Love Thyself

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Hello! and welcome back to another installment of this humble newsletter. I hope to find you well of spirit, mind and body.

The wheel of life has turned again and once more it falls on this, a day to celebrate Love in all of its glory. But Love does not really have a day does it? It is all around us. Every day and every second. Within ourselves. With the people we love and loves us back.

I think that if Love had a requirement, it would ask that everyone starts with loving themselves first. If you think about it, it’s the foundation of how we as human beings correlate to the world at large and the dynamics in each of our relationships, from our significant other, to family and friends.

Loving oneself should not be something taken lightly, but approached and lived with an awareness love-self-300x300that we are sacred beings within. Our souls are special, our bodies the temple which guards it and our spirit the light that binds these two together.

It is not selfish to love oneself. It makes sense that if what we ask of ourselves; compassion, patience, understanding, we end up giving the same to those around us. It is the board from where Love springs into being.

Most importantly is this same Love for self,  that which carries us forward, and make us believe not only in us but in others. It keeps the hope alive. It is the very air that gives wings to our souls which let us soar into the realm of love.

egg-loveLove thyself..and love will follow♥

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- The Being of Humanity

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: I hope everyone has been well and that life is treating you kindly. I have been writing an re-writing a post for this virtual newsletter. As the weeks have rolled, so have the ideas in my head shifted from what I thought I would write, so what I think in my heart I should write about.

Each and every one of my posts is infused with actual practice of what I talk about or colored with my personal experiences. I find that, there is not better way than to talk about something I know of,  have gone through or have read extensively and then put into practice myself. It is bits of wisdom after all that I want to share with you dear reader, and thus today’s subject.

As witches, we face many challenges. Some of those challenges might be the choice of keeping our spiritual belief private and not tell all and sundry that we are practitioners of one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We might choose to tell some but not all. We might choose to belong to a group or be a solitary. Etc. etc.! and so we live life as a witch. In whatever form, public or private. As that thief called time rolls by, we find ourselves so enmeshed in our spirituality that one day we realize something that perhaps we haven’t before..Sometimes, we have to drop the veil of magick we have surrounded ourselves into and just be, well…for lack of a better word, “normal”.

We have been so busy mixing the magickal with the mundane that when a sudden emotional Magic-Potionupheavals hits, it might take a minute to get our bearings, and realize the following: That it is OK to step away from “witch” being and just accept that we are human after all.

What do I mean by the above?  What I mean is; it is ok to come back from that spiritual, magickal world where we usually take all our personal cares and transform them into something above and beyond the usual. It is ok to step back into what I like to call the Being of Humanity. We after all are human beings. We must remember that, and try to remember as well, that some things that happen are beyond the scope of magick and have just to be dealt with in a more “day-to-day” sort of way.

Some witches might be reading this and wriggling in their chair, a bit discomfited at the notion of “just being human” we are after all (you might be thinking to yourself) above the petty and the routine…but dear witch..are we really?

I have found myself hit with the “mundane’ recently, and thrown off-balance hither and yonder. One of my elements roared high to the sky and my chakra points as a result went off kilter. I felt that I was going back in to the primal, raw and angry. My first thought? “do magick!” but I forced myself to breath in and out, several times, to calm down. Finally after releasing tension with a watery storm, I felt ready to face up to my challenge. That of just letting things be.

Think of it, as going without make up. Your own self in the “raw.”  No wands, no crystals, not a single drop of that special oil you have made for “emergency” cases. The only thing left to do when confronted with such moments, is to go deep into the belly of the issue, and face it square in the face.

psyguSo what do we have left to use and what can we do? Meditation. So blatantly obvious; yet simple. Stilled power. In deep meditation, its when you will be able to go down that “rabbit hole” sort of speak and really see yourself, find your hidden strength (for we all have it) and redefine your own power.

As a witch, the older we get, the more we realize, that it is no longer the “props” of our trade that make us, but that which is within. All that experience we have collected and the wisdom that we have gathered. It is times like the one I am describing, that really defines us. But then again, it is the same for every human being, witch or not. It is the most challenging moments that defines a person. How each person will come out of it, is the meter, of  their own personal strength.

