Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XVIII

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: ‘ello Lovelies! Guess who is back? I am happy to be here, writing this magickal newsletter once more. Weather is warmer, Spring is closer.. and life goes on.


Time of Reckoning..

It seems as if I have been asleep for a long time, and while asleep I had the strangest visions. Sightings of places and beings populated my mind. Strange voices filled my inner ears, and the landscape was sometimes scary but many time wondrous.

The thing with humanity is, this is the state many find themselves living through this journey we call life.  We are walking in a state of sleep. We go through our daily routine. We live with the people we love, visit friends, go to work, pay our bills.  Unless we go out of our comfort zone lets say and visit a very far away country on our own, we mostly live a life we deem safe.

What happens when this safety zone we provide for ourselves is broken? This I like to call a “challenge” phase. One in which you have no power to control the outcome, and you have to relinquish all fears, and old beliefs. You go into a state of inner exploration. Challenging everything you have come to believe up until that point. A moment of realization. Will you be the same person once you come out of that phase? What are you made of? This is a moment of truth.

I recently went through that phase and I had an epiphany.  With that in mind I came back from that challenge. A better person? I hope so. Not out of deed, but out of reflection. This does not mean I believe I am better than any one else. It just means, I went through my own reckoning, guided always by the light and love of She who is the light of my life, my true compass. I feel blessed to be back. Content to be here. I understand that life on this earth plane, as a human being is not something, someone in their rightful mind, will ask to live. But here we are. To strive at balance within the chaos of Earthly life is hard, but not impossible. It is within the chambers of the heart, where we will find the needed strength and peace to continue. The heart points the way. I say to you dear readers, don’t be afraid to open the doorway onto yourself. The journey you will take, is worth it.

Planets and Stars – Changes in the near horizon:moderen-metaphysics

This is a most interesting week dear reader.  Get a hold of your seat!

Celestial happenings that began three years ago, will come to a final resolution. The battle of some of the planets in our galactic corner come to an end, an out of the ordinary eclipse and…are you ready? A chance for a remarkable new beginning for us humble beings on this corner of the galaxy.

Picture if you will, a dark sky. Dotted here and there with death stars, bright starts and several planets. In one far away corner you see Pluto and Uranus, in a battle of wills. This battle began back in 2012. Pluto wanted to bring transformation for us humans. In the form of political readjusting, topography disruptions and financial changes. Uranus bringing opposition made it clear to us that we needed to head into a completely different and new direction. Next month, Uranus will begin to move away from Pluto’s range. This is a declaration that the war between these two planets is over. What does this mean for us mere mortals?

The healing process begins on a grand scale. This week celestial bodies are colliding to bring to us a stunning first day of Spring! On Friday March 20th,  the spring equinox goes hand in hand with that brand new beginning we have in store. There will be a Super moon and a Total Solar Eclipse.  During the eclipse the Super moon will seem larger than the Sun, and will block out all direct sunlight.

Every New Moon is a signal of a new beginning. A chance to turn things around in our favor. With the Solar Eclipse we have an added element in the celestial game. Solar Eclipses can be a spark for all types of changes. Good or bad. On this same day the Sun goes into 0 degrees Aries, which marks the Spring Equinox. The Sun path crosses the equator, so on this day there are almost equal amounts of day and night. A day of cosmic balance. What will you do dear reader on this most auspicious of days? Grab those dreams in handfuls and plant them in the fruitful garden of possibilities that exists in everyone’s life. It is up to us whether our garden is full of weeds or brimming with flowers♥

child of the universe
Child of the Universe. Josephine Wall.


Magic dear reader, is everywhere. From the moment we awaken to the moment we fall asleep. It is energies that belong to the Goddess, flying around everywhere. It is the shiny lovely lights of the fireflies and the beautiful colors on a sunset.  It is music, rhythm, balance. It is the laughter of a child, the light in their eyes when they see something that awakens the spark of wonder in them. It is a hug given to someone you love. It is the embrace of a mother, the comforting hugs of a grandmother, and the sticky kisses your child stamps on your cheek right after they eat that big lollipop.

Magic is made out of moments as well. Intricately woven in the fabric of our lives. It is Her breath, that sends us blessings through the song of the Wind. Her will that gives us confidence through the Fire in us. She grounds us like Earth and soothes our souls when we gaze at the waters of the vast ocean.

Although not visible to many, She nevertheless is there. Waiting, knowing that we when we end this journey, we will head straight to her. Her song is Love and Her heart is home.

There is gladness in my heart dear reader. Now that I am back, to do what I love the most. To share as always what little nugget of wisdom I can offer. I would like to think these words leave a thirst for more. Nothing more is needed. Thank you for being here.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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3 thoughts on “Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XVIII

  1. Interesting. Love the information. I wish others could also have that epiphany as well. I am coping this and saving it so I can read it more in-depth. Keep up the great newsletters!

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you can find something in my newsletter that calls to your inner being. Again, thank you for reading through the Gazette 🙂 BB!

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