We are the Change

Dear Reader: I hope to find you well. Another season is winding down and coming to an end. As we prepare for the new one to enter, we might reflect on the past months.

The Mercury retrograde is past, we had two eclipses, summer season was unbearable the past week (in some parts of the USA). We are witnessing natural disasters, not only here but elsewhere in the world. Political climate is scary (for lack of a better world) and there seems to be note of uncertainty as to where are we heading as a race. I am talking about the whole of human race. Not just one race, but all of us.

It feels surreal that, as there are big strides made in technology, with assurances that the next frontier for us would be Mars, its worrisome at the same time.

We are filled with misunderstanding among our own kind. Walls want to be built, wars want to be started, famine and poverty are still a big reality on this planet, with only a handful of people in the wealth index (globally) and yet we inexorable continue to look towards the stars. Aiming at traveling far away and conquer and colonize other parts when we haven’t even learned the concept of harmony, understanding and love, here in our own “backyard.”

Yes, it is awesome that we have new technology, I love that. We have come a long way from wood toilets to the A.I. home living.
Yet, we are still behind in basic human kindness. I am not saying all of us are. But compared to the many that are not, we are a small island in the vast sea of humanity.

It is easy, when one has a social platform, to get lost in the everyday, in the cool posts, with cooler pictures. It is easy to forget that we as human beings, each carry a responsibility to help each other. It is easy to turn the other way, avoid the “ugly” and ignore what we might see as a lost cause.
It might seem that way, that we are utterly lost, and think somewhere along the line, the gods forsook us, long time ago. But that doesn’t mean we must stay “lost.”  We can lift ourselves from despair, as shown time and time again through history. We can rebuild, we can survive.
We have the ability to dream, to hope and to move forward.

Of course one post will not change things, or just one voice. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness, so that whoever reads it passes the word and in turn that other person does that as well. Somewhere along the line the collective conscious of a group might stand up and say “enough! we are all human beings, and as such we deserve to live in dignity, in a world that will be finally a gift for our children, not a burden. Enough! we stand for what is right, what is just.”

If only.. Then perhaps we might have a chance.

Until I write again,

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Bringing a Sense of Wonder – Color In Magick

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to another post from the Magickal Gazette. As summer nears the end of its season, the sun starts to shine harder as it uses the last of the season’s power.

As I was sitting down, ruminating about summer’s end and preparing to work on my post, I noticed the colors reflected on the wall behind my desk from a small butterfly prism hanging at my balcony window.  The colors making a lovely rainbow through the wall, moving this way and that.  It seemed for a moment, as if the wind and the glass butterfly were playing a game only they knew about.

That brought to mind, a topic I have wanted to explore in this blog. In my previous post I talked about the power of Blue. Now in this one, I want to broaden the range of colors and how it can be used for magickal purposes.

The effect of color on the human psyche and emotions is a well know fact. Like music which  has a range of vibrational ripples that affect the emotions so do colors affect us as well. We even have phrases like:

” I am feeling blue” or “seeing red.” We have come to subconsciously acknowledge the effect of colorscolormagick (2) and this is not something that is a phenomenon of the modern age, but rather goes back centuries. It is believed that occultists created a code, which they could refer to whenever they performed magickal work. The belief in the power of the color red, to name one, goes back to Roman times. Back then, it symbolized the sacred liquid of life and the sacred flame. Silver, was associated with the moon and believed to held power over the astral world and Blue being the color of the sky was associated with divine blessings.

Just as color with its vibrational energy; is used to enhance a living space it can also be used in magickal work. There are various ways to attain the desired effect in any particular magickal endeavor.

The most obvious one is colored bottles,  to store items like blessed water,  incense, oils or even small tumbled stones.

colormagick (3)Lights can be shined through a stained glass and the colored light that comes through it, can be focused on talisman, petition, charm, stone, water etc. Anything you can think of to be charged for magickal work.

For example an oil that is meant to be for money, can be placed in a green bottle and this in turn placed on a windowsill were the light of the Sun and the Moon will shine on it, and empower the oil with their natural energy.

When you empower an item with color as a filter, sunlight is used first as the Sun will imbue the vibratory essence of the color. After which, the Moon light will be used to imbue the metaphysical property of the color.

