Celestial Merry-go-Round

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome to another installment of my weekly newsletter. Next week it’s charged with astrological peril! From a retrograde (Yes, you guessed it..Mercury) to planetary configurations, and solar eclipses. We must harden the intent of keeping as cool as we can, and of course prepare accordingly.

Planets are a funny thing. They do what they want as they see fit. Meanwhile down here on Earth we humans are affected by their energy. Whether on a global scale or a personal one, it does play a bit of havoc on the psyche and life in general.

moderen-metaphysicsTake Mercury for example. How many times have I seen people get stressed out when they realize a retrograde is imminent. Many. Even those who say they do not believe in astrology and/or in anything metaphysical or spiritual etc, are very aware that communications do go awry. Whatever plans are to be put into action, become undone or go really bad indeed. Better put on hold and sit the retrograde through.. in peace. Unfortunately there is no escaping a retrograde. It happens. Its unavoidable. We deal with it. In the best way we can. So we use our smarts and do not begin anything new. Do not (if able) make that trip, do not buy any electronics during this period or get a new car (movement, Mercury). Etc..etc.

knightsfightingAdd to the retro the challenge  which happens between the Sun and two planets, Neptune and Saturn. Not the best of astrological energies when challenging each other. Sun makes things worst, by being its forceful self, and shining all that bright energy onto the taciturn Saturn and the Neptune dreamy energy. Saturn imposes slowness, it does not like to rush. All well and dandy when you want to utilize its energies to make things happen properly so it makes it grow slowly but surely (like investments) but bad really, when square to the Sun. Imagine if you will, two knights of old. Armed to the teeth with all that heavy armor and huge swords, each with its need to be honorable and do the right thing, but stubborn as hell.  Each of them tall and powerful, each maintaining their ground.  The Sun pushes for resolution and Saturn pushes back with its need to wait it out and do things well.  So we get obstacles and things go even slower than usual.

Then Neptune will be in opposition to the Sun..oh dear! Hmm, I see Neptune as another knight, but a female knight.. Yes, she fights if needed, but she would rather find a nice scarf to go with her shining armor suit. She after all is very creative, so every where she goes, she sees possibilities to make it pretty or better if possible, even when is not. So when she is in opposition to the Sun, she sort of dazzles the Sun with her otherworldly beauty while trying to avoid the reality of such power of the Sun. Remember that Neptune  does like to avoid reality and fantasize. She also likes everything of mystery and psychic nature. So while she is trying to convince the Sun to step aside so she can go on her path to… wherever whim might take her, and the Sun trying mightily not to fall to her charm…well we humans get a bit of murky thoughts, forget things, sort of walk in a fog, due to the Sun being engaged otherwise and not helping matters.

argument-cartoonThen when Neptune finally moves away from the Sun, she goes on her merry way to have a square with Saturn..*sigh* This mighty knight is not as easily swayed as the Sun has been. He is a stubborn planet. So they get into an argument. Neptune trying to convince him so and so its true. He almost shouting that she lives in the clouds and needs a dose of reality.  She saying Ay! and he saying Nay! So we humans have conflict. We vacillate in our decisions, we might want to take the easy road, but our minds are telling us that is not the way.

What is a person to do, in the midst of such danger?! OK, I am being melodramatic, and to be honest I poke fun at some things I read about this time being one to lay low…under the radar…What is that? We cannot live our lives hiding from every celestial alignment  and go about our days sayings such things as “We are doomed, doomed! The retrograde nears, hide! avoid…hmm..living your life as normal!”

Yes, dear reader, I know some people are more affected than others by some planet being retrograde and some others are affected by squares and oppositions. But my intent is to bring calm, to an otherwise unstable week ahead. So what must we do? Hmm..

As I mentioned before, prepare accordingly. Do not do things when Mercury is retrograde that go against the energy of the moment. Just take the time, to prepare for when its gone. Reflect on your goals, re-organize. Do not make major decisions that will go awry anyway. By now most are masters at avoiding the “dreaded retro.” Otherwise live life as usual.

As to the opposition and square between Sun, Saturn and Neptune. Do not stress out about something that cannot (I repeat) be avoided. If you find obstacles to your plans in the week ahead (Sun/Saturn) then re-think your strategy, perhaps once you do it, you will realize you can either wait it out or realize maybe is not the best of plans.

If you find yourself being a bit or more forgetful than usual, daydreaming, or distracted in the week ahead (Sun/Neptune), do a mental exercise to bring focus or meditate. Carry grounding stones. Like Hematite or Onyx for example.

Then we still have the conflict between Neptune/Saturn. If you vacillate making a decision, again re-think, change strategy and again…ground and focus.

planetsIn an otherwise everyday routine, one without being aware of the celestial happenings, we do use our logic in times of stress (Hopefully) and re-think our actions and decisions (Ideally). For those of us that perform magickal work, like knights of old, we put on our “spiritual armor” and make sure to protect ourselves in the spiritual. Just in case. Makes sense.

It is true that their influence is felt sometimes more than others. It is also true that it has been happening for many a millennia and it will continue to do so, until we cease to be, and others will inhabit this planet. So perchance dear reader, the best we can do, is to be a bit pragmatic about the whole thing. That may yet be, the best strategy to be able to deal with the natural flow of the Universe.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XVI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greeting and welcome to another installment of your Witch’s Gazette. Another week and brand new month as well! March, beautiful, with its promise of Spring has finally arrived.


If you have been following my blog dear reader, you know by now I post on a weekly basis. There is nothing I like better than sitting down, writing down ideas for next week’s blog. The challenge of writing topics of value for the magickal community, is something I look forward to. Alas, but that I will have to put my pen aside for a few weeks, as I have to take care of health. In the meantime I have left enough content, that will be published by my family while I am gone. It will cover only the bare basics, enough so, that you can enjoy a quick short read.


Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

Mars is here, lovely! What do the stars have for us for this brand new week? (please note time zone for the hours I give are Pacific Standard Time PST)

Monday – March 2nd. 2nd. q. – Moon in Leo  There are 4 trines on this day.  Moon in Leo will trine respectively: Trine Saturn in Sag at 1:10 a.m.  Then another trine of the Leo Moon to  Mars in Aries at 7:53 a.m and then another Leo moon trine with Venus in Aries at 4:36 p.m. The last one happening between Leo Moon trine to Uranus in Aries at 8:46 p.m. Trine is formed between planets of the same elements. Communication flows easily between these planets and they influence is favorable. Use those energies to work for you. Don’t wait for thing to happen, make it happen!

Tuesday – March 3rd. 2nd. qt Moon goes void of course at 12:48 a.m.  A day with an excellent trine later on. Jupiter (planet that reigns Leo/Fire)  goes into a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries (Fire element) This is considered a lucky trine. Even though Jupiter is in retrograde mode, the trine between this expansive planet and that of Uranus is considered harmonious. Together they bring quick changes. Make use of it for mundane matters.

Wednesday – March 4th. 2nd q. –  Moon aspects Virgo at 3:58 a.m. Not much going on. A day to prepare for the Full Moon that will happen on Thursday.

Thursday – March 5th 2nd q. – Full Moon at 10:05 a.m. Moon in Virgo. Moon goes Void of Course at 10:36 a.m.  Full Moon in Virgo. Virgo is feminine, earthy energy. This sign is beneficial when a decision has been reached and it is time to carry it out. Virgo loves to see the details, rather than the bigger picture. A Full Moon is a time to bring completion to projects, fulfillment, and any type of magickal work. A time to seek balance. Use the energies of Virgo to bring balance to your particular situation and follow-up your dreams with deeds rather than thought.

Friday – March 6th – 3rd q. – Moon enters Libra at 4:52 p.m. Excellent energies to help you in matters of cooperation, seeking balance, reaching a decision. To bring peace, harmony, fairness and justice.

Saturday March 7th 3rd q. – Moon in Libra. Good day to bring discipline to your work habits, your diet, as well as your magickal efforts. Saturn ruler of Saturday, is beneficial to help with manifesting something wished into something solid. Saturn helps to build structure around your mundane or magickal goals. Just remember that if you do use the energies of this serious planet; you need to persevere, to be patient, be disciplined and organized.

Sunday – March 8th 3rd q.- Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. Moon is in Libra. Moon goes void of course at 6:24 p.m. Good day to take off block successfully (Sun 3rd q) from any matter.


This is from my old tarot deck. The artist Palladini. The card for this week is The Lovers from the major arcana.

