You’ll Rue the Day!

Dear reader, I am glad to be back! I hope all are well. Life and many responsibilities had me putting off, something which I love to do (writing) so that I could focus on the business of life.

Even if I don’t write here, I tend to write down ideas for future posts. No matter where I find myself, and even if all I have at hand is a napkin, I put down in paper random thoughts. Issues going on in the world at large, a word or two which I have found intriguing and of course, any collected subconscious thoughts about spiritual practice, etc.

I also like paying attention to the “pulse” of magick. What people around me are doing with magick, how do they use it? Why?

One magickal subject I see cropping up a lot is the topic of revenge. With the easiness in this digital age, to access any type of topic under the Sun regarding magick, it is two things at once: Excellent that information is but a click away. But worrisome that many times, the same information, can have as well as the good, the ugly!

What I mean by that, is that the information obtained might refrain from going too deep, beyond the necessary spell steps. So that it is easy to find for example a spell to get revenge on someone. It does not contain anything but the basics beyond the needed steps and items needed for the spellwork.

But, it is necessary to asses what the situation calls for. To go within the self and think twice or thrice! if it’s worth it. After all, magick is energy. Whether we use it for good or negative deeds, we are utilizing the same energy. We infuse the purpose of the spell with our emotions, our reason to do the spiritual work in the first place.

So, if you think about it, we raise that energy. Send it out to the Universe. To, later on, manifest on this reality where we reside. That energy does not just bring back results. It lingers. What many might call “karma.” It is energy collected for a specific situation. If its a good deed, that energy will attract blessings, shall we say for a time until it diffuses. Or might stay on, then, later on, bring luck and dissipate. The same with negative deeds. Only the reverse.

I know! it is hard to let go of anger, and frustration when we know someone has jinxed our life. All we want when filled with those emotions is to get back at the person or persons for ruining our good fortune, blocking our money. Or anything else that might be going on to block our well being on all areas.

I also know, what I will say will make some of you frustrated. Perhaps dismiss my words as the words of a crazy person or just stop reading the post. It’s fine. But say it I must.

Sometimes the best thing to deal with evil energy sent to you is to reverse the hate with peace. Its to create a spell in which you will dissipate the energy sent to you with harmony. To create a balance where there is spiritual unbalance. To surround the hater (for that is what they are) with calming vibes.

I have been a practicing witch for so long, sometimes I even forget when exactly I started on my spiritual journey. I was younger. Filled with all these ideas and theories about how things should be done. I was impulsive. Like many others before and after me, I thought that if someone wronged me, then I had to protect me and mine. And I still think that protection is an important part of being a witch. Heck! For everyone really. We, unfortunately, live in a world where if anyone gets a notion they don’t like someone, boom! A jinx is sent.  Sad but true.

Next hero

But I did learn through the years, that sometimes handling the situation in an unexpected way of doing things, works better than creating negative energy for you or even your loved ones. This sort of “aha!” moment came to me through experience. Through countless times in which I would run out of ideas on how to stop people from just being evil and of course mean.

You know that saying, that love wins, and all we need is love, and.. it sounds so trite! But. It is true. Love is stronger than hate. It might not seem like it. It might seem a bit wimpy for some to return love instead of hate. But it is not. Think about it. Why would you want to create a dark cloud, hanging (literally) raining negative “karma” over you? When you can just deal with it in a reasonable, calm manner and have the upper hand? Why? Because the evildoer (yeah, that is what they are) does not expect that. They are prepared (or not) to receive like for like.

Of course, protection is a must! That is unarguably an important step when practicing magick in your spiritual path. Something that needs not wait until you have to, because someone went and jinxed you. No! It is an important part of being a witch. To keep vigilance is smart and it makes sense.

How (you may ask) can you get rid of jinx? in a way that will not leave you feeling a bit sick of the whole “You will rue the day” type of situation?

The first thing of course, as you might know, is to cleanse the self. The home, and the whole family if it’s possible for you to give each member of your family a spiritual cleansing. Create a strong protection shield around the home, not only by raising energy but by placing items which to you signify exactly that. Water is excellent to place in glass containers at the entrance and the back door of a home. Make sure to change it at least once a week, and keep doing it until you feel things are calmed. Rocks are also excellent “guardians” and they can be left as long as you wish to. But you need to cleanse spiritually and empower them for protection.

