We are the Change

Dear Reader: I hope to find you well. Another season is winding down and coming to an end. As we prepare for the new one to enter, we might reflect on the past months.

The Mercury retrograde is past, we had two eclipses, summer season was unbearable the past week (in some parts of the USA). We are witnessing natural disasters, not only here but elsewhere in the world. Political climate is scary (for lack of a better world) and there seems to be note of uncertainty as to where are we heading as a race. I am talking about the whole of human race. Not just one race, but all of us.

It feels surreal that, as there are big strides made in technology, with assurances that the next frontier for us would be Mars, its worrisome at the same time.

We are filled with misunderstanding among our own kind. Walls want to be built, wars want to be started, famine and poverty are still a big reality on this planet, with only a handful of people in the wealth index (globally) and yet we inexorable continue to look towards the stars. Aiming at traveling far away and conquer and colonize other parts when we haven’t even learned the concept of harmony, understanding and love, here in our own “backyard.”

Yes, it is awesome that we have new technology, I love that. We have come a long way from wood toilets to the A.I. home living.
Yet, we are still behind in basic human kindness. I am not saying all of us are. But compared to the many that are not, we are a small island in the vast sea of humanity.

It is easy, when one has a social platform, to get lost in the everyday, in the cool posts, with cooler pictures. It is easy to forget that we as human beings, each carry a responsibility to help each other. It is easy to turn the other way, avoid the “ugly” and ignore what we might see as a lost cause.
It might seem that way, that we are utterly lost, and think somewhere along the line, the gods forsook us, long time ago. But that doesn’t mean we must stay “lost.”  We can lift ourselves from despair, as shown time and time again through history. We can rebuild, we can survive.
We have the ability to dream, to hope and to move forward.

Of course one post will not change things, or just one voice. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness, so that whoever reads it passes the word and in turn that other person does that as well. Somewhere along the line the collective conscious of a group might stand up and say “enough! we are all human beings, and as such we deserve to live in dignity, in a world that will be finally a gift for our children, not a burden. Enough! we stand for what is right, what is just.”

If only.. Then perhaps we might have a chance.

Until I write again,

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Love Thyself

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Hello! and welcome back to another installment of this humble newsletter. I hope to find you well of spirit, mind and body.

The wheel of life has turned again and once more it falls on this, a day to celebrate Love in all of its glory. But Love does not really have a day does it? It is all around us. Every day and every second. Within ourselves. With the people we love and loves us back.

I think that if Love had a requirement, it would ask that everyone starts with loving themselves first. If you think about it, it’s the foundation of how we as human beings correlate to the world at large and the dynamics in each of our relationships, from our significant other, to family and friends.

Loving oneself should not be something taken lightly, but approached and lived with an awareness love-self-300x300that we are sacred beings within. Our souls are special, our bodies the temple which guards it and our spirit the light that binds these two together.

It is not selfish to love oneself. It makes sense that if what we ask of ourselves; compassion, patience, understanding, we end up giving the same to those around us. It is the board from where Love springs into being.

Most importantly is this same Love for self,  that which carries us forward, and make us believe not only in us but in others. It keeps the hope alive. It is the very air that gives wings to our souls which let us soar into the realm of love.

egg-loveLove thyself..and love will follow♥

Until I write again,


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The Spiritual Witch

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome to your magickal newsletter. I hope I find you, all who read my humble blog, well of mind and body. With yesterday’s Full Moon, marking what is called the Corn Moon, many find themselves looking forward to the next season, and perhaps reflecting on the global happenings these past months on this, our planet Earth.

With what has transpired so far, and what is going on at the moment. The chaos and pain inflicted on the innocent as well as all the crazy, senseless things going on around the country and the world at large, I take comfort on daily devotional or prayers. It is my anchor, sort of speak, that I throw into each day. So that it grounds me, and helps to keep me aware of the blessings. Even if I cannot make sense of things, it creates a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. Without it I feel lost, out of whack. If I do not have the will to even pray, then I light at least a small candle. If it is life keeping me too busy then I give thanks at the end of the day, sitting down on my bed, before I go to sleep. Prayer or devotions brings light and calmness of mind.

