As we journey through..

Hello dear reader! Its been a while that I have come to this lovely place of musings. Life has intruded upon my writing. Work, responsibilities and the lot has had me busy, as is everyone else. It is part of our journey on planet Earth. But how could I not write what has been on my mind to write? And how can I not share this thought with you, my lovely readers?

Our journey is one that is not lived in a linear straight line comprised by months, days and hours.
Time does not really exist as we perceive it. So, in reality, we have “time” to do all the things we want to do, reach and accomplish all the goals we have in mind.

You know that saying that we are the only limit to what we can accomplish. If we put a finite line to our lives, then that will be it.
But if we strive to create to the infinite. Do not get stuck in the moment, but continue to dream and create then, yes the possibilities are endless.

The past is a place where we traveled through, not really a “time”. It is something we lived, experienced, hopefully, learned the lesson and kept on walking. The future, of course, is dependent on what we decide to create today.

So today, remember the lessons. Think of all the good things you have with you at this moment of the past months. Make peace with the not so great moments, which do leave (even if we do not want to see it as such) a lesson to be learned. If only not to make the same mistakes or walk away from situations and people who do not deserve our time nor our love.

Today we know what we did not know back in 2017. Today we stand stronger, wiser and more aware of our shortcomings as well as of our strengths.

Make your life count. I am not saying you have to go and become famous or go to another country to make it so. Make your life count for you. Create your purpose. Sometimes if it is not clear, then it is yet to be created. I have said before in my posts. We are the architects, the creators of our own life. Own it!

I want to wish everyone a great beginning for your personal story of 2019. Make every chapter something special. Something that resonates within you in mind, body, and soul.
Many thanks for being a part of my journey through my magickal blog. It has been that…Magickal!

With love, and until I write again♥

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We are the Change

Dear Reader: I hope to find you well. Another season is winding down and coming to an end. As we prepare for the new one to enter, we might reflect on the past months.

The Mercury retrograde is past, we had two eclipses, summer season was unbearable the past week (in some parts of the USA). We are witnessing natural disasters, not only here but elsewhere in the world. Political climate is scary (for lack of a better world) and there seems to be note of uncertainty as to where are we heading as a race. I am talking about the whole of human race. Not just one race, but all of us.

It feels surreal that, as there are big strides made in technology, with assurances that the next frontier for us would be Mars, its worrisome at the same time.

We are filled with misunderstanding among our own kind. Walls want to be built, wars want to be started, famine and poverty are still a big reality on this planet, with only a handful of people in the wealth index (globally) and yet we inexorable continue to look towards the stars. Aiming at traveling far away and conquer and colonize other parts when we haven’t even learned the concept of harmony, understanding and love, here in our own “backyard.”

Yes, it is awesome that we have new technology, I love that. We have come a long way from wood toilets to the A.I. home living.
Yet, we are still behind in basic human kindness. I am not saying all of us are. But compared to the many that are not, we are a small island in the vast sea of humanity.

It is easy, when one has a social platform, to get lost in the everyday, in the cool posts, with cooler pictures. It is easy to forget that we as human beings, each carry a responsibility to help each other. It is easy to turn the other way, avoid the “ugly” and ignore what we might see as a lost cause.
It might seem that way, that we are utterly lost, and think somewhere along the line, the gods forsook us, long time ago. But that doesn’t mean we must stay “lost.”  We can lift ourselves from despair, as shown time and time again through history. We can rebuild, we can survive.
We have the ability to dream, to hope and to move forward.

Of course one post will not change things, or just one voice. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness, so that whoever reads it passes the word and in turn that other person does that as well. Somewhere along the line the collective conscious of a group might stand up and say “enough! we are all human beings, and as such we deserve to live in dignity, in a world that will be finally a gift for our children, not a burden. Enough! we stand for what is right, what is just.”

If only.. Then perhaps we might have a chance.

Until I write again,

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The Turning of the Season

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome back. Finally! September is here. A couple more weeks and we are rid of the summer season. Earth prepares in its own way for the next season to come.

We prepare for Autumn as well. We start to make small changes.  Perhaps putting away summer clothing or even decorations that reflected the summer days. Now we can look forward to cooler weather, shorter days and cozy nights. Although the warm days are still felt the days are shorter now, the heat starts to subside by evening hours which  is a nice break we welcome.

This month started out with a bang! We had a new Moon in Virgo last Thursday. A Solar eclipse to make it more interesting and of course we are now in the midst of a Mercury retrograde.

sunAlthough we have days ahead filled with squares and oppositions we also have Trines, Conjunctions, and Sextiles. So not all is lost or doomed to failure. It is always good to look for and find the bright side of things.

