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Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome once more. I hope the week has gone by well for all of you. There are so many topics I wish I could talk about, all at once! but alas dear reader, I cannot stuff this short newsletter with all the things I have in mind for the Witch’s Gazette. As a rule, I try not to read the current news from the internet. It is really my life’s philosophy not to aggravate my days with bad news from every corner of the planet. This  I choose to do, not to close my eyes to reality, but to keep a sane mind, and be objective whenever I do read them. Having said that, it is also impossible not to be touched by the global dramas and tragic stories. With this in mind…

CURRENT HAPPENINGS:  When we hear or read about a global issue that its tragic to the point of almost disbelief we tend to shield ourselves almost automatically. This “shielding” its done through perhaps a mental process of closing our mind to the “ugly” side of humanity and think that it’s so far away, how can it possibly affect us?  This is but human nature.

With Imbolc so close now, a natural point of the Season and one of our 4 mayor Sabbats, it strikes my mind, as such disparate energies playing out on this planet. On one hand we have the recent attack at the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the tragic events in Northern Nigeria with terror group Boko Haram, terrorizing the communities of that part of Africa. Plus a host of so many sad events on a global scale. On the other hand we have nature slowly awakening from the winter slumber. It awakens each part of the soil, so that it can be revived again, and bring nature to life.  Tragic human deeds against the hopeful energies of Earth. Beauty of nature against the horror perpetrated to incredible extremes.

I will not go into depth about each of the happenings going on as I write this article, I am not a seasoned journalist. For that dear reader you have a host of hundreds of links that will keep you be up to snuff on such political deeds. But, what I am is a spiritual practitioner. One who practices one of the most ancient beliefs. I respect the Earth, and the seasons. I respect each passing day for what it is, a gift. I am not going to even try to make you think that magick will cure all, for on its own its nothing. But when combined with the human will, and a strong belief behind it, it can be used to create at least a beginning. Earth needs healing, and through this healing so can humans start the healing process as well. Perhaps the actions of the planet itself are a reflection, a response if you will; of the pain that the Spirit of the planet, must feel. When we have natural disasters, have you ever wondered if it’s not perhaps Earth trying to make us understand that we are destroying that same soil upon which we stand? Perhaps it is trying as well to remind us that we each have a spark of the Spirit of Earth, but we have forgotten our way. We need to respect and nurture that which sustains our lives.

Will my words make a global difference? I know it won’t (although I wish it would).  But if these words make a difference in the hearts of the people that read this blog, then meager as it may seem it is a beginning. It is true what I read a long time ago, that all starts with a step. A single step that is all. It need not be dramatic, or broadcasted to the world wide web, but it need come from an understanding that we must change, we are the beings living in this world, therefore we are the change. After all is said and done, what can we do, where do we start, and what does Imbolc have to do with it?


Imbolc/ Oimelc/ Candlemas/ Festival of Lights. Imbolc celebrates the return of the Sun, when Winter is almost at an end. This is the feast of the waxing light as the Sun grows and strengthens. It corresponds with Groundhog day here in the United States.

It is believed through lore, in ancient times people would light candles or torches,  through out their homes after sunset to welcome the returning light after the dark of the Winter season. The symbolic act of lighting candles is to invite the Spirit of Earth to wake gradually and peacefully from its long slumber. As Imbolc is the Maiden aspect of the divine Goddess, represented through one of her main colors: yellow, it is a time for healing as well. This is one of the facets of the Goddess invoked on Imbolc. As Winter recedes Spring approaches, thus making it a time for early seeding. In a spiritual sense it is a time to plant the “seeds.” Goals and projects you want to come to fruition during the coming months.

Why not light candles to represent the healing for Earth and humanity? This can be done with a symbolic act of placing a packet of seeds on your altar to represent the first step, that first seed, planted for a better world to live on. I am not proposing this act will bring an instant change, but it will send a message onto the Universe. There are people on this planet, that wants the change, needs the change and that we are ready to start the healing.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday January 19th – Mars conjuncts Neptune.  The influence of Neptune on Mars translates to: creativity, aided by the go getter Mars, it becomes a sure fire way to make whatever inspires you, solid.

Tuesday January 20th: New Moon, with the Moon aspecting Aquarius. The moon is at it closest to Earth. This makes for a powerful day and week ahead. There are no oppositions or squares on this day, the first New Moon of the year. Excellent day for magickal and mundane endeavors.

Wednesday January 21st: Mercury which is also in Aquarius will turn retrograde at 7:54 a.m. PST and it will end on February 11 at 6:57 a.m. PST.

Remain flexible during the Merc Retro. Just step back and determine where you have been these past weeks and think of ways you can use this time to re-organize your life (if needed).

Thursday January 22nd.: Moon enters Pisces at 4:28 a.m. Excellent day to expand your horizons through magickal work.

Friday January 23rd.: Pisces continues to rule the day. Pisces and Venus combined are perfect for spell castings to draw forth money, make wishes (Venus loves giving you things, all she wants to do is make you happy), and work on beauty goals.

Saturday January 24th: Moon enters Aries at 5:31 a.m. Aries Moon sextiles the Aquarius Sun – Active exchange is encouraged under the sextile. Make use of the qualities of Fire and Air. Make those dreams take off the ground.

Sunday January 25th: The moon is still on Aries. Sunday a day of success. Another sextile this time, Aries Moon sextiles Mercury/Aquarius (just remember Mercury is retro by now) and a Trine between Aries Moon- Jupiter in Leo. The day is yours to do what you wish, seize the day!


CAM00262The Chess Queen:

Upright – (Ally) As an aid to bring prosperity and peace. It also tells you to trust the Divine,  allow Her to guide you  to take the right steps. When you are aligned with her light, you are open to Universal messages. Follow your bliss, listen to Her positive message of love.


Get 13 candles (votives or tea lights) – Red or Yellow. Bless and empower. Create a circle with your petition in the middle. Place yellow flowers next to the candles. Make or buy a small broom (to represent sweeping out the old) and light your ring of “fire” on the day of Imbolc – Monday February 2nd. Second quarter. Moon in Leo (at 9:41 a.m. PST)

You can use this same set up (if you wish) to  do the above suggestion candle spell (Healing for Earth). You can empower your spell work by burning a blend of Basil, Benzoin and Myrrh incense.

Seeds for your spell work can be either : Pumpkin, sesame or Sunflower, to represent  growth.

As I wrap up my Magickal newsletter and I re-read the words I have written, I cannot help but hope that the energies conveyed through my humble musings, are taken in the spirit in which is given. A spirit of hope for a better tomorrow. I know this takes time, and work.. and more work. Belief alone does not create changes. People create changes. We have been given the gift of choice. As we have the choice to fall into a dismal hole of despair and cruelty, so do we have the power to raise above it.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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