Three_Macbeth_WitchesPrayer or devotions, is a way of expressing out what worries you or a way to acknowledge the blessings. Most people act surprised when they find out witches pray.. Why would that be? I have wondered in the past. Perhaps some might think that as witches we are not spiritual. That all to us is spells, candles and bells. While it is true, we do perform spells, those are but a minimal part of being a witch, and just the props or background to aid the mind in visualizing a desired outcome. But it is our spiritual practice that which keeps it all together. This is true for any one, of any dogma, religious practice, etc.

Whatever you believe in, you gain spiritual strength from prayer. It is a powerful tool through daily practice, which will help guide you true when looking for answers that cannot be achieved otherwise in our lives. Being a human, in this world of ours, makes it necessary to look for ways in which we can create peace within as well as without. Not so that we can detach ourselves from everyone else. On the contrary; it is done with the idea in mind of reaching out to the collective consciousness and understanding how we can be of service to our fellow human beings.

prayerSo how do witches pray? you may be pondering. Is there a special formula said out loud, or ancient words of wisdom passed down from witch to witch?….  We are but humans living a spiritual life and as such we pray much the same as everyone else. We do so from the heart. With words that come to mind in times of need. We might have one prayer we have written down ourselves, or something borrowed from an old book of prayers that is fitted to our own type of need. But nothing fancy, nothing “ancient” I cannot say we are unique in our prayers, just because we might happen to burn incense (other cultures do burn incense during offerings to their ancestors and requests) or burn candles (again, other religious beliefs do make a habit of burning an Offertory votive candle). So you see prayer is simply that…prayer.

The need to connect to the divine in time of need, is ancient indeed. Perhaps it did not precisely start off as a “prayer” perhaps some ancestor way back in time, had the need to ask for guidance, to something other than what she/he saw in this physical world. We humans love to talk. It is in our nature. Some of us more than others. But it makes sense that we externalized, that which is within through speech, it makes sense that as time went by, we started to have those special “talks” at moments when we are not interrupted. So we can connect better to the Divine.

There is nothing either, that says one belief group has better prayers than others. I have found some optimismbeautiful prayers that are not of my belief. It has not deterred me to use for myself. All I change is to whom I send my prayers, but the intent its the same. For all of us.

We really are all spiritual beings. Living the same human experience. In different countries under different cultures, and circumstance, true. Nevertheless, we share that inner need to connect to the Universe, to the Goddess, God, Source. Whatever your personal belief. We are all searching for answers. For peace, for universal love, and understanding.

The times we live in, require the collective human mind, to come together. Indeed it is needed that we pull our spiritual beings in a concentrated effort for a better world. Perhaps that or those who we believe in (Goddess, Universe, etc.) needs us to do that. For they alone, cannot bring change unless we want that change.

So, yes. We are witches, but we are also spiritual beings. Living life in the best way we see fit. Creating positive changes, in the best way we can. With harm to none…

So mote it be.lovely candle

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter- Manifesting Change

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome back to this latest post. As it is my custom, I write down, possible subjects for this blog. Ideas swirl in my head. Inspired by what is going on with the world at large. It is impossible not to be impacted by how things are developing world-wide. A person would have to live in a bubble where no news reach him or her, to be immune to the craziness that seems to permeate the very air we breath. So I get to wonder, as not only citizens of this world, but as witches. How do current affairs concern us?

Gone are the days in which each country would function just for its people’s existence and development. With technology we have become what many now call a “global village.”

Whether we like it or not, our far away neighbors have become in a virtual way, our next door neighbor. The more we hear about other countries struggles, the more we become aware that the same problems that affect one country affect many others. We now get to instantly watch what is going on in any country at a given time. So we now share the same concerns. That of the well-being of other people, whom are, if not of the same country as ours, share nevertheless that common denominator. That of being of the human race.

