Old Man Winter

victorian-woman-writing-letterDear Reader: Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of this brand new cycle. The holiday rush has finally passed and we are on the brink of a new life adventure.

Old man winter has settled and its comfortable, smoking a pipe. Sitting at his favorite chair close to a window, from which he can watch the world and control these cold days.. and perhaps reading a favorite book. Winter makes us feel as if we want to hibernate and sleep as many hours as we can. It brings a sense of waiting, pausing and putting on hold those goals we have for the new cycle. It gives us time to dream about them. Giving shape to the not yet manifested.

While Winter it’s here, the world seems to be seen from a different lens, a lens that helps to see old-man-winterthrough it, the not distant past of the old year, and have “aha!” moments. Get wisdom from hindsight, and maybe have a laugh or two about the silly things we did, thought or said. It is good to have a sense of humor about our own fallacies. It is healthy to appreciate that human nature being what it is, will makes us do things that in reflection might make us wince at the memory, but also learn from whatever mistake we made. The key here is not to allow ourselves to wallow in “why or why” feelings or self-pity.

The key here, is to: Reflect, Learn, and Move on! There is nothing for it, but just continue the journey, albeit with new knowledge about our own selves, and the world around us.  The world will continue to spin, the sun will continue to shine, and nature to evolve.

January is the threshold into the new cycle. It is the door through which we will walk into the rest of the months. It is not for us to jump mindlessly into the maelstrom of the unknown, but quietly rest, as I mentioned previously, re-set our inner clock, re-charge and wait. Follow your own natural cycle, if the body is asking for rest, then do so. If the mind is restless for lack of a break, then give it one. If the heart feels a bit heavy, a bit disillusioned that the “magic” of the holiday did not stick around, then accept the fact that holiday expectations are set too high. The last month of every year it is only that..another month. Albeit one adorned with holiday celebrations, but that is all. The outward pressure put on this holiday alone, is too much to bear for many, thus creating depression and a sense of helplessness.

hibernationThat is why its important that January is taken for rest and  to reflect. We can still get rid of old junk, cleanse the home, organize our minds, and the clutter around the house. Watch movies with the family, have coffee with friends, bake something you love, and just enjoy this season. With global warming Winter is getting shorter and shorter, why waste it with worries, or stress?

Don’t sweat it if you do not have yet written your goal list. Work on it, as ideas come to you. From lived personal experience, I work on goals as baby steps to getting them manifested. Lesson learned from past stress due to a feeling of not living to my own expectations. Relax those expectations, be kind to yourself and above all know, that no one knows of your personal goal list…only you (unless you have posted the list on all your social media pages, which definitely puts the pressure on). Or don’t make one, the choice is always yours.

Remember..Nature itself is asleep, animals hibernate, and wait for it to awaken. We are part of  the natural cycle of Earth. Lets move with the natural flow, to help us strike a balance between body and the soul, heart and mind.

Until I write again,


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