The meaning of this card represents beauty and inner harmony. It also represents the needed choices in life, with facing responsibility for such choices. It is conflict between different attractions. Which could be represented by lets say, a couple whom each want different things, not quiet agreeing on a given subject. Perhaps due to past lies and the inability to see one’s partner change, due to old hurts.


For this week’s tip, I would like to leave more of a mental exercise to use the knowledge collected through out your spiritual journey, test your magickal know-how and put to use tools available to you.

As you know Full Moon is on Thursday March 5th. We have the Moon in Virgo which goes Full at 10:05 a.m. and half hour later goes void of course, until Friday (at 4:52 p.m.) Taking into consideration the day:

Thursday….The reigning planet of the day being:

Jupiter…(which is retrograde at the moment). The limited time to be had before the void of course (10:05 a.m-10:36 a.m.)

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Plus the fact that many of us are at work at this time of day. If you decide that you must do spell work using Full Moon energies, but feel constricted by time of day and the void of course, what would you do, to still utilize the expanding energies of the Moon, without lets say being present when the Full Moon happens?

Would you use the free time before the Full Moon say, one day before? How would you re-enforce your spiritual effort? Will it be the same not conducting the work on the day of the Full Moon? yes or no? and why?

Take tips from your own past magickal work. The trick is not to Google any sort of information but to rely in your own experience to come up with something that suits your need. Don’t forget to take notes, even of how the weather is when you do your spell work, how you felt, etc. All those details count. Most of all, don’t forget to enjoy this little exercise. Challenge yourself! Refuse monotony!

Well dear reader, that time that I dread the most has come. The end of this week’s newsletter. I wish all a good week, keep dreaming and never stop achieving! Until I see you again dear readers. In the meantime I leave you with a quote of one of my favorite characters, that I think fits perfect my little magickal exercise..

“It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within–not without.” ~ Poirot”
Agatha Christie76963

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter Pub XI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings to all. As always I hope all are in good health and good cheer. The beautiful season of Winter is still with us. One I wish would last perhaps 4 months instead of three. That would take care of the dreaded summer season, so we would only have comfortable and lovely weather, without the sweaty intermission we have to go through. Oh well! it is what it is. Moving on dear reader, lets peruse the themes on this week’s publication..

CURRENT HAPPENINGS: We go through the seasons. Each churning away in a never-ending journey. Winter with its solitude and gathering of energies. Earth in peaceful slumber. Until Spring when it awakens with a splash of color with flowers everywhere. Trees housing nests and nature becoming “aware” shall we say of the beauty it can create and share with us humble humans. Then the dreaded summer (sigh) a necessary season (although I do not see the point of incredible high temperatures) which brings fruit, vegetables and grains to maturity. Which we can finally harvest and enjoy on Autumn, and the circle starts all anew. I like to enjoy the passing of time through the seasons. It makes more sense to live through each season, than watching it go by through a calendar.  Why would we want to “mark” time like that? when we can mark each passing day, by actually watching all evolve right before our own very eyes? What is the point of rushing through the working week. We think that we will really enjoy the well deserved weekend only to be thinking that soon the working week will start again! I will not claim that I have always watched time go by through each season. It is perhaps the passing of the years, the gathering of wisdom, that brings an added dimension to my senses. It makes each day special, each moment lived worth keeping in the chambers of the heart.

Four seasons


As we already know, people in ancient times, lived by seasons. They would mark their lives according to nature. No one knows when the first calendar was invented, but “notched bones” have been found in Africa and Europe, which were used to record moon phases. A notch would be carved to mark the passing of each full Moon, this type of ancient “calendar” dates back to 20,500 BC.

It makes sense that as we went through evolution into more sophisticated beings, tools used to mark time would change with us. As our minds expanded, so did our worldview. Sadly, as it is the norm with technology, we lost the sense of self, and of the natural energies of the planet which we inhabit. This is what I mean when I say that we should attune ourselves to the passing of time through the changes of each season. If we are attuned to Earth, our senses are more vibrant. We are in accord with our inner beings. We are healthier, happier and bad moods and anger are less frequent. Of course, this is a personal choice. It is not practicing magic that will turn us into “green” and natural beings. It is a worldview of spiritual contentment. Not to be confused with a religious view-point, but rather a spiritual well-being. The more we practice mindfulness, and/or meditation, and strive for a better self, the more the world around us (the natural world) comes into focus and the more it comes into focus, the more attuned we become to our inner and outer cosmos.


Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

Monday January 26th. Moon enters Taurus at 8:37 a.m. 2nd quarter begins

Tuesday January 27th – Venus aspects Pisces. This is supposed to be a very unrealistic pair up. So it is up to us to buckle up and maintain our left side of the brain active, as Venus combined with Pisces, creates an illusion of sorts and all becomes rosy colored. But! as usual I like to see the practical side, Venus does represent money energies and Pisces is a water element. It makes perfect sense that if you want to draw money, prosperity and better financial opportunities,(Venus) Pisces will make sure to get that water flowing for manifestation.. cha’ ching!$$

Wednesday January 28th – This day is sort of blah! Mercury is on Retro mode. So forget about using this day to get things “moving” or communicating your ideas in a cohesive manner. The plus side is that there is not many squares going on. Only one in which Gemini Moon squares Venus/Pisces..yawn! Even though squares develop friction between planets by one challenging the other..well I don’t see much antagonism out of the dreamy duo of Venus/Pisces against the Airy Gemini, which by the way is ruled by Mercury. The only challenge I see for this day is opposition between Gemini Moon-against Saturn/Sagittarius. But this will happen at night, 8:44 p.m. PST. So again, it might not be felt by many.

Thursday January 29th – This day its different. It starts with a Gemini Moon square to Neptune/Pisces at 2:10 a.m. PST. Good thing most of us are asleep then. No harm done. Then another square Gemini/Moon to Mars in Pisces at 4:12 pm. Air/Water-against Fire/Water. You might have an uncomfortable or aggravating moment. It all ends finally with a Gemini/Moon square to Chiron/Pisces. at 6:44 p.m. PST. I don’t see this one as much of a challenge but perhaps something/ an area where we need growth and or healing (Chiron)

Friday January 30th– Moon goes void of course at 1:24 a.m. PST. The Sun conjunct Mercury at 5:45 a.m. PST and the Moon enters Cancer at 11:09 p.m. PST.

Saturday January 31st. – This day is busy albeit not much of interest. The only good points of the day ( for spell work) are 2 trines. The first one 8:56 a.m. PST Cancer Moon trines Venus/Pisces and then a second one right after at 11:20 a.m. PST-Cancer Moon trines Neptune/Pisces. These planets understand each other. Their energies are favorable and most of all they want to help you! Take advantage of this opportunity window.

Sunday February 1st – Still in the second quarter Moon. We close the week with a host of planetary movements. Quincunx, squares, conjunction and oppositions! The Moon goes void at 5:37 a.m. with Cancer moon on a trine with Venus Pisces.  But the last aspect at 9:36 a.m. is a conjunction between Venus/Pisces Neptune/Pisces. Ah! dream time! don’t make important decisions. Wait for this conjunction to end. Take naps, organize your closet (remember Retro period is good for this), take a walk, drink tea, read. Whatever keeps you happily occupied.


For today’s card I have chosen my numerology cards. Its been a long time since I used these cards. Someone gave them to me many eons ago, and I lost the little box where they came in. I was happy when back in December of last year, I found them. So here it is. Number 5!

Number 5 is represented by the planet Jupiter. Expansion, travel, motion.

this number carries a bit of vacillation and profound changes. The spiritual meaning draws attention to the wonder of life and invites us to appreciate our perception of the world around us. 5 has strong vibrations. Trips are under this number, unexpected perhaps, or taking action on a personal matter. Just keep in mind, that not all trips are taken on the physical world. Some might be spiritual journeys of the mind and soul.


To follow the theme of mindfulness and spiritual well-being, I want to share a simple meditation exercise. Magick is not done or conducted only through physical tools. Meditation even though not of a “magical” nature, can be part of our magickal self.

Get a white candle (a votive candle). Clean and bless. This candle is empowered with the intention of creating sacred space and allowing us to disengage from mundane care just for the moment we meditate.

Do this preferably before you go to sleep. Once you are ready for bed, place your candle on your night table if you are doing this meditation on your bed. It can also be done sitting on the floor of your bedroom with the candle in front of you. Sit in a simple lotus position. If you are uncomfortable, place pillows behind your back. Once you are ready, close your eyes. Breath in and out 5 times. Each time you exhale imagine letting go the stress of the day. Each time you inhale imagine drawing in peace and calm.