So as each individual becomes aware of the world at large, to a certain degree, we become imbued with the knowledge, that there lies a power within each person to be part of the change that this world needs. True, we are not governments, who have the incredible power to affect its own people and thus create changes on a large-scale. We are but individuals. Just one person. But, a body of government can create such changes, not because it is just  but a machine that creates them. It is a group of people, that work together for the common well-being of a country. Thus it makes sense that there is power in numbers. The power for change. It is so obvious, and yet many do not see this.

If  as citizens of each country, we are becoming aware of humanity’s struggle, then we have become aware that change is needed. The one’s that see the obvious, which is working together for a better world (it is after all the planet where we ALL reside) become frustrated that there is no tangible effort being made to create such thing happening.

So people work on their own, by going to other countries to help people in need. By contributing money if time and travel, is out of the question. Some might help get more medicine for certain countries that lack the funds, or become involved in their own communities to help reach out to others. And the list goes on.  This brings me back to my original question.  As witches/spiritual practitioners what can we do?

heart-chakra-colorsI shall not propose a global scale type of  “synchronized” meditation with higher Universal powers. I am realistic. But I do propose changes through our own efforts. Prayers, meditation and actions. Remember we are witches! After all, when we work magick, we bend energies to fit our needs. It takes concentrated will and patience to get to see our desires manifested into this physical plane. But changes, we do create. So what if the changes will not be on a large-scale! What matters is that we become part of the change in whatever small particle of action, what matters is we become the change.

Prayers: Could be adapted to say a daily affirmation for your cause of choice or for global balance and harmony. Etc.

Meditation: can be one in which we project a desire in our higher mind and send that energy out to the Universe. With time this adds up. Like I said, it does not matter that it will not be dramatic and publicized all over the news. What matters is that you know you are doing it. Period.

Action: This cannot be said enough, and at danger of sounding trite is true. Change starts at home. Helping your cause of choice. Helping our communities. Helping with the environment. And etc. The list goes on. Your pick.

Multicolour-candles-2Magick: Spiritual petitions. A weekly ritual, formal or informal. It can be as simple as lighting a candle for our world to become better. It can be as formal as creating a full-blown ritual. If you know other spiritual practitioners, then the better. It can be a group effort. Again, your choice.

You might be pondering that the above are all given solutions. True. Nothing new about my suggestions. But what makes it different is putting action to the thought. Really doing it, instead of just thinking about it.

whole-meeting-clipartSmall changes, are the ones that become part of the larger picture. Part of the solution. The glue is the faith you put into your chosen piece of the puzzle. The outcome, one which benefits humanity in the years to come. Perhaps we might not get to see the change in our lifetime. But we will get to leave our “footprint.”  A small way of saying “We were here, we strove for change. So we created change.”

As I tie up the theme for the week, I ponder on the things we as humans expect while we reside on this planet. I am sure most of us desire for a better world to live in. We know we have the potential in each of us, to reach higher and strive for better. I just hope that we, as a human race; can indeed free our minds from the collective thought of destruction and change it to one of balance. Love must surely triumph.candle_Candle_light_1011

Until I write again, may She guide you.


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Achieving Balance

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings and welcome back! The first weeks of the new year, find me organizing my closet. A feat of no inconsiderable size. Not because I have tons of clothing items, but due to the fact that I store there as well boxes of books and journals, and the assortment of other odds and ends.

A type of activity that I find time-consuming but one that must be done.  While I work on this self-imposed chore, my mind wanders. I mule over the fact that I do want a type of “bare minimal” closet space. I start to connect the dots through association of ideas. Old ideas I have had in mind, and some recent. What does bare minimal mean to me, besides the fact of owning only the necessary? I start to think that the phrase implies to me; order, peace, zen! Peace brought about by less chaos.