The main focus of the spiritual work is a candle spell. A black candle, cleansed and empowered to cut through the hate, to bring clarity and vanquish the evil deed. You want to also state that you want to balance out the negative energy.  Burn for a while then snuff out to repeat the next day until the candle is done.

After that is done burn a white candle. To surround you and yours with a strong protective and blessing energy. Next, place several crystal stones, like rose quartz, moonstones and black tourmaline (just some suggestions) in a bag with a blend of herbs that attract peace, love, and protection as well. Write down what you want to accomplish which would be for the jinx to be removed and have peace. A ziplock bag is good. If you know the name/s of the person/persons who sent the jinx, the better! Add their names to the bag.

Cleanse and bless your home at each change of the Moon phases which would be 4 times a month. Do not skip this. It is important that you flow with the Moon phases. It creates a connection that keeps you focused and grounded.

And the most important step in all of the above is to send light energy and love ( ok! maybe not the love as that part is hard I understand, but light energy is a must) to the person that sent you the jinx in the first place. Why? because you want the hate to be done with. The black energy sent to you to be lifted and dissipated. You do not want to be locked into a witchcraft war (trust me, some people do that. They keep sending that bad energy back and forth between them). A forever struggle of who will win! Who’s stronger spiritually,  etc.  That is just a waste of energy that can be put to better use.

As with all in all life, all the advice in the world will not work if we do not want it to. It has to come from within. The need to rise above the ugly, the jinxes and revenge and be what we are meant to be. Someone who can see beyond the ordinary and understand that until we make a conscious decision of changing the hate game, we will not be able to raise about our petty differences and shine that light that is within us all.

Until I write again,









Altars, a Magickal Portal

Dear Reader: Welcome back! Another installment of your magickal newsletter has finally arrived. I am excited to be be back ready for another year of magickal blogging. Spring is here, Earth is awakening from the long Winter slumber, and that energy that permeates through the soil and plants seems to transfer to us humans as well. We feel the urge to purge home and selves of negative and stale energy collected throughout the Winter season.

I have several topics already lined up for the weeks to come, I think the following topic is a good one to kick-start this year’s blog. Let us begin!

The subject for this week’s post is Altars. Their uses and how to enhance, or set up one for spiritual work.

Altars have been in use since the early civilizations.  Although it has been suggested that they go as far back as the Paleolithic Age, there is no actual sustained evidence as to this. But! It is from Paleolithic Age that, the connection to our ancestors to help in daily life, which was survival and hunting for them, had its beginning. From there further along our human history, other cultures began to make the connection between ancestor worship and setting up “special” places (altars) to connect directly to their essence.

Fast forward to the modern times, and the idea of altars in the home has been infused into our “subconscious collective” to the point that without conscious thought, we create little islands of special knickknacks, pictures etc. around ourselves.

For example, a wall in your home, which is dedicated to family pictures, is an outward need to honor those who are part of our blood “tribe.” It is a way of expressing the love we have for them, whether they are alive or not. Far away or nearby.  This, we may do unconsciously. Without a thought that what we are doing, is honoring our roots, our family.

Knowing that there is intent behind the action, brings a different layer to those special places in the home we choose to set up as an altar. There is no set or fast rule as to how many altars we should have. After all, spiritual needs vary, we are not only confined to let’s say an altar for love matters. We can have a different one in several corners of our home. Or just have a general one. Which we change according to the magickal work. We can even set up altars according to the compass points and follow the Feng Shui school of thought.

We can also have seasonal altars. Changing the theme to suit the current seasonal months. The creative has no limits really. It is up to us, to figure out, what is it we want to accomplish by setting up an altar. So, taking this into account, what are the themes and items utilized for setting up an altar?