You can plan accordingly if you wish to create, change, start etc., any project or goal. Depending on the planetary hour and which planets are in accord for your spiritual work.

Magickal work is ideally conducted at the optimum hours, and correct astrological influence/days. Of course when one needs to work magick, one does not wait until the right ‘alignment’ comes along. We must do with what we have at hand; at any given notice.

There is no magickal formula or words that can be said in the face of a square or opposition that will make the planets move aside so that you can go your merry magickal way and do your ‘thing.’ That is  a waste of time. Why? The planets are going through what the natural flow of the Universe dictates. They do not have special ‘feelers’ that know when people are doing magick and need a bit of clearance for the work to be done. They are not entities, but planets. Doing what they were meant to do, for thousands of eons.

B-witch 2So lets say you need to perform magickal work. How will this be achieved in the midst of a Square for example? Squares are difficult and challenging since it creates resistance between two planets. The positive side of a Square (yes it does have one) is that it points out where a person can see the block or problem (whatever goes wrong during a square personally) and realize where positive changes can be made. For example if someone needs to protect in the midst of Squares and Opposition, the personal petition paper must contain a soothing astrological element, which could be the Moon for example, Also the person’s astrological sign, and a sigil of protection (the pentagram for example). Adding as well the symbol for a planet which has a compatible element to at least one of the planets that are in Opposition or Square. So if you have a challenge with a Water element planet you will use an Earth element planet symbol to balance the work and ground it.

Prepare by creating sacred space. A meditation before starting the work its ideal. It grounds your mind and your resolve. You create a shield around you. Be firm in your magickal intent…meaning, you believe that what you are about to work on spiritually, will become in the physical.

magicianEmpower your work even more by making or putting together, something which to you represents your magickal intent. Place your petition in a charm, or bless something that means protection to you personally. Add more power to the work with candle magick. The list goes on. Your own creativity in the matter and that which comes from the heart is what will make it yours.

What I want to convey, is that there is always a way in which one can utilize energies to one’s benefit. Sometimes too if we can, just by waiting out until the astrological elements fit our work, another way of working on our goal might be found. The point is to utilize what knowledge we have, tools at our disposal and a little ingenuity to find different “roads” shall we say to manifest the magick into something tangible.

Don’t let the Oppositions, Squares and retrogrades scare you into a corner of immobility. If really nothing can be done, then time is well spent by just meditating, or organizing your magickal area, cleaning your magickal tools. Perhaps make something new for your altar, or buy something that will enhance the beauty of your personal sacred space. Write on your personal/magickal journal. Or just relax. Do nothing, take walks. See what interesting things you might find while walking out in nature. Time is never wasted if we open our minds to the endless flow and possibilities of the Universe.

josephine wall crownWell dear reader, I have reached the end of this week’s Witch’s gazette.  I always wonder if I have left something worthwhile for you to ponder. At the least I hope, it will open a door in your mind to embark upon your own journey of discovery. May your wanderings always bring you back here weekly, to peruse the aisles of my humble newsletter.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!


Until I write again,


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Celestial Merry-go-Round

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome to another installment of my weekly newsletter. Next week it’s charged with astrological peril! From a retrograde (Yes, you guessed it..Mercury) to planetary configurations, and solar eclipses. We must harden the intent of keeping as cool as we can, and of course prepare accordingly.

Planets are a funny thing. They do what they want as they see fit. Meanwhile down here on Earth we humans are affected by their energy. Whether on a global scale or a personal one, it does play a bit of havoc on the psyche and life in general.

moderen-metaphysicsTake Mercury for example. How many times have I seen people get stressed out when they realize a retrograde is imminent. Many. Even those who say they do not believe in astrology and/or in anything metaphysical or spiritual etc, are very aware that communications do go awry. Whatever plans are to be put into action, become undone or go really bad indeed. Better put on hold and sit the retrograde through.. in peace. Unfortunately there is no escaping a retrograde. It happens. Its unavoidable. We deal with it. In the best way we can. So we use our smarts and do not begin anything new. Do not (if able) make that trip, do not buy any electronics during this period or get a new car (movement, Mercury). Etc..etc.

knightsfightingAdd to the retro the challenge  which happens between the Sun and two planets, Neptune and Saturn. Not the best of astrological energies when challenging each other. Sun makes things worst, by being its forceful self, and shining all that bright energy onto the taciturn Saturn and the Neptune dreamy energy. Saturn imposes slowness, it does not like to rush. All well and dandy when you want to utilize its energies to make things happen properly so it makes it grow slowly but surely (like investments) but bad really, when square to the Sun. Imagine if you will, two knights of old. Armed to the teeth with all that heavy armor and huge swords, each with its need to be honorable and do the right thing, but stubborn as hell.  Each of them tall and powerful, each maintaining their ground.  The Sun pushes for resolution and Saturn pushes back with its need to wait it out and do things well.  So we get obstacles and things go even slower than usual.

