Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Shift

Dear reader: Welcome to the newest post of the Witch’s Gazette. I hope your weekend has been going well.  We are one day away from the much-anticipated Total Solar Eclipse.

It will be the first in 38 years to be seen in the U.S.A.  Across the United States many will be able to see the total eclipse, while in other cities it will only be seen as a partial one. No matter whether you will see it in its totality or just a glimpse of it. The astrological significance alone, has many wondering what global and/or personal changes will happen.

The Solar Eclipse continues with the Leo theme…ooh! Leo must be feeling the warmth and attention! But, it is due to the grandeur of Leo’s energies that tomorrow’s total eclipse has been so much scrutinized even before the actual event. Everywhere on the internet, you see news about it. Hypothesis and theories are flying high! but lest we forget, eclipses bring changes not only outwardly, but as well to our inner beings. Our souls.

Total solar eclipse occur every 18 months. This is seen by many as the beginning of a brand new spiritual phase. On a personal level, perhaps a transformation that began stirring last year, during that total solar eclipse, will see its conclusion on this next one. Maybe not a spectacular change, but one that will bring a new direction.

The energy carried and released during a solar eclipse, is magnified at the exact moment of the eclipse. This intense energy, creates confusion in many and might make one feel unsettled.  Such energy, cannot really be garnished and or directed towards spiritual efforts. The best thing is just to sit it out and be an observer, and just enjoy the event for what it is. By doing this, it might bring clear insight of what changes are coming on the personal level

Mercury retrograde, will tone down the eclipse’s impact. But nevertheless, the power of the eclipse will be felt.


When: August 21st. 2017

Day of the Week :Monday Moon and Sun in Leo (until it goes void of course at the moment the Moon is new)

Moon Phase: New Moon – Will happen at 11:30 a.m. PST

Celestial Event: Total Solar Eclipse ( a partial one everywhere else outside of the belt of the total solar eclipse) will happen

at 10:21 a.m. PST

Duration: 2 hours 39 mints.



New spiritual phase

End of something

Culmination (and beginning)

Lets not forget we do have the New Moon happening as well. At the moment of the Lunar phase change, the Moon goes Void of Course for about 2 hrs. when Moon will aspect Virgo.

Even without the Solar Eclipse happening, we would still need to wait out the Void of course to start working on new Moon goals and projects.

Sun will aspect Virgo Tuesday August 22nd and the spotlight will be on this Earthy sign!

But for now, I wish you dear reader to have a lovely week ahead. Observe the Solar eclipse with equanimity and keep your mind and soul open, for any new opportunities ahead in your personal journey.


Until I write again,


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Leo New Moon- It’s All About You

Dear Reader: Welcome to another post, from the Witch’s Gazette. We have a brand new Moon this weekend, and the spotlight is on one of the most fun-loving, astrological signs… Leo!

New Moon: Sunday, July 23rd

Moon enters Leo: 1:34 a.m.

Moon and Sun conjunction: 2:46 a.m. PST

The Sun is shining on this sign, backing up Leo’s self-esteem and the Moon is there to soothe hurt egos and assure him/her that everyone loves them.

Leo likes to be the center of attention, draws lots of friends around her/him and loves the good things in life.

They are good-natured, passionate, humorous and cheerful.

The element of Leo: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Day: Sunday

Planetary ruler: Sun

The Sun is a masculine planet.  Will, intent, determination and spirit are some of the attributes of this fiery star. One of the principles of the Sun is to push outward, to radiate, to blast. Whatever the Sun is shining on, it draws attention to it. It makes sense that Leo loves the attention when given and likes to “radiate” good vibes and being cheerful most of the time.

Leo people tend to achieve their goals. No matter what and how long it might take them. They believe in themselves and believe as well, that as long they radiate this confidence, all will be all right. Very generous with the one they love, and friends. Loyal to family. Leos are intelligent, many times intellectual.

Leo loves traveling, expensive things,  friends and having fun.

The flip side of Leo is that, they not like it when things are out of their control. They do not like being lied to (but then again, who likes that?) and this even if they have lied themselves. They might see their omission of telling the truth as a necessary sacrifice to have peace. They are stubborn, do not like being ignored and tend to be self-centered.

Don’t forget dear reader,  each and every sign has its flip side. Sort of like the other side of the Moon.

