As we journey through..

Hello dear reader! Its been a while that I have come to this lovely place of musings. Life has intruded upon my writing. Work, responsibilities and the lot has had me busy, as is everyone else. It is part of our journey on planet Earth. But how could I not write what has been on my mind to write? And how can I not share this thought with you, my lovely readers?

Our journey is one that is not lived in a linear straight line comprised by months, days and hours.
Time does not really exist as we perceive it. So, in reality, we have “time” to do all the things we want to do, reach and accomplish all the goals we have in mind.

You know that saying that we are the only limit to what we can accomplish. If we put a finite line to our lives, then that will be it.
But if we strive to create to the infinite. Do not get stuck in the moment, but continue to dream and create then, yes the possibilities are endless.

The past is a place where we traveled through, not really a “time”. It is something we lived, experienced, hopefully, learned the lesson and kept on walking. The future, of course, is dependent on what we decide to create today.

So today, remember the lessons. Think of all the good things you have with you at this moment of the past months. Make peace with the not so great moments, which do leave (even if we do not want to see it as such) a lesson to be learned. If only not to make the same mistakes or walk away from situations and people who do not deserve our time nor our love.

Today we know what we did not know back in 2017. Today we stand stronger, wiser and more aware of our shortcomings as well as of our strengths.

Make your life count. I am not saying you have to go and become famous or go to another country to make it so. Make your life count for you. Create your purpose. Sometimes if it is not clear, then it is yet to be created. I have said before in my posts. We are the architects, the creators of our own life. Own it!

I want to wish everyone a great beginning for your personal story of 2019. Make every chapter something special. Something that resonates within you in mind, body, and soul.
Many thanks for being a part of my journey through my magickal blog. It has been that…Magickal!

With love, and until I write again♥

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Old Man Winter

victorian-woman-writing-letterDear Reader: Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of this brand new cycle. The holiday rush has finally passed and we are on the brink of a new life adventure.

Old man winter has settled and its comfortable, smoking a pipe. Sitting at his favorite chair close to a window, from which he can watch the world and control these cold days.. and perhaps reading a favorite book. Winter makes us feel as if we want to hibernate and sleep as many hours as we can. It brings a sense of waiting, pausing and putting on hold those goals we have for the new cycle. It gives us time to dream about them. Giving shape to the not yet manifested.

While Winter it’s here, the world seems to be seen from a different lens, a lens that helps to see old-man-winterthrough it, the not distant past of the old year, and have “aha!” moments. Get wisdom from hindsight, and maybe have a laugh or two about the silly things we did, thought or said. It is good to have a sense of humor about our own fallacies. It is healthy to appreciate that human nature being what it is, will makes us do things that in reflection might make us wince at the memory, but also learn from whatever mistake we made. The key here is not to allow ourselves to wallow in “why or why” feelings or self-pity.

The key here, is to: Reflect, Learn, and Move on! There is nothing for it, but just continue the journey, albeit with new knowledge about our own selves, and the world around us.  The world will continue to spin, the sun will continue to shine, and nature to evolve.

January is the threshold into the new cycle. It is the door through which we will walk into the rest of the months. It is not for us to jump mindlessly into the maelstrom of the unknown, but quietly rest, as I mentioned previously, re-set our inner clock, re-charge and wait. Follow your own natural cycle, if the body is asking for rest, then do so. If the mind is restless for lack of a break, then give it one. If the heart feels a bit heavy, a bit disillusioned that the “magic” of the holiday did not stick around, then accept the fact that holiday expectations are set too high. The last month of every year it is only that..another month. Albeit one adorned with holiday celebrations, but that is all. The outward pressure put on this holiday alone, is too much to bear for many, thus creating depression and a sense of helplessness.

hibernationThat is why its important that January is taken for rest and  to reflect. We can still get rid of old junk, cleanse the home, organize our minds, and the clutter around the house. Watch movies with the family, have coffee with friends, bake something you love, and just enjoy this season. With global warming Winter is getting shorter and shorter, why waste it with worries, or stress?

Don’t sweat it if you do not have yet written your goal list. Work on it, as ideas come to you. From lived personal experience, I work on goals as baby steps to getting them manifested. Lesson learned from past stress due to a feeling of not living to my own expectations. Relax those expectations, be kind to yourself and above all know, that no one knows of your personal goal list…only you (unless you have posted the list on all your social media pages, which definitely puts the pressure on). Or don’t make one, the choice is always yours.

