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72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smMotherhood, is not different due to a religious life or choice of spiritual being. I always say, that a mom, is a mom, is a mom…not matter what. Religious beliefs do not define us. It is our actions combined with personal belief on everyday matters. To be a ‘mom’ does not encompass like many decades ago, only the female gender. Moms are the one’s “bringing up” baby.  Motherhood is embraced by anyone who is the responsible adult taking care of children.  After all the very definition of a mother is “to care for and protect someone like a mother.”

This post is dedicated to all Mothers, specially to those doing it all on their own.

Flower GardenA badge of honor for those early days, when you barely had any sleep at night. You have to wake up your household, get them ready for school, feed those hungry mouths, get yourself ready somehow in the process of early morning chaos.

A salute to the parent that is in “attention” mode 24/7, always keeping one eye on the computer monitor at work and another on the cell phone, just in cases the school calls, the babysitter or your kid. Kudos for braving a talk to the most feared teacher in school. You know the one..the lady that looks at you above her bifocals and makes you feel as if you are back in 4th grade again, but you march on and tell her your kid cannot possible had lied about losing their homework….

An honorably call, for being not only the caretaker, but also the tutor, the nurse, the driver, the fashion adviser “Does my hair look OK mom? should I wear this or the sweater I got for my birthday” The one that soothes fears and boosts self-confidence.

Child: “mom! I’ll never, ever! be as tall as my brothers!…bwah!!!”

Mother: “Shh…calm down love, of course you will! now see here, your legs are long for your age, that’s where you can tell you will be as tall..nay! perhaps even taller than your brothers. Erh..”  *sheepish smile*

funny-mothers-day-picturesFor the countless hours spent preparing anything involving a child’s activity, like putting name tags on all the clothing your kid will wear in summer camp, or staying up till well after midnight to help finish up the science project (which really means, your kid is asleep by now and you are the one giving it the ‘final touches’). For the countless rides to friends houses, to the movies, to school games, to the mall, etc.

For soothing hurt egos, rooting for your kids, for being so proud of them, your chest feels like its gonna burst! For all those moments and more.

To all the momsies 🙂 I wish you a fab day enjoying those home-made breakfasts in bed, crumbles on the sheets, huggles from your kids and mainly just chilling on your special day (which truly should be EVERY day!) HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!♥
Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Until I write again,
*M* The Witch Gazetteer…

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