Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter- We are Explorers

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: I am glad to be back here, doing what I love the most! passing along my musings with the hope that it might help or leave food for thought.

We have passed through the threshold of the last year and started out a brand new year. What new things will happen? Will our goals/projects come to fruition? Will awesome things occur? This is just a few of the thoughts that might cross the collective mind, as we dear reader, start to navigate through the uncharted waters of 2016.

ca. 2000 --- Spyglass on a Map --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If you think about it, we are (in a way) like the explorers of old. Moving through the uncharted waters of this brand new year. Each month, nay! each day is an adventure of sorts. We are the captains and crew of our own life. We have the power to maneuver it the best way we see fit. As the year goes by, we may encounter adventure; going to a place/city/country we have never been before, even if it is another city in our your own country. We might get to start a new job, meet new friends. It could be filled with peril as well. Like leaving off goals before we start to work on them, not fulfilling a promise to your self, not living up to your full potential. Risks are also part of your voyage. Like doing something that you have never done, but something which will bring a sense of completion- checking off the list of things you thought you would never try. Of course there will be like in any journey, moments of self-realization. A sense of doing the right thing when you accomplish what you set out to do, even if these are small. They are your accomplishment nevertheless, be proud of these moments. Remember it is your journey, and you make things happen or not. It is all up to you.

For it is not just one thing that will bring a sense of completion, but many little things, collected through out the entire voyage in a year of our lives. If we set about to reach our desires/wishes/goals with a sense of discovery, then it will help in turn to pay more attention to the life around us. Paying attention to the synchronicity in our own lives. As well as the lives of others that cross our path. This sense of conscious-living will help to find the connections between us and other people; as well as that between us and the world at large. For we are not single beings living a single life, but many beings connected through the collective conscious living a human experience.

OldExplorersCompassMap-long goodbyeIt is your own journey, own it!

Make lovely moments.

Be mindful of your choices, and how you treat others.

Give thanks.

Lend a hand.

Smile, and make someone you like/love smile.

Grown a plant.

Take up a hobby.

Above all be kind to yourself. Make up words or phrases that make you feel good, paste it on your wall, mirror or carry with you. Remember..you are a beautiful soul!

So dear reader..Are you ready for the grandest adventure yet? …

Until I write again,


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