Remember..Nature itself is asleep, animals hibernate, and wait for it to awaken. We are part of  the natural cycle of Earth. Lets move with the natural flow, to help us strike a balance between body and the soul, heart and mind.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- The Being of Humanity

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: I hope everyone has been well and that life is treating you kindly. I have been writing an re-writing a post for this virtual newsletter. As the weeks have rolled, so have the ideas in my head shifted from what I thought I would write, so what I think in my heart I should write about.

Each and every one of my posts is infused with actual practice of what I talk about or colored with my personal experiences. I find that, there is not better way than to talk about something I know of,  have gone through or have read extensively and then put into practice myself. It is bits of wisdom after all that I want to share with you dear reader, and thus today’s subject.

As witches, we face many challenges. Some of those challenges might be the choice of keeping our spiritual belief private and not tell all and sundry that we are practitioners of one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We might choose to tell some but not all. We might choose to belong to a group or be a solitary. Etc. etc.! and so we live life as a witch. In whatever form, public or private. As that thief called time rolls by, we find ourselves so enmeshed in our spirituality that one day we realize something that perhaps we haven’t before..Sometimes, we have to drop the veil of magick we have surrounded ourselves into and just be, well…for lack of a better word, “normal”.

We have been so busy mixing the magickal with the mundane that when a sudden emotional Magic-Potionupheavals hits, it might take a minute to get our bearings, and realize the following: That it is OK to step away from “witch” being and just accept that we are human after all.

What do I mean by the above?  What I mean is; it is ok to come back from that spiritual, magickal world where we usually take all our personal cares and transform them into something above and beyond the usual. It is ok to step back into what I like to call the Being of Humanity. We after all are human beings. We must remember that, and try to remember as well, that some things that happen are beyond the scope of magick and have just to be dealt with in a more “day-to-day” sort of way.

Some witches might be reading this and wriggling in their chair, a bit discomfited at the notion of “just being human” we are after all (you might be thinking to yourself) above the petty and the routine…but dear witch..are we really?

I have found myself hit with the “mundane’ recently, and thrown off-balance hither and yonder. One of my elements roared high to the sky and my chakra points as a result went off kilter. I felt that I was going back in to the primal, raw and angry. My first thought? “do magick!” but I forced myself to breath in and out, several times, to calm down. Finally after releasing tension with a watery storm, I felt ready to face up to my challenge. That of just letting things be.

Think of it, as going without make up. Your own self in the “raw.”  No wands, no crystals, not a single drop of that special oil you have made for “emergency” cases. The only thing left to do when confronted with such moments, is to go deep into the belly of the issue, and face it square in the face.

psyguSo what do we have left to use and what can we do? Meditation. So blatantly obvious; yet simple. Stilled power. In deep meditation, its when you will be able to go down that “rabbit hole” sort of speak and really see yourself, find your hidden strength (for we all have it) and redefine your own power.

As a witch, the older we get, the more we realize, that it is no longer the “props” of our trade that make us, but that which is within. All that experience we have collected and the wisdom that we have gathered. It is times like the one I am describing, that really defines us. But then again, it is the same for every human being, witch or not. It is the most challenging moments that defines a person. How each person will come out of it, is the meter, of  their own personal strength.

From this experience comes this humble realization:  I have to redefine my own personal power. Tweak my witch’s world-view, arrange my perspective and accept that yes, it is OK to let go of the mind-set of being a witch once in a while and remember that within the fold of humanity is after all where I found my calling.

So dear reader I say to you…Let go and embrace the void, within it lies the root of your own power.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Achieving Balance

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings and welcome back! The first weeks of the new year, find me organizing my closet. A feat of no inconsiderable size. Not because I have tons of clothing items, but due to the fact that I store there as well boxes of books and journals, and the assortment of other odds and ends.

A type of activity that I find time-consuming but one that must be done.  While I work on this self-imposed chore, my mind wanders. I mule over the fact that I do want a type of “bare minimal” closet space. I start to connect the dots through association of ideas. Old ideas I have had in mind, and some recent. What does bare minimal mean to me, besides the fact of owning only the necessary? I start to think that the phrase implies to me; order, peace, zen! Peace brought about by less chaos.