Create a mental bubble around you. The color will be white. It  can encompass your whole bedroom or just a small ratio around your body. This is your protection bubble. Necessary always whether in meditation or while conducting spells.

Gaze into the flame and observe how is burning. Close  your eyes. It is of course normal to see the flame as a little white light in the darkness when your eyes are closed. Keep it like that until it disappears. Open your eyes again. Look at the flame. Again close your eyes. You will do this one more time for a total of 3 times. The intention behind this, is to focus in the moment. The last time, don’t open your eyes again. Eventually the mental chatter will go away and your mind will quiet. Don’t force it, it will happen. You will tell yourself that your sleep time will be peaceful. Say this 5 times. Then you will say that if you need messages from your inner being, your soul, that you will see it in dreams. Say this 3 times. Quiet your mind. Stay like that for as long as you can. Even if its only 2 or 3 minutes longer. Just feel the peace that surrounds you. Open your eyes. You can keep the protection bubble around you or let it go before you go to bed. Snuff out the candle, keep it in a place that will not be touched by anyone and that will be handy for your night meditation.

You might have vivid dreams, you might just have a short dream, or you might not remember dreaming at all. All that is normal. Before you go to work, or start your daily routine, stand in front of the mirror, and tell yourself that your day will be a positive day. Just that. Go about your day. What is the benefit of this meditation? After you keep doing this for a solid 14 days, you will start to feel less stress in your life. You might notice things more on your way to work or the supermarket etc. You will feel yourself, being more in the moment of things. As well as being more patient when perhaps before you were not.

The longer you do this, the more used you will become to it, and the more it will make sense to make it a regular part of your life. Meditation does not only bring mindfulness, it helps with some health issues like headaches, or insomnia. The benefits are really more than just this. It impacts your life in a positive manner. Just think about it. If we can spend 2 mindless hours watching television at night, why not invest 15 minutes daily, enriching our souls?

Well dear readers, its time for me to close today’s newsletter. May your week ahead be filled with wonder, and may that wonder leave you with a sense of the beauty of our planet Earth!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub VII

newsletterDear Reader:

Welcome once more to this magickal newsletter. I am glad that the activities from the holiday season are almost at an end but  looking forward to the New Year’s eve celebration. This is a time dear reader, that we can do several things to activate good ju-ju and make sure it will be ours in the months to come.

chinese new year 2009 breedbeeld wallpapers 21NEW YEAR’S EVE TRADITIONS:

Yes! I am almost done putting down all the yule decorations. All will be placed in their allotted containers,etc. and will be out of sight for another twelve blissful months! phew! But dear reader, I do love the celebration of the eve of the New year in the Gregorian calendar. I get to do all these quirky and fun things that are done with the intention of calling up and putting together all the particles of good karma that I have accumulated (hopefully a substantial amount). New Year’s Eve traditions are very much tied up with cultural and personal practices. What I love about it,  is that we can borrow from different traditions from all around the world and use it for our own personal wishes/or goals. Here are some of my old time favorites:

1. Wearing new underwear that is either red (power, success) or yellow (success, movement).

2. Eating 12  seedless grapes at the struck of midnight. Take a moment to watch the people around you, if you are quick you can capture this moment for posterity with your handy phone…People with stuffed cheeks trying to eat and swallow all of their grapes, before the very first minute into the new year. Plus! we have to hug our relatives and friends at the same time, while trying to gulp the New Year’s toast! so special this moment..try it! Each grape represents each month of the year to come, make those wishes and eat fast (but careful not to choke on the grapes)

3. Chocolate its a popular choice in prosperity magick. Perfect to eat on New year’s eve to draw prosperity to you and those you share it with. You can also give out a chocolate cake as a gift on December 31st ensuring your passing the blessing to someone you love and attracting to you as well, excellent energies of prosperity and abundance.

4. Cleaning your home on the 31st. To rid the place of negativity and purifying so that it is ready for good energies. A quick tip: Clean your windows with a solution of water and vinegar. This ensures to bring blessings from the element of Air. Place a bit of salt on your windowsills once you are done, to protect with the element of Earth. Burn a small candle (any color) to help you get rid of the old with the element of Fire and finally of course, washing down your floors with water- helps you activate the element of Water to wash away and bring a renewal of good energies.

5. Before midnight, take some time to write down everything you want to get rid of, from this past year and then simply burn it on a fire safe plate, container etc. Do it with focused intention. It works!

6. Make sure to enter the New Year with money in the bank (even if it is a very small amount) money in your pocket, purse or wallet. Before the clock strikes 12 on the eve of the New Year, take out a bill from your wallet and have it on your hand by midnight. The larger the denomination of the bill of course, the better results for your prosperity in the months to come. But don’t despair if all you have is a $1 bill or a $5 bill. The important thing here is the symbolic act of having money in the hand, to send that message into the Universe that you are deserving of prosperity and abundance.

7. Burning candles is also another way of attracting what you wish for. These are the colors most used on December 31st: Red= Power, passion, courage. Blue= Peace. Green=Health. Yellow=Money/Success. Gold= Wealth, prosperity, quick change and success. Orange= Changes, success.  You can also place white flowers on your altar, dining table, etc to draw more energies of peace and health.

8. Placing a handful of uncooked lentils in you purse and leaving it there the whole year ensures  that you will not have money problems. Just take out and put back every time you empty your purse to clean it out.

9. Write down small petitions or a list of what you want to accomplish. Be realistic and just write down that which is obtainable. This way you won’t create added stress that you are not meeting your goals. Place around or under your candles. Keep your goal list and read at the end of next year when its time to burn it and create another one.

The above are the one’s my family and I have tried at one time or another. We try to keep it simple, otherwise is too overwhelming trying to accomplish each and every little thing. What’s important dear reader is to have fun, enjoy this day with the ones you love.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Due to the amount of information for the horoscope, I have chosen to skip several of my regular articles and just publish my “Crystal Ball-Peek at the Week” article. I have added a bit of each sector of general things that happens in a given time. Keep in mind dear reader I am not a professional astrologer. I am passing along what I have learned when creating horoscopes combined with my card reading and research.

A gift from me to you, as thanks for reading through my weekly Gazette 🙂 Thank you and enjoy!

ARIES: On December 24th Saturn returned to take over from where an annual update has left off. Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos, setting the rules and regulations and determining where you need to take responsibility and since October 2012 that has been all about financial matters. Yet Saturn has returned to your sector of travel, adventure, learning and discovery, for the first time since 1988 and while he will retrograde back out for a few months next year, he’s here until December 2017 to help show you the world and what you’ve been missing out on. This is a game changer and completely changes the way you will look at 2015, focused now more on the journey than on anything else.

TAURUS: The fact that Mars had only left your financial sector weeks before the other planets arrived last month, meant that you were also able to capture the financial passions and fighting spirit developed over recent months. Once Venus left your financial sector on December 11th, Mercury on the 17th and the Sun on the 22nd; the money gods had done their dash for the year. The New Year period is always a time where you can take your money hat off and having taken care of any financial housekeeping, let things play out. However, just 2 days after the Sun left your financial sector – December 22nd- leaving it empty and you on your own everything changed, with Saturn deciding that your relationships have had enough of his scrutiny and that he will instead follow the other planets into your financial sector. This is Saturn’s first visit to the financial sector for about twenty odd years  and between now and December 2017 he’s out to show you what taking your power back really means.

GEMINI: With Mercury working to ensure the communication lines are open, Venus to give you a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you and the Sun performing his annual relationship review, this is a chance to create a fresh start and a new, level playing field. With Mars having moved through your relationship sector in September/October, this had already shaken things up and got everything out in the open. However, when the Sun left your relationship sector on December 22nd that was  it for the year, with your relationships going back to something that is up to you to maintain. Saturn is making his first visit since 1988. While he’ll retrograde back out for a few months next year, he will spend until December 2017 taking you through relationship boot camp, working with you to create something real and authentic. Until then Saturn will be tying up loose ends on the work front, though it will also leave some things up in the air to see how they play out, before returning between June and September 2015 to bring things home. As is the case at this time every year, while the Sun moves on to let Saturn take care of your relationships the solar spotlight will shift to money matters. While the Sun will always spend the holidays and New Year in your financial sector, making it impossible to escape the financial realities of this time of year. This time around it will come with a smart head for money and some clear financial desires and expectations for 2015.

