in others, but it is still the Winter season, it is still a time for hibernation and stillness. When our bodies go against the natural instinct it possesses, it breaks down (in a matter of speaking) and that is shown through colds, flu, or any malady which the body suffers from during what many so quaintly call the “flu” season. Why dear reader do we call it that? It shouldn’t be so, if we properly prepare for any inconvenience which the flu or colds surely bring.

In our rush to make the days go faster, we forget to slow down and just  live each day. We go about our individual responsibilities and when its time to rest or just relax we don’t do it properly. Many think life without a million errands, activities and such is no life at all!  We have to strike a balance.  So what, dear reader if once in a while you give yourself the luxury of sleeping late on a Saturday or Sunday? The planet will keep spinning, and life will continue to roll. Nothing lost, but something gained, which is your body conditioning to the natural need for rest. It will help to keep your mind fresh, get rid of the bad moods (for lack of proper sleep) realize that your body surely needs the healing that comes with a good and proper rest.  When we are accustomed to raise early even on the week-end, we might feel as if we are wasting time if we sleep one more hour on such days. Why? I myself am conditioning my body to just rest when needed and accept that I feel much better for it. Try it, it helps and you feel rejuvenated with the added energy. If you add to this a nice hobby, something that does not need a big chunk of your time and something you truly love, then you are allowing the body to just be still while you do what you like best. Winter can indeed help collect all that lost energy we threw about during the long holiday period. It helps to re-charge, re-energize  so we can be ready for the next season.


The past week was a quiet one. I had the opportunity of taking a few days off from work. It gave me the chance to re-asses my magickal newsletter and think of ways I would like to change it.  The newsletter will no longer have the “Thrifty Cooking” section, and the horoscope will be gone for a few weeks. I will still have the Crystal Ball Peek-at-the- Week section but somehow different. This is to keep the energies of the Newsletter fresh and current with new things. I always welcome ideas and suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment on things you would like to read about.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


What are the planets up to? Lets have a look:

On Sunday January 4th, Mercury aspected Aquarius where it will stay until March 12th. A retrograde of Mercury in Aquarius will occur from Jan. 21st to February 11th.  Mercury being the planet of communication and movement, mind and intellect. Rational, logical and abstract thinking. Like the mythical figure, Mercury travels fast and that symbolizes flexibility, adaptability. Then we have Aquarius, which is all about innovation, independence. Aquarius is rebellious, detached. Mercury/Aquarius combination helps us to seek knowledge, broaden our horizons, bring forth ideas. Their energies combined help us to make objective decisions. A time when our creativity (after all Mercury, as well as Aquarius are ruled by the element of Air) is at a high peak. Good time to create, invent, and let that imagination fly!

Sextile between the Sun and Chiron. Their combined energies  encourages our relationships.  This is a time to find an impression of purpose. Which emerges with this combo,  increasing our confidence.

Venus sextile Saturn  Sunday January 4th. Saturn brings a reserved influence and that helps to bring balance in relationships (Venus territory).  In business matters,  advances can be pursued.

Uranus-Pluto square.  A square aspect places planets at cross purposes.  Resistance develops and one challenges the other. Although Uranus-Pluto creates struggles   when it comes to letting go and/or making changes, the square also points to places where exceptional growth is possible. Make use of it, where you need such changes and channel their energy so that it helps, not hinders.

A Full Moon occurred yesterday (Jan.4th) in the sign of Cancer (Sun in Capricorn)

Full Moon in Cancer is about striking a balance between your career and your home life.

Full Moon  is for culmination, fulfillment. Seeking illumination or insight into a given situation. Whatever is going on, the Full Moon always shows that there is another side to things, problems, issues etc. That brings objectiveness. Bringing balance to decisions. A perfect time to perform magick, to give closure to magickal workings,  to work on creating changes that will perhaps take a full Moon cycle to become a reality.


A brand new section for the articles that I feature in the Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter. A weekly advice from a card that I will draw, asking Universal guidance for the week. I will be  using old divination cards that I have worked with for many years,  and others like the one featured today, are decks that bring a positive message and which can be worked on with a magickal intent. These are from my motivational cards ” I can do it” From Louise Hay. By now I have lost the original box in which they came. A gift from a friend long ago, that is very much appreciated until this day.





Keeping in mind the above card and its message, I am sharing a quick magickal idea to help the energies of money and prosperity enter your home.

Your front door functions as an ideal place for inviting energies of prosperity into your home. To help them along, place 5 shiny pennies under the front door mat (you can tape them under the mat if you want) or if you have a small plant right at the entrance you can bury the pennies beneath the plant.

How does it work?: It will create a vibrational energy that will combine with that of your home/apartment frequency, thus attracting money to your door and from there to your pocket.

Well dear readers, here we are at the end of this magickal newsletter. As always it was a pleasure preparing it, and writing down my thoughts and advice for the week. Thank you for letting me in and have a virtual “chat”  with you. I hope you liked this week’s offering.

In the meantime enjoy the Winter season, for in its quiet way it has its own magic in the stillness of the cold days.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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