Other things to take into consideration to charge your items: Moon phase and the season of the year. Both will determine the type of vibratory energy your item receives through the chosen color. Seasons like moon phases each bring their own energy, thus Spring and Summer are for things of growth, Autumn for harvest and Winter for reflection and gathering energy.

The waxing moon, for things of “growth” like plans, income, health (to make it stronger) gain. The waning moon phase is used to work on things we want to diminish (weight loss for example), get rid of and protection, etc.

Prepare accordingly with the days of the week, astrological sign and moon phase. This means that you can choose a day to use the sunlight energy and then wait for the correct lunar phase to finish empowering your item with color on a different day.

Once your item is charged, re-empower each Full moon under the lunar energies.

A short list of color for magick, this is not an all inclusive list. Just enough to start you off.

Gold- success, wealth

Green – Money, growth, renewal, employment,

Purple- Success, wisdom, protection

Red – health, will power

Yellow – intellect, creativity, success

Regardless of how color is utilized in one’s life, whether for magick or just every day living, color has the power to uplift the mood, calm the mind and energize the will power. Like music, color is needed to help us in our human journey.

As I wrap up today’s post, I look up again at the wall and notice the prism lights are disappearing as Earth moves away from the Sun into the afternoon hours. I recapture in my mind the wonder I felt when I first saw the colors earlier on, reflecting the colors of the rainbow.  Like a child watching a prism for the first time, it is that sense of wonder, that we need to keep within our heart, for it is such moments, that help us to see the beauty around us.

dreamUntil I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter- The Muse Strikes

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:  I hope this newest post finds you well of spirit and body. Life keeps happening and the call of the muse strikes me again, making it impossible to even have a clear thought, until I put down into words what is riddling my mind and soul.

Life spirals in crazy swirls around a person and there are times one feels as if we can actually stay still. Not moving at all, and the maelstrom of life plays right before our eyes. Little pieces of  the big puzzle fall slowly to the ground, and the mystery of it all is sometimes just too much. So we seek refuge in what we love best.

In my case, I let my spirit flow and guide me, and it always guides me true. My little balcony. Small yet big enough to fill my mind with dreams. Through the watching of life evolving before me. Flowers dying and coming to life again with the miracle of Earth’s energy. It is here where I seek refuge from the demanding of life’s obligations. It is there that I can re-collect my own energies and become certain, that I could become one with the frequencies of Earth.

1462289775844My little garden, sings its siren song to me. I cannot stay away for long, for I feel as if something very important has been left undone. So many times I’ve gone to my little piece of calm and placing my hands on the earth, I feel whatever sadness or worry I might be feeling, flow out of me onto it. I can feel how it takes the negative and how in return gifts me with peace.

I have been quiet here in this blog, as I have been not only busy like everyone else; with life’s demands, but also devoid of my writing “mojo” as I like to call it. My mind was blank and my soul empty of the creative fire that fills me whenever I come up with ideas or write. For a while I was upset at that happenstance, then worried that I was not my usual “chatty” self sort of speak, on any of my blogs. Then frustrated  thinking “That is it for me! no more ideas, writing or anything else creative!” I know dear reader, it might sound a bit dramatic, but it was just a thought, said to one in particular but just me. I realized I have lost touch with something important within me, something perhaps I was not acknowledging.

rainy dayAll of us have fluctuations in our energy flow. Sometimes it flows strong and we go through life feeling positive and others is low and we might feel as if we all is devoid of light and laughter. It is a painful reality and one many do not like to speak of, much less acknowledge. But perhaps by opening up about such moments we not only help ourselves but others that might find themselves in a ‘dark’ place of the soul for lack of a better turn of phrase.

There are various things one can do to bring light unto one’s soul some easy some require actual physical efforts and others a journey into our own spirituality and belief. It is important whether you are witch or not, to keep a flow of awareness. It sustains the soul, from the assault of everyday life. It allows for the mind to be present and the spirit to be strong

As simple as lighting a candle on your altar daily, watering your plants, carrying a small bag of stones that ground one’s energy, praying, meditating, talking a walk or just being present in the moment. There is no end to a person’s creative flow of ideas of how to connect to Earth, the only limit lies within our own mind, the blocks we might impose in us.

