Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-Magic of Numbers

72813_floral_w_smDear Reader: Another week has passed. The wheel of time continues to turn.72794_floral_g_sm

My calendar being in the last page brings forth a question of whether I should keep some of the art work on it, which I think is worth keeping. It is said that an old calendar is best thrown away, *sigh* I will have to make copies of what I like to keep.

Even though my calendar is where I mark my work, it is the seasons which are my compass. We as humans move along with the passage of seasons. But, we are also very much concerned with the “clock time” movement of each day. Everything we do revolves around numbers, but this goes deeper than just the need to organize what we see as a repeated measurement. It goes deep into the recess of what our subconscious perceives of the Universe at large.

numerosWhy do number have such an important meaning in magick? In our spiritual work and our everyday lives as well? Numbers gives us precise meaning, it tells us where we are at a certain time of day or year (clocks, calendars) and it allows to make ‘sense’ of things. It enables us to coordinate our activities.  But numbers go beyond that. Our subconscious reveals to us numbers in dreams, which speak in an almost mysterious manner of things to come, to watch out for, to expect something from, depending on the feeling we get of the dream.

Take for instance the number 9. Such is the power of nine that we know in magic, it signifies completion, the power of 3 multiplied. 9 is the number a pregnancy lasts. It is a time of forming a life, within another life form in a period that lasts 3 trimesters. The power of 3 is seen again in the seasons. Each one lasting 3 months each. The number of chakras is also based on the 3. Although many think that there are only 7 important chakras, in reality there are many more, based again on this number.

The Universe is based it seems, on a mathematical lay out. There are quadrants in each galaxy, which in turn is divided into squares within the quadrants.  We are after all a frequency, an energy of the Universe vibrating into Earth and through us.

Numbers  that keep cropping up in dreams or everyday life, are a way of the subconscious mind of reminding us of something important, something not to be repeated, to be aware of. If the same keeps appearing then it might be something we need to keep in mind,  learn, but have not yet done so.

If you pay attention to the pattern in your life, you might get to see how some situations have been repetitive for a certain number of times. If you can get to how many times it happens, and compare to other instances in your life, then you have figured out your life journey’s number. What I mean with this is, lets say you have had a pattern of stressful work conditions. On and off. Finally you are free from that pattern and you settle in a job that is stable and you feel at peace. How many times did you go through that bad situation? 3?  more?  Compare that situation to another in your life. This might the number of times, it takes for you to learn a lesson in your life’s journey and a situation which can be avoided, by being mindful of the choices you make and how you realize the impact of each in your life.

The same can be said with a number that brings you luck and good results. Paying attention to that particular number can bring a sense of being able to control certain aspects of your life that otherwise might seem random.

Numerology is a powerful tool to use in magick. You already know that for a spell to work you have to repeat it a certain number of times. Or burn a candle for several days until you “feel” it has sent the spiritual message to where it should go. Even if you perform magick without the thought of using a certain number of days, you subconsciously know how long you should be working on it.

Although numbers have a subtle influence in our lives, it is ultimately up to us, if we want to use them to our advantage.  Numbers and/or numerology is something that is there for us to “mine” if we want to. But it is not something we cannot avoid, as they are not a “command” of things that must happen or be done in a certain way. Numbers are perfect tools in magick,  although not the answer to it. Lets remember, that Earth’s nature is not in numbers, but a powerful energy that verges on the mystical and as such said energies are used when performing spiritual work.

As Albert Einstein said :

Numbers Wallpaper“Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.”

Until I write again, dear reader..


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