Beyond Angels – The Other Spiritual Guides

Hello dear reader! Welcome back. Another post on my magickal blog. I have been mentally chewing on this next theme. It is something I had an idea of writing for a while but was always put in the back-burner.

Spiritual Guides its something that many think about. Whether it is believed or not we have one. Or whether they are all exclusively Angels.

I don’t believe this is the case.  That Angels hug the whole “guardian” territory. There are plenty other beings and creatures of the Astral and beyond that present themselves to us, through the years. It might be a one-time occurrence or it could be someone who sticks with us until the end of our lives.

Yes, the guide of choice for many is Angels. Perhaps due to the fact that they cross over most cultures around the world. There are countless tales, oral and written about their existence. Whatever the spiritual belief or lack of belief. Angels are believed to be the ultimate guardian of human existence.

On the other hand, there are countless tales as well, of other creatures or beings that appear to people from time to time or are always present. These can be shown in the form of an animal spirit. The spirit of an old ancestor that comes across dimensions to help and guard. It can even be demons (yes, dear reader, you read well) which come across the astral veil to help. Why these creatures choose to help us one time or another is a mystery that is revealed (or not) to each individual if they get past their fear of sensing, or seeing a being from the beyond by their side.

Why do we need to be guarded, protected or guided from time to time? Why are some chosen to have this type of help and others might not? It could be that the spirit of the being helping might have been related to the person. If an animal spirit (other than an old pet that has passed away) graces our lives with their presence, perhaps there is something that Universe wants to convey through their pure essence. Animal spirits are actually one of the purest forms of energy. They are untouched by human tragedy, dramas and hang-ups of our mortality. Even more so than Angels, demons or any other Avatar that walked through this Earth of ours. Those have been too entrenched in our human history and we have given them so many human traits, that the line between their otherworldly existence is blurred by our own need to bring them down to our own human level.

Animal spirits are special messengers, who bring us either a message of comfort or guide us for a little while in an important part of our journey. It is up to each individual to decipher their presence and message.

I think many people do have special guardians or messengers, whom they are not even aware of. They go through their life journey, not knowing that indeed, they were guided through some instances or situations in their life.

It is not as simple as that of course. Bad things happen to really good people. Those are the ones,  one would think, need the most a helping hand from anyone out there watching our human comedy. That is really a whole separate post and one that would take too long, to delve into. For now, what I want to convey in this post is that there are other beings out there, who exist. Not only the exclusive territory of Angels. But why do they appear to us? It could be either that when we were still pure Soul energy made a deal with some other being out there. Before signing up for another human journey. Or because we have something important to accomplish. Which is tied up to the Universal thread of our human existence. Which in turn, helps the wheels of Universal existence to continue churning along.

Most importantly, we must realize that it is up to us to understand their role in our human journey. Why they appear to us. What is it that they want us to do.  These are valid questions, which we should ask, if as I said before, we get past the mentality that it is a “scary” situation, and perhaps we should just not think about and it will go away. If you dear reader, can see or hear them, then so can they. Talk to them. Ask why they are there. Do not hesitate to request a clear explanation, not one riddled with mystery. Our journey is hard enough, without having to deal with things we do not understand. We have enough of those.

We must own our own “reality” and see things for what they are. Whether from this physical plane or another. The better we understand their presence the better we can shed light on our personal journey.

The universe is made up of more than just Angels. There is a wide and vast place out there, inhabited by beings beyond our wildest imagination. Open your mind to that wonder and let your inner mind take you on a wild ride of exploration.

“the plain everythingness of everything, in cahoots with the everythingness of everything else,”

Diane Ackerman

Until I write again,


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