A Mother’s Love

Dear Reader: Dedicated to all the moms out there..

To be a ‘mom’ does not encompass like many decades ago, only the female gender. Moms are the one’s “bringing up” baby. Motherhood is embraced by anyone who is the responsible adult taking care of children. After all, the very definition of a mother is “To care for and protect someone like a mother.” This post is dedicated to all Mothers, specially to those doing it all on their own.

A badge of honor for those early days, when you barely had any sleep at night. You have to wake up your household, get them ready for school, feed those hungry mouths, get yourself ready somehow in the process of early morning chaos.

A salute to the parent that is in “attention” mode 24/7, always keeping one eye on the computer monitor at work and another on the cell phone, just in cases the school calls, the babysitter or your kid. Kudos for braving a talk to the most feared teacher in school. You know the one..the lady that looks at you above her bifocals and makes you feel as if you are back in 4th grade again, but you march on and tell her your kid cannot possible had lied about losing their homework….

An honorably call, for being not only the caretaker, but also the tutor, the nurse, the driver, the fashion adviser (does my hair look ok mom? should I wear this or the sweater I got for my birthday) the one that soothes fears and boosts self-confidence.  Child: “mom! I’ll never, ever! be as tall as my brothers!…bwah!!!” mother: “shh…calm down love, of course you will! now see here, your legs are long for your age, that’s where you can tell you will be as tall..nay! perhaps even taller than your brothers. Erh..”  *sheepish smile*

For the countless hours spent preparing anything involving a child’s activity, like putting name tags on all the clothing your kid will wear in summer camp, or staying up till well after midnight to help finish up the science project (which really means, your kid is asleep by now and you are the one giving it the ‘final touches’). For the countless rides to friends houses, to the movies, to school games, to the mall, etc.

For soothing hurt egos, rooting for your kids, for being so proud of them, your chest feels like its gonna burst! For all those moments and more.

To all the momsies 🙂 I wish you a fab day enjoying those home-made breakfasts in bed, crumbles on the sheets, huggles from your kids and mainly just chilling on your special day (which truly should be EVERY day!) HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!♥
Until I write again!

Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-It is the little things..

72813_floral_w_smDear reader: I hope I find you, all that read my humble blog well of mind and 72794_floral_g_smbody. December has cast its shadow upon us. With it, colder days and the feel of urgency that seems to be attached to this month, whether we want it or not.

It is the collective consciousness making itself present during the holiday season. The expectations are high, and what the collective mind thinks; is manifested in the physical with the hurrying and the idea that we must enjoy the season no matter what!… but alas dear reader! it shouldn’t be so.  I concede that the month does carry a certain magickal feeling. It was after all conceived with the idea of love and harmony among us human beings. The principle is beautiful. It is what has been made of this time of year, that grates on the nerves of many. It is the commercialized idea, that what we gift, must be obtained at a store, or it will be worthless. In reality a well thought out gift made by hand is many times more welcomed that something that was bought in the last minutes of some sale going on. I acknowledge, it is easy to be lost in the excitement of the holiday music that is playing in the stores, the array of goodies on the store’s shelves and the pressure that we give ourselves of buying at least something, so as not to feel as we are loosing out on the season.

The reality of this particular season, hits many with no jobs, and/or no home. Add to that, the dismaying practice of the media in any form, of portraying the season as if it was what we buy that will make us happy, that is no wonder many feel grumpy or depressed during the holidays.

I am not proposing to go and throw away all of the season’s trimmings, and tree! Far from that! To put up the trimmings and the tree and “dress” your home for the holidays, brings a sense of happy.  It does lift the spirit, I do not deny this. When it is done for the one’s you love, the better you feel and the better everyone feels in turn.  It brings a sense of togetherness, and helps people realize their blessings. It helps as well to reflect that what may seem a simple celebration, without the expensive gifts and the big fanfare, might be seen as riches to someone who does not even have a place to call their own.

In the true sense of the season, we look within the family unit or within the self. Realize and give thanks for whatever blessing we have, no matter how small they may seem to others.

free-winter-screensavers-wallpaperI know it is usually with a cheery ‘voice’ that I write my blog. And it has been a couple of months since I last wrote in these virtual pages. I drafted ideas, wrote and re-wrote. Now with the holidays, it would have been easy to by-pass the other side of Christmas/Yule and write something  light and funny. But it did not feel right, nor legit. Not if it did not come from the heart.