That to me makes sense on various levels. Disengaging the mind from the everyday chores, will let my brain focus. To be more receptive to the dynamics of family life, spiritual life and creative influx. It makes sense dear reader, that having an orderly home, it will leave off more time to pursue that which we want to achieve. To be able to be there, I mean..really be there for the ones you love and love you back! One of the reasons we suffer from stress, is that we tend to do a bit of everything, without committing or pouring our whole soul into one task at a time. We have so many things to accomplish, that we end up with frayed nerves, bad tempers, and worst! unfinished tasks!

I have gone through the spectrum of neatness, not so neat and sort of neat. Which brings me to the present. Finding the balance.

Now, with some wisdom added to my life belt, I can be objective and realize that in order to functionsigns well within and without, balance is needed. It is not something only the super neat have and deserve. Although I must say, it is something that needs to be worked at. Not only in mundane matters but spiritual as well. We cannot be spiritual beings, if the outside life is messy and the mind is a wreck. Like wise, we might look like a million bucks, well put together on the outside, but be a mess within us, in our souls. So it is a matter of balance, after all.

So how to achieve it right? The challenge (and beauty!) for the spiritual practitioner, is that we add just that, a spiritual twist to an otherwise mundane task. It is awesome, that we can add that bit of magic to otherwise everyday tasks and projects. So here are a few ideas that you can implement and  you can add even more of your own.

Make space in your home. Move furniture around . Get that energy flowing! Get indoor plants. Create little oasis of mindfulness through out your home. Like mini-altars around your space. An altar does not need to have the whole nine yards to “be” an altar. And there is nothing that says you only need the one altar.

Keeping it simple. Not overwhelming your home with lots and lots of items. Just the needed things that make you happy.

Closets are the most obvious places where negative and old energies nest for a long while. Sometimes just by the simple act of cleaning it and bringing order to it, we open blocked energies in other areas of our lives. Makes sense. If you are organizing closets throughout the home, it is a good idea, as you work through each closet; to take out all of the stuff inside. Give the closet a good cleaning and pass incense. Let it open so that fresh air comes in before you start to organize it.

Thrifting, has become more and more popular recently. Although not something new. It is just that nowadays more people realize, it makes sense to re-use, recycle and re-purpose . It helps charity causes and reduces needless spending in expensive new items. Of course as with everything else you buy (new or used) it is always a good idea to either spray it with a blessing blend or pass a blessing incense around your (new to you if it is used) item.

Give out furniture or clothing (that is in good condition) that you do not need or use anymore to friends and family. You will always find someone who loves what you have. And in return, you can accept items that others offer you. This creates an awesome exchange of energies. Which in turn fills your own life with even more awesome energies!

Make baby-step efforts towards achieving a home where you love spending time and all is where you free soulwant it to be. Don’t stress that it has to be achieved within a day or two. That is not a realistic goal. Be kind to yourself and only commit to organizing, fixing, painting, or whatever is it that you want to do on days you have available. Every time you achieve one thing in your list, light a candle, burn some incense, and/or just be mindful and find joy in the order and beauty you are creating in your own life.

Lets face it, we are a consumers. We are not hermits, living a life devoid of needed things.  But we have a choice, and we can strive to live a life, in which we don’t have an excess of anything. This is where the balance element is useful.  We strive for the mindful life. We live a life where less is more. More space more energies. More energies, more joy, more peace, etc!

It does make sense, from a spiritual point, that an organized home will add balance. It  will help to free our minds from the small irritations. It will allow our inner beings to be open towards a more satisfying spiritual/mundane life, and it will open our minds as well, to new challenges.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau  “Simplify, simplify!”quote

Until I write again dear reader, may you find peace within as without.


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-It is the little things..

72813_floral_w_smDear reader: I hope I find you, all that read my humble blog well of mind and 72794_floral_g_smbody. December has cast its shadow upon us. With it, colder days and the feel of urgency that seems to be attached to this month, whether we want it or not.