From this experience comes this humble realization:  I have to redefine my own personal power. Tweak my witch’s world-view, arrange my perspective and accept that yes, it is OK to let go of the mind-set of being a witch once in a while and remember that within the fold of humanity is after all where I found my calling.

So dear reader I say to you…Let go and embrace the void, within it lies the root of your own power.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter- We are Explorers

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: I am glad to be back here, doing what I love the most! passing along my musings with the hope that it might help or leave food for thought.

We have passed through the threshold of the last year and started out a brand new year. What new things will happen? Will our goals/projects come to fruition? Will awesome things occur? This is just a few of the thoughts that might cross the collective mind, as we dear reader, start to navigate through the uncharted waters of 2016.

ca. 2000 --- Spyglass on a Map --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

If you think about it, we are (in a way) like the explorers of old. Moving through the uncharted waters of this brand new year. Each month, nay! each day is an adventure of sorts. We are the captains and crew of our own life. We have the power to maneuver it the best way we see fit. As the year goes by, we may encounter adventure; going to a place/city/country we have never been before, even if it is another city in our your own country. We might get to start a new job, meet new friends. It could be filled with peril as well. Like leaving off goals before we start to work on them, not fulfilling a promise to your self, not living up to your full potential. Risks are also part of your voyage. Like doing something that you have never done, but something which will bring a sense of completion- checking off the list of things you thought you would never try. Of course there will be like in any journey, moments of self-realization. A sense of doing the right thing when you accomplish what you set out to do, even if these are small. They are your accomplishment nevertheless, be proud of these moments. Remember it is your journey, and you make things happen or not. It is all up to you.

For it is not just one thing that will bring a sense of completion, but many little things, collected through out the entire voyage in a year of our lives. If we set about to reach our desires/wishes/goals with a sense of discovery, then it will help in turn to pay more attention to the life around us. Paying attention to the synchronicity in our own lives. As well as the lives of others that cross our path. This sense of conscious-living will help to find the connections between us and other people; as well as that between us and the world at large. For we are not single beings living a single life, but many beings connected through the collective conscious living a human experience.

OldExplorersCompassMap-long goodbyeIt is your own journey, own it!

Make lovely moments.

Be mindful of your choices, and how you treat others.

Give thanks.

Lend a hand.

Smile, and make someone you like/love smile.

Grown a plant.

Take up a hobby.

Above all be kind to yourself. Make up words or phrases that make you feel good, paste it on your wall, mirror or carry with you. are a beautiful soul!

So dear reader..Are you ready for the grandest adventure yet? …

Until I write again,


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First Publication: 2014

A Flower Power House Publication.

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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-The Best Love

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smMotherhood, is not different due to a religious life or choice of spiritual being. I always say, that a mom, is a mom, is a mom…not matter what. Religious beliefs do not define us. It is our actions combined with personal belief on everyday matters. To be a ‘mom’ does not encompass like many decades ago, only the female gender. Moms are the one’s “bringing up” baby.  Motherhood is embraced by anyone who is the responsible adult taking care of children.  After all the very definition of a mother is “to care for and protect someone like a mother.”

This post is dedicated to all Mothers, specially to those doing it all on their own.

Flower GardenA badge of honor for those early days, when you barely had any sleep at night. You have to wake up your household, get them ready for school, feed those hungry mouths, get yourself ready somehow in the process of early morning chaos.

A salute to the parent that is in “attention” mode 24/7, always keeping one eye on the computer monitor at work and another on the cell phone, just in cases the school calls, the babysitter or your kid. Kudos for braving a talk to the most feared teacher in school. You know the one..the lady that looks at you above her bifocals and makes you feel as if you are back in 4th grade again, but you march on and tell her your kid cannot possible had lied about losing their homework….

An honorably call, for being not only the caretaker, but also the tutor, the nurse, the driver, the fashion adviser “Does my hair look OK mom? should I wear this or the sweater I got for my birthday” The one that soothes fears and boosts self-confidence.

Child: “mom! I’ll never, ever! be as tall as my brothers!…bwah!!!”

Mother: “Shh…calm down love, of course you will! now see here, your legs are long for your age, that’s where you can tell you will be as tall..nay! perhaps even taller than your brothers. Erh..”  *sheepish smile*

funny-mothers-day-picturesFor the countless hours spent preparing anything involving a child’s activity, like putting name tags on all the clothing your kid will wear in summer camp, or staying up till well after midnight to help finish up the science project (which really means, your kid is asleep by now and you are the one giving it the ‘final touches’). For the countless rides to friends houses, to the movies, to school games, to the mall, etc.