It is easy to fall prey to outmoded ideas or expectations, and carry them around, like old luggage, hoarding the old and painful and not realizing that it is not needed neither necessary for our own  personal growth and peace of mind. I realized I was blocking my own light, my own healing and thus my primal creativity. It is until recently that I let the emotional gates to be opened, that I hmm.. saw the light, I know, I know it sounds trite but in my case true.

1459579135689So I wanted to share, and send the message that when we might feel that there is only dark days, and loneliness and as if nothing makes sense, it does not mean you have lost your way. It just means that your soul is calling to your heart, there is some inner healing needs be done. Some inner recognition of things to be accepted, and things to let go. No one is perfect. Think about it. As the Universe constantly expands, so our own consciousness of what is around us and of our own place in the midst of it all. It is but natural to stand still for a moment in time, and re-asses our soul’s direction.

It is not my intention to make it seem as if it is easy to take hold of such feelings. It is not. It is anything but that. But is necessary sometimes, for our own growth, the walking through the “dark” to be able to appreciate the sunshine we have in our lives, in the form of family, friends and blessings.

Going into the dark void, consciously, for self-healing, might feel as if we are leaving the known and secure for the uncertain. But coming out of it, with a new perspective and understanding of ourselves worth the journey.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

May her light guide you.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-Magic of Numbers

72813_floral_w_smDear Reader: Another week has passed. The wheel of time continues to turn.72794_floral_g_sm

My calendar being in the last page brings forth a question of whether I should keep some of the art work on it, which I think is worth keeping. It is said that an old calendar is best thrown away, *sigh* I will have to make copies of what I like to keep.

Even though my calendar is where I mark my work, it is the seasons which are my compass. We as humans move along with the passage of seasons. But, we are also very much concerned with the “clock time” movement of each day. Everything we do revolves around numbers, but this goes deeper than just the need to organize what we see as a repeated measurement. It goes deep into the recess of what our subconscious perceives of the Universe at large.

numerosWhy do number have such an important meaning in magick? In our spiritual work and our everyday lives as well? Numbers gives us precise meaning, it tells us where we are at a certain time of day or year (clocks, calendars) and it allows to make ‘sense’ of things. It enables us to coordinate our activities.  But numbers go beyond that. Our subconscious reveals to us numbers in dreams, which speak in an almost mysterious manner of things to come, to watch out for, to expect something from, depending on the feeling we get of the dream.

Take for instance the number 9. Such is the power of nine that we know in magic, it signifies completion, the power of 3 multiplied. 9 is the number a pregnancy lasts. It is a time of forming a life, within another life form in a period that lasts 3 trimesters. The power of 3 is seen again in the seasons. Each one lasting 3 months each. The number of chakras is also based on the 3. Although many think that there are only 7 important chakras, in reality there are many more, based again on this number.

The Universe is based it seems, on a mathematical lay out. There are quadrants in each galaxy, which in turn is divided into squares within the quadrants.  We are after all a frequency, an energy of the Universe vibrating into Earth and through us.

Numbers  that keep cropping up in dreams or everyday life, are a way of the subconscious mind of reminding us of something important, something not to be repeated, to be aware of. If the same keeps appearing then it might be something we need to keep in mind,  learn, but have not yet done so.

If you pay attention to the pattern in your life, you might get to see how some situations have been repetitive for a certain number of times. If you can get to how many times it happens, and compare to other instances in your life, then you have figured out your life journey’s number. What I mean with this is, lets say you have had a pattern of stressful work conditions. On and off. Finally you are free from that pattern and you settle in a job that is stable and you feel at peace. How many times did you go through that bad situation? 3?  more?  Compare that situation to another in your life. This might the number of times, it takes for you to learn a lesson in your life’s journey and a situation which can be avoided, by being mindful of the choices you make and how you realize the impact of each in your life.

The same can be said with a number that brings you luck and good results. Paying attention to that particular number can bring a sense of being able to control certain aspects of your life that otherwise might seem random.

Numerology is a powerful tool to use in magick. You already know that for a spell to work you have to repeat it a certain number of times. Or burn a candle for several days until you “feel” it has sent the spiritual message to where it should go. Even if you perform magick without the thought of using a certain number of days, you subconsciously know how long you should be working on it.