I don’t think for a moment that my words will change your worldview just by reading it. What I hope is that it will bring reflection, upon the blessings you have. No matter how small. Even if we know in our sub-conscious mind that this is just another month, it is the collective way we feel about it, that makes the difference.

So dear reader, let’s be merry! and find joy in the small moments, in our small victories. It is after all the small moments, the little things, that are the pieces. And the love we give and receive, that which glues together our human journey.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Pub II

ink and butterflyDear Reader:

Greetings,   I hope to a find all in good health and humor. I have been looking forward to the second publication of my humble newsletter and without further ado,  let me walk you down the hallways of my musings.


Alas! Thanksgiving is around the corner now. Despite efforts to avoid certain members of family, many had to give in to familial obligations and are preparing to visit or receive in your homes the aforementioned persons. Even though am fortunate enough to have the bulk of most of my family far away, I have nevertheless found myself trapped in “virtual” nattering with various weird denizens of the family tree. Misfits and  ne’er-do-wells the bunch… Oh! ok, maybe not that, but weird sometimes and many of them strangers now, from so many years of being blessedly on the other side of the map.


This is a time, when we realize we have a lot in common with other families. We are after all, of the same combined human race. Unless you are absolutely certain your ancestors are from the Sun and you are just waiting for the next planetary alignment to open the portal for the rescue spaceship, then of course you are different…But the rest of us dear reader, share similarities.  Like the grouchy old aunt or uncle that delights in prophesies of bad weather, asking all the single members of the family when are they going to get married.  A time as well for the delight of going food shopping to places where havoc and mayhem is found, (read: supermarkets) with many running around the aisles looking for last minute ingredients and trying to find a VERY small turkey with a VERY small price tag.  What to do in the midst of so many electrifying energies flying around? Try  breathing exercises  (really dear reader! it works wonders for the mind and the soul) and squeeze in a 10 minute daily meditation. I assure you, your peace of mind is worth the time for self-soul-pampering.


4TH  and last week of November

Mercury conjunction with Saturn/Scorpio on Tuesday November 25th at 6:37 p.m. PST.  Saturn the disciplinarian connects with Mercury the communicator and thinker.  You can use the time to clean up the mental litter and be ready for fresh  influence on Thanksgiving (Thursday Nov. 27th) with Moon in aspect to Aquarius. With Thanksgiving comes the time when we have to play a part on family traditions. The question asked and amplified by the Aquarian Moon is do we keep at them, just so we don’t disappoint family? or because we like being part of those traditions? Aquarius urges us to question and also try new alternatives.  With Mercury going into Sagittarius (6:26 p.m. PST) it makes Thanksgiving a good day for celebrations and get together, making us feel the expansion and joviality of both Jupiter and the sign it rules.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES:  I see a bit of tension in the air. Try to understand your goals, an important key  for balanced mental well being. Remember dear Aries, action have reactions, what you do come back to thee, good or bad. With Saturn in your 8th house, health might be a bit weak. Efforts for a healthy balanced diet and exercise regimen help too keep your health at its maximum peak. Your lucky number for this week! 7

TAURUS: Try to take care of important matters with a light heart dear Taurus, or you will feel chained down by obligations. Don’t try quick schemes for weight loss. Small changes bring better results on the long run. Avoid eating strongly spiced foods,  your stomach might be too sensitive for such rich foods at the moment. Lucky number for this week! 1

GEMINI:  I see there might be transformation in the love area, these are vital shifts, don’t fight it. Just flow with it, adapt well so that changes are favorable. You might feel the need for a cleanse and detox of your body.  Add some gentle stretching and yoga to your exercise routine. Lucky number for the week! 9

CANCER:  The wheel of life continues in its endless grind, creating shifts and changes that will be interesting. I see the need for rest now in your life. It will help to get rid of stress brought on by negative people that deplete your energy. Get involved in your favorite activities to restore balance within and without. Lucky number for this week! 3

LEO:  Someone at work might create feelings of frustration. If you can, communicate in a positive manner, how you feel to clear up matters. You might also get a surprise from a friend or acquaintance, with knowledge that will help in a matter that had you stumped for an answer. Lucky number for this week! 4

VIRGO:  Luck is on your side and you will obtain a reward. This event/happening will lift your spirit and bring optimism. Take advantage of this optimal energy to create a positive environment. In love matters, I see tension and stress. Don’t let other people’s rude behavior affect your peace of mind. Avoid conflict, focus that frustrated energy on your goals and projects to help get rid of stress. Lucky number for this week! 2