A general list of items:

  • Statues or pictures of a deity or representation of Goddess/God, etc. In the case of let’s say, a representation of the Goddess, small knickknacks of butterflies,  fresh flowers, or a picture that to you represents Her energy for example.
  • Candles. Candle holders.
  • Incense holder, for when you burn your incense. Or incense sticks all ready for next time you activate the altar’s energies.
  • Water in a pretty cup, which is only used for the purpose of a blessing extension of your altar.
  • Crystal/Tumbled stones either in groups on small plates or one per each corner of the altar.
  • What I call a “request” vehicle. This can be a plate, a bowl, even a pretty planter which its used for petition papers or small items that might be found on walks. Like small feathers, sticks, leaves, stones etc.
  • You can choose to have a bare surface or place an altar cloth. Altar cloths can be made if you are crafty, washed with blessing herbs (by hand is better the first time if you are using herbs). Then after drying, you could iron it, spray with a blessing blend before its placed on the altar. Or you can just buy something that calls your whimsy and still go through the same blessings process.
  • Also, items that hold a special significance for you. This varies from person to person. Go with what feels right in your heart.
  • Flowers. Fresh flowers are best. You do not have to have flowers each day of the week, but whenever you can, or when working your magick! It is not necessary to break the bank to accomplish this part. Flowers from your garden, no matter how small. Even herbs that flower, like for example Lavender or Basil, Rosemary etc. Or from the supermarket. You can find low prices for a small bunch of pretty flowers.

As I mentioned before, you can make it seasonal and add items that represent the season, like seashells for the summer season or leaves to represent Autumn.  Or for example, it can be like the picture to your right, a one-time altar. A temporary Altar set-up which you will use for a special petition.


The following are a couple of examples of the altar setups:

The one below was provided by a lovely friend of mine. This is how her altar looks most of the time. She changes according to the season. In the example below, she wanted a representation of Spring, thus the ladybug teapot and the flower petals around her petition candle. As you see, through the items around the centerpiece, she reflects and engages her belief in the magick created in her special place.

Personal altar






Summer Solstice Garden Altar


This is a temporary garden altar I put up a couple of years back. It was used for a Summer solstice ritual.  As a conduit of the magickal work for that specific day. It created a connection between the beginning work and the way I chose to close it. After several hours it was dismantled and brought it inside the home.


If you are into gardening and love all things nature, then an altar in a corner of your garden, can be constructed or set up an as a special place to connect more directly to mother Earth. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

After all, altars, are a personal expression and extension of your spiritual life, practice, and creativity. Each unique and special. There are plenty more ideas which you can incorporate into it.

The above are only suggestions and basic tools for the setup.

The most important thing is that it is created with a deep understanding of your spiritual needs. Knowing that what you are creating is a connection to Goddess, Universe, etc. A place where you spark your whimsy, rest your worries, heal, and let your soul soar from a place rooted in love and belief.

I hope, that with this post I am leaving something, a little nugget of re-discovery.  Something that engages your imagination. Which in turn will spark your personal passion and transform your quest of all magickal.

Thank you for being part of this magickal blog!

Until I write again,


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Magickal Remains

Dear Reader: Happy Earth Day! Welcome back to another post in this your magickal gazette. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend as well as (and hopefully) nice weather in your part of the world.

Today’s topic dear reader, is one I have been putting off, but I think it is time I post it. Enjoy!

Magickal Remains. What to do after the magick its done, the candles and assorted magickal tools are spent and all that we have left is the “remains” as witness to our spiritual work.

Candles is the first on the list. Some people believe that burying wax would be the appropriate thing to do. Others feel that the wax that was left over from the candle should be kept in place on their altars or chosen place for burning candles until their spiritual work manifests.

The reality of candles used as a conduit of the personal petition,  it’s that once the candle is burnt, the wish has gone into the realm of Goddess/Universal Spirit, taking with it your faith in the outcome. Once there, the work to be done its theirs. (Here I have to add, that magick without physical efforts fizzles out or does not materialize) The manifestation is in process and the physical vessel has done its job, therefore obsolete.  The hardened wax is collected and placed in a brown paper bag. The ones for sandwiches are perfect. (but if you are out of any brown bags, then any small plastic bag is ok if nothing else is available) I do have to add this too: If the work is one for un-hexing, or strong protection, etc, then add a bit of salt to the bag. For added protection. Once you do that, dispose of it in the collective trash bins (if you live in an apartment complex) or the outside trash bin of your home. That is all.

Other magickal paraphernalia, will be disposed of as well. Easier with natural conduits of magick, as for example water, salt. Water and salt will be disposed of, through your kitchen drain or bathroom. Just run some water from the faucet while you dispose of both.

The incense ashes are disposed of in your trash can. If you have used powdered incense burnt on the instant charcoal tables, then make sure that it is all spent and cold before disposing of it. Same for incense cones and incense sticks. All goes into the trash.