It is the collective consciousness making itself present during the holiday season. The expectations are high, and what the collective mind thinks; is manifested in the physical with the hurrying and the idea that we must enjoy the season no matter what!… but alas dear reader! it shouldn’t be so.  I concede that the month does carry a certain magickal feeling. It was after all conceived with the idea of love and harmony among us human beings. The principle is beautiful. It is what has been made of this time of year, that grates on the nerves of many. It is the commercialized idea, that what we gift, must be obtained at a store, or it will be worthless. In reality a well thought out gift made by hand is many times more welcomed that something that was bought in the last minutes of some sale going on. I acknowledge, it is easy to be lost in the excitement of the holiday music that is playing in the stores, the array of goodies on the store’s shelves and the pressure that we give ourselves of buying at least something, so as not to feel as we are loosing out on the season.

The reality of this particular season, hits many with no jobs, and/or no home. Add to that, the dismaying practice of the media in any form, of portraying the season as if it was what we buy that will make us happy, that is no wonder many feel grumpy or depressed during the holidays.

I am not proposing to go and throw away all of the season’s trimmings, and tree! Far from that! To put up the trimmings and the tree and “dress” your home for the holidays, brings a sense of happy.  It does lift the spirit, I do not deny this. When it is done for the one’s you love, the better you feel and the better everyone feels in turn.  It brings a sense of togetherness, and helps people realize their blessings. It helps as well to reflect that what may seem a simple celebration, without the expensive gifts and the big fanfare, might be seen as riches to someone who does not even have a place to call their own.

In the true sense of the season, we look within the family unit or within the self. Realize and give thanks for whatever blessing we have, no matter how small they may seem to others.

free-winter-screensavers-wallpaperI know it is usually with a cheery ‘voice’ that I write my blog. And it has been a couple of months since I last wrote in these virtual pages. I drafted ideas, wrote and re-wrote. Now with the holidays, it would have been easy to by-pass the other side of Christmas/Yule and write something  light and funny. But it did not feel right, nor legit. Not if it did not come from the heart.

I don’t think for a moment that my words will change your worldview just by reading it. What I hope is that it will bring reflection, upon the blessings you have. No matter how small. Even if we know in our sub-conscious mind that this is just another month, it is the collective way we feel about it, that makes the difference.

So dear reader, let’s be merry! and find joy in the small moments, in our small victories. It is after all the small moments, the little things, that are the pieces. And the love we give and receive, that which glues together our human journey.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XVI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greeting and welcome to another installment of your Witch’s Gazette. Another week and brand new month as well! March, beautiful, with its promise of Spring has finally arrived.


If you have been following my blog dear reader, you know by now I post on a weekly basis. There is nothing I like better than sitting down, writing down ideas for next week’s blog. The challenge of writing topics of value for the magickal community, is something I look forward to. Alas, but that I will have to put my pen aside for a few weeks, as I have to take care of health. In the meantime I have left enough content, that will be published by my family while I am gone. It will cover only the bare basics, enough so, that you can enjoy a quick short read.


Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

Mars is here, lovely! What do the stars have for us for this brand new week? (please note time zone for the hours I give are Pacific Standard Time PST)

Monday – March 2nd. 2nd. q. – Moon in Leo  There are 4 trines on this day.  Moon in Leo will trine respectively: Trine Saturn in Sag at 1:10 a.m.  Then another trine of the Leo Moon to  Mars in Aries at 7:53 a.m and then another Leo moon trine with Venus in Aries at 4:36 p.m. The last one happening between Leo Moon trine to Uranus in Aries at 8:46 p.m. Trine is formed between planets of the same elements. Communication flows easily between these planets and they influence is favorable. Use those energies to work for you. Don’t wait for thing to happen, make it happen!

Tuesday – March 3rd. 2nd. qt Moon goes void of course at 12:48 a.m.  A day with an excellent trine later on. Jupiter (planet that reigns Leo/Fire)  goes into a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries (Fire element) This is considered a lucky trine. Even though Jupiter is in retrograde mode, the trine between this expansive planet and that of Uranus is considered harmonious. Together they bring quick changes. Make use of it for mundane matters.

Wednesday – March 4th. 2nd q. –  Moon aspects Virgo at 3:58 a.m. Not much going on. A day to prepare for the Full Moon that will happen on Thursday.