For soothing hurt egos, rooting for your kids, for being so proud of them, your chest feels like its gonna burst! For all those moments and more.

To all the momsies 🙂 I wish you a fab day enjoying those home-made breakfasts in bed, crumbles on the sheets, huggles from your kids and mainly just chilling on your special day (which truly should be EVERY day!) HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!♥
Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Until I write again,
*M* The Witch Gazetteer…

Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XXI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to this latest installment of your  magickal newsletter. I hope every one is enjoying the season of Spring. Without further ado, lets delve into the:

CURRENT EVENTS: Spring sings to me every morning through my window. Nature is speaking out loud now, so we can hear its voice, through the singing of the birds, and the rustling sound leaves make when the wind dances through the trees branches. Spring explodes not only with the beauty of nature awaking from slumber, but with it own kind of music.

Music has been since time immemorial, an important part of the human experience. It has the capacity to change a mood, whatever the piece being played and the state of mind of the person listening to it.

Music resonates in our hearts,  and reverberates through the soul. Each melody is felt differently by each individual. What’s important is that it helps us transcend a moment, a situation, a mood.  Spiritually it is a powerful tool that aids in meditation, healing, spell work. In life, it inspires us, it can be a muse, that enters our senses and sparks the imagination. I say dear reader, let there always be music. It brings us closer as people of this earth, and it awakens our senses to the human riddle of who we really are.


“Music is the language of the Spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife” Kahlil Gibran


This week, exactly on Wednesday April 8th the Jupiter Retrograde ends at 9:57 a.m. PST.  The five month retrograde is over, and financial matters and plans start to move forward. Jupiter that expansive planet, gives a jolt of confidence, which heralds better times for the economy worldwide. This is the time to continue with whatever projects we have and march forward with assurance that hard work pays up, but its sweeter when Jupiter’s energies are lending a hand.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

On Thursday April 9th at 9:00 p.m. PST. The Sun in Aries will conjunct Mercury/Aries. These two combined gives a push in the right direction to anything connected in the areas of communication, commerce, travel.

Then on Saturday April 11th at 8:28 a.m. PST. Venus enters Gemini. This combo also helps matters to continue moving forward. Gemini is a mutable air sign. It  likes to try new things that are out of the ordinary. With Mercury as the ruler of this sign, there is constant move and with Venus, the planet that likes to please, there is sure to be an influence of “what the heck, I deserve a change” sort of mood. Just remember, whatever decision you make during the four weeks their energies will be in effect, will leave an aftermath in its wake.


With life pulling me into a new direction, one that I have postponed traveling for a long time, it creates a desire in me of also pull this newsletter to new territory, new borders. My mind is already twirling ideas as to what these new changes will be for the Witch’s Gazette.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this experience. Thank you for taking the time to read through each post. I hope a brought a bit of laughter or smiles into your life, that I made you think with some of the subjects I wrote about in this newsletter. I hope as well, that I am leaving a sense of wonder, a sense of wanting to extend your wings and fly even further, to find your own sense of freedom, and expand your mind.

Until I write again.. blessed you be!♥


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XVIII

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: ‘ello Lovelies! Guess who is back? I am happy to be here, writing this magickal newsletter once more. Weather is warmer, Spring is closer.. and life goes on.


Time of Reckoning..

It seems as if I have been asleep for a long time, and while asleep I had the strangest visions. Sightings of places and beings populated my mind. Strange voices filled my inner ears, and the landscape was sometimes scary but many time wondrous.

The thing with humanity is, this is the state many find themselves living through this journey we call life.  We are walking in a state of sleep. We go through our daily routine. We live with the people we love, visit friends, go to work, pay our bills.  Unless we go out of our comfort zone lets say and visit a very far away country on our own, we mostly live a life we deem safe.

What happens when this safety zone we provide for ourselves is broken? This I like to call a “challenge” phase. One in which you have no power to control the outcome, and you have to relinquish all fears, and old beliefs. You go into a state of inner exploration. Challenging everything you have come to believe up until that point. A moment of realization. Will you be the same person once you come out of that phase? What are you made of? This is a moment of truth.