CANCER: This was always going to be a little more important than other years, not only because Mars moved through from mid September to late October, but important as well since this is the first time since 2002 that you’ve had lucky Jupiter in your income sector at the same time. With Venus transiting in your work sector, Mercury  and the Sun the first 3 weeks of December, you’ve not only got heart and mind engaged and your eyes open, but a chance to gain some income advantages as well. There is a sense of urgency, yet there will be an inner voice that will be telling you to pace yourself. You’re an intuitive sign with a sixth sense that you can rely on, so when you find yourself feeling that you need to pull back and pace yourself; listen.  By the New Year period, Saturn will return to your work sector. This time, while he’ll take a 3 month break in mid 2015, he’s back until December 2017. Just 2 days after the busiest months of 2014 run their course the busiest years in 3 decades will begin, with one a stepping stone to the next. Despite the fact that the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all move into your relationship sector after leaving your work sector, there will be little chance of taking your work hat off anytime soon. Yet this cements a relationship between lucky Jupiter in your income sector and Saturn in your work sector, one that brings the promise of some very busy but lucrative times ahead. In the meantime, Mars’ return to your financial sector since December 5th; has your financial section fired up as well as your passions and fighting spirit for the new year to come.

LEO:  The Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of December in a playful, romantic and creative part of your chart. Having returned to your work sector on the December 22nd, it  will still be there on New Year and the first 3 weeks of every year. Your biggest problem may be keeping your work hat on, especially since Mars left your work sector and returned to your relationship sector on December 5th and the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all focused on matters of the heart. However, with Venus having returned to your work sector since December 11th, just 6 days after Mars finished firing up your professional passions and then Mercury on the 17th, the race to bring your working year to a close and start setting up for 2015 has already begun. The Sun’s departure from your romantic and creative sector on December 22nd has left it empty, with the battle to find a balance between work and play lost or so it will seem (however it will be brief).  Saturn  has returned to your home and family sector (December 24th). Just when matters of the heart had lost their final champion they receive the biggest champion they’ve had since this powerful planet was last here, between 1985 and 1988. With Mars spending the New Year in your relationship sector and Saturn demanding that you put matters of the heart first, this will give work focused forces a real run for their money.

VIRGO: The Sun which always spends the first weeks of December in your home and family sector and this time of year is no exception and unlike last year, he has Venus and Mercury here as well, with heart and mind engaged, the communication lines open and thanks to Mars’ visit just before they arrived, most things out in the open. These past few weeks of the month were the most important for home, family and/or property matters. Yet their focus was eclipsed just 2 days after the Sun left and wrapped up his annual review. Saturn’s return changed everything. This turn of events will start off your most important home and family chapter in decades or since Saturn was last here from 1985 to 1988. Apart from 3 months in mid 2015 Saturn is here until December 2017 and returning to your chart. It’s a journey you’ll slip into seamlessly.  This won’t stop the Sun, Mercury and Venus doing all that they can to bring the fun, romance and play into the New Year period. However, with Mars having returned to your work and your career sector since the beginning of December; you will have to find the right work/life balance and the right balance between work and play so that it can create a harmonious beginning for 2015.

LIBRA: Saturn’s return to your communication sector on December 24th, for the first time in 26 years, has taken all  to a whole new level, turning communication from something that is important at this time of year, to something that will become your No. 1 priority moving forward and will remain that way for the next 3 years, with Saturn not leaving until December 2017.  Your home and family sector was aspected by Venus, Mercury and the Sun the first three weeks of December. Which carries the theme onto  the New Year period.  In the meantime, Mars is off on a mission that will bring some real colour into the final weeks of 2014 and the early weeks of 2015, firing up your romantic and creative passions.

SCORPIO: With Jupiter making his first visit to your career sector in over a decade and here from August 2014 to August 2015 and the only planetary activity in your income sector during that time playing out now, this was always going to be an important month for both professional and income matters and especially when it comes to bringing the two together. However, even Mars’ visit to your income sector from mid September to late December, which ended just 3 weeks before the push that is still playing out began, it isn’t in the same league as Jupiter, whose visit to your career sector is game changing. Apart from the fact that you’ve got Jupiter expanding your professional opportunities and Mars has already been through to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit, there is nothing to suggest that this is anything more than a temporary leg up, albeit the best leg up you’ve had for several years. With Venus, Mercury and the Sun leaving your income sector, this is the point where the money gods call it a day, having done all they can to help you smash your way through any glass ceilings. However, everything changes, with Saturn’s return,  a game changer. Saturn is most definitely in Jupiter’s league and here now, apart from 3 months in mid 2014 until December 2017 and lucky Jupiter not leaving your career sector until next August (2015) this is when the push for professional and income success really begins. While the Sun, Mercury and Venus will move on to focus on your communications and Mars will keep the focus on home and family matters, something has been unleashed on the income and career fronts that will drive everything from this point on for 2015 and onward.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been building towards this point in your life,  since as far back as mid September, as you move through the final month of the year you’re also moving into the final weeks of a push to get your new solar year off the ground and your future onto the track that you want it to continue on. As the planets leave your sign they’ll shift their focus to income matters and while Venus has been be the first to return, with Mars leaving just 6 days before Venus came back to your chart, with the planet of money,  you easily transform desire and attraction into real opportunities. However, while there has  been a shift towards income matters during the month,  Mars has been working to ensure the communication lines are open.  There is likely to be a sense that you haven’t finished, despite the fact that you’ve had more planets move through your sign over the last few months than in previous years. The game changer is Saturn’s return to your sign ( December 24th), bringing a Saturn cycle of growth (that began in 1988) to an end and starting a brand new 30 year cycle. Less than 48 hours after your birthday month ended, Saturn stepped in and turned it  from the start of a fairly ordinary new solar year into your most powerful year in decades.

CAPRICORN: This will always be a month of contrasts for you and also one where the experience we all feel at this time of year, where we’re wrapping up one year and looking ahead to the New one, is felt more acutely. For you are the only sign that will always move into a New Year with the Sun in your sign and your solar and calendar years in synch.  For while the new calendar year won’t begin until the 1st January, your new solar year has begun when the Sun returned to your sign on December 22nd. This will always create a feeling (at this time of year) that you’re straddling both sides of the fence, especially with Mars already in your sign as you move into the new month and Venus returning as well. Yet while both will begin opening new doors,  it really will feel like you have one foot in the past and another in the future. Even when the Sun does return to your sign and your birthday month and new solar year begins, you will find it hard to close the door to the past, something that you won’t shake next month either or for the majority of the next 3 years. That’s because on December 24th, less than 48 hours after your birthday month began, Saturn returned to your sector of subconscious thinking, imagination and review.  Beginning the much longer and far more significant job of wrapping up a Saturn cycle that began in 1988 and won’t end until he returns to your sign in December 2017. Where the early weeks of December are a time of reflection, introspection and looking within, Saturn’s return makes it part of your new ongoing reality. However, there will  be little time for navel gazing and for Saturn this is a journey that will take 3 years to complete. In the meantime, the money gods will be especially active in your chart, with Mars’ return to your income sector; not only firing up your financial sector but as well your spirit and bringing a drive to smash through financial blocks, but giving lucky financial forces their first real wake up call.

AQUARIUS: Since October 2012 Saturn’s position in your career sector has been a driving force in your life, especially so over recent months as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars moved through. Yet when the Sun left your career sector on November 22nd, this is when you would have noticed that there was no longer the professional push there once was. While Jupiter wrapped up his 12 month visit to your work sector in July, by the time; the last push to extract every advantage ran its course in mid August; Mars was already in your career sector, channeling all your professional energy into career matters. This is  momentum that only ran its course when the Sun left your career sector, creating one of your busiest and most important professional years in over a decade.  Saturn left  your career sector on December 24th . He will return next June for a 3 month visit aimed at tying up loose ends. You have built up so much momentum on the work, career and income fronts over the last few years that there is no chance that you’ll lose your momentum anytime soon, but this does give you a chance to stop stirring the pot and have a life. Already the Sun, Mercury and Venus have more social matters in mind since the start of the month, keeping this in motion right through to the Sun’s departure from your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking (December 22nd). Yet it’s here that Saturn has returned after he left your career sector; setting the scene for some important months and years for both personal and professional networking. With Mars returned to your sign at the beginning of December; it has spent the rest of the month firing up your spirit, all that energy leaves your wanting to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries, something which you fully deserve.