Although numbers have a subtle influence in our lives, it is ultimately up to us, if we want to use them to our advantage.  Numbers and/or numerology is something that is there for us to “mine” if we want to. But it is not something we cannot avoid, as they are not a “command” of things that must happen or be done in a certain way. Numbers are perfect tools in magick,  although not the answer to it. Lets remember, that Earth’s nature is not in numbers, but a powerful energy that verges on the mystical and as such said energies are used when performing spiritual work.

As Albert Einstein said :

Numbers Wallpaper“Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.”

Until I write again, dear reader..


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XIV

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new week. I hope all are doing well and ready to embrace a new chance to draw good things to your life.


We saw last week pass with Mercury going into direct mode again. Things are starting to move. Now we can leave all that “re”- behind. Re-plan, re-organize, re-think things, etc. Goodbye to that and good riddance! It bores my mind to have to hold on to perfectly good plans which I feel it’s such a waste. To wait a certain period of time when a planet is in retrograde, but no matter. A brand new week. A brand new canvas. Blank, waiting for us to fill it with colors, give shape through our inner drawings of things we want to see become solid.

This is actually a very interesting week, in celestial matters. Which as always affect our human life. After the humdrum inactivity of the past week, a change of pace is just what we need to fire up our dreams and lift us out of the blues.

Starting with the New Moon on Wednesday 18th ( 3:47 p.m. PST) is not just any new Moon but it is also a supermoon, or as it called in astronomy a perigean new Moon. This type of Moon (new or full)  coincides with perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit.  We have a total of 6 supemoons  for this year alone.  3 new moons – January, February and March and 3 Full Moons – August, September and October.- The closest of which, will be the September 28th which will also be a total lunar eclipse. Physically on Earth this creates higher than usual tides and this in turn increases the risk of flooding.

Soon after the new moon happens, the Sun leaves Aquarius and will move into Pisces for the next four weeks. Then next day on Thursday February 19th we have the Chinese new year. That same day (2/19) Mars moves into its own turf by moving into Aries where it will stay for the next 6 weeks. Venus will also move into Aries on Friday, Feb. 20th. Which makes for an interesting match. Mars the fire warrior and Venus the planet of love. Both combined for a passionate meet-up.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday 2/16 – 4th quarter. Moon void of course at 12:17 pm. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 pm.

Tuesday 2/17th – 4th quarter. Aquarius Moon. Mardi Gras

Wednesday 2/18th – New Moon at 3:47 pm. Moon void of course at 3:47 pm. Then immediately the Moon aspects Pisces. Sun moves into Pisces at 3:50 pm.

Thursday 2/19th – 1st quarter – Moon in Pisces. Chinese new Year. Moon goes void of course at 3:02 pm. Mars enters Aries at 4:11 pm.

Friday 2/20th – 1st quarter – Venus enters Aries at 12:05 pm. Moon enters Aries at 3:13 p.m.

Saturday 2/21st. – 1st quarter – Moon in Aries. Then it goes void of course at 4:36 pm.

Sunday 2/22nd – 1st quarter –  Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm. The week ends with a sextile between a Moon in Taurus and Sun in Pisces. Excellent energies to wrap up the week!

Oracle cards


For this week’s card I used a deck by Ravynne Phelan.

Honor Gaia:

This card’s message is for us to look outside ourselves and look around us. This planet that nourishes our everyday life. We walk upon this Earth. Live off from its fruit. We inhabit every inch of it. We live, love and die on this plane. The never-ending energies and magic of the planet is there for us. It is our duty to guard that which protect us.  To nourish it in return. To make sure that it is not destroyed.

So what dear reader, can we do to ensure that our beautiful planet keeps alive? thinking about it is not enough, deeds are important. It is not only the caring of the physical planet, but the caring for others. We are all connected to this planet. We are connected spiritually to each other as humans. What flows out of Earth, flows into us and out into the Universe. Creating a constant flow of whatever we make of its powerful energy. If we love, then we expel love, if on the contrary we hate and create chaos, then that is the message we are sending to the Universe. All its connected.  It is a cosmos (humans) within a cosmos (Earth) within a larger cosmos (Universe) . To live mind fully in every aspect of our lives, creates harmony. When we care for Earth, and to  mindfully do things for Earth is the same as to do for us and others.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:ink and butterfly

This week I want to reflect of what the week is bringing to our lives. Since the Card of the Week, is a card about our planet, it makes for the perfect opportunity to think about mindful living. What is that? some might ask, and how do we achieve it?  others might say.