That to me makes sense on various levels. Disengaging the mind from the everyday chores, will let my brain focus. To be more receptive to the dynamics of family life, spiritual life and creative influx. It makes sense dear reader, that having an orderly home, it will leave off more time to pursue that which we want to achieve. To be able to be there, I mean..really be there for the ones you love and love you back! One of the reasons we suffer from stress, is that we tend to do a bit of everything, without committing or pouring our whole soul into one task at a time. We have so many things to accomplish, that we end up with frayed nerves, bad tempers, and worst! unfinished tasks!

I have gone through the spectrum of neatness, not so neat and sort of neat. Which brings me to the present. Finding the balance.

Now, with some wisdom added to my life belt, I can be objective and realize that in order to functionsigns well within and without, balance is needed. It is not something only the super neat have and deserve. Although I must say, it is something that needs to be worked at. Not only in mundane matters but spiritual as well. We cannot be spiritual beings, if the outside life is messy and the mind is a wreck. Like wise, we might look like a million bucks, well put together on the outside, but be a mess within us, in our souls. So it is a matter of balance, after all.

So how to achieve it right? The challenge (and beauty!) for the spiritual practitioner, is that we add just that, a spiritual twist to an otherwise mundane task. It is awesome, that we can add that bit of magic to otherwise everyday tasks and projects. So here are a few ideas that you can implement and  you can add even more of your own.

Make space in your home. Move furniture around . Get that energy flowing! Get indoor plants. Create little oasis of mindfulness through out your home. Like mini-altars around your space. An altar does not need to have the whole nine yards to “be” an altar. And there is nothing that says you only need the one altar.

Keeping it simple. Not overwhelming your home with lots and lots of items. Just the needed things that make you happy.

Closets are the most obvious places where negative and old energies nest for a long while. Sometimes just by the simple act of cleaning it and bringing order to it, we open blocked energies in other areas of our lives. Makes sense. If you are organizing closets throughout the home, it is a good idea, as you work through each closet; to take out all of the stuff inside. Give the closet a good cleaning and pass incense. Let it open so that fresh air comes in before you start to organize it.

Thrifting, has become more and more popular recently. Although not something new. It is just that nowadays more people realize, it makes sense to re-use, recycle and re-purpose . It helps charity causes and reduces needless spending in expensive new items. Of course as with everything else you buy (new or used) it is always a good idea to either spray it with a blessing blend or pass a blessing incense around your (new to you if it is used) item.

Give out furniture or clothing (that is in good condition) that you do not need or use anymore to friends and family. You will always find someone who loves what you have. And in return, you can accept items that others offer you. This creates an awesome exchange of energies. Which in turn fills your own life with even more awesome energies!

Make baby-step efforts towards achieving a home where you love spending time and all is where you free soulwant it to be. Don’t stress that it has to be achieved within a day or two. That is not a realistic goal. Be kind to yourself and only commit to organizing, fixing, painting, or whatever is it that you want to do on days you have available. Every time you achieve one thing in your list, light a candle, burn some incense, and/or just be mindful and find joy in the order and beauty you are creating in your own life.

Lets face it, we are a consumers. We are not hermits, living a life devoid of needed things.  But we have a choice, and we can strive to live a life, in which we don’t have an excess of anything. This is where the balance element is useful.  We strive for the mindful life. We live a life where less is more. More space more energies. More energies, more joy, more peace, etc!

It does make sense, from a spiritual point, that an organized home will add balance. It  will help to free our minds from the small irritations. It will allow our inner beings to be open towards a more satisfying spiritual/mundane life, and it will open our minds as well, to new challenges.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau  “Simplify, simplify!”quote

Until I write again dear reader, may you find peace within as without.


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XII

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Welcome to another installment of my weekly newsletter.

The dear old groundhog has one more been avidly watched by many to find out just how long the Winter season will last. It seems we will see the winter last its full 6 weeks, but are we surprised dear reader? That is after all how much longer the season lasts. Nature will not be rushed. Whether we have a very cold winter (which it is, in the Northeast section of the United States) or milder weather (which, we have in the Southwestern section) it is the Winter season. Poor old groundhog, must be puzzling to him all the hoopla and goings on around this time of year. Perhaps all he wants to do is sleep it off!

artwork by Wendy Andrew

CURRENT HAPPENINGS:    Technology and all that it entails have brought us together in many ways. Advances in communication has made it easier and faster to connect with one another from one corner of the planet to the next.