PISCES:  Even though lucky Jupiter has been in your work sector since August and the Sun, Mercury and Venus were all around to help launch this, your luckiest and most expansive 12 months on the work front in over a decade, you have yet to fully appreciate its full potential. You’ve had a taste of this and an inkling of what’s possible professionally since Mars returned to your career sector in mid September, something you’re continuing to explore this month. The spotlight is on career matters and with Venus and Mercury highlighting that part of your chart, you’re mentally on the ball. You have your head in the game and some strong professional desires and expectations. This is the push that work matters need, especially with Jupiter in retrograde motion until April 2015. However, with the Sun gone from your career sector since December 22nd, this is the point where what professional momentum you’ve gained  is where you’ll lose your real edge. Yet while the Sun, Mercury and Venus shift their focus to social matters, something has come into its own over the holiday period, something has germinated on the professional front that suggests that a professional push is far from over and if anything, what has transpired until now is simply the warm up or a stepping stone to bigger and better things. For on December 24th, less than 48 hours after the Sun left your career sector and you  found yourself wrapping up your professional year, everything changed.  With Saturn’s  return to your career sector, beginning your most powerful professional years in 3 decades, a journey towards success is shown, and that won’t run its course until December 2017. With lucky Jupiter in your work sector and Uranus in your income sector, they’re standing by to welcome Saturn into their fold, with the later days of 2014 setting the scene for a major period of opportunity on the income, work and career fronts in 2015. It may pay to recharge your batteries whenever you get a chance.

Well dear readers. There you have it, a bit of what is to come for 2015. It is but human, to desire a peek into what the future holds for us. There is nothing wrong with this feeling. As we all head towards a new beginning, it is good to just pause for a moment and take a deep breath.  We are at the brink of new things, new happenings. It is scary sometimes to think that we cannot control our future. We might think that by knowing, we somehow control that which is yet to happen. Remember, that the future is just but decisions each of us had made in our souls, our real selves, of what we want to transpire. Add to that, the attitudes or plans of other people, outside forces that we have no inkling of. All that combined adds up to what our lives have yet to unfold. Scary? maybe. But thrilling too! To be able to create out of seemingly nothing; something solid. That is the magic of belief. For no matter what has transpired, how we feel about starting a new period, we still hold the belief, even if deep down in our hearts, that we can make our future better.

Thank you all that have read this humble newsletter, for walking with me a part of the way. For being a part of this journey. May Her love and Her light, bring you a vivid sense of self and help you shine your own light onto your personal journey.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub IV

Dear Reader:

Greetings and welcome to another installment of this  weekly newsletter! A maelstrom of energies all colliding in this; the last month of the Gregorian calendar. December happens with a flurry of activities, that carries along in its rush, even the strongest of mind.


Another month that has many running around trying to “close” the year in good erh..cheer. If you notice dear reader, life has us by the ears. Always rushing, trying to make it on time to our individual destinations. December is the worst of all! Being the last, it brings a wrongly perceived idea that we have to, nay!  we must! finish all we started  during the 11 months already past.  Or our lives (we think) won’t be the same! I beseech you to stop for a moment and just breath, that is right. Breath in an out, one, two, breath. There, don’t you just feel a little bit better?  It’s all in the breathing dear reader, all in the breathing. We have to keep our perspective in place and just keep calm.


Ah! the joy of decorating with all those ornaments and crafty items, stashed away for a whole year. Getting that tree up for the holiday. Out comes the box (or boxes) from the storage place, garage, closet or under bed organizer! Some put up their holiday ornaments right at the beginning of the month, while others procrastinate and still others avoid it like the plague.  It affects us all, whether we want to or not. My household is no exception to this rule. Although I was all for postponing this event, it is a promise to one of my brood that had me unpacking, and dusting off several stored nick-knacks of the season. There I was dear reader feeling quite “grinchy” muttering under my breath at the chore I had to perform. So I strove for a cheerful mood, thinking it was all for a good cause (making one of mine happy) even if meant mustering the courage to once more look at all that  holiday color. To boost said courage, I started to hum along some crazy song I made up on the spot. When suddenly! I realized… I was humming Christmas music!!! gasp!! like the Grinch in the movie I was quite upset at this happening.   Just like he felt when he was rhyming so I felt when I was caroling! nooo! Immediately, I opened up my playlists  and played music that has nothing to do with the season. Phew! that was a close call! The dangers of the season dear reader are many. Beware of that holiday cheer! OK, moving on…


What  you may ask do we have for this week?

Jupiter enters it retrograde period Monday December 8th at 12:41 pm. (PST) it will stay retrograde until April 8th, 2015 when it ends at 9:57 a.m. Jupiter begins it  Retrograde in front of the constellation of Leo. Whatever is ruled by Jupiter is put on hold, lets say. Jupiter is expansive and enthusiastic, during the retrograde period we might feel we lack the enthusiasm to pursue bigger goals.  Retrogrades are periods of taking the time to listen to our inner wisdom. With the philosophy that is part of Jupiter, it helps re-evaluate our goals. Any retrograde is a period of just taking a breather, and taking advantage of going through our lists (mental or physical) of things we can do in the meantime, while waiting for the retro to be over. Jupiter on Leo puts a pause on traveling, activities planned outside the humdrum of ordinary life.

On December 10th at 8:42 a.m. (PST) Venus enters Capricorn.  A good match if you want to purchase anything that is a big ticket item for the home. It brings a practical side on our finances (Capricorn influence) letting us find the best deal to fit our budget.  With Jupiter the planet of finance on retro period, this is something positive, as that sector is on hold. Better go with the flow and not make any big changes in our financial goals.

December 11th at 10:20 a.m. (PST) there is a Moon/Leo trine to Sun/Sagittarius. This happening on a Thursday brings up a feeling of enthusiasm, which is in turn brings a positive attitude all around.

Not a very dramatic week, which is good, as we don’t want added energies to the already hectic pace of the month.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES: You will be getting a bit of an ego boost this week. Recent changes in your physical appearance (hairstyle, how you dress, weight loss etc) will be getting noticed. You are high in the magnetic attraction index. Your attitude  could be changing as a result. Suddenly it is a different world. Seize the day! Lucky number: 2

TAURUS: You may find yourself in a bit of a financial challenge. You have several priorities right now that involve health, security, friendships and family. You may be forced to make a compromise. Do what you know is the right thing. Lucky number: 4

GEMINI: Your thoughts just need to come out, no matter how strange they seem. Speak out. The worst that can happen is you put your foot in your mouth in front of some companions. The existing state of affairs does stink, and you are just the one to say so. Don’t be afraid to show your grasp on the matter at hand! Lucky number: 7

CANCER: You are finding new ways to communicate with loved ones and family members. You may be making an addition to your home to accommodate a larger family. Their security and safety will be on your mind. Lucky number: 5

LEO:  Due to your open and friendly conduct, people provide you with positive feedback that  you find extremely helpful. An atmosphere of mutual support develops, which is beneficial for everyone in your life. Don’t forget, you have that  wonderful energy of Jupiter since July of this year. Make good used of it! Lucky number: 3

VIRGO:  You’ll have no luck forcing your way out of a tricky work situation with an uncooperative employer or other authority figure. Work  on a better solution, ask advice if needed. Lucky number: 1

LIBRA: Avoid any confrontations with the people you care about most, to prevent misunderstandings. Instead concentrate all your efforts on simple routine matters. Lucky number: 5

SCORPIO: A partner or associate could help bring financial assistance just when it is needed. Not all due to good luck but through hard work which successfully laid the groundwork for the bonus you are likely to receive soon. Lucky number: 8

SAGITTARIUS:  This week you might find it hard to concentrate at times. Your mind is drawn from one pretty idea to another, and you can’t seem to resist them. Take notes. One of those ideas is gold. Lucky number: 6

CAPRICORN:  This is the Moon’s last visit to your relationship sector for the year and with many challenges on this particular area, it brings a chance to end the year with everything sorted out. Communication lines are open, with a chance to move on. Use the energies of loving Venus (that will be aspecting you on December 10th). Lucky number: 4

AQUARIUS: A friend will be asking your opinion about a personal matter. Be careful to be extra tactful if you offer any criticism, because your motives could be misunderstood. Lucky number: 3

PISCES: Your intuition will seem stifled or blocked but it will come back in force before the end of the week. You may find that organizing, re-arranging your closets and home in general brings a feeling of accomplishment . Relax with a bubble bath.  Lucky number: 5


I like to share with you dear readers, recipes that I have made myself. Now with this blog, I find myself pouring over old favorites that I have not done for many a year, and making them once more. The following is one that was a favorite of family and friends and one that I will making as well, this week. It is a sweet treat, with the sweetness tempered by the sour cream that is added on top once is cooked.