If you have a favorite dish for your candles, and like to re-use for all your magickal work, then a good cleaning is called for. Once is cleaned, spray the dish with a bit of your blessing water/blend etc. This helps to cleanse the vibrational level and makes it ready for the next time you need to use it.

Lovely yellow flowers

If you had flowers on your altar that were specially for your work, let them stay until they dry up. Once that happens dispose of them right away. Do not keep a dry petal of leaf. Just throw them out.

Quartz, stones etc. These depending of the work can be kept or disposed of. Some tumbled stones can be disposed of into the earth (garden or potted plants/flowers) if, that is that the work calls for. Some of the stones can be carried with you, in your purse, your pocket, a charm etc. Until you see the work manifested. Then you either keep them or dispose of them. Otherwise, they are cleansed properly, i.e. Placed on a windowsill to be cleansed with sunlight. Or placed in a dish with some salt, so that the salt absorbs whatever energies it has collected. If you have chosen to place them in water to be cleansed, make sure it is practical to do so. Some quartz, cannot be cleansed this way as they dissolve. Research your type of stone and how to cleanse them properly.

Altar cloth. If you have one in particular that is used often, then hand wash (if small enough) or throw in the washer if too big. Add a bit of blessed water together with your laundry detergent. To not only clean in the physical but as well as in the spiritual. You can also, once is dry, prepare by ironing your altar cloth and spray with lavender blessed water or rose-water etc. This way, you infuse your cloth lovely magickal power.

If you use wands, bells, chimes etc. Cleanse these as well. Pass some incense around them and/or spray them as well with your blessed water after each spiritual work.

Altar, or place/space where you conduct magickal work the most in your home. This is the center of your spiritual work. Where it all happens! This has to be cleansed at the least twice per month or if you constantly conduct magickal work, then weekly is best.

Don’t dwell on the fact that you are disposing of items used for magick once you are done with them. Don’t think your wish won’t manifest just because you did not hold on to it, until the magick manifested. As you already know, or should know if you don’t yet. All things that have no further use and left sitting on a place, corner, surface etc. collect all sorts of energies over time. It is best to clean the space and clear the vibes.

Once the connection is made from the physical world we live in to the Universal flow of magic, then the tool has served its purpose. We give thanks to Earth and elements for having played a part in the ritual. Whether formal or informal. We now this is but the beginning, and the work in the physical is barely started as faith is powered by the action/s we take, with the knowledge that what we ask for will manifest in one way or another.

It is important to keep our altar, physical tools and vibrational level in optimum condition. By keeping magickal items in one place, organized and ready for next time we need them, we can concentrate and focus on what is important: Our magickal work.

Keep in mind that the important thing is not to lose yourself in the details. It is energy for magick after all, you are garnishing for your outcome. Go with the flow!

Until I write again,


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Working your Magick

Dear reader: Welcome back to another installment of this magickal newsletter.

Through the years, I have come to realize that to many; a Witch (whether woman or man) relays much on physical items to be able (so many think) to materialize the desired outcome. Or that the beginning of learning your spiritual path must be done utilizing an assortment of stones, wands, and what not!

The reality is sort of split between the conceived idea of what a witch does to the reality of what a witch really does. To confine magick to physical items only is to confine oneself to a finite way of doing things. In reality magick is infinite. It is after all the ability to harness universal energies (which are infinite) and create the desired outcome. Tools or no tools.

If what you as a witch like, is to immerse yourself in formal ritual, with the chanting, and the incense, the quartz! etc. then do so, but do so with heart. If you what you love is lighting a solitary candle, concentrating on your personal desire, focusing your will and then letting go and just go about your day. Then, excellent, but do so with conviction.

Whatever your inclination, follow-up on what you have done. If there is something you desire that requires you to chant a certain verse several days in a row. Keep at it. Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. Magick is actual work. Is not just wishing and then thinking things will fall on your lap -although sometimes this might happen I will not deny. But here we are talking about serendipity, or some serious overdue good karma that took years to come crashing your way, or perhaps Goddess, an angel or even a demon is looking out for you….. but I digress – most of the time you need to be an active and willing participant of what you want to manifest.