I recently went through that phase and I had an epiphany.  With that in mind I came back from that challenge. A better person? I hope so. Not out of deed, but out of reflection. This does not mean I believe I am better than any one else. It just means, I went through my own reckoning, guided always by the light and love of She who is the light of my life, my true compass. I feel blessed to be back. Content to be here. I understand that life on this earth plane, as a human being is not something, someone in their rightful mind, will ask to live. But here we are. To strive at balance within the chaos of Earthly life is hard, but not impossible. It is within the chambers of the heart, where we will find the needed strength and peace to continue. The heart points the way. I say to you dear readers, don’t be afraid to open the doorway onto yourself. The journey you will take, is worth it.

Planets and Stars – Changes in the near horizon:moderen-metaphysics

This is a most interesting week dear reader.  Get a hold of your seat!

Celestial happenings that began three years ago, will come to a final resolution. The battle of some of the planets in our galactic corner come to an end, an out of the ordinary eclipse and…are you ready? A chance for a remarkable new beginning for us humble beings on this corner of the galaxy.

Picture if you will, a dark sky. Dotted here and there with death stars, bright starts and several planets. In one far away corner you see Pluto and Uranus, in a battle of wills. This battle began back in 2012. Pluto wanted to bring transformation for us humans. In the form of political readjusting, topography disruptions and financial changes. Uranus bringing opposition made it clear to us that we needed to head into a completely different and new direction. Next month, Uranus will begin to move away from Pluto’s range. This is a declaration that the war between these two planets is over. What does this mean for us mere mortals?

The healing process begins on a grand scale. This week celestial bodies are colliding to bring to us a stunning first day of Spring! On Friday March 20th,  the spring equinox goes hand in hand with that brand new beginning we have in store. There will be a Super moon and a Total Solar Eclipse.  During the eclipse the Super moon will seem larger than the Sun, and will block out all direct sunlight.

Every New Moon is a signal of a new beginning. A chance to turn things around in our favor. With the Solar Eclipse we have an added element in the celestial game. Solar Eclipses can be a spark for all types of changes. Good or bad. On this same day the Sun goes into 0 degrees Aries, which marks the Spring Equinox. The Sun path crosses the equator, so on this day there are almost equal amounts of day and night. A day of cosmic balance. What will you do dear reader on this most auspicious of days? Grab those dreams in handfuls and plant them in the fruitful garden of possibilities that exists in everyone’s life. It is up to us whether our garden is full of weeds or brimming with flowers♥

child of the universe
Child of the Universe. Josephine Wall.


Magic dear reader, is everywhere. From the moment we awaken to the moment we fall asleep. It is energies that belong to the Goddess, flying around everywhere. It is the shiny lovely lights of the fireflies and the beautiful colors on a sunset.  It is music, rhythm, balance. It is the laughter of a child, the light in their eyes when they see something that awakens the spark of wonder in them. It is a hug given to someone you love. It is the embrace of a mother, the comforting hugs of a grandmother, and the sticky kisses your child stamps on your cheek right after they eat that big lollipop.

Magic is made out of moments as well. Intricately woven in the fabric of our lives. It is Her breath, that sends us blessings through the song of the Wind. Her will that gives us confidence through the Fire in us. She grounds us like Earth and soothes our souls when we gaze at the waters of the vast ocean.

Although not visible to many, She nevertheless is there. Waiting, knowing that we when we end this journey, we will head straight to her. Her song is Love and Her heart is home.

There is gladness in my heart dear reader. Now that I am back, to do what I love the most. To share as always what little nugget of wisdom I can offer. I would like to think these words leave a thirst for more. Nothing more is needed. Thank you for being here.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub VII

newsletterDear Reader:

Welcome once more to this magickal newsletter. I am glad that the activities from the holiday season are almost at an end but  looking forward to the New Year’s eve celebration. This is a time dear reader, that we can do several things to activate good ju-ju and make sure it will be ours in the months to come.

chinese new year 2009 breedbeeld wallpapers 21NEW YEAR’S EVE TRADITIONS:

