Writing is an integral part of who I am. Writing helps as well to understand a little more of this life’s journey. I Have been writing since I can remember, little stories, tall stories, sad stories and happy ones too.
Weaving a story, filling it with people, places, and happenings have its own magic. There is no better way I find to forget troubles and leave stress behind than sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper.

I am a spiritual practitioner with almost 25 years of practice. All my learning is blended into one eclectic mix. My ideology is made up of different spiritual paths I have learned along my journey, through which, I have met wonderful people that have helped me in my spiritual quest. I am forever grateful for their help in guiding me, they are always with me in my heart.

My love for writing has expanded to include all things that are mystical, spiritual,  and magickal. Besides this blog, I also write fiction stories. A healthy dose of sense of humor is infused into almost everything I write. Life is so serious many times, why not lighten up the mood?

This blog is updated with new posts regularly. Some of the posts are part of a story thread and some others are part of my Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter.

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