What I mean by the above is this. You want a job. You have a nifty spell for it. You do your magickal thing, and then you get your magickal self moving. Actually looking for a job, not just expecting a friend is going to call out of the blue to offer one up.

I must add, although it must sound like an oxymoron, magick is work but is also spontaneous. If you have an urgent need to perform magick, and you think you need, but do not have that certain plant that its only found in the wilds of the amazon jungle. Which can be bought only a few times a year, thus you give up in despair because that is not available. Or the moon is not right, or your in-laws are visiting…Stop yourself right there! You have what matters the most. Your own self. Your need to create a change. Wait for the in-laws to go to sleep or go out so you have time alone. If herbs are important to you, improvise with a substitute. If the day is not correct, then look up the best planetary influence and if all that fails, remember something even more important. Your need is urgent, thus an emergency, thus, do what thou will! Imagination, paired up with strong desire and belief in the outcome, that’s what matters.


Do we ever stop learning? No, the older I get, the more I realize the learning is not done. There are lots of things one can still learn. New ways to materialize the sometimes impossible into this physical world we live in.  We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, if we were to think we know “everything.” There is always something new to learn, something new to absorb and a new way of seeing things, life, ourselves, etc. but this is true for everyone. Witch or not.

Do we put on our “Witch hat” only when its convenient, and necessary? I would say no, but I am talking from my own life experience. I am a witch, is what I am. Day or night, asleep or awake. It is inherent in me. The beauty of it, is blending both my everyday life with my magickal life. Knowing that my life is more harmonious because of it. I bring the best of being a witch into the everyday and I learn from the everyday so that I do not take myself too seriously or think I am above reproach. Ultimately I am a human being, and like everyone else, I am walking this human journey along with everyone.

Magick itself is neither black nor white. Light or dark. Magick as I said is energy. Universal. It is the person that is harnessing said energy that will make of it, what he or she will. It is about personal choices, our own moral compass, and knowing that every action has a reaction.

Although magick is beautiful, mysterious, and other worldly, I know the danger of  every day practice is taking it for granted. We must remind ourselves of that wonder we felt when we first discovered our spiritual journey. The awe, the connection of the divine and ourselves. We must keep it well in our hearts. For this is the core of magick on a personal level. To believe in what we do, and that what we do, creates a change.

It is this wonder, that makes magick special. The belief that anything and everything its possible.

Until I write again,


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Bringing a Sense of Wonder – Color In Magick

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to another post from the Magickal Gazette. As summer nears the end of its season, the sun starts to shine harder as it uses the last of the season’s power.

As I was sitting down, ruminating about summer’s end and preparing to work on my post, I noticed the colors reflected on the wall behind my desk from a small butterfly prism hanging at my balcony window.  The colors making a lovely rainbow through the wall, moving this way and that.  It seemed for a moment, as if the wind and the glass butterfly were playing a game only they knew about.

That brought to mind, a topic I have wanted to explore in this blog. In my previous post I talked about the power of Blue. Now in this one, I want to broaden the range of colors and how it can be used for magickal purposes.

The effect of color on the human psyche and emotions is a well know fact. Like music which  has a range of vibrational ripples that affect the emotions so do colors affect us as well. We even have phrases like:

” I am feeling blue” or “seeing red.” We have come to subconsciously acknowledge the effect of colorscolormagick (2) and this is not something that is a phenomenon of the modern age, but rather goes back centuries. It is believed that occultists created a code, which they could refer to whenever they performed magickal work. The belief in the power of the color red, to name one, goes back to Roman times. Back then, it symbolized the sacred liquid of life and the sacred flame. Silver, was associated with the moon and believed to held power over the astral world and Blue being the color of the sky was associated with divine blessings.

Just as color with its vibrational energy; is used to enhance a living space it can also be used in magickal work. There are various ways to attain the desired effect in any particular magickal endeavor.

The most obvious one is colored bottles,  to store items like blessed water,  incense, oils or even small tumbled stones.

colormagick (3)Lights can be shined through a stained glass and the colored light that comes through it, can be focused on talisman, petition, charm, stone, water etc. Anything you can think of to be charged for magickal work.

For example an oil that is meant to be for money, can be placed in a green bottle and this in turn placed on a windowsill were the light of the Sun and the Moon will shine on it, and empower the oil with their natural energy.