Thursday – March 5th 2nd q. – Full Moon at 10:05 a.m. Moon in Virgo. Moon goes Void of Course at 10:36 a.m.  Full Moon in Virgo. Virgo is feminine, earthy energy. This sign is beneficial when a decision has been reached and it is time to carry it out. Virgo loves to see the details, rather than the bigger picture. A Full Moon is a time to bring completion to projects, fulfillment, and any type of magickal work. A time to seek balance. Use the energies of Virgo to bring balance to your particular situation and follow-up your dreams with deeds rather than thought.

Friday – March 6th – 3rd q. – Moon enters Libra at 4:52 p.m. Excellent energies to help you in matters of cooperation, seeking balance, reaching a decision. To bring peace, harmony, fairness and justice.

Saturday March 7th 3rd q. – Moon in Libra. Good day to bring discipline to your work habits, your diet, as well as your magickal efforts. Saturn ruler of Saturday, is beneficial to help with manifesting something wished into something solid. Saturn helps to build structure around your mundane or magickal goals. Just remember that if you do use the energies of this serious planet; you need to persevere, to be patient, be disciplined and organized.

Sunday – March 8th 3rd q.- Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. Moon is in Libra. Moon goes void of course at 6:24 p.m. Good day to take off block successfully (Sun 3rd q) from any matter.


This is from my old tarot deck. The artist Palladini. The card for this week is The Lovers from the major arcana.

The meaning of this card represents beauty and inner harmony. It also represents the needed choices in life, with facing responsibility for such choices. It is conflict between different attractions. Which could be represented by lets say, a couple whom each want different things, not quiet agreeing on a given subject. Perhaps due to past lies and the inability to see one’s partner change, due to old hurts.


For this week’s tip, I would like to leave more of a mental exercise to use the knowledge collected through out your spiritual journey, test your magickal know-how and put to use tools available to you.

As you know Full Moon is on Thursday March 5th. We have the Moon in Virgo which goes Full at 10:05 a.m. and half hour later goes void of course, until Friday (at 4:52 p.m.) Taking into consideration the day:

Thursday….The reigning planet of the day being:

Jupiter…(which is retrograde at the moment). The limited time to be had before the void of course (10:05 a.m-10:36 a.m.)

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Plus the fact that many of us are at work at this time of day. If you decide that you must do spell work using Full Moon energies, but feel constricted by time of day and the void of course, what would you do, to still utilize the expanding energies of the Moon, without lets say being present when the Full Moon happens?

Would you use the free time before the Full Moon say, one day before? How would you re-enforce your spiritual effort? Will it be the same not conducting the work on the day of the Full Moon? yes or no? and why?

Take tips from your own past magickal work. The trick is not to Google any sort of information but to rely in your own experience to come up with something that suits your need. Don’t forget to take notes, even of how the weather is when you do your spell work, how you felt, etc. All those details count. Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy this little exercise. Challenge yourself! Refuse monotony!

Well dear reader, that time that I dread the most has come. The end of this week’s newsletter. I wish all a good week, keep dreaming and never stop achieving! Until I see you again dear readers. In the meantime I leave you with a quote of one of my favorite characters, that I think fits perfect my little magickal exercise..

“It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within–not without.” ~ Poirot”
Agatha Christie76963

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XIV

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new week. I hope all are doing well and ready to embrace a new chance to draw good things to your life.


We saw last week pass with Mercury going into direct mode again. Things are starting to move. Now we can leave all that “re”- behind. Re-plan, re-organize, re-think things, etc. Goodbye to that and good riddance! It bores my mind to have to hold on to perfectly good plans which I feel it’s such a waste. To wait a certain period of time when a planet is in retrograde, but no matter. A brand new week. A brand new canvas. Blank, waiting for us to fill it with colors, give shape through our inner drawings of things we want to see become solid.

This is actually a very interesting week, in celestial matters. Which as always affect our human life. After the humdrum inactivity of the past week, a change of pace is just what we need to fire up our dreams and lift us out of the blues.

Starting with the New Moon on Wednesday 18th ( 3:47 p.m. PST) is not just any new Moon but it is also a supermoon, or as it called in astronomy a perigean new Moon. This type of Moon (new or full)  coincides with perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit.  We have a total of 6 supemoons  for this year alone.  3 new moons – January, February and March and 3 Full Moons – August, September and October.- The closest of which, will be the September 28th which will also be a total lunar eclipse. Physically on Earth this creates higher than usual tides and this in turn increases the risk of flooding.