Then Neptune will be in opposition to the Sun..oh dear! Hmm, I see Neptune as another knight, but a female knight.. Yes, she fights if needed, but she would rather find a nice scarf to go with her shining armor suit. She after all is very creative, so every where she goes, she sees possibilities to make it pretty or better if possible, even when is not. So when she is in opposition to the Sun, she sort of dazzles the Sun with her otherworldly beauty while trying to avoid the reality of such power of the Sun. Remember that Neptune  does like to avoid reality and fantasize. She also likes everything of mystery and psychic nature. So while she is trying to convince the Sun to step aside so she can go on her path to… wherever whim might take her, and the Sun trying mightily not to fall to her charm…well we humans get a bit of murky thoughts, forget things, sort of walk in a fog, due to the Sun being engaged otherwise and not helping matters.

argument-cartoonThen when Neptune finally moves away from the Sun, she goes on her merry way to have a square with Saturn..*sigh* This mighty knight is not as easily swayed as the Sun has been. He is a stubborn planet. So they get into an argument. Neptune trying to convince him so and so its true. He almost shouting that she lives in the clouds and needs a dose of reality.  She saying Ay! and he saying Nay! So we humans have conflict. We vacillate in our decisions, we might want to take the easy road, but our minds are telling us that is not the way.

What is a person to do, in the midst of such danger?! OK, I am being melodramatic, and to be honest I poke fun at some things I read about this time being one to lay low…under the radar…What is that? We cannot live our lives hiding from every celestial alignment  and go about our days sayings such things as “We are doomed, doomed! The retrograde nears, hide! avoid… your life as normal!”

Yes, dear reader, I know some people are more affected than others by some planet being retrograde and some others are affected by squares and oppositions. But my intent is to bring calm, to an otherwise unstable week ahead. So what must we do? Hmm..

As I mentioned before, prepare accordingly. Do not do things when Mercury is retrograde that go against the energy of the moment. Just take the time, to prepare for when its gone. Reflect on your goals, re-organize. Do not make major decisions that will go awry anyway. By now most are masters at avoiding the “dreaded retro.” Otherwise live life as usual.

As to the opposition and square between Sun, Saturn and Neptune. Do not stress out about something that cannot (I repeat) be avoided. If you find obstacles to your plans in the week ahead (Sun/Saturn) then re-think your strategy, perhaps once you do it, you will realize you can either wait it out or realize maybe is not the best of plans.

If you find yourself being a bit or more forgetful than usual, daydreaming, or distracted in the week ahead (Sun/Neptune), do a mental exercise to bring focus or meditate. Carry grounding stones. Like Hematite or Onyx for example.

Then we still have the conflict between Neptune/Saturn. If you vacillate making a decision, again re-think, change strategy and again…ground and focus.

planetsIn an otherwise everyday routine, one without being aware of the celestial happenings, we do use our logic in times of stress (Hopefully) and re-think our actions and decisions (Ideally). For those of us that perform magickal work, like knights of old, we put on our “spiritual armor” and make sure to protect ourselves in the spiritual. Just in case. Makes sense.

It is true that their influence is felt sometimes more than others. It is also true that it has been happening for many a millennia and it will continue to do so, until we cease to be, and others will inhabit this planet. So perchance dear reader, the best we can do, is to be a bit pragmatic about the whole thing. That may yet be, the best strategy to be able to deal with the natural flow of the Universe.

Until I write again,


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The Spiritual Witch

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome to your magickal newsletter. I hope I find you, all who read my humble blog, well of mind and body. With yesterday’s Full Moon, marking what is called the Corn Moon, many find themselves looking forward to the next season, and perhaps reflecting on the global happenings these past months on this, our planet Earth.

With what has transpired so far, and what is going on at the moment. The chaos and pain inflicted on the innocent as well as all the crazy, senseless things going on around the country and the world at large, I take comfort on daily devotional or prayers. It is my anchor, sort of speak, that I throw into each day. So that it grounds me, and helps to keep me aware of the blessings. Even if I cannot make sense of things, it creates a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. Without it I feel lost, out of whack. If I do not have the will to even pray, then I light at least a small candle. If it is life keeping me too busy then I give thanks at the end of the day, sitting down on my bed, before I go to sleep. Prayer or devotions brings light and calmness of mind.