Yes! I am almost done putting down all the yule decorations. All will be placed in their allotted containers,etc. and will be out of sight for another twelve blissful months! phew! But dear reader, I do love the celebration of the eve of the New year in the Gregorian calendar. I get to do all these quirky and fun things that are done with the intention of calling up and putting together all the particles of good karma that I have accumulated (hopefully a substantial amount). New Year’s Eve traditions are very much tied up with cultural and personal practices. What I love about it,  is that we can borrow from different traditions from all around the world and use it for our own personal wishes/or goals. Here are some of my old time favorites:

1. Wearing new underwear that is either red (power, success) or yellow (success, movement).

2. Eating 12  seedless grapes at the struck of midnight. Take a moment to watch the people around you, if you are quick you can capture this moment for posterity with your handy phone…People with stuffed cheeks trying to eat and swallow all of their grapes, before the very first minute into the new year. Plus! we have to hug our relatives and friends at the same time, while trying to gulp the New Year’s toast! so special this moment..try it! Each grape represents each month of the year to come, make those wishes and eat fast (but careful not to choke on the grapes)

3. Chocolate its a popular choice in prosperity magick. Perfect to eat on New year’s eve to draw prosperity to you and those you share it with. You can also give out a chocolate cake as a gift on December 31st ensuring your passing the blessing to someone you love and attracting to you as well, excellent energies of prosperity and abundance.

4. Cleaning your home on the 31st. To rid the place of negativity and purifying so that it is ready for good energies. A quick tip: Clean your windows with a solution of water and vinegar. This ensures to bring blessings from the element of Air. Place a bit of salt on your windowsills once you are done, to protect with the element of Earth. Burn a small candle (any color) to help you get rid of the old with the element of Fire and finally of course, washing down your floors with water- helps you activate the element of Water to wash away and bring a renewal of good energies.

5. Before midnight, take some time to write down everything you want to get rid of, from this past year and then simply burn it on a fire safe plate, container etc. Do it with focused intention. It works!

6. Make sure to enter the New Year with money in the bank (even if it is a very small amount) money in your pocket, purse or wallet. Before the clock strikes 12 on the eve of the New Year, take out a bill from your wallet and have it on your hand by midnight. The larger the denomination of the bill of course, the better results for your prosperity in the months to come. But don’t despair if all you have is a $1 bill or a $5 bill. The important thing here is the symbolic act of having money in the hand, to send that message into the Universe that you are deserving of prosperity and abundance.

7. Burning candles is also another way of attracting what you wish for. These are the colors most used on December 31st: Red= Power, passion, courage. Blue= Peace. Green=Health. Yellow=Money/Success. Gold= Wealth, prosperity, quick change and success. Orange= Changes, success.  You can also place white flowers on your altar, dining table, etc to draw more energies of peace and health.

8. Placing a handful of uncooked lentils in you purse and leaving it there the whole year ensures  that you will not have money problems. Just take out and put back every time you empty your purse to clean it out.

9. Write down small petitions or a list of what you want to accomplish. Be realistic and just write down that which is obtainable. This way you won’t create added stress that you are not meeting your goals. Place around or under your candles. Keep your goal list and read at the end of next year when its time to burn it and create another one.

The above are the one’s my family and I have tried at one time or another. We try to keep it simple, otherwise is too overwhelming trying to accomplish each and every little thing. What’s important dear reader is to have fun, enjoy this day with the ones you love.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Due to the amount of information for the horoscope, I have chosen to skip several of my regular articles and just publish my “Crystal Ball-Peek at the Week” article. I have added a bit of each sector of general things that happens in a given time. Keep in mind dear reader I am not a professional astrologer. I am passing along what I have learned when creating horoscopes combined with my card reading and research.

A gift from me to you, as thanks for reading through my weekly Gazette 🙂 Thank you and enjoy!

ARIES: On December 24th Saturn returned to take over from where an annual update has left off. Saturn is the hard taskmaster of the cosmos, setting the rules and regulations and determining where you need to take responsibility and since October 2012 that has been all about financial matters. Yet Saturn has returned to your sector of travel, adventure, learning and discovery, for the first time since 1988 and while he will retrograde back out for a few months next year, he’s here until December 2017 to help show you the world and what you’ve been missing out on. This is a game changer and completely changes the way you will look at 2015, focused now more on the journey than on anything else.

