Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter- Manifesting Change

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome back to this latest post. As it is my custom, I write down, possible subjects for this blog. Ideas swirl in my head. Inspired by what is going on with the world at large. It is impossible not to be impacted by how things are developing world-wide. A person would have to live in a bubble where no news reach him or her, to be immune to the craziness that seems to permeate the very air we breath. So I get to wonder, as not only citizens of this world, but as witches. How do current affairs concern us?

Gone are the days in which each country would function just for its people’s existence and development. With technology we have become what many now call a “global village.”

Whether we like it or not, our far away neighbors have become in a virtual way, our next door neighbor. The more we hear about other countries struggles, the more we become aware that the same problems that affect one country affect many others. We now get to instantly watch what is going on in any country at a given time. So we now share the same concerns. That of the well-being of other people, whom are, if not of the same country as ours, share nevertheless that common denominator. That of being of the human race.

So as each individual becomes aware of the world at large, to a certain degree, we become imbued with the knowledge, that there lies a power within each person to be part of the change that this world needs. True, we are not governments, who have the incredible power to affect its own people and thus create changes on a large-scale. We are but individuals. Just one person. But, a body of government can create such changes, not because it is just  but a machine that creates them. It is a group of people, that work together for the common well-being of a country. Thus it makes sense that there is power in numbers. The power for change. It is so obvious, and yet many do not see this.

If  as citizens of each country, we are becoming aware of humanity’s struggle, then we have become aware that change is needed. The one’s that see the obvious, which is working together for a better world (it is after all the planet where we ALL reside) become frustrated that there is no tangible effort being made to create such thing happening.

So people work on their own, by going to other countries to help people in need. By contributing money if time and travel, is out of the question. Some might help get more medicine for certain countries that lack the funds, or become involved in their own communities to help reach out to others. And the list goes on.  This brings me back to my original question.  As witches/spiritual practitioners what can we do?

heart-chakra-colorsI shall not propose a global scale type of  “synchronized” meditation with higher Universal powers. I am realistic. But I do propose changes through our own efforts. Prayers, meditation and actions. Remember we are witches! After all, when we work magick, we bend energies to fit our needs. It takes concentrated will and patience to get to see our desires manifested into this physical plane. But changes, we do create. So what if the changes will not be on a large-scale! What matters is that we become part of the change in whatever small particle of action, what matters is we become the change.

Prayers: Could be adapted to say a daily affirmation for your cause of choice or for global balance and harmony. Etc.

Meditation: can be one in which we project a desire in our higher mind and send that energy out to the Universe. With time this adds up. Like I said, it does not matter that it will not be dramatic and publicized all over the news. What matters is that you know you are doing it. Period.

Action: This cannot be said enough, and at danger of sounding trite is true. Change starts at home. Helping your cause of choice. Helping our communities. Helping with the environment. And etc. The list goes on. Your pick.

Multicolour-candles-2Magick: Spiritual petitions. A weekly ritual, formal or informal. It can be as simple as lighting a candle for our world to become better. It can be as formal as creating a full-blown ritual. If you know other spiritual practitioners, then the better. It can be a group effort. Again, your choice.

You might be pondering that the above are all given solutions. True. Nothing new about my suggestions. But what makes it different is putting action to the thought. Really doing it, instead of just thinking about it.

whole-meeting-clipartSmall changes, are the ones that become part of the larger picture. Part of the solution. The glue is the faith you put into your chosen piece of the puzzle. The outcome, one which benefits humanity in the years to come. Perhaps we might not get to see the change in our lifetime. But we will get to leave our “footprint.”  A small way of saying “We were here, we strove for change. So we created change.”

As I tie up the theme for the week, I ponder on the things we as humans expect while we reside on this planet. I am sure most of us desire for a better world to live in. We know we have the potential in each of us, to reach higher and strive for better. I just hope that we, as a human race; can indeed free our minds from the collective thought of destruction and change it to one of balance. Love must surely triumph.candle_Candle_light_1011

Until I write again, may She guide you.


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