Three_Macbeth_WitchesPrayer or devotions, is a way of expressing out what worries you or a way to acknowledge the blessings. Most people act surprised when they find out witches pray.. Why would that be? I have wondered in the past. Perhaps some might think that as witches we are not spiritual. That all to us is spells, candles and bells. While it is true, we do perform spells, those are but a minimal part of being a witch, and just the props or background to aid the mind in visualizing a desired outcome. But it is our spiritual practice that which keeps it all together. This is true for any one, of any dogma, religious practice, etc.

Whatever you believe in, you gain spiritual strength from prayer. It is a powerful tool through daily practice, which will help guide you true when looking for answers that cannot be achieved otherwise in our lives. Being a human, in this world of ours, makes it necessary to look for ways in which we can create peace within as well as without. Not so that we can detach ourselves from everyone else. On the contrary; it is done with the idea in mind of reaching out to the collective consciousness and understanding how we can be of service to our fellow human beings.

prayerSo how do witches pray? you may be pondering. Is there a special formula said out loud, or ancient words of wisdom passed down from witch to witch?….  We are but humans living a spiritual life and as such we pray much the same as everyone else. We do so from the heart. With words that come to mind in times of need. We might have one prayer we have written down ourselves, or something borrowed from an old book of prayers that is fitted to our own type of need. But nothing fancy, nothing “ancient” I cannot say we are unique in our prayers, just because we might happen to burn incense (other cultures do burn incense during offerings to their ancestors and requests) or burn candles (again, other religious beliefs do make a habit of burning an Offertory votive candle). So you see prayer is simply that…prayer.

The need to connect to the divine in time of need, is ancient indeed. Perhaps it did not precisely start off as a “prayer” perhaps some ancestor way back in time, had the need to ask for guidance, to something other than what she/he saw in this physical world. We humans love to talk. It is in our nature. Some of us more than others. But it makes sense that we externalized, that which is within through speech, it makes sense that as time went by, we started to have those special “talks” at moments when we are not interrupted. So we can connect better to the Divine.

There is nothing either, that says one belief group has better prayers than others. I have found some optimismbeautiful prayers that are not of my belief. It has not deterred me to use for myself. All I change is to whom I send my prayers, but the intent its the same. For all of us.

We really are all spiritual beings. Living the same human experience. In different countries under different cultures, and circumstance, true. Nevertheless, we share that inner need to connect to the Universe, to the Goddess, God, Source. Whatever your personal belief. We are all searching for answers. For peace, for universal love, and understanding.

The times we live in, require the collective human mind, to come together. Indeed it is needed that we pull our spiritual beings in a concentrated effort for a better world. Perhaps that or those who we believe in (Goddess, Universe, etc.) needs us to do that. For they alone, cannot bring change unless we want that change.

So, yes. We are witches, but we are also spiritual beings. Living life in the best way we see fit. Creating positive changes, in the best way we can. With harm to none…

So mote it be.lovely candle

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter- Manifesting Change

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome back to this latest post. As it is my custom, I write down, possible subjects for this blog. Ideas swirl in my head. Inspired by what is going on with the world at large. It is impossible not to be impacted by how things are developing world-wide. A person would have to live in a bubble where no news reach him or her, to be immune to the craziness that seems to permeate the very air we breath. So I get to wonder, as not only citizens of this world, but as witches. How do current affairs concern us?

Gone are the days in which each country would function just for its people’s existence and development. With technology we have become what many now call a “global village.”

Whether we like it or not, our far away neighbors have become in a virtual way, our next door neighbor. The more we hear about other countries struggles, the more we become aware that the same problems that affect one country affect many others. We now get to instantly watch what is going on in any country at a given time. So we now share the same concerns. That of the well-being of other people, whom are, if not of the same country as ours, share nevertheless that common denominator. That of being of the human race.

So as each individual becomes aware of the world at large, to a certain degree, we become imbued with the knowledge, that there lies a power within each person to be part of the change that this world needs. True, we are not governments, who have the incredible power to affect its own people and thus create changes on a large-scale. We are but individuals. Just one person. But, a body of government can create such changes, not because it is just  but a machine that creates them. It is a group of people, that work together for the common well-being of a country. Thus it makes sense that there is power in numbers. The power for change. It is so obvious, and yet many do not see this.

If  as citizens of each country, we are becoming aware of humanity’s struggle, then we have become aware that change is needed. The one’s that see the obvious, which is working together for a better world (it is after all the planet where we ALL reside) become frustrated that there is no tangible effort being made to create such thing happening.

