Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-The Chemistry of Spells

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smHow would chemistry be related to the art of spell casting? Lets have a look.

Chemistry  is:  The science of matter; dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions. Spells are conducted with a blend of substances that will produce a desired “reaction.” Of course not exactly the same as the substances used in Chemistry. Spells work on various levels after all; that of the physical and the astral. The seen and the unseen.

The predictability of spells depends on several things: timing, astrological influences, ingredients that might or might not be easy to find, props of the spiritual practitioner and that most important of ingredients: Faith.JohnWWaterhouse

Yet, for all the mystery behind spells, it is work (albeit of a magickal nature) that requires a mindful approach. A focused mind and a willingness to research the chosen subject matter. e.g. If it is a spell for un-hexing, then we most do a thorough research of the components needed for the spell, the best time to perform, what are the drawbacks of using certain ingredients and the time we have at our disposition, as the ‘perfect’ timing is not always available. Add to this our various obligations, and we have a challenge of sorts to overcome as well. That of finding a time that fits not only our schedule but also our frame of mind.

circe-offering-the-cup-to-ulysses-1891-oil-on-canvasSpells cannot be conducted in a hurried, “might-as well-get it over with” attitude.  Spells need to be done in a calm and focused manner. It need not to be ‘serious’ per say but rather approached with a sense of sacredness to the task at hand. Once you have all needed for your spell at your disposition, you can do so in a light spirit. If we don’t enjoy the process that leads us to the actual spell, then we won’t enjoy the actual spell work. When I say, do your spell in a ‘light’ spirit, what I mean is, do your spell work with love in your heart, a sort of intangible sense of calm in you, with harmony in the moment. This approach is not something you set out to feel in a conscious manner, rather it is achieved without conscious effort. The more you do spell work, the more you will feel this. Not only of the components for successful spell work but of yourself.

Of course if the spiritual work is to be that of protection or of taking off hexes, which requires concentration and a sense of righteousness in your heart, then the work is indeed serious. As opposed to working on spell work to draw money for example.

So as you see, spells to work  do need discipline and (ideally) working within ethics. Personal ethics that create a better balance with this planet Earth and within ourselves.

There is a ‘chemistry’ of the elements used for a spell, invoked to aid and lift energies. It is a dance of two worlds colliding..that of Magick and Science, to create something that is achieved by the blending of the physical and the ethereal.

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Until I write again


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