1- 29 oz. can ( or a bit larger) peach halves

1/4 cup reserved peach syrup

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 crushed corn flakes

2 TBS butter or margarine melted.

1. Set out a shallow baking dish.

2. Drain peaches, reserving the  syrup.

3. Arrange peaches cut side up in the baking dish. Pour over peaches a mixture of peach syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Bake 375 degrees for 10 mnts. Basting 2 or 3 times. Remove from oven (but don’t turn it off) Raise the temp. to 400 degrees and sprinkle over peaches a mixture of corn flakes and butter or margarine.

5. Return to oven. Bake 5 mnts. longer.

6. Serve peaches warm with cream (sour cream).

Serves 4. Preparation plus cooking time:  30 mnts.

Bon Apetit!

Spell BottleMAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK: Now that the Moon is once more starting on its wane phase, it is the perfect time to make and bless items for protection of the home.

This week’s magickal tip is a  PROTECTION BOTTLE.

You will be needing a small glass container, with a  lid.  Wash it well, and let it dry.

In the meantime get the following ingredients. For the first four ingredients you need 1 TBS of each. For the Bay leaves, you need 3- Salt about 1/2 cup and for the garlic 5 cloves.




Black Pepper

Bay Leaves



3 small stones from your garden, back yard. If you don’t have any, purchase small stones that come in a bag at the dollar store. Wash them well, and let them dry.

Place all in a bowl, put your hands on top and chant a blessing of your choice. Or just say words that come from your heart. Give thanks for each of the items that Earth has provided and empower them for a strong protection of your home and all that reside within.  Visualize a purple light going into the bowl around all your ingredients. Once this is done to your satisfaction, place stones at the bottom of the bottle and the herbs on top. Close with the lid. Now bless your bottle with all the items within.

Place jar in a place that is important to you but that will not be too visible to visitors.  You can be as creative as you wish with your magickal project and place ribbons around the bottle, close up the top with melted wax, add shinny colored glass pebbles, the choice is yours. This is your Protection bottle after all, own it!

To finish up say the following:

“Round and round the Earth goes on

Twilight light and morning Sun

Bring protection unto me,

The ones I love, this place within.

As above, so below.

Round and round, so shall it be!

Happy spell-castings!

Alas dear reader, it is the end of this week’s newsletter offering.  As I am writing this last paragraph,  I ponder upon the words I have left here, about the things I share. As always I hope to have brought a smile and to have left a nugget of wisdom, even if very tiny.  May your journey for the rest of the week be safe and filled with new wonders, new wisdom, and much love.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.

Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter – Pub. III

FRED STEIN  Paris 1936
FRED STEIN Paris 1936

Dear Reader:

I hope to find you in good health and of good cheer. Thanksgiving is past and now we are mentally preparing for next holiday onslaught.


December has rolled in, with its wintry days and its promise of hectic times ahead. There was once a time long time ago ( I imagine) that our Yule celebration was actually cherished and respected for what it is supposed to represent. Yule got lost in the Christmas sort of madness as it is today. So what dear reader -you may ponder- is Yule really all about? Now keep in mind, I am not talking about the christian holiday.


Yule has roots and origin in Pagan customs. This day once commemorated solar deities. Back then, before Christianity had taken over this day, one activity that was performed was the Yule bonfire. The fire was built to give life and power to the Sun, which was thought of being reborn at the Winter Solstice. In later times that fire was converted into what many burn inside their homes, which is the Yule log. According to folklore, a big limb from a tree was cut, brought into the home,  and made ready for use. Carvings of suns, and other magical symbols were etched on its surface and sometimes decorated with greens from the winter season. Lighting the Yule log was simply an effort to welcome the Sun, to persuade it to cast its  healing rays upon the land, so as the winter season was not too long or harsh.

Decorating with evergreens dates back to the earliest winter festivals. They were brought into the home, to give a sense of nature inside of the home during the darkest months of the year. The green did not fade from their branches and leaves, and because of that, they were thought to have power over death and destruction, enough to defeat whatever winter demons roamed the Earth, and enough persistence  to urge the coming of the Sun.

So where does that all gift-giving comes from?  Gift exchange is thought to have originated in Babylonia with Zagmuk. (Although so far I have not found written evidence of such a thing happening during that Babylonian celebration-which by the way took 12 days-) and it gained much popularity during the Roman Saturnalia festivals. In later years, Christians took up this custom as well, but attributed the Magi and their bringing of gifts to the Christ child.

So as you see, the gift exchange idea has really nothing to do with Yule but much to do with everyone back then “borrowing” traditions to suit their own festivals, beliefs etc.  and now sadly has evolved into the much commercialized Christmas season and all the madness it entails. Does this mean we have to refute gift-giving? I think not! but!!! hear me out! (or erh..keep reading) What I mean is that the best gifts are the ones made by hand, by us with love. The one’s we put together for someone we love or appreciate. It can be as simple as a the ingredients for cookies blended in a nice container with an attached card with instructions or a knitted sweater, or blanket. It can be giving a call to your mom, father or grandparent or visiting them and spending time with them.  The joy it will bring is incomparable and the outcome priceless! yes even if it sounds like that commercial! but is not  material things I am talking about here but LOVE. It can be many things that you can think of, from simple to complex, as long as it comes from you, not the store. This is what gift giving is all about and should be about. Resist the impulse to be like the crowd! be yourself, give of yourself.♥


The celestial energies for this week  are positive and strong. We have planets with Fire and Air element.

Today we have a trine. Sun/Sagittarius with the Moon/Aries. This trine sets the foundation for the change on December 4th (Thursday), when Mars moves into the energy of Aquarius. Their Fire and Air elements combined are a power house indeed! All sorts of communications are fired up (Mars) and taken to a new level of development and transformation (Aquarius).

The Full Moon that will take place on December 6th (Saturday) will have the moon in aspect to Gemini, which brings an emotional drift into the fray. Gemini connecting to Uranus-which is the ruling planet to Aquarius- and this planet being aspected by Mars, is a positive exchange of planetary energies that can be used in our daily lives if we need to tap into them.

Remember! the Gemini Full Moon on Dec. 6th is the last of the year and Full Moons are perfect to bring a closing to past and incomplete projects, and  any other matter that needs to be tidied up.
The mental attitude set by trine of Uranus-Sun and sextile to the Moon, is all about information. So what dear reader does it all mean and how can we tap the energies for this week?

Whatever decisions that need be made that will have a long lasting effect, are best made under the combined energy of Mars/Aquarius. Mars gives you the fire to get you moving, and Aquarius helps discern and analyze the best course of action, thus the best decision for your given situation, lets say. It is definitely an excellent way of avoiding making the wrong decision, or be impulsive.
This combination is very much helpful now, with holiday shopping and spending in full swing. Many do impulse shopping, thinking that it will be all right, that you will be able to take care of those credit bills etc, later on, with that extra bonus from work … don’t let all that Christmas-y music in the mall or the colors of the season (which are very much targeted at customers to pump up the shopping psyche) persuade you to spend with your “heart”! better use the will power and logic that these two energies create to extend both through out the holiday season.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES – This week, look closely at the opportunity presenting itself that exists for the sole purpose of helping you to break free from a tired, tedious, draining scenario. The fact you’re confused about what your next move should be indicates you’ve grown accustomed to something you ought to have released yourself from. Lucky number: 3

TAURUS – Do you feel in some way now, someone might be raining on your parade? Are they perhaps missing a point about something that excites or inspires you? Their inability to see what you see or feel what you feel should not be reason for you to reassess your plans. Don’t give up on something you know to be very good for you. Persevere! the reward will warm your soul. Lucky number: 7

GEMINI  – You might be feeling  frustrated as to why you’re unable to remove a particular train of thought. Look closely. There’s action that must be taken on your part now. This week, take a step forward to initiate it.  With the Full Moon aspecting your sign on Saturday December 6th, comes the perfect time to bring resolution. Give it a try. You’ll discover something shifts in a wonderful way.  Lucky number: 5

CANCER  –  This is a time to summon courage and allow yourself to be pushed in a direction you’ve long needed to be pushed in.  There is something you must do. There is initiative waiting to be taken on your part, even if it might not feel as you have much say about it, as you wish you did. Go for it, get rid of fear, move forward (take advantage of Mars aspecting Aquarius). Lucky number: 5

LEO –  This week, an opportunity presents itself ,  you might not see it as such, but as  a setback.  Expect to discover that what appears to be a setback actually offers much in the way of future hope and promise.  Sometimes we see the opportunity but, because it doesn’t look the way we believe it should  we dismiss it. Don’t! use the energies of this week’s Mars/Aquarius to help you see it clearly. Lucky number: 4