So people work on their own, by going to other countries to help people in need. By contributing money if time and travel, is out of the question. Some might help get more medicine for certain countries that lack the funds, or become involved in their own communities to help reach out to others. And the list goes on.  This brings me back to my original question.  As witches/spiritual practitioners what can we do?

heart-chakra-colorsI shall not propose a global scale type of  “synchronized” meditation with higher Universal powers. I am realistic. But I do propose changes through our own efforts. Prayers, meditation and actions. Remember we are witches! After all, when we work magick, we bend energies to fit our needs. It takes concentrated will and patience to get to see our desires manifested into this physical plane. But changes, we do create. So what if the changes will not be on a large-scale! What matters is that we become part of the change in whatever small particle of action, what matters is we become the change.

Prayers: Could be adapted to say a daily affirmation for your cause of choice or for global balance and harmony. Etc.

Meditation: can be one in which we project a desire in our higher mind and send that energy out to the Universe. With time this adds up. Like I said, it does not matter that it will not be dramatic and publicized all over the news. What matters is that you know you are doing it. Period.

Action: This cannot be said enough, and at danger of sounding trite is true. Change starts at home. Helping your cause of choice. Helping our communities. Helping with the environment. And etc. The list goes on. Your pick.

Multicolour-candles-2Magick: Spiritual petitions. A weekly ritual, formal or informal. It can be as simple as lighting a candle for our world to become better. It can be as formal as creating a full-blown ritual. If you know other spiritual practitioners, then the better. It can be a group effort. Again, your choice.

You might be pondering that the above are all given solutions. True. Nothing new about my suggestions. But what makes it different is putting action to the thought. Really doing it, instead of just thinking about it.

whole-meeting-clipartSmall changes, are the ones that become part of the larger picture. Part of the solution. The glue is the faith you put into your chosen piece of the puzzle. The outcome, one which benefits humanity in the years to come. Perhaps we might not get to see the change in our lifetime. But we will get to leave our “footprint.”  A small way of saying “We were here, we strove for change. So we created change.”

As I tie up the theme for the week, I ponder on the things we as humans expect while we reside on this planet. I am sure most of us desire for a better world to live in. We know we have the potential in each of us, to reach higher and strive for better. I just hope that we, as a human race; can indeed free our minds from the collective thought of destruction and change it to one of balance. Love must surely triumph.candle_Candle_light_1011

Until I write again, may She guide you.


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Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter- We are Explorers

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: I am glad to be back here, doing what I love the most! passing along my musings with the hope that it might help or leave food for thought.

We have passed through the threshold of the last year and started out a brand new year. What new things will happen? Will our goals/projects come to fruition? Will awesome things occur? This is just a few of the thoughts that might cross the collective mind, as we dear reader, start to navigate through the uncharted waters of 2016.

ca. 2000 --- Spyglass on a Map --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If you think about it, we are (in a way) like the explorers of old. Moving through the uncharted waters of this brand new year. Each month, nay! each day is an adventure of sorts. We are the captains and crew of our own life. We have the power to maneuver it the best way we see fit. As the year goes by, we may encounter adventure; going to a place/city/country we have never been before, even if it is another city in our your own country. We might get to start a new job, meet new friends. It could be filled with peril as well. Like leaving off goals before we start to work on them, not fulfilling a promise to your self, not living up to your full potential. Risks are also part of your voyage. Like doing something that you have never done, but something which will bring a sense of completion- checking off the list of things you thought you would never try. Of course there will be like in any journey, moments of self-realization. A sense of doing the right thing when you accomplish what you set out to do, even if these are small. They are your accomplishment nevertheless, be proud of these moments. Remember it is your journey, and you make things happen or not. It is all up to you.

For it is not just one thing that will bring a sense of completion, but many little things, collected through out the entire voyage in a year of our lives. If we set about to reach our desires/wishes/goals with a sense of discovery, then it will help in turn to pay more attention to the life around us. Paying attention to the synchronicity in our own lives. As well as the lives of others that cross our path. This sense of conscious-living will help to find the connections between us and other people; as well as that between us and the world at large. For we are not single beings living a single life, but many beings connected through the collective conscious living a human experience.

OldExplorersCompassMap-long goodbyeIt is your own journey, own it!

Make lovely moments.

Be mindful of your choices, and how you treat others.

Give thanks.

Lend a hand.

Smile, and make someone you like/love smile.

Grown a plant.

Take up a hobby.

Above all be kind to yourself. Make up words or phrases that make you feel good, paste it on your wall, mirror or carry with you. are a beautiful soul!

So dear reader..Are you ready for the grandest adventure yet? …

Until I write again,


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