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Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:  I hope this newest post finds you well of spirit and body. Life keeps happening and the call of the muse strikes me again, making it impossible to even have a clear thought, until I put down into words what is riddling my mind and soul.

Life spirals in crazy swirls around a person and there are times one feels as if we can actually stay still. Not moving at all, and the maelstrom of life plays right before our eyes. Little pieces of  the big puzzle fall slowly to the ground, and the mystery of it all is sometimes just too much. So we seek refuge in what we love best.

In my case, I let my spirit flow and guide me, and it always guides me true. My little balcony. Small yet big enough to fill my mind with dreams. Through the watching of life evolving before me. Flowers dying and coming to life again with the miracle of Earth’s energy. It is here where I seek refuge from the demanding of life’s obligations. It is there that I can re-collect my own energies and become certain, that I could become one with the frequencies of Earth.

1462289775844My little garden, sings its siren song to me. I cannot stay away for long, for I feel as if something very important has been left undone. So many times I’ve gone to my little piece of calm and placing my hands on the earth, I feel whatever sadness or worry I might be feeling, flow out of me onto it. I can feel how it takes the negative and how in return gifts me with peace.

I have been quiet here in this blog, as I have been not only busy like everyone else; with life’s demands, but also devoid of my writing “mojo” as I like to call it. My mind was blank and my soul empty of the creative fire that fills me whenever I come up with ideas or write. For a while I was upset at that happenstance, then worried that I was not my usual “chatty” self sort of speak, on any of my blogs. Then frustrated  thinking “That is it for me! no more ideas, writing or anything else creative!” I know dear reader, it might sound a bit dramatic, but it was just a thought, said to one in particular but just me. I realized I have lost touch with something important within me, something perhaps I was not acknowledging.

rainy dayAll of us have fluctuations in our energy flow. Sometimes it flows strong and we go through life feeling positive and others is low and we might feel as if we all is devoid of light and laughter. It is a painful reality and one many do not like to speak of, much less acknowledge. But perhaps by opening up about such moments we not only help ourselves but others that might find themselves in a ‘dark’ place of the soul for lack of a better turn of phrase.

There are various things one can do to bring light unto one’s soul some easy some require actual physical efforts and others a journey into our own spirituality and belief. It is important whether you are witch or not, to keep a flow of awareness. It sustains the soul, from the assault of everyday life. It allows for the mind to be present and the spirit to be strong

As simple as lighting a candle on your altar daily, watering your plants, carrying a small bag of stones that ground one’s energy, praying, meditating, talking a walk or just being present in the moment. There is no end to a person’s creative flow of ideas of how to connect to Earth, the only limit lies within our own mind, the blocks we might impose in us.

It is easy to fall prey to outmoded ideas or expectations, and carry them around, like old luggage, hoarding the old and painful and not realizing that it is not needed neither necessary for our own  personal growth and peace of mind. I realized I was blocking my own light, my own healing and thus my primal creativity. It is until recently that I let the emotional gates to be opened, that I hmm.. saw the light, I know, I know it sounds trite but in my case true.

1459579135689So I wanted to share, and send the message that when we might feel that there is only dark days, and loneliness and as if nothing makes sense, it does not mean you have lost your way. It just means that your soul is calling to your heart, there is some inner healing needs be done. Some inner recognition of things to be accepted, and things to let go. No one is perfect. Think about it. As the Universe constantly expands, so our own consciousness of what is around us and of our own place in the midst of it all. It is but natural to stand still for a moment in time, and re-asses our soul’s direction.

It is not my intention to make it seem as if it is easy to take hold of such feelings. It is not. It is anything but that. But is necessary sometimes, for our own growth, the walking through the “dark” to be able to appreciate the sunshine we have in our lives, in the form of family, friends and blessings.

Going into the dark void, consciously, for self-healing, might feel as if we are leaving the known and secure for the uncertain. But coming out of it, with a new perspective and understanding of ourselves worth the journey.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”
Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

May her light guide you.

Until I write again,


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