VIRGO – You need to follow your instincts where a destination you’re keen on reaching is concerned. This probably has more to with attainment or achievement rather than arriving at a particular place but the message from the celestial bodies are clear; just keep moving  a plan forward and the rest will take care of itself. That’s a fortunate position to be in. You have momentum working in your favor now.  Lucky number: 2

LIBRA –  It is human  nature to be cautious, especially when we have reason to believe our cautiousness is justified. As you enter into discussion or negotiation in some way now, try to see the situation as a clean slate. The past is not a guide for the future on this occasion. You’re in a strong position now to reach an agreement or at least a compromise that has long needed making. Lucky number: 7

SCORPIO – Don’t feel the need to question or be concerned with the seemingly insignificant light at the end of a tunnel you’ve been staring down for too long.  It serves as a beacon intended to excite and inspire you. Something you’ve long desired is starting to become within reach and allay a few concerns you’ve nurtured for too long as well.  Lucky number: 9

SAGITTARIUS – When change enters our world, we tend to expect it to make a grand entrance. In truth, change can be  more subtly than that. It approaches gently rather than making itself known with a door-bursting appearance. Embrace it. It has every intention of assisting and improving. Make a point of welcoming it and you’ll soon see how fully cooperative it intends to be. Lucky number: 6

CAPRICORN – After the recent months where you felt as if you had been running up a steep hill carrying a heavy sack on your back, things  are now different. What you have worked for, paid up and now you feel you have achieved what you deserve. The coming week brings reasons to excite and inspire you to take on a new challenge. Lucky number: 8

AQUARIUS –  The celestial bodies speaks now of some kind of confidence crisis on your part but particularly how doubtful and even mistrustful you could be toward what your own natural instincts. You need to trust them. They’re providing infinitely more helpful advice than you’d receive even from a closest companion. You know what’s best for you and what you need to do. Learn to trust what your heart is telling you. Lucky  number:  5

PISCES –   The timing of the Moon’s return to your income sector on Monday and position here in the early days of the week couldn’t be better, giving you a nose for money as you reach an integral point in your professional year. The Moon’s intuitive edge is as much about where the money is; as it is about where things stand professionally.  With Mercury spending his first full week in your career sector, Venus her last and Jupiter his last full week in direct motion in your work sector, this is not only a chance to get a sense of  how the different pieces are at play on income, work and career fronts but on how they fit in together. Lucky number: 3


Weather is colder now, perfect to make soups and stews to warm body and soul! and remember the best part is you don’t have to spend loads of money on simple yet nourishing recipes.


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

2 carrots, chopped

1/2 onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon paprika

3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 ground ginger

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 can (14 .5 oz.) diced tomatoes

1 can (about 14 oz) vegetable broth

1 cup frozen hash brown potatoes

1 cup frozen green beans

2 tablespoons tomato paste

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

1 1/3 uncooked couscous (or rice if you wish)

1. Heat oil in large saucepan over med-high heat until hot. Add carrots, onion garlic, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, salt, ginger and pepper; cook and stir about 5 mnts. or until veggies are tender.

2. Stir in tomatoes, broth, potatoes, green beans, tomato paste and hot pepper sauce; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, uncovered, 10 mnts.

3. While stew is simmering, prepare couscous. Bring 1 1/3 water to a boil in small saucepan over high heat. Stir in couscous. Cover and remove saucepan from heat. Let stand 5 mnts.

4. Fluff couscous with fork. Serve veggie stew over couscous (or rice if you chose to make rice instead)

Preparation and cook time is around 23 to 25 mnts. You can  garnish your stew with parsley.

Bon Appetit!


Moon phase its on the second quarter. A good week to create magick geared towards attracting money.

Simple spells are the best really to create and call that which you desire. The following is a quick money spell that needs but only spices from your cupboard, a candle, a fire safe plate  and some creative thinking on your part as to what you would wish to add to this quick and fun money spell.

Get a small candle. The one pictured in my image is a candle I made for my store for the Thanksgiving holiday. I poured several, for my Ebay listings and left one for me. It was a lovely candle I made in the color of a creamy vanilla, with herbal blend for attracting only good things, money amongst others. With a vanilla aroma, the candle was perfect for my intention.

Get a small votive candle or small container candle. In a color that to you means money. Place your candle on a plate (round or square) that has a fire safe surface.  You can get a nice plate for your candle spells at the Dollar Tree Store or the 99 cent Only stores. No need to splurge, this is a plate that will be useful for many other spells.

You need as well :  1 teaspoon of each : Allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. Combine spices, empower and bless.  Pull together all the change you have in your home, including dollar bills.   Empower your candle for money, inscribe symbols of money around it, dress with money oil (if you have any at hand. In a pinch a bit of cooking olive oil or corn oil will do as substitute)  and set in the middle of your plate. surround with ornaments from the season, place money as well (coins and dollars). As you see on my picture, I added cinnamon stick, I love using these for money spells, as they can be carried afterwards in your purse. Add them if you wish to your spell set up.

Sprinkle all of it, with your combined spices.  Now place your hands over the lot, and empower with your intention of calling money. Be specific with your goal. Light your candle. I personally place my money candles on top of my dining table. This area has a lot of good, concentrated energies and it is a good power point in my home.  Plus it is within view, so that it is never alone when burning.  Remember wherever you place your candles, never leave them unattended and always away from pets and children.

Once your candle is done, get rid of wax or container (you can clean up container and use for other money candle spells). Clean up your plate as well, to be re-used in other spells.  Place your ornaments in a pretty container in your living room or dining room, so that it always drawing money energies to you during the holidays. Use your money to get something needed in the home (bread, milk, etc) and know that your petition will show fruit! Happy spell-castings!

Well dear reader, I have reached the end of this week’s Witch’s gazette. As always I’ve enjoyed putting it together, offering my insights and what little nuggets of wisdom I can pass along.  I always wonder if I have left something worthwhile in your heart and in your mind. Whether you will put to use, or if it will open a door in your mind to ponder upon the words you have read here. May your journey always bring you back here weekly, to peruse the aisles of my humble newsletter.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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A Flower Power House Publication.

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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub I

FRED STEIN  Paris 1936
FRED STEIN Children Reading Newspaper, Paris 1936

Dear Reader:

My newsletter comes to the aid of the weary, who is in search of intelligent yet humorous writings, specially those of a seasoned witch. This is born out of need of material that brings a sense of yesteryear.. even if you were not born erh.. “yesteryear”  you still feel a yearning in your heart for simpler times.  Your quest for a good read, with good content, humor and magickal knowledge is here. Seek no more! as you have arrived at your destination. What nuggets of wisdom will you find here do you wonder?

You will find various bits of current events, weekly horoscope, old-fashioned recipes, gardening tips and of course! the star of the show….magickal tips and spells and other goodies. The best part is that you need not carry your newsletter in your shopping bag, purse or your attaches. This is what I love about technology, we can travel back into a gentler time,  with the use of our handy smart phones, tablets, or even your PC! the wonder of it all!

If you are at home go grab a cuppa, sit back  and get ready for a good read. Or just get comfy where ever you might find yourself. Enjoy!


Weather has changed to cooler days and colder nights.  Samhain, our beautiful celebration has  passed and here we are, at  a brand new month. November its here with is windy days, preparations for the approaching holidays and our efforts to avoid several family members for the Thanksgiving dinner. For some a single affair for others a whole herd of family members, some of which we never heard of, are foreseen in the not so far horizon. Fear not dear reader! along the way in my humble newsletter you might find some easy ways to “pre- De-stress from the “stress” we all know is part of the holiday season, what fun!

Although Thanksgiving is not a celebration that  requires us to spend a lot of money, and is not as much publicized as it predecessor  Halloween or its follower Christmas,  it does require for us to put our “chef” cap and think of ways of cooking a diversity of dishes that are not only enjoyable, but also  money and time savers.  Some, who  might have company during Thanksgiving celebration, have as well to prepare their homes to receive guests (be it family or friends) plus various other activities that are part of the family routine. To keep sane during these last months of the year, we have to strive and find “me” time.  Even if squeezed in the early morning before everyone gets up to start the day or at night, when everyone else has retired for day. It requires a bit of strategy thinking on your part, but it can be done. Think of it as a “must” have time-off for yourself, remember your sanity depends on it, if you are to survive the “holiday” season.


Yes, we are still in the season of Autumn, no matter what advertisers want to make us think with their “winter-like” backgrounds and stores filled to the brim with Winter items and holiday cheer.