In one of my previous newsletters, I suggested obtaining a personal magickal journal.  Whether is an electronic journal or a paper journal, it can be used to take notes of your week. Just that. Write down your routine during the week. You do not have to write down every little instance (unless you want to).  From writing your morning routine to the last thing you do before you go to sleep.  Don’t change a thing.

By Sunday night, you will read back to yourself how your week went. Reflected through your own accounting.  No matter how tedious this might seem to you. It brings a different perspective when you read what you have done. What in the week, did you do that was mindful? For example, did you visit an elderly relative that lives alone to give company? Did you help someone in any way? Or did you just live a life void of any of that? Do not feel bad. This is only for you. Think of ways in which you can incorporate a mindful way of living. Do not over reach yourself. Do not try be competitive with any one you know who you feel is doing “better” than you. This is only for you.

Mindfulness is moments. Small. Moments that bring a sense of something accomplished. Something that will make you feel good about yourself. Something positive. The challenge lies not on the bigness of the act, but in the purity of intention. Think about it dear reader. At the least, it will bring an added dimension to your life. At the best, it will enrich it. Allowing your frequencies to expand, to vibrate with positive flow and love.

Well dear reader, it is time to put down my virtual pen and sit back and hope that the words written in this magickal blog, will leave something good in your mind. Something to reflect upon. Live your life with love and in the process love your life as if it were the last one on Earth. Make it lovely!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter Pub XI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings to all. As always I hope all are in good health and good cheer. The beautiful season of Winter is still with us. One I wish would last perhaps 4 months instead of three. That would take care of the dreaded summer season, so we would only have comfortable and lovely weather, without the sweaty intermission we have to go through. Oh well! it is what it is. Moving on dear reader, lets peruse the themes on this week’s publication..

CURRENT HAPPENINGS: We go through the seasons. Each churning away in a never-ending journey. Winter with its solitude and gathering of energies. Earth in peaceful slumber. Until Spring when it awakens with a splash of color with flowers everywhere. Trees housing nests and nature becoming “aware” shall we say of the beauty it can create and share with us humble humans. Then the dreaded summer (sigh) a necessary season (although I do not see the point of incredible high temperatures) which brings fruit, vegetables and grains to maturity. Which we can finally harvest and enjoy on Autumn, and the circle starts all anew. I like to enjoy the passing of time through the seasons. It makes more sense to live through each season, than watching it go by through a calendar.  Why would we want to “mark” time like that? when we can mark each passing day, by actually watching all evolve right before our own very eyes? What is the point of rushing through the working week. We think that we will really enjoy the well deserved weekend only to be thinking that soon the working week will start again! I will not claim that I have always watched time go by through each season. It is perhaps the passing of the years, the gathering of wisdom, that brings an added dimension to my senses. It makes each day special, each moment lived worth keeping in the chambers of the heart.

Four seasons


As we already know, people in ancient times, lived by seasons. They would mark their lives according to nature. No one knows when the first calendar was invented, but “notched bones” have been found in Africa and Europe, which were used to record moon phases. A notch would be carved to mark the passing of each full Moon, this type of ancient “calendar” dates back to 20,500 BC.

It makes sense that as we went through evolution into more sophisticated beings, tools used to mark time would change with us. As our minds expanded, so did our worldview. Sadly, as it is the norm with technology, we lost the sense of self, and of the natural energies of the planet which we inhabit. This is what I mean when I say that we should attune ourselves to the passing of time through the changes of each season. If we are attuned to Earth, our senses are more vibrant. We are in accord with our inner beings. We are healthier, happier and bad moods and anger are less frequent. Of course, this is a personal choice. It is not practicing magic that will turn us into “green” and natural beings. It is a worldview of spiritual contentment. Not to be confused with a religious view-point, but rather a spiritual well-being. The more we practice mindfulness, and/or meditation, and strive for a better self, the more the world around us (the natural world) comes into focus and the more it comes into focus, the more attuned we become to our inner and outer cosmos.


Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

Monday January 26th. Moon enters Taurus at 8:37 a.m. 2nd quarter begins

Tuesday January 27th – Venus aspects Pisces. This is supposed to be a very unrealistic pair up. So it is up to us to buckle up and maintain our left side of the brain active, as Venus combined with Pisces, creates an illusion of sorts and all becomes rosy colored. But! as usual I like to see the practical side, Venus does represent money energies and Pisces is a water element. It makes perfect sense that if you want to draw money, prosperity and better financial opportunities,(Venus) Pisces will make sure to get that water flowing for manifestation.. cha’ ching!$$

Wednesday January 28th – This day is sort of blah! Mercury is on Retro mode. So forget about using this day to get things “moving” or communicating your ideas in a cohesive manner. The plus side is that there is not many squares going on. Only one in which Gemini Moon squares Venus/Pisces..yawn! Even though squares develop friction between planets by one challenging the other..well I don’t see much antagonism out of the dreamy duo of Venus/Pisces against the Airy Gemini, which by the way is ruled by Mercury. The only challenge I see for this day is opposition between Gemini Moon-against Saturn/Sagittarius. But this will happen at night, 8:44 p.m. PST. So again, it might not be felt by many.

Thursday January 29th – This day its different. It starts with a Gemini Moon square to Neptune/Pisces at 2:10 a.m. PST. Good thing most of us are asleep then. No harm done. Then another square Gemini/Moon to Mars in Pisces at 4:12 pm. Air/Water-against Fire/Water. You might have an uncomfortable or aggravating moment. It all ends finally with a Gemini/Moon square to Chiron/Pisces. at 6:44 p.m. PST. I don’t see this one as much of a challenge but perhaps something/ an area where we need growth and or healing (Chiron)

Friday January 30th– Moon goes void of course at 1:24 a.m. PST. The Sun conjunct Mercury at 5:45 a.m. PST and the Moon enters Cancer at 11:09 p.m. PST.

Saturday January 31st. – This day is busy albeit not much of interest. The only good points of the day ( for spell work) are 2 trines. The first one 8:56 a.m. PST Cancer Moon trines Venus/Pisces and then a second one right after at 11:20 a.m. PST-Cancer Moon trines Neptune/Pisces. These planets understand each other. Their energies are favorable and most of all they want to help you! Take advantage of this opportunity window.

Sunday February 1st – Still in the second quarter Moon. We close the week with a host of planetary movements. Quincunx, squares, conjunction and oppositions! The Moon goes void at 5:37 a.m. with Cancer moon on a trine with Venus Pisces.  But the last aspect at 9:36 a.m. is a conjunction between Venus/Pisces Neptune/Pisces. Ah! dream time! don’t make important decisions. Wait for this conjunction to end. Take naps, organize your closet (remember Retro period is good for this), take a walk, drink tea, read. Whatever keeps you happily occupied.


For today’s card I have chosen my numerology cards. Its been a long time since I used these cards. Someone gave them to me many eons ago, and I lost the little box where they came in. I was happy when back in December of last year, I found them. So here it is. Number 5!

Number 5 is represented by the planet Jupiter. Expansion, travel, motion.

this number carries a bit of vacillation and profound changes. The spiritual meaning draws attention to the wonder of life and invites us to appreciate our perception of the world around us. 5 has strong vibrations. Trips are under this number, unexpected perhaps, or taking action on a personal matter. Just keep in mind, that not all trips are taken on the physical world. Some might be spiritual journeys of the mind and soul.


To follow the theme of mindfulness and spiritual well-being, I want to share a simple meditation exercise. Magick is not done or conducted only through physical tools. Meditation even though not of a “magical” nature, can be part of our magickal self.

Get a white candle (a votive candle). Clean and bless. This candle is empowered with the intention of creating sacred space and allowing us to disengage from mundane care just for the moment we meditate.

Do this preferably before you go to sleep. Once you are ready for bed, place your candle on your night table if you are doing this meditation on your bed. It can also be done sitting on the floor of your bedroom with the candle in front of you. Sit in a simple lotus position. If you are uncomfortable, place pillows behind your back. Once you are ready, close your eyes. Breath in and out 5 times. Each time you exhale imagine letting go the stress of the day. Each time you inhale imagine drawing in peace and calm.

Create a mental bubble around you. The color will be white. It  can encompass your whole bedroom or just a small ratio around your body. This is your protection bubble. Necessary always whether in meditation or while conducting spells.