TAURUS: The fact that Mars had only left your financial sector weeks before the other planets arrived last month, meant that you were also able to capture the financial passions and fighting spirit developed over recent months. Once Venus left your financial sector on December 11th, Mercury on the 17th and the Sun on the 22nd; the money gods had done their dash for the year. The New Year period is always a time where you can take your money hat off and having taken care of any financial housekeeping, let things play out. However, just 2 days after the Sun left your financial sector – December 22nd- leaving it empty and you on your own everything changed, with Saturn deciding that your relationships have had enough of his scrutiny and that he will instead follow the other planets into your financial sector. This is Saturn’s first visit to the financial sector for about twenty odd years  and between now and December 2017 he’s out to show you what taking your power back really means.

GEMINI: With Mercury working to ensure the communication lines are open, Venus to give you a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you and the Sun performing his annual relationship review, this is a chance to create a fresh start and a new, level playing field. With Mars having moved through your relationship sector in September/October, this had already shaken things up and got everything out in the open. However, when the Sun left your relationship sector on December 22nd that was  it for the year, with your relationships going back to something that is up to you to maintain. Saturn is making his first visit since 1988. While he’ll retrograde back out for a few months next year, he will spend until December 2017 taking you through relationship boot camp, working with you to create something real and authentic. Until then Saturn will be tying up loose ends on the work front, though it will also leave some things up in the air to see how they play out, before returning between June and September 2015 to bring things home. As is the case at this time every year, while the Sun moves on to let Saturn take care of your relationships the solar spotlight will shift to money matters. While the Sun will always spend the holidays and New Year in your financial sector, making it impossible to escape the financial realities of this time of year. This time around it will come with a smart head for money and some clear financial desires and expectations for 2015.

CANCER: This was always going to be a little more important than other years, not only because Mars moved through from mid September to late October, but important as well since this is the first time since 2002 that you’ve had lucky Jupiter in your income sector at the same time. With Venus transiting in your work sector, Mercury  and the Sun the first 3 weeks of December, you’ve not only got heart and mind engaged and your eyes open, but a chance to gain some income advantages as well. There is a sense of urgency, yet there will be an inner voice that will be telling you to pace yourself. You’re an intuitive sign with a sixth sense that you can rely on, so when you find yourself feeling that you need to pull back and pace yourself; listen.  By the New Year period, Saturn will return to your work sector. This time, while he’ll take a 3 month break in mid 2015, he’s back until December 2017. Just 2 days after the busiest months of 2014 run their course the busiest years in 3 decades will begin, with one a stepping stone to the next. Despite the fact that the Sun, Venus and Mercury will all move into your relationship sector after leaving your work sector, there will be little chance of taking your work hat off anytime soon. Yet this cements a relationship between lucky Jupiter in your income sector and Saturn in your work sector, one that brings the promise of some very busy but lucrative times ahead. In the meantime, Mars’ return to your financial sector since December 5th; has your financial section fired up as well as your passions and fighting spirit for the new year to come.

LEO:  The Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of December in a playful, romantic and creative part of your chart. Having returned to your work sector on the December 22nd, it  will still be there on New Year and the first 3 weeks of every year. Your biggest problem may be keeping your work hat on, especially since Mars left your work sector and returned to your relationship sector on December 5th and the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all focused on matters of the heart. However, with Venus having returned to your work sector since December 11th, just 6 days after Mars finished firing up your professional passions and then Mercury on the 17th, the race to bring your working year to a close and start setting up for 2015 has already begun. The Sun’s departure from your romantic and creative sector on December 22nd has left it empty, with the battle to find a balance between work and play lost or so it will seem (however it will be brief).  Saturn  has returned to your home and family sector (December 24th). Just when matters of the heart had lost their final champion they receive the biggest champion they’ve had since this powerful planet was last here, between 1985 and 1988. With Mars spending the New Year in your relationship sector and Saturn demanding that you put matters of the heart first, this will give work focused forces a real run for their money.