Sadly it has drawn us away from our spiritual self. We have come to loose the connection to our ancestral beliefs and to our beautiful planet Earth.

Many see the passing of the year, as only having 4 seasons. But to the spiritual minded and the ones that live their life through the natural pattern of nature, there is awareness that Earth goes through an 8 season cycle. Earth is alive and in constant change. It makes a transition about every 45 days. Although the beginning of each of the four seasons, the Equinoxes and Solstices are times of celebration, the peaks of these three months periods are too.

We live on this powerful and magical planet. We need to show our gratitude for letting us walk on her soil, and sail on her waters, by acknowledging these changes. No matter how far we have come in terms of technology. Earth is a natural energy. The wheel of the year goes on. Every time we see its beauty unfold before our very own eyes. Lets rejoice in the beauty and thank that which sustains our daily life.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday Feb. 2nd- Imbolc. Second quarter. Moon enters Leo at 9:41 a.m.  Leo Moon trines Saturn in Sag.

Tuesday Feb. 3rd.  Full Moon An excellent day. There is a promising alignment of the Leo Full Moon with the expansive Jupiter. This conjunction will happen at 9:31 p.m.  and it will extend their powerful energies through out the week. Positive energies that will help to take care of unresolved issues and bring completion to anything you might have been working on. Take advantage and don’t let this magickal threshold slip you by!

Wednesday Feb. 4th – Begins with the moon void of course (it happened on the conjunction on the night before – 9:31 p.m. PST). Moon enters Virgo at 9:46 pm. PST.

Thursday Feb. 5th – Day begins with a Virgo Moon in place and goes through a sextile – Mercury/Aquarius – Saturn/Sagittarius.  Sextile encourages positive exchange between two planets. It ends with an opposition on Virgo Moon -Venus/Pisces.  Even though the opposition make planets work or struggle against each other,  it is not as difficult as it may seem. They can still come to some type of understanding. It is always good to note what energies the day begins with as well as the ending energies.  This is a good rule of thumb if you are making an important decision for the day.

Friday Feb. 6th – 3rd quarter.  Moon is still in Virgo and it will go void of course at 2:09 p.m. PST.  Jupiter which is in retro mode until April 8th, goes into opposition to the Sun. The opposition helps to detach ourselves from our plans and goals and take a look into them with a neutral perspective. This is a good opportunity  to fine tune those goals and plans to ensure success.

Saturday Feb. 7th – 3rd quarter. Moon enters Libra at 10:44 a.m. PST. A very positive day for any mundane or magickal efforts or activities. There is a trine  between Libra Moon and Mercury/Aquarius 3: 07 pm. PST and two sextiles. One at 6:44 pm. PST between Libra Moon and Saturn/Sagittarius and the last one at 9:53 pm. PST between Libra Moon and Pluto Capricorn.

Sunday Feb. 8th. 3rd quarter. Moon still in Libra. Sunday being a day of the Sun and success, will bring a push to any matter even though aspects are not the greatest for this day. Since the Moon is in waning period, a good day to successfully get rid of unwanted habits, clean out the house/apartment of stuff you do not want anymore, etc.


These are from my motivational cards ” I can do it” From Louise Hay. I have drawn the following message: ” I am now willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exists everywhere” on one side. An the other side: “Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust life”

I see the message of the card as having the will to grab the energies that are all around us, and make it work for our individual needs. As we trust that life is a constant flow of energy, so we work towards our desires goals, instead of just waiting for things to happen, we MAKE things happen.


The purpose of this week’s tip, is to help you step back, and take a look at the space where you create magick. It is a good idea to periodically pay attention to not only the tools, but the place where magick is conducted. This helps to reconnect to its energies, and bring new insight into your magickal life.