Gaze into the flame and observe how is burning. Close  your eyes. It is of course normal to see the flame as a little white light in the darkness when your eyes are closed. Keep it like that until it disappears. Open your eyes again. Look at the flame. Again close your eyes. You will do this one more time for a total of 3 times. The intention behind this, is to focus in the moment. The last time, don’t open your eyes again. Eventually the mental chatter will go away and your mind will quiet. Don’t force it, it will happen. You will tell yourself that your sleep time will be peaceful. Say this 5 times. Then you will say that if you need messages from your inner being, your soul, that you will see it in dreams. Say this 3 times. Quiet your mind. Stay like that for as long as you can. Even if its only 2 or 3 minutes longer. Just feel the peace that surrounds you. Open your eyes. You can keep the protection bubble around you or let it go before you go to bed. Snuff out the candle, keep it in a place that will not be touched by anyone and that will be handy for your night meditation.

You might have vivid dreams, you might just have a short dream, or you might not remember dreaming at all. All that is normal. Before you go to work, or start your daily routine, stand in front of the mirror, and tell yourself that your day will be a positive day. Just that. Go about your day. What is the benefit of this meditation? After you keep doing this for a solid 14 days, you will start to feel less stress in your life. You might notice things more on your way to work or the supermarket etc. You will feel yourself, being more in the moment of things. As well as being more patient when perhaps before you were not.

The longer you do this, the more used you will become to it, and the more it will make sense to make it a regular part of your life. Meditation does not only bring mindfulness, it helps with some health issues like headaches, or insomnia. The benefits are really more than just this. It impacts your life in a positive manner. Just think about it. If we can spend 2 mindless hours watching television at night, why not invest 15 minutes daily, enriching our souls?

Well dear readers, its time for me to close today’s newsletter. May your week ahead be filled with wonder, and may that wonder leave you with a sense of the beauty of our planet Earth!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub X

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome once more. I hope the week has gone by well for all of you. There are so many topics I wish I could talk about, all at once! but alas dear reader, I cannot stuff this short newsletter with all the things I have in mind for the Witch’s Gazette. As a rule, I try not to read the current news from the internet. It is really my life’s philosophy not to aggravate my days with bad news from every corner of the planet. This  I choose to do, not to close my eyes to reality, but to keep a sane mind, and be objective whenever I do read them. Having said that, it is also impossible not to be touched by the global dramas and tragic stories. With this in mind…

CURRENT HAPPENINGS:  When we hear or read about a global issue that its tragic to the point of almost disbelief we tend to shield ourselves almost automatically. This “shielding” its done through perhaps a mental process of closing our mind to the “ugly” side of humanity and think that it’s so far away, how can it possibly affect us?  This is but human nature.

With Imbolc so close now, a natural point of the Season and one of our 4 mayor Sabbats, it strikes my mind, as such disparate energies playing out on this planet. On one hand we have the recent attack at the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the tragic events in Northern Nigeria with terror group Boko Haram, terrorizing the communities of that part of Africa. Plus a host of so many sad events on a global scale. On the other hand we have nature slowly awakening from the winter slumber. It awakens each part of the soil, so that it can be revived again, and bring nature to life.  Tragic human deeds against the hopeful energies of Earth. Beauty of nature against the horror perpetrated to incredible extremes.

I will not go into depth about each of the happenings going on as I write this article, I am not a seasoned journalist. For that dear reader you have a host of hundreds of links that will keep you be up to snuff on such political deeds. But, what I am is a spiritual practitioner. One who practices one of the most ancient beliefs. I respect the Earth, and the seasons. I respect each passing day for what it is, a gift. I am not going to even try to make you think that magick will cure all, for on its own its nothing. But when combined with the human will, and a strong belief behind it, it can be used to create at least a beginning. Earth needs healing, and through this healing so can humans start the healing process as well. Perhaps the actions of the planet itself are a reflection, a response if you will; of the pain that the Spirit of the planet, must feel. When we have natural disasters, have you ever wondered if it’s not perhaps Earth trying to make us understand that we are destroying that same soil upon which we stand? Perhaps it is trying as well to remind us that we each have a spark of the Spirit of Earth, but we have forgotten our way. We need to respect and nurture that which sustains our lives.