When you empower an item with color as a filter, sunlight is used first as the Sun will imbue the vibratory essence of the color. After which, the Moon light will be used to imbue the metaphysical property of the color.

Other things to take into consideration to charge your items: Moon phase and the season of the year. Both will determine the type of vibratory energy your item receives through the chosen color. Seasons like moon phases each bring their own energy, thus Spring and Summer are for things of growth, Autumn for harvest and Winter for reflection and gathering energy.

The waxing moon, for things of “growth” like plans, income, health (to make it stronger) gain. The waning moon phase is used to work on things we want to diminish (weight loss for example), get rid of and protection, etc.

Prepare accordingly with the days of the week, astrological sign and moon phase. This means that you can choose a day to use the sunlight energy and then wait for the correct lunar phase to finish empowering your item with color on a different day.

Once your item is charged, re-empower each Full moon under the lunar energies.

A short list of color for magick, this is not an all inclusive list. Just enough to start you off.

Gold- success, wealth

Green – Money, growth, renewal, employment,

Purple- Success, wisdom, protection

Red – health, will power

Yellow – intellect, creativity, success

Regardless of how color is utilized in one’s life, whether for magick or just every day living, color has the power to uplift the mood, calm the mind and energize the will power. Like music, color is needed to help us in our human journey.

As I wrap up today’s post, I look up again at the wall and notice the prism lights are disappearing as Earth moves away from the Sun into the afternoon hours. I recapture in my mind the wonder I felt when I first saw the colors earlier on, reflecting the colors of the rainbow.  Like a child watching a prism for the first time, it is that sense of wonder, that we need to keep within our heart, for it is such moments, that help us to see the beauty around us.

dreamUntil I write again,


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Gemini New Moon~Curious Mutability

victorian-woman-writing-letterDear reader: Welcome to this magickal newsletter. Some of you might have noticed the title of the newsletter is different. The Witch’s Gazette has now become the name of my blog. Post’s titles will be shorter to reflect the theme and what better time to start off my blog changes than the new Moon!

Today’s new Moon, is in aspect to the sign of Gemini. For us in the Pacific coast it happens at 8 p.m. PST.  New Moon has as much power on its own way as that of a full Moon. Since it is dark when the new Moon happens, not showing yet that first crescent, it is the perfect time to take stock of has transpired the past lunar cycle. Think of the things you would like to achieve in the time it takes for the Moon to grow, wax and culminate into a full Moon.

New Moon is also a good time to take a cleansing and purification bath, cleanse your home and rid yourself of any old wax from past candle spells, for example. Clean your altar as well as your magickal tools. Items you would like to get rid of or donate and in short getting your spiritual and physical self ready for when the Moon starts to grow. This is very helpful as it clears mental cobwebs, prepares space for new things to come and clears the air for new blessings and experiences.

Gemini-Zodiac-Sign-Properties-03Gemini is ruled by the element of Air, and as such is mutable, curious, eloquent, intellectual. Gemini is masculine, reigned by the planet Mercury.

Although Mercury exudes intellectual power, Geminis are not always brainy, but! they do like to learn a bit about everything. Which makes them a sort of “jack of all trades” in the sense that they know just enough information about something, but not the whole subject. So if you want to impress someone with your “know-how” this is the Moon to help you, sort of “beef up” on a given subject.

Use the natural love of communication of a Gemini Moon to assist you to relay your ideas and thoughts better. If you want to be able to adapt to change smoothly, then this is the Moon sign to help along. If there is need for new ideas, being creative, or getting the mental juices for writing going, this is also the time to take advantage of the creative flow of Gemini.

Gemini Moon is also the perfect time to run errands, write letters and prepare for any upcoming activity. Also great time to meet new people and go on short trips.

Gemini Moon is a time to satisfy your curiosity, share your natural sense of humor. In the relationship area, this is a good time for a getaway together with your partner. A time to talk about any thing you both need to catch up on and make plans for the future.

Going along with the natural flow of the Moon makes sense. We live the natural energy of the Moon instead of going against the “tide.” Very helpful in so many areas as it will bring about a more natural outcome to mundane matters as well of course in your spiritual and magickal life.

Familiarize yourself with each Moon phase, follow her path as she alights on each astrological sign and spend time knowing how each aspect reflects on your own life, and how best to use the energies that are at our disposition.