Do you have a space for your magickal work? Do you have a big altar, or a side table? Is your altar mobile? Is it a place you have placed aside for it, that will be just for that? or is it versatile and it doubles (or triples as the need arises) as your dining table or maybe your personal desk?

If you have one specially for magick, what would you do to make it more practical? If you have to make your altar wherever you find space, do you think you could come up with a new, innovative way of creating an altar that can be carried anywhere in your living space? Do you think it could do with an altar “make over”.  Take note of all that you can. Cleanse your altar, as well as your tools. Write down all that comes to mind when you see your altar. What do you feel when you conduct your magick on your altar or your makeshift space for spells?

This exercise will help to bring clarity to your magickal practice as well as opening you to the energies that go into creating your sacred space. Try it for at least a week. You will notice new insights. Remember that the altar is an extension of your belief.

Another week has gone by and with it, ideas, plans and rethinking of goals perhaps. Life lived through a kaleidoscope of moments. Moments that amount memories. What memories, dear reader would you want to look back on as you grow older?

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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First Publication:


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub X

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome once more. I hope the week has gone by well for all of you. There are so many topics I wish I could talk about, all at once! but alas dear reader, I cannot stuff this short newsletter with all the things I have in mind for the Witch’s Gazette. As a rule, I try not to read the current news from the internet. It is really my life’s philosophy not to aggravate my days with bad news from every corner of the planet. This  I choose to do, not to close my eyes to reality, but to keep a sane mind, and be objective whenever I do read them. Having said that, it is also impossible not to be touched by the global dramas and tragic stories. With this in mind…

CURRENT HAPPENINGS:  When we hear or read about a global issue that its tragic to the point of almost disbelief we tend to shield ourselves almost automatically. This “shielding” its done through perhaps a mental process of closing our mind to the “ugly” side of humanity and think that it’s so far away, how can it possibly affect us?  This is but human nature.

With Imbolc so close now, a natural point of the Season and one of our 4 mayor Sabbats, it strikes my mind, as such disparate energies playing out on this planet. On one hand we have the recent attack at the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the tragic events in Northern Nigeria with terror group Boko Haram, terrorizing the communities of that part of Africa. Plus a host of so many sad events on a global scale. On the other hand we have nature slowly awakening from the winter slumber. It awakens each part of the soil, so that it can be revived again, and bring nature to life.  Tragic human deeds against the hopeful energies of Earth. Beauty of nature against the horror perpetrated to incredible extremes.

I will not go into depth about each of the happenings going on as I write this article, I am not a seasoned journalist. For that dear reader you have a host of hundreds of links that will keep you be up to snuff on such political deeds. But, what I am is a spiritual practitioner. One who practices one of the most ancient beliefs. I respect the Earth, and the seasons. I respect each passing day for what it is, a gift. I am not going to even try to make you think that magick will cure all, for on its own its nothing. But when combined with the human will, and a strong belief behind it, it can be used to create at least a beginning. Earth needs healing, and through this healing so can humans start the healing process as well. Perhaps the actions of the planet itself are a reflection, a response if you will; of the pain that the Spirit of the planet, must feel. When we have natural disasters, have you ever wondered if it’s not perhaps Earth trying to make us understand that we are destroying that same soil upon which we stand? Perhaps it is trying as well to remind us that we each have a spark of the Spirit of Earth, but we have forgotten our way. We need to respect and nurture that which sustains our lives.

Will my words make a global difference? I know it won’t (although I wish it would).  But if these words make a difference in the hearts of the people that read this blog, then meager as it may seem it is a beginning. It is true what I read a long time ago, that all starts with a step. A single step that is all. It need not be dramatic, or broadcasted to the world wide web, but it need come from an understanding that we must change, we are the beings living in this world, therefore we are the change. After all is said and done, what can we do, where do we start, and what does Imbolc have to do with it?


