Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub IX

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome to this, your Magickal Newsletter, of current goings on and magickal inspiration.

CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Now that we have started a new year, thoughts turn to matters like finding a new job, a new place to live, going back to work, school, or loosing weight. Out of all the above mentioned, loosing weight its a goal that is pursued by many and one which clothing companies- together with exercise gear companies and exercise gurus- exploit to their advantage. To feed our minds with the same commercial drivel that was fed to us on the past months. Buy, and buy more! Alas reader, we have to fortify our minds to be able to sail through the waters of weight loss and make a vow that we will pursue what is best for us, our health, our inner happiness.

MIND OVER MATTERnew year Presently most traditional magazines,  and E-zines are filled to the brim with “how-to” advice on how to shed a few extra pounds. I read through many of these, as it brings me many hours of smiles. An old but popular   trick in “diet-land” is the one that tells you to use a smaller plate. This is of course a simple optical/visual illusion that will “trick” (they say) your stomach into thinking is full… hmm, I don’t know about this. Somehow I cannot rationalize  my stomach “thinking” of anything, but if I am to get  whimsical here, then lets say for argument’s sake that the stomach does think.

To “think” something is enough for it, first it has to have the signal from above, the brain. The eyes are sending the signal to the brain which sends it to the stomach that something is not quite right. In fact something is outright wrong, the person who is about to eat, is trying to trick not only the brain, but the stomach as well! The stomach accepts the portion given, as it has no choice just then… But! unbeknown to the body, the brain is quietly plotting revenge! (might as well give full reign to this fantasy). Maybe 2 hours after dinner, the stomach starts to growl. The person trying to keep to a rigid diet, goes and follows yet another piece of advice from the aforementioned magazines, he or she drinks water, to calm the hunger. Feeling quiet proud of achieving his/her goal, the person then, goes back to whatever he/she was doing. The stomach though is not done. Oh, no! The stomach starts to growl, louder and more often. It feels as if a wild animal is inside that darn stomach by now. The person rushes to the kitchen and pulls out that guilty (out of sight out mind) snack that has been hidden in the freezer (yet another bit of advice!) and rips into it. Almost stopping all breathing until the last morsel of that delicious snack has been consumed..Ah! so much better. The stomach then, having achieved its goal, goes back to normal, but not before sending one last message to the brain. To let the person think he/she is in control, not the stomach..bwah-hah!

What I am trying to say dear reader, is that we have to use our common sense if our goal is  to shed a few extra pounds. Do not starve the body, otherwise it will go into over-drive and it will be worst. It can be accomplished, without the “noise” of the outside world. Gentle, baby steps make bigger changes over time, than strict changes that will leave you (and your stomach..) feeling grumpy and unhappy. Make changes that make sense to you and ones that will bring an over-all feeling of well being. After all, it is the simplest things that make life worthwhile.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

CRYSTAL BALL – A PEEK AT THE WEEK– We start off the week with one  of the seemingly “problem” planets (so the naysayers advice) Mars aspects Pisces, on Monday January 12th.  Mars is fiery, feisty and driven by action.  Pisces is intuitive, emotional, sensitive. This is is supposed to be a challenging time, as fire and water (Mars/Pisces) don’t really combine well, BUT! Let me differ here. Mars lends motivations (fire) to Pisces, who often times gets in a funk and doesn’t seem to find the will to move forward. Mars lends assertiveness to Pisces when uncertain about a situation or person. On the other side of the coin, Pisces cools Mars  influence, helps calm fired up energies and lends a sensitive streak when the cruel, violent side of Mars presents itself.

On Tuesday January 13th,  the Moon enters Scorpio under the 4th quarter. Early evening 6:16 (PST)  Scorpio moon trines  Mars in Pisces. Trines are formed between planets or signs of the same element. In this instance we have Scorpio, whose ancient ruler used to be Mars (modern ruler:Pluto) and Scorpio and Pisces, both signs sharing the quality of Water element. In magick utilizing both signs, create a sure outcome to whatever is needed to manifest. As Scorpio is fixed water sign, it helps to manipulate frequencies altering its effect and Pisces with a mutable water influence helps to adapt the magick to the best outcome.  How can  these two signs be combined in magick? Candle(fire/mars) magick- Aqua Blue and Dark Blue. Either a double color candle or two candles sitting by side each with their representative astrological sign inscribed on each. Add to this duo your own astrological candle (with your sign on it) with a written petition and focused (mars) intention and watch the magick unfold!