VIRGO: The Sun which always spends the first weeks of December in your home and family sector and this time of year is no exception and unlike last year, he has Venus and Mercury here as well, with heart and mind engaged, the communication lines open and thanks to Mars’ visit just before they arrived, most things out in the open. These past few weeks of the month were the most important for home, family and/or property matters. Yet their focus was eclipsed just 2 days after the Sun left and wrapped up his annual review. Saturn’s return changed everything. This turn of events will start off your most important home and family chapter in decades or since Saturn was last here from 1985 to 1988. Apart from 3 months in mid 2015 Saturn is here until December 2017 and returning to your chart. It’s a journey you’ll slip into seamlessly.  This won’t stop the Sun, Mercury and Venus doing all that they can to bring the fun, romance and play into the New Year period. However, with Mars having returned to your work and your career sector since the beginning of December; you will have to find the right work/life balance and the right balance between work and play so that it can create a harmonious beginning for 2015.

LIBRA: Saturn’s return to your communication sector on December 24th, for the first time in 26 years, has taken all  to a whole new level, turning communication from something that is important at this time of year, to something that will become your No. 1 priority moving forward and will remain that way for the next 3 years, with Saturn not leaving until December 2017.  Your home and family sector was aspected by Venus, Mercury and the Sun the first three weeks of December. Which carries the theme onto  the New Year period.  In the meantime, Mars is off on a mission that will bring some real colour into the final weeks of 2014 and the early weeks of 2015, firing up your romantic and creative passions.

SCORPIO: With Jupiter making his first visit to your career sector in over a decade and here from August 2014 to August 2015 and the only planetary activity in your income sector during that time playing out now, this was always going to be an important month for both professional and income matters and especially when it comes to bringing the two together. However, even Mars’ visit to your income sector from mid September to late December, which ended just 3 weeks before the push that is still playing out began, it isn’t in the same league as Jupiter, whose visit to your career sector is game changing. Apart from the fact that you’ve got Jupiter expanding your professional opportunities and Mars has already been through to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit, there is nothing to suggest that this is anything more than a temporary leg up, albeit the best leg up you’ve had for several years. With Venus, Mercury and the Sun leaving your income sector, this is the point where the money gods call it a day, having done all they can to help you smash your way through any glass ceilings. However, everything changes, with Saturn’s return,  a game changer. Saturn is most definitely in Jupiter’s league and here now, apart from 3 months in mid 2014 until December 2017 and lucky Jupiter not leaving your career sector until next August (2015) this is when the push for professional and income success really begins. While the Sun, Mercury and Venus will move on to focus on your communications and Mars will keep the focus on home and family matters, something has been unleashed on the income and career fronts that will drive everything from this point on for 2015 and onward.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve been building towards this point in your life,  since as far back as mid September, as you move through the final month of the year you’re also moving into the final weeks of a push to get your new solar year off the ground and your future onto the track that you want it to continue on. As the planets leave your sign they’ll shift their focus to income matters and while Venus has been be the first to return, with Mars leaving just 6 days before Venus came back to your chart, with the planet of money,  you easily transform desire and attraction into real opportunities. However, while there has  been a shift towards income matters during the month,  Mars has been working to ensure the communication lines are open.  There is likely to be a sense that you haven’t finished, despite the fact that you’ve had more planets move through your sign over the last few months than in previous years. The game changer is Saturn’s return to your sign ( December 24th), bringing a Saturn cycle of growth (that began in 1988) to an end and starting a brand new 30 year cycle. Less than 48 hours after your birthday month ended, Saturn stepped in and turned it  from the start of a fairly ordinary new solar year into your most powerful year in decades.

CAPRICORN: This will always be a month of contrasts for you and also one where the experience we all feel at this time of year, where we’re wrapping up one year and looking ahead to the New one, is felt more acutely. For you are the only sign that will always move into a New Year with the Sun in your sign and your solar and calendar years in synch.  For while the new calendar year won’t begin until the 1st January, your new solar year has begun when the Sun returned to your sign on December 22nd. This will always create a feeling (at this time of year) that you’re straddling both sides of the fence, especially with Mars already in your sign as you move into the new month and Venus returning as well. Yet while both will begin opening new doors,  it really will feel like you have one foot in the past and another in the future. Even when the Sun does return to your sign and your birthday month and new solar year begins, you will find it hard to close the door to the past, something that you won’t shake next month either or for the majority of the next 3 years. That’s because on December 24th, less than 48 hours after your birthday month began, Saturn returned to your sector of subconscious thinking, imagination and review.  Beginning the much longer and far more significant job of wrapping up a Saturn cycle that began in 1988 and won’t end until he returns to your sign in December 2017. Where the early weeks of December are a time of reflection, introspection and looking within, Saturn’s return makes it part of your new ongoing reality. However, there will  be little time for navel gazing and for Saturn this is a journey that will take 3 years to complete. In the meantime, the money gods will be especially active in your chart, with Mars’ return to your income sector; not only firing up your financial sector but as well your spirit and bringing a drive to smash through financial blocks, but giving lucky financial forces their first real wake up call.