Autumn IS a very magical time of the year. Leaves change color, mornings are filled with a crispy sort of air. Days are starting to grow shorter and shorter and we can enjoy our hot drinks in the comfort of home.  It is a time that invites reflections on the past months. Where we are at this point of our lives, what we achieved so far.

If you like taking walks in the park or around your neighborhood, this is a good time to collect acorns, pine cones and dry leaves fallen from near by trees. Something I did when my boys were younger was collect dry leaves from the back yard of our old house. We had a beautiful, big Oak tree. We would collect dry leaves, choose the ones that were the prettiest ones,  clean them up a bit, press them over with a medium hot iron (with a piece of fabric above the leaves). I made mats for my dining room table. I made one specially for my altar where I would burn candles during the Autumn season.  This is an excellent idea if you have toddlers and want to share the fun of collecting the leaves. Give them a small plastic bucket so they can go around collecting leaves with you. Once you get home or get inside your kitchen let them help you with choosing which are the best to keep. Except for the ironing of the leaves, which you will take charge of, it is a fun pass time, that they will cherish and remember always.

I refuse to get into the Yule/Christmas-y sort of mood at this time of year. I want to enjoy Autumn, to be able to appreciate the changes from hot weather to suddenly cold, is like only yesterday I was wearing summer-y, light clothing and today a sweater! (which happens to be true where I live) this is why I cherish these short-lived days. I am a coffee lover and in between I cheat on coffee with my love of tea! This time of year I can enjoy both, with my morning coffee and afternoon tea time. Baking is as well and important part of my life. My waist may not appreciate it, but my well-being depends on it! Baking is like therapy to me, and I enjoy this as well during the Autumn days.  Now I can see as well the fruits of my labor on my balcony potted garden. Flowers are in bloom, no longer do they drip listlessly from all that blustery summer sun, now they show their beautiful lush leaves and newly sprung buds or flowers. So dear reader ask yourself, what is not to like about Autumn?


3rd Week of November:

Week starts with Virgo still being in aspect, with a sextile of Virgo Moon with Scorpio/Sun at 1:26 a.m. PST. Then minutes before it goes into a V/C Moon there is a a trine between Mercury/Scorpio and Chiron/Pisces. Moon goes V/C at 3:11 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. when it aspects Libra.

Then on Tuesday Nov. 18th Saturn and the Sun have a meet up that happens but once a year. These energies combined have a long-term effect, it is a good day to closely consider your obligations.  Opportunity only knocks once,  so remember last day the Sun has in Scorpio for the year.  Then the Sun will make its way to Sagittarius, on Saturday Nov. 22nd. Sagittarius is optimistic, extravagant, freedom loving and goal oriented. With the Sun shining on it, it brings optimism . Key words are new prospects, new adventures.

On Saturday 22nd. We have the New Moon phase in Sagittarius at 4:19 a.m. PST. The Moon wants peace at this time, as opposed to the bubbling, carefree attitude of Sagittarius, so it is a good time to saw the seeds for new projects. Sagittarius new Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 12:50 p.m. Dreams (Neptune/Pisces) with exaggeration (Sun/Sagittarius) this translates to, don’t take on more that you will be able to work on. Use the Saturn/Sun influence to keep your goals real and within your means of achieving them.


ARIES: Fire sign, reigned by Mars. Finish what you start, there is always that good feeling of accomplishment, once the task is done. A favorable period in friendship and with friends. A love opportunity might be lurking in the shadows, keep those peepers peeled! Your lucky number this week: 3

TAURUS: Venus reigned, with Earth Element. A good week for anything related to business. Also at work, it is possible to get the respect you crave from your boss. Don’t loose heart, your work is appreciated. Persist in your goals, achieve calm through meditation. Lucky number! 5.

GEMINI: Element Air, reigned by Mercury. Don’t change your mind too much. Curiosity is good when in search of broadening your knowledge. Culture and art shine this week for many of this airy sign. Possibility of travel is in the cards! and to meet people from other countries or meet mystics. Lucky number! 2

CANCER: Element Water, reigned by the Moon. Don’t take things too personal, build your self-assurance. Learn to handle your emotional tides well. Good week to look for financial opportunity, good time to be approved for credit, and maybe a salary raise! Trust in your power of conviction when evaluating new opportunities. Lucky number! 4.

LEO: Element fire, ruled by the Sun. You love yourself, all of you! your hair, your teeth, your smile and the ability to get what you want when you want it! This week is good in matters of love. You are favored in your capacity for communication and your social life is harmonious at present. Your lucky number! 7

VIRGO: Element Earth, ruled by Mercury. Virgo, you are efficient, love to organize your surrounding,  find solutions to problems, and give attention to detail. For this week I see that you should not take any quick decisions. Wait it out, until things are clear. When it comes to finance and business, you need to practice good judgment in the face of conflicts. Lucky number! 6

LIBRA: Element Air, ruled Venus. Libra, like Leo you love yourself. You love watching yourself in the mirror, loving what you see! You dislike drama, and always strive for balance and harmony in love and friendship. You love dressing well, and have a good sense of what looks best in you. A new job may be in the horizon! I see that you have to take care of your back and your circulatory health.  Lucky number! 7

SCORPIO: Element Water, ruled by Pluto. You are intense, secretive, compulsive. mysterious and shrewd. You feel things deeply.  For this week, put effort in the dynamics with your family and friends. Social life is harmonious. There might be a misunderstanding with a friend, be honest, and make your feelings clear when something bothers you. Your lucky number! 4

SAGITTARIUS: Element Fire, ruled by Jupiter. Fun loving, enthusiastic, extravagant, goal oriented. You dislike routine, and are always looking for the next adventure. This week I see that you might be feeling a bit tired from past activities. Take a rest and chill.  A possibility of a misunderstanding with your significant other, keep your cool! I see that you are going through an important lesson from life, pay attention. Your lucky number! 3

CAPRICORN: Element Earth, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn, you are ever so responsible,authoritative, career or business oriented. You have a dry type of humor, tend to be pessimistic and you like to be organized. I see a favorable week in the financial field, and an extra income or money bonus might be part of this week. However, I see that you have to put special attention and care in your love life. Do this, unless you want to face problems in this area, in a near future. Lucky number! 5

AQUARIUS: Element Air, ruled by Uranus. Independent, innovative, rebellious, revolutionary, emotionally detached. I see that initiative has to be your strong point this week, to be able to resolve pending matters.  Do not let things unresolved or you will face personal problems. I see that this week you are more sensitive to art and beauty in general. Lucky number! 4

PISCES: Element Water, ruled by Neptune. You are compassionate by nature, sensitive, spiritual, intuitive.   Time spent on your own this week is beneficial and healthy. A good time to revise the past months,  blessings received and lessons learned. Lucky number! 9


Throughout the years, It has become second nature, to purchase grocery items that are not only affordable but nutritious. The following is a favorite family staple, and one that saves you time, money and the whole family enjoys. Bon Apetit!


1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

1/2 cup butter melted

1 cup milk


1/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Cut fruit in small pieces. Combine flour, baking powder, 3/4 Cup sugar, and salt into a mixing bowl. Stir in fruit until well blended. In a small bowl, beat eggs. Add butter and milk. Stir into the flour mixture just to blend. Fill muffin cups 3/4 full. Sprinkle with sugar/cinnamon mix. Bake in 400 degree oven for 15 mnts.  Yields  1 dozen muffins.

Tip: your fruit can be raisins (my favorite) and instead of butter you can substitute with plain apple sauce. If you do not want the sugar added to the top, only use the cinnamon powder.


We are in the waning Moon phase. This is a perfect time to give a good spiritual cleansing to our home. First give a good physical cleaning, throughout the house/apartment and finish up with the spiritual cleaning. Use the five elements:

Before you start make sure to create sacred space and place protection around your home (like a balloon over the whole place. Any color that means protection to you)

Fire- Candle

Water: Drinking water

Earth: Salt or combination of salt and a bit of purifying herbs (like sage, rosemary, basil)

Air: Incense (or if you don’t have any, play music=Air element)

Spirit: Ask Spirit, your favorite deity etc, to be present during your spiritual cleaning and give thanks when you are done, asking for its protective energies to be left after the cleansing. Why ask for protection you may ask? Every time we conduct spiritual work, we open certain thresholds, make sure to protect self and home always!

Well dear reader, this is the end of this week’s offering in my Witch’s Gazette. It has been lovely putting together this humble newsletter and I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.