Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XIX

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome back to another issue of your magickal newsletter. I am changing several things on the Gazette. After all it is Spring already. Time to take out the old and welcome the new!


With the new Moon, most of us see it as a chance to do something “new” in our lives or just dust-off those forgotten projects and re-animate them with new life.  With this charged Super Moon we just experienced, it has left us with a sense of anticipation. It opened up a sort of portal of opportunities that we have to, nay ….. we must! dear reader, use if we want to bring major changes in any part of our lives we might deem it necessary a change is needed.

But how to use these energies? you might be asking. I always find the best way to start off is by sitting down with pen and paper and write down things I would like to accomplish. Be practical and don’t over reach yourself. Tackle a few goals at a time, or just one. This is best as you will be able to invest more energy into it.  Use the power of Aries Sun to speed up the results. As Aries is not such a sticker for long-range goals, then utilize the energies of Sun to add more power and steadiness to the project you might want to accomplish. Attitude dear reader always plays a large part in anything we put our minds into. If you really want something wholeheartedly, then your attitude is positive. Strive to not let anything let you down. Naysayers always abound everywhere, so it is important to always “keep your chin up” as the maxim goes. This is when the energies of the Sun come into play to boost your self-confidence.


Lovely yellow flowers
My pretties♥

Finally, the beautiful season of Spring is here! Time to tackle that Spring cleaning and get rid of the musty air that Winter leaves behind.

Spring cleaning is better when done with intent. Getting rid of old stuff (like clothing, bedding, old appliances etc) its specially good when you add a spiritual twist to it. Instead of just going through your closets, garage, storage room etc. prepare yourself with a  combo of candle, incense, spray,  blessed water and your favorite music to cleanse your home as well on the spiritual and magnify the frequency of your living space.

White candles, yellow candles, red candles or orange candles are good colors to use. Incense aromas  like mint, rose, lavender, lemon balm, sweet grass, are perfect for a spring cleaning. A spray with your favorite blend to spray around closets, blessed water to sprinkle around your home to seal the work once you are done, and your favorite music playing in the background, makes for a fun cleaning, rather that just a bland one. An added spiritual cleansing leaves a home truly rid of negativity collected through out the past months, thus elevating the vibrational frequency of your living space.


March 23rd to March 29th.

On Wednesday March 25th, we have a harmonious trine between Aries/Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:25 p.m.  This is a good window of opportunity of about 3 hours (it ends approx at 3:10 p.m.) to work on your projects/goals. Saturn in this trine brings to bear the discipline for which this planet is famous for, as well as the insight of being able plan ahead and prepare for any delays on your project.

We also have Venus in Taurus Square  Jupiter/Aries at 7:11 p.m. Friday 27th. The combo of Venus (fun, luxury loving planet) and the expansive Jupiter is one to look out for. Their influence comes in the form exaggerating anything in general. Like over eating, over spending, etc. So dear reader, if you find yourself over doing something, pull yourself back to normal mode and remember the square.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:  Ethic Code- To Hex or not to Hex


Through out my spiritual practice one of the most asked questions I have received is “How can I hex so and so?” Many times in the life of a witch this particular issue arises. To hex or not to hex…that is the question (if I may borrow a famous quote) some ask.

It makes me shudder when I browse through stores that sell magickal ware. Some stores sell “hexing” products as if it were something that is positive, as if it were OK, to use powders, burn candles and curse the name of a particular person! oh, dear, dear..how banal and commonplace. This is a matter that needs to be addressed in a serious frame of mind.

As witches we have to adhere to a certain code of magickal conduct. This is a fact each practitioner should know, and sadly one that many ignore. Even when we are solitary practitioners, we must strive to have a code of “honor” lets say as to how we conduct ourselves with magick.

I understand, we are human beings. Our human nature is, at the core of it, very much based on instinct. The first instinct that arises when we are upset is to strike back for slights (real or not) done to us. This should be a  moment in our lives when we have to face the dark side of our nature and come out of it better. By raising above it, and facing the light. Not drowning in darkness.

Every action we take has a  reaction and consequence. We open a chain reaction that stem from our deeds, good or bad. Whether magickal or mundane. When we add a dark magickal twist to our behavior, we are setting a chain of events that reverberate in the astral to come back down again to this dimension where we reside.

How do we deal with someone who really (not something we think they might have done) has crossed that line in the astral with a magickal attack? Do we just sit and take it? Are we to “turn the other cheek” and just be “better” by ignoring such deed? What do we do when is even worst! and they attack those we love the most? These are tough situations when we must rise above the anger and control that basic emotion…revenge! It is hard, trust me dear reader, I know! but yes, we can do something that does not require us to burn ourselves in a fire that was not of our own making in the first place.

Energy when used, hangs about a person, some of that dark matter, will stay glued to he/she that worked on that dark piece of magick. Even when we are not sure who the culprit was, we can return that energy back to source. We are indeed sending back what we do not want, without malice. Remember, it was something sent to us (or our loved ones) with evil intent and most importantly without our consent. This is a sort of retribution if you will. Karma is a funny thing… it seems to be either asleep or way too busy with other matters, so needs must!

This is when the “better” part of us, raises above the petty and mundane, by applying the law of return. Now, do not misunderstand the concept of applying such law. If we have in the past, ourselves committed such dark deeds then returning hexes will not work at all. So before you do anything, take a good look inside your heart, and own up to your past mistakes. This requires cleansing, un-hexing and protection spell-work, meditation and living a life with positive intent.

But if on the other hand, we have been hexed and our hearts are clean of such deeds, then what we must do, is work magick in a way that all the collected dark energies hanging about our persons is  send back to the one that sent it to us. I like to call this the “boomerang” effect.  Neither way of getting rid of a hex is easy, in the sense that it will only take one day, no such thing. You have to continuously and consciously work protective magick, unhex once a month (just in cases dear reader), cleanse your chakras and try to meditate daily. This also entails having your home cleansed at least twice a month. Your vibrational frequency is in tune with the frequency of your home. It is important both frequencies are on the same energy level, to have the most balance one can achieve.

Being a witch is not a game. Magick is to be respected not abused. We are after all, garnishing Universal energies. Why would anyone in their right mind misuse such energies for evil purposes? We have a hard life as it is in this human guise, why make it harder? Being a witch is and should be, a beautiful experience, and more so if we live by a set of ethical codes that helps to walk in light on our individual paths. By adhering to such ethics, we are honoring not only ourselves, but one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We are witches, let us raise above such petty deeds and be the change!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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