LIBRA:  Positive attitude about a family matter. Make an effort to maintain this frame of mind. I see that you have to eat healthier, and incorporate nutrients, proteins and vitamins in your diet that were perchance lost while in a quick weight loss diet. Lucky number for this week! 7

SCORPIO:  I see that you have to find a point of balance and try not to easily get upset. In love matters, give yourself the worth you do have and deserve! A good time to open yourself to trust. Try to be more understanding. Believe in yourself. You have all you need to recharge in your own home. Make an effort to loose the extra weight. Your lucky number for this week! 5

CAPRICORN:  You might have to give in about a certain matter, to avoid conflict (specially at work). If a goal, project does not go your way, do not give up. Persevere! Take care of health with a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Lucky number for this week! 3

AQUARIUS:  Keep loyal to your beliefs! Harmony and balance are within reach. Take time before you act to achieve success. Your emotional maturity goes through a quick growing phase. You might feel lonely dear Aquarius, but don’t be, happy days arrive. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone push you into the shadows.  You might need to change your eating habits. Lucky number for this week! 1

PISCES:  Dear Pisces, maintain calm, don’t go into any dispute at work and ignore  co-workers that might want to bring despair. Keep your cool! Your sincerity pays off. Positive energies surround you, take advantage to re-charge your inner and outer self. Luck number for this week! 4


Autumn cooking brings out the need for comfort, home-made  foods.  I love to bake potatoes and top with chopped steamed broccoli, and cheese sauce. I also love cooking time saver recipes and even more so, if I don’t have to spend much in creating filling and delicious dishes. Here is my time/money saver…

Cheese Sauce:

Melt 2 TBS unsalted butter in a saucepan/

Blend in 2 TBS of flour.

Combine with 1 cup of milk (low fat, regular or lactose-free)

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook until sauce thickens. Add a half cup of  grated cheddar cheese and cook until smooth.  You can freeze any surplus. Add on your steaming hot veggies.

Bon Apettit!


With the New Moon of November 22nd, the energies are just ripe to create spells that draw things to us. After last week’s spiritual cleansing your home is ready for some good old fashioned spell-castings, but are you as well ready for it? Before you attempt to write that petition, light that candle and call in energies of manifestation, you need to take a physical cleansing. Even if you do believe yourself ready, think again!

We come in daily contact with many people. All of whom have their own energies to share with us. The advice I give is, take a spiritual bath or shower, before you do your magickal work. It will revitalize your aura and make your personal vibes and frequency be on par with your soul’s intention. It can be as easy as taking a baking soda bath or as elaborate as preparing yourself a bath tea with herbs that match that of the spell you want to work on. Neither one is better than the other. It is the intent behind the act, that matters.  Do not despair dear reader if you do not have a bath tub, and only a shower stall. You can use a plastic pail/bucket that will be used only for your magickal baths.  It is also a matter of personal preference.  Here is the quick and convenient baking soda bath. It works wonders, cleanses your aura of any spiritual debris,  softens your skin and makes you feel good all over.

Give a good cleaning to your bathtub. Fill with warm water, light a candle if you like and place in a fire safe container in your bathroom. Add about 1/2 cup to the water. Get in and relax. Let go of the stress, focus on letting go of negative thought forms and feel the water purifying body and soul. Stay in the tub for 9 minutes minimum. 18 mnts. maximum.

If you are using the bucket bath, then shower first and at the end of your shower, bring in the pail into the shower stall, and rinse yourself with this prepared baking soda water from your head down. The ratio of baking soda for a bucket of water is 1/4 cup.

You are now ready to do your spell casting. If doing a candle spell, add a white candle to your candle set up to bring a protection to your spell and to your self. Happy Spell-casting!

As I am winding down preparing to close this week’s newsletter, I wonder dear reader, where might you find yourself while you read my musings? Are you perchance a traveler of the wide roads, taking a deserved break in a far from home Diner, sitting at a booth, with smart phone or lap computer at hand, while you sip a cup of coffee? Are you a housewife, taking a few minutes respite perhaps in your room,  with your feet up, resting on near-by chair? Are you a single parent, struggling to make ends meet, grateful of a few minutes break? A student or a teacher? Nurse, or nurturer? Whomever you are, and wherever you might find yourself at this moment, I want to say thank you for reading this humble offering, for taking the time to read through it. Perhaps I might leave you with a smile on your face, a thought in your mind. If I have, then my job is done for the moment.  I give thanks for that and for you. I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, may it be filled with laughter, good food, good companionship. Whether a dinner of one or many.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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