Magick and You

Dear Reader: Welcome back to this, your magickal newsletter.

I have been musing over this next theme. As it is my wont, my mind wanders and I note down what comes to me. Magick, twirls around my thoughts. Like snowflakes falling on a winter day. It is enticing and it leads a dance down the corridors of my mind. I reflect upon the subject and wonder upon such powerful energy.

Although this energy it’s so available for all, it is seldom understood in its entirety. An energy that defies explanation and refuses to be boxed in. It is not after all, a solid thing that can be caught and studied. Analyzed, labeled  and filed away.

It is fast energy. It is light and shadows. Fluent, airy, fiery. It is universal energy that can be garnished if one but believes. Although explained in many books and/or online forums, it is very much expounded upon. Yet the subject, perhaps leaves the reader wanting to know more.

How to explain something not seen, but felt? It’s like the very air we breath. We know it’s there, yet we are not consciously aware of every breath we take. We just do. Knowing that we are alive not wondering how, but just living. Magick is a bit like that. All around us, always present. Pulsating with energy.

The question perhaps should not be about “what magick is” but  how to gather such energy and use it to create a change. Because it is fluid we cannot hold it for long. Thus such energy, has to be collected. Utilized and then let go. This is the only way such energy will fly high into that mysterious place where all happens.

This is why props like candles, incense and quartz etc. for example help one to focus the will. It is the eternal need of us humans, to define something by making it solid, more real. It helps to know we are indeed drawing down, a small amount of such powerful force. A tiny happening in the vast Universe, but one that has momentous importance to us. By gathering this energy, we can work on our intention. Release the energy and cement the belief that we had touched if only for a moment, that eternal essence of the Universe.

Such energy revolves around this planet, expands into the Universe at large. Ever present and ever-growing. The more we believe it is indeed real, the better we are able to connect to it, blend with it. And for just a tiny moment become one.





Until I write again,


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