Wednesday January 14th a square between Saturn/Sagittarius- Mars/Pisces. Saturn which is also viewed as a problem planet (although this makes little sense to me as it is a steady influence). Mars wants action. It does not matter to Mars how something is accomplished, what matters is moving forward, with a very strong will. Saturn is contraction, limits, and always adhering to rules. Saturn makes sure that Mars doesn’t move too fast as Saturn wants to be patient when dealing with set goals and Mars only wants fast action. Not to worry,  Pisces and Sagittarius influence diffuses the energies that these two headstrong and powerful planets bring to bear. These two make changes or plans go easy, which breaks up the  vexation you might feel under their brief influence.

January 16th – Friday – Moon enters Sagittarius making it a fun day as Venus  loves social affairs and Sag likes nothing better than having a good time, making Venus a good fold for this mutable fire sign.

Our week ends with Moon entering Capricorn – a cardinal sign with Earth element- on Sunday January 18th. There are two sextiles on this day: Capricorn Moon on Mars/Pisces (12:25 p.m. PST) and Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces (1:52 p.m.PST)- Sextile links planets that have compatible elements. The first one is Fire-Earth. The second sextile is Earth-Water. A good exchange between the signs and planets combined.


For today’s card I chose my Rune divination deck. Artist,  Nigel Jackson.

RAD-RIDE:  This card signifies errands, visitors and and communication (phone calls, emails or texts). It also advices on finishing projects so that you can move ahead towards your goal. With Mars/Pisces combination this week- It makes sense to use the Mars energy to get the motivation to get going and keep moving. No matter how large or small are your goals, it can be accomplished under the positive energies of this rune card.  It is also a time to make decisions and come up with ideas that will help long term. This card helps to get your ideas across in a positive manner, drawing forth the wisdom gained through life’s lessons. You can be creative and use the Rad symbol on your goals list giving it added power, so that projects and desires stay in the right direction. In magick if you want to utilize the Rad symbol, it is a good idea to inscribe it on a red candle on top of your petition and burn incense that has the element of Air (to keep things moving).  Keywords for Rad:  journeys, short or long. Physical or spiritual. Movement, changes (for the better). Since Rad is about moving, journeys etc. It can represents a time frame for your goals or projects. It can be 24 hours or4 days or 4 weeks. Keep this in mind if you want to add a time element to your spell work.



For this week’s magickal tip I would like to pause, take a breather and propose an idea that I have been thinking about for several weeks now.

I keep thinking that the best way to learn something is to write it down so that it sticks better in memory as it helps the conscious mind dilute it to the subconscious.

It is advisable to  get a notebook where you will write down all the tips I have shared in this blog, until this point. To continue onwards, so that at the end of the year you will have not only lots of magickal tips at your disposition, but your thoughts and how magickal efforts, spiritual efforts and personal efforts have changed your life: For example did you find a new purpose? Is this new purpose in balance with your life? Is it by that time, a  spiritual purpose,  or a physical purpose?

Leave several pages blank in between each spell, spiritual work. So that you can include the time, days, weather and season the work was conducted on.  How you were feeling/mood on that particular day, plus the conclusion/outcome.  Make the journal as special as you want. Preferably a thick notebook so that there is enough space to write on. It can also be a small binder, or large one. Whatever fits best your lifestyle. It is important that you choose a notebook you will be happy with. This is so you can connect at some level with the type of notebook  you are writing on, otherwise you will not feel compelled to use it. Be as creative with your notebook as you want to be.

How else will the notebook/journal help? It will help you, to become more organized. It will help with being in the moment. To sharpen your focus. It will help open up right side of the brain so that your creativity, muse, inspiration spills forth. It will also help spring a need to create, to be inspired. With sayings,  with quotes, or whatever comes from your heart. Drawings, songs etc. Anything that comes from your soul. In other words, own your notebook!

Well dear reader, it is time to close my weekly newsletter. Talking about notebooks and magick brings this to mind.  Magick need not be formal, nor serious. But it does need to come from the heart. It also needs to be respected not mistreated. It needs your better self to raise above petty feelings, so the end result enriches your life, not destroy it. It is your responsibility to treat it as you want others to treat you. With care and respect.

Thank you for your continued readership, as always I hope this magickal newsletter brings a bit of something learned and kept well within mind and heart.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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