Soon after the new moon happens, the Sun leaves Aquarius and will move into Pisces for the next four weeks. Then next day on Thursday February 19th we have the Chinese new year. That same day (2/19) Mars moves into its own turf by moving into Aries where it will stay for the next 6 weeks. Venus will also move into Aries on Friday, Feb. 20th. Which makes for an interesting match. Mars the fire warrior and Venus the planet of love. Both combined for a passionate meet-up.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday 2/16 – 4th quarter. Moon void of course at 12:17 pm. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 pm.

Tuesday 2/17th – 4th quarter. Aquarius Moon. Mardi Gras

Wednesday 2/18th – New Moon at 3:47 pm. Moon void of course at 3:47 pm. Then immediately the Moon aspects Pisces. Sun moves into Pisces at 3:50 pm.

Thursday 2/19th – 1st quarter – Moon in Pisces. Chinese new Year. Moon goes void of course at 3:02 pm. Mars enters Aries at 4:11 pm.

Friday 2/20th – 1st quarter – Venus enters Aries at 12:05 pm. Moon enters Aries at 3:13 p.m.

Saturday 2/21st. – 1st quarter – Moon in Aries. Then it goes void of course at 4:36 pm.

Sunday 2/22nd – 1st quarter –  Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm. The week ends with a sextile between a Moon in Taurus and Sun in Pisces. Excellent energies to wrap up the week!

Oracle cards


For this week’s card I used a deck by Ravynne Phelan.

Honor Gaia:

This card’s message is for us to look outside ourselves and look around us. This planet that nourishes our everyday life. We walk upon this Earth. Live off from its fruit. We inhabit every inch of it. We live, love and die on this plane. The never-ending energies and magic of the planet is there for us. It is our duty to guard that which protect us.  To nourish it in return. To make sure that it is not destroyed.

So what dear reader, can we do to ensure that our beautiful planet keeps alive? thinking about it is not enough, deeds are important. It is not only the caring of the physical planet, but the caring for others. We are all connected to this planet. We are connected spiritually to each other as humans. What flows out of Earth, flows into us and out into the Universe. Creating a constant flow of whatever we make of its powerful energy. If we love, then we expel love, if on the contrary we hate and create chaos, then that is the message we are sending to the Universe. All its connected.  It is a cosmos (humans) within a cosmos (Earth) within a larger cosmos (Universe) . To live mind fully in every aspect of our lives, creates harmony. When we care for Earth, and to  mindfully do things for Earth is the same as to do for us and others.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:ink and butterfly

This week I want to reflect of what the week is bringing to our lives. Since the Card of the Week, is a card about our planet, it makes for the perfect opportunity to think about mindful living. What is that? some might ask, and how do we achieve it?  others might say.

In one of my previous newsletters, I suggested obtaining a personal magickal journal.  Whether is an electronic journal or a paper journal, it can be used to take notes of your week. Just that. Write down your routine during the week. You do not have to write down every little instance (unless you want to).  From writing your morning routine to the last thing you do before you go to sleep.  Don’t change a thing.

By Sunday night, you will read back to yourself how your week went. Reflected through your own accounting.  No matter how tedious this might seem to you. It brings a different perspective when you read what you have done. What in the week, did you do that was mindful? For example, did you visit an elderly relative that lives alone to give company? Did you help someone in any way? Or did you just live a life void of any of that? Do not feel bad. This is only for you. Think of ways in which you can incorporate a mindful way of living. Do not over reach yourself. Do not try be competitive with any one you know who you feel is doing “better” than you. This is only for you.

Mindfulness is moments. Small. Moments that bring a sense of something accomplished. Something that will make you feel good about yourself. Something positive. The challenge lies not on the bigness of the act, but in the purity of intention. Think about it dear reader. At the least, it will bring an added dimension to your life. At the best, it will enrich it. Allowing your frequencies to expand, to vibrate with positive flow and love.

Well dear reader, it is time to put down my virtual pen and sit back and hope that the words written in this magickal blog, will leave something good in your mind. Something to reflect upon. Live your life with love and in the process love your life as if it were the last one on Earth. Make it lovely!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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