Quick Cleansing bath:

A piece of quartz crystal

3 TBS sea salt or table salt

2 white candles. Tea lights are good, votive candles or the white emergency candles work well.

Rosemary oil or you can also use dried or fresh rosemary. About 1 TBS of dried or fresh. If you are using oil, add that directly to the bath water. About 3 drops is fine.

The above is a quick yet powerful way to connect with the brand new energies of the Moon. The purpose is to let go, and dispel the old from the past lunar cycle and prepare for the new energies.

Place your items on your customary table/altar where you perform you spiritual work. Place the crystal at topmost part, the two candles side by side below it and the rosemary on a small plate in between the candles. The salt as well in a small plate beneath the rosemary. Bless all for your work ahead. The candle on the right is the one that will bring in new energies and blessings. The candle on the left the one absorbing the old.

Create a bubble of light around you and your space. This is your sacred space. Bless your items, state your intent, e.g. ” I let go of hindrances, blocks, mistakes I made in the past Moon. I ask Goddess (or your deity of choice or belief) To cleanse me. Mind, body and soul, from that which stops me to attain the best for myself.” Of course you will fit the wording to your goal. If it is healing you want then create a petition for healing, if it is money the same, etc.  But make sure to add the words : “Cleanse mind, body and soul” Take the crystal in your hands and breath in the cleansing energies that are within this power stone. Put it back and lit the candles.  Let them burn while you take your bath and  to completion once you are done. Just remember to burn away from flammable items and monitor lit candles.

After the blessing and empowering of your magickal work, take the rosemary and boil it in 2 cups of water. Let it cool. Strain into your bath water.  Add the salt to the bath water. Salt purifies and cleanses the aura, absorbs negativity. Rosemary helps with deep cleansing the soul, purifying the aura, and attracting positive flow. Take your bath for 5, 7, 9 or 13 mints. Think of how you are letting the negative out of your body, out of your soul and heart and how you are welcoming the new energies.

When you are done with the bath mini-ritual, leave the crystal on your altar, or carry with you, to keep the positive energies going.

As I close today’s blog, I reflect upon the growth of my own magickal newsletter, and where I would like to steer it for future posts.  With the new Moon in Gemini, I see an empty canvas, waiting to be painted and days ahead full of possibilities! May the new Moon, be filled with awesome things, beautiful things, for you dear reader.

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
– Meister Eckhart

Until I write again, IMG_20160503_140500


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Got a minute?

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Hello dear reader, welcome to a new post. That thief called ‘time’ has done it again…running away with our days and hours! We are already in the month of February, good heavens! wasn’t it just last week that the new year started?

Seeing  as to how time flies, I have been thinking about the type of schedule we make for our magickal pursuits. With time sipping like water through our hands, it is understandable to feel frustration at not being able to do a “proper” spell. Some spiritual practitioners, do nothing but very formal spell work, while others are happy with something more simplified. There is really no fast rule about which is best. Inspiration comes a-knocking at the oddest of times, in the middle of the night, or in the midst of a chaotic work/life schedule. So what do we witches ‘do’ in cases in which our fingers itch at the need to do magick, but we lack a good chunk of time in which to do it?

If you think about it, it is not really how much time we spent doing a certain spell, but the heart we put into it. If you just go through the motion, like an automaton, and work magick, just because it is the “right” day; that alone does not guarantee success of your efforts.

There are ways into which we can bring a bit of magick, with ingenuity, and a little creativity. Always lovely candlekeeping in mind, that magick can be fun (not just serious and boring).  And remember, put your heart into it, you have to want to do it, for it to be strong!

Lets say you need money in a hurry. Yikes! there is no time! you are out of fancy candles, and/or oils. What to do? White emergency candles, do not only work for when the electricity goes out. These small candles work wonders in substituting bigger candles. Just prep them up, by washing in an infusion of water and salt. Do not wet the wick of the candle. Once this is done you’ll charge them with your intention. With a needle write the amount of money you need. Write the word FAST as well. You can also add the symbol of the Sun (success) Mars (quick energies) and/or Venus (money). Dress candle with a bit of cooking oil, sprinkle cinnamon spice and sugar. If you have powdered ginger, the better as ginger is a hot spice as well and brings fast results. Have powdered Chile? Sprinkle as well. Place in a fire-proof candle holder and light it on. Say your intention out loud. Fit your wording to the phase of the Moon. Burn to completion. Done.