AQUARIUS: Since October 2012 Saturn’s position in your career sector has been a driving force in your life, especially so over recent months as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars moved through. Yet when the Sun left your career sector on November 22nd, this is when you would have noticed that there was no longer the professional push there once was. While Jupiter wrapped up his 12 month visit to your work sector in July, by the time; the last push to extract every advantage ran its course in mid August; Mars was already in your career sector, channeling all your professional energy into career matters. This is  momentum that only ran its course when the Sun left your career sector, creating one of your busiest and most important professional years in over a decade.  Saturn left  your career sector on December 24th . He will return next June for a 3 month visit aimed at tying up loose ends. You have built up so much momentum on the work, career and income fronts over the last few years that there is no chance that you’ll lose your momentum anytime soon, but this does give you a chance to stop stirring the pot and have a life. Already the Sun, Mercury and Venus have more social matters in mind since the start of the month, keeping this in motion right through to the Sun’s departure from your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking (December 22nd). Yet it’s here that Saturn has returned after he left your career sector; setting the scene for some important months and years for both personal and professional networking. With Mars returned to your sign at the beginning of December; it has spent the rest of the month firing up your spirit, all that energy leaves your wanting to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries, something which you fully deserve.

PISCES:  Even though lucky Jupiter has been in your work sector since August and the Sun, Mercury and Venus were all around to help launch this, your luckiest and most expansive 12 months on the work front in over a decade, you have yet to fully appreciate its full potential. You’ve had a taste of this and an inkling of what’s possible professionally since Mars returned to your career sector in mid September, something you’re continuing to explore this month. The spotlight is on career matters and with Venus and Mercury highlighting that part of your chart, you’re mentally on the ball. You have your head in the game and some strong professional desires and expectations. This is the push that work matters need, especially with Jupiter in retrograde motion until April 2015. However, with the Sun gone from your career sector since December 22nd, this is the point where what professional momentum you’ve gained  is where you’ll lose your real edge. Yet while the Sun, Mercury and Venus shift their focus to social matters, something has come into its own over the holiday period, something has germinated on the professional front that suggests that a professional push is far from over and if anything, what has transpired until now is simply the warm up or a stepping stone to bigger and better things. For on December 24th, less than 48 hours after the Sun left your career sector and you  found yourself wrapping up your professional year, everything changed.  With Saturn’s  return to your career sector, beginning your most powerful professional years in 3 decades, a journey towards success is shown, and that won’t run its course until December 2017. With lucky Jupiter in your work sector and Uranus in your income sector, they’re standing by to welcome Saturn into their fold, with the later days of 2014 setting the scene for a major period of opportunity on the income, work and career fronts in 2015. It may pay to recharge your batteries whenever you get a chance.

Well dear readers. There you have it, a bit of what is to come for 2015. It is but human, to desire a peek into what the future holds for us. There is nothing wrong with this feeling. As we all head towards a new beginning, it is good to just pause for a moment and take a deep breath.  We are at the brink of new things, new happenings. It is scary sometimes to think that we cannot control our future. We might think that by knowing, we somehow control that which is yet to happen. Remember, that the future is just but decisions each of us had made in our souls, our real selves, of what we want to transpire. Add to that, the attitudes or plans of other people, outside forces that we have no inkling of. All that combined adds up to what our lives have yet to unfold. Scary? maybe. But thrilling too! To be able to create out of seemingly nothing; something solid. That is the magic of belief. For no matter what has transpired, how we feel about starting a new period, we still hold the belief, even if deep down in our hearts, that we can make our future better.

Thank you all that have read this humble newsletter, for walking with me a part of the way. For being a part of this journey. May Her love and Her light, bring you a vivid sense of self and help you shine your own light onto your personal journey.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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