Will my words make a global difference? I know it won’t (although I wish it would).  But if these words make a difference in the hearts of the people that read this blog, then meager as it may seem it is a beginning. It is true what I read a long time ago, that all starts with a step. A single step that is all. It need not be dramatic, or broadcasted to the world wide web, but it need come from an understanding that we must change, we are the beings living in this world, therefore we are the change. After all is said and done, what can we do, where do we start, and what does Imbolc have to do with it?


Imbolc/ Oimelc/ Candlemas/ Festival of Lights. Imbolc celebrates the return of the Sun, when Winter is almost at an end. This is the feast of the waxing light as the Sun grows and strengthens. It corresponds with Groundhog day here in the United States.

It is believed through lore, in ancient times people would light candles or torches,  through out their homes after sunset to welcome the returning light after the dark of the Winter season. The symbolic act of lighting candles is to invite the Spirit of Earth to wake gradually and peacefully from its long slumber. As Imbolc is the Maiden aspect of the divine Goddess, represented through one of her main colors: yellow, it is a time for healing as well. This is one of the facets of the Goddess invoked on Imbolc. As Winter recedes Spring approaches, thus making it a time for early seeding. In a spiritual sense it is a time to plant the “seeds.” Goals and projects you want to come to fruition during the coming months.

Why not light candles to represent the healing for Earth and humanity? This can be done with a symbolic act of placing a packet of seeds on your altar to represent the first step, that first seed, planted for a better world to live on. I am not proposing this act will bring an instant change, but it will send a message onto the Universe. There are people on this planet, that wants the change, needs the change and that we are ready to start the healing.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday January 19th – Mars conjuncts Neptune.  The influence of Neptune on Mars translates to: creativity, aided by the go getter Mars, it becomes a sure fire way to make whatever inspires you, solid.

Tuesday January 20th: New Moon, with the Moon aspecting Aquarius. The moon is at it closest to Earth. This makes for a powerful day and week ahead. There are no oppositions or squares on this day, the first New Moon of the year. Excellent day for magickal and mundane endeavors.

Wednesday January 21st: Mercury which is also in Aquarius will turn retrograde at 7:54 a.m. PST and it will end on February 11 at 6:57 a.m. PST.

Remain flexible during the Merc Retro. Just step back and determine where you have been these past weeks and think of ways you can use this time to re-organize your life (if needed).

Thursday January 22nd.: Moon enters Pisces at 4:28 a.m. Excellent day to expand your horizons through magickal work.

Friday January 23rd.: Pisces continues to rule the day. Pisces and Venus combined are perfect for spell castings to draw forth money, make wishes (Venus loves giving you things, all she wants to do is make you happy), and work on beauty goals.

Saturday January 24th: Moon enters Aries at 5:31 a.m. Aries Moon sextiles the Aquarius Sun – Active exchange is encouraged under the sextile. Make use of the qualities of Fire and Air. Make those dreams take off the ground.

Sunday January 25th: The moon is still on Aries. Sunday a day of success. Another sextile this time, Aries Moon sextiles Mercury/Aquarius (just remember Mercury is retro by now) and a Trine between Aries Moon- Jupiter in Leo. The day is yours to do what you wish, seize the day!


CAM00262The Chess Queen:

Upright – (Ally) As an aid to bring prosperity and peace. It also tells you to trust the Divine,  allow Her to guide you  to take the right steps. When you are aligned with her light, you are open to Universal messages. Follow your bliss, listen to Her positive message of love.


Get 13 candles (votives or tea lights) – Red or Yellow. Bless and empower. Create a circle with your petition in the middle. Place yellow flowers next to the candles. Make or buy a small broom (to represent sweeping out the old) and light your ring of “fire” on the day of Imbolc – Monday February 2nd. Second quarter. Moon in Leo (at 9:41 a.m. PST)

You can use this same set up (if you wish) to  do the above suggestion candle spell (Healing for Earth). You can empower your spell work by burning a blend of Basil, Benzoin and Myrrh incense.

Seeds for your spell work can be either : Pumpkin, sesame or Sunflower, to represent  growth.

As I wrap up my Magickal newsletter and I re-read the words I have written, I cannot help but hope that the energies conveyed through my humble musings, are taken in the spirit in which is given. A spirit of hope for a better tomorrow. I know this takes time, and work.. and more work. Belief alone does not create changes. People create changes. We have been given the gift of choice. As we have the choice to fall into a dismal hole of despair and cruelty, so do we have the power to raise above it.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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