Imbolc/ Oimelc/ Candlemas/ Festival of Lights. Imbolc celebrates the return of the Sun, when Winter is almost at an end. This is the feast of the waxing light as the Sun grows and strengthens. It corresponds with Groundhog day here in the United States.

It is believed through lore, in ancient times people would light candles or torches,  through out their homes after sunset to welcome the returning light after the dark of the Winter season. The symbolic act of lighting candles is to invite the Spirit of Earth to wake gradually and peacefully from its long slumber. As Imbolc is the Maiden aspect of the divine Goddess, represented through one of her main colors: yellow, it is a time for healing as well. This is one of the facets of the Goddess invoked on Imbolc. As Winter recedes Spring approaches, thus making it a time for early seeding. In a spiritual sense it is a time to plant the “seeds.” Goals and projects you want to come to fruition during the coming months.

Why not light candles to represent the healing for Earth and humanity? This can be done with a symbolic act of placing a packet of seeds on your altar to represent the first step, that first seed, planted for a better world to live on. I am not proposing this act will bring an instant change, but it will send a message onto the Universe. There are people on this planet, that wants the change, needs the change and that we are ready to start the healing.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday January 19th – Mars conjuncts Neptune.  The influence of Neptune on Mars translates to: creativity, aided by the go getter Mars, it becomes a sure fire way to make whatever inspires you, solid.

Tuesday January 20th: New Moon, with the Moon aspecting Aquarius. The moon is at it closest to Earth. This makes for a powerful day and week ahead. There are no oppositions or squares on this day, the first New Moon of the year. Excellent day for magickal and mundane endeavors.

Wednesday January 21st: Mercury which is also in Aquarius will turn retrograde at 7:54 a.m. PST and it will end on February 11 at 6:57 a.m. PST.

Remain flexible during the Merc Retro. Just step back and determine where you have been these past weeks and think of ways you can use this time to re-organize your life (if needed).

Thursday January 22nd.: Moon enters Pisces at 4:28 a.m. Excellent day to expand your horizons through magickal work.

Friday January 23rd.: Pisces continues to rule the day. Pisces and Venus combined are perfect for spell castings to draw forth money, make wishes (Venus loves giving you things, all she wants to do is make you happy), and work on beauty goals.

Saturday January 24th: Moon enters Aries at 5:31 a.m. Aries Moon sextiles the Aquarius Sun – Active exchange is encouraged under the sextile. Make use of the qualities of Fire and Air. Make those dreams take off the ground.

Sunday January 25th: The moon is still on Aries. Sunday a day of success. Another sextile this time, Aries Moon sextiles Mercury/Aquarius (just remember Mercury is retro by now) and a Trine between Aries Moon- Jupiter in Leo. The day is yours to do what you wish, seize the day!


CAM00262The Chess Queen:

Upright – (Ally) As an aid to bring prosperity and peace. It also tells you to trust the Divine,  allow Her to guide you  to take the right steps. When you are aligned with her light, you are open to Universal messages. Follow your bliss, listen to Her positive message of love.


Get 13 candles (votives or tea lights) – Red or Yellow. Bless and empower. Create a circle with your petition in the middle. Place yellow flowers next to the candles. Make or buy a small broom (to represent sweeping out the old) and light your ring of “fire” on the day of Imbolc – Monday February 2nd. Second quarter. Moon in Leo (at 9:41 a.m. PST)

You can use this same set up (if you wish) to  do the above suggestion candle spell (Healing for Earth). You can empower your spell work by burning a blend of Basil, Benzoin and Myrrh incense.

Seeds for your spell work can be either : Pumpkin, sesame or Sunflower, to represent  growth.

As I wrap up my Magickal newsletter and I re-read the words I have written, I cannot help but hope that the energies conveyed through my humble musings, are taken in the spirit in which is given. A spirit of hope for a better tomorrow. I know this takes time, and work.. and more work. Belief alone does not create changes. People create changes. We have been given the gift of choice. As we have the choice to fall into a dismal hole of despair and cruelty, so do we have the power to raise above it.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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