strawsFeeling a little stressed out? No time for your usual meditation? Here is something that is quick and fun to do. For this you will need straws. You will need to have some handy, so next time you do your grocery shopping buy yourself a box of straws. Get a cup, drinking water and a straw. Breath in and out. Breathing in the tension by visualizing where it is located, shoulders? head? etc. Exhale and release the tension. Do this 3 times. Now this is the fun part. Blow bubbles into the water with your straw. Just do it. Several times. Is fun! Put all of your attention into this tiny, fun task. When you are done, you will feel a bit better and best part? You didn’t have to spend a huge amount of money for a full therapy session to do so! (only a few bucks in straws).

Thinking your house feels spiritually charged and that it needs a good cleansing? Not enough time to do it? Open your windows. Walk around your home with a broom in hand. Do a sweeping motion on the air, close to the floor, while visualizing the icky, stuck energies getting out of your home. Do this quick. Each room. Finish by standing in the middle of your living room, or entrance of your home and say the following:

“Get out, get out, whatever you are! East and South will help kick you out! West will protect and North will absorb, so all that stuck energy will now have to go!” If you have a white candle (emergency candles work well here too) burn one. If not is fine. Breath in and out, open your front door for a short time and feel your home energized with positive light.

angry-bossIs there someone at work being a “poopy face” to you? (I could use the alternative word for that, but dear reader, this an erh..’genteel’ sort of newsletter and we must strive to be the better person even if we don’t want to ….) and you are there at work, fuming because the “poopy faced” person is being stupid, once more?  Needs must! Here is where technology comes in handy. Write in your phone’s note pad what you are feeling at that moment. Visualize a pentagram going on top of your words. Once you have that in mind, delete saying these words in your mind “I release the bad, keep the good. I am blessed” Once you do that, go to the bathroom and flush the toilet, visualizing your anger going down the drain (even if you are not really using it). I understand for this one, different jobs have different rules about using our mobiles while working, so here is where you ingenuity comes into play.

Want to bring a bit of luck? Get a cotton ball and place it in a dish with sugar. Leave it on the dining table.  This is an old practice which stems from the process of “spinning sugar into cotton.” Some ancient cultures believed that a sweet and sticky substance (e.g. cotton candy) brought good luck when ingested. In this instance, you will use the simple act of attracting good luck by combining the cotton and the sugar, and! without the added calories…

Feeling low of confidence? Wear something red. It can be as simple as a scarf or a shirt. You can also drink a cup of cinnamon tea. Cinnamon is fiery spice that helps to lift the spirit. Add honey for added power. Since honey comes from bees and bees represent the Sun and the Goddess, you are adding a bit of heavenly power into your day.

squeeze_orange_juice_glass-wideFeeling blue, have the blahs! and just feel so lazy that the thought of making your bed, makes you want to just get back in it? If you have orange juice at home,powdered ginger and a lime or lemon (even raw ginger is ok) you can do the following. Fill a glass with orange juice, sprinkle ginger on top, swirl it in. Place your glass of juice by a sunny window. Leave it there to collect the powerful energies of the Sun. Grab the lemon or lime, cut in half, sprinkle a bit of white sugar on each half. Take a shower. After the usual ablutions of shampoo and soap, pass each half of the lemon all over your body (not the hair). Rinse with water visualizing that as the lemon gets off from your skin, it takes with it the low spirits you are feeling (just be a careful, make sure all of the lemon/sugar is drained as the sugar might make the shower slippery). This is after all the element of water, which helps to purify. Once out, drink the juice. The power of orange with ginger energized by the sun, truly has an uplifting element when combined and helps to bring just the needed kick to feel better.

You might be saying to yourself “Hey! that is not a minute!” which is true. When I say “Got a minute” it just means, that the above suggestions, will not take a huge amount of time. They are quick to perform, and it will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, that you can infuse your life with magick, whether it is on the go, on the job, or at home. Magick is energy, raw and beautiful, energized by the Goddess, powered by the Universe and ultimately streaming through our everyday lives! why not use them for good and create awesome changes for us?

Until I write again, may you find Her magick in all you do..Picture 098


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First Publication: 2014

A Flower Power House Publication.

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