How Leo’s good traits can help in magickal work:

Leo Moon, helps with self-assurance and makes one sort of shine and be ready for the spotlight, if that is what one desires.

For employment and financial matters: Leo’s energy infuses the spiritual work with creativity, optimism. It bestows confidence and the assurance that whatever the goal, it will be well met. It is an excellent sign to work money magick.

In love matters: Helps one to be more passionate. It helps with matters of loyalty and mutual respect in a relationship.

Friendship matters: Leo’s energy helps one to draw friends. Just be careful to weed out the opportunists from the true blue friends.

The best day to conduct Leo’s magick is of course: Sunday.

Optimum colors for spiritual work:  Orange, gold, yellow

When working with this sign, it is also advisable to work protection magick. The same confidence that carries Leo through life, makes them vulnerable. Their love and fondness for the good things in life and how easy money comes to them, allows them to help friends in need. Which in turn makes them easy target from unscrupulous people who might take advantage of their generosity.

Leo’s energy in spell work is powerful, confident, fun. It draws success to spiritual work, as long as we keep a positive outlook. It helps to persevere, and keep working towards the personal goal.

Keywords when working with Leo astrological sign: Going for the gold!

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Until I write again,




Until I write again,


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Gemini New Moon~Curious Mutability

victorian-woman-writing-letterDear reader: Welcome to this magickal newsletter. Some of you might have noticed the title of the newsletter is different. The Witch’s Gazette has now become the name of my blog. Post’s titles will be shorter to reflect the theme and what better time to start off my blog changes than the new Moon!

Today’s new Moon, is in aspect to the sign of Gemini. For us in the Pacific coast it happens at 8 p.m. PST.  New Moon has as much power on its own way as that of a full Moon. Since it is dark when the new Moon happens, not showing yet that first crescent, it is the perfect time to take stock of has transpired the past lunar cycle. Think of the things you would like to achieve in the time it takes for the Moon to grow, wax and culminate into a full Moon.

New Moon is also a good time to take a cleansing and purification bath, cleanse your home and rid yourself of any old wax from past candle spells, for example. Clean your altar as well as your magickal tools. Items you would like to get rid of or donate and in short getting your spiritual and physical self ready for when the Moon starts to grow. This is very helpful as it clears mental cobwebs, prepares space for new things to come and clears the air for new blessings and experiences.

Gemini-Zodiac-Sign-Properties-03Gemini is ruled by the element of Air, and as such is mutable, curious, eloquent, intellectual. Gemini is masculine, reigned by the planet Mercury.

Although Mercury exudes intellectual power, Geminis are not always brainy, but! they do like to learn a bit about everything. Which makes them a sort of “jack of all trades” in the sense that they know just enough information about something, but not the whole subject. So if you want to impress someone with your “know-how” this is the Moon to help you, sort of “beef up” on a given subject.

Use the natural love of communication of a Gemini Moon to assist you to relay your ideas and thoughts better. If you want to be able to adapt to change smoothly, then this is the Moon sign to help along. If there is need for new ideas, being creative, or getting the mental juices for writing going, this is also the time to take advantage of the creative flow of Gemini.

Gemini Moon is also the perfect time to run errands, write letters and prepare for any upcoming activity. Also great time to meet new people and go on short trips.

Gemini Moon is a time to satisfy your curiosity, share your natural sense of humor. In the relationship area, this is a good time for a getaway together with your partner. A time to talk about any thing you both need to catch up on and make plans for the future.

Going along with the natural flow of the Moon makes sense. We live the natural energy of the Moon instead of going against the “tide.” Very helpful in so many areas as it will bring about a more natural outcome to mundane matters as well of course in your spiritual and magickal life.

Familiarize yourself with each Moon phase, follow her path as she alights on each astrological sign and spend time knowing how each aspect reflects on your own life, and how best to use the energies that are at our disposition.

Quick Cleansing bath:

A piece of quartz crystal

3 TBS sea salt or table salt

2 white candles. Tea lights are good, votive candles or the white emergency candles work well.

Rosemary oil or you can also use dried or fresh rosemary. About 1 TBS of dried or fresh. If you are using oil, add that directly to the bath water. About 3 drops is fine.

The above is a quick yet powerful way to connect with the brand new energies of the Moon. The purpose is to let go, and dispel the old from the past lunar cycle and prepare for the new energies.

Place your items on your customary table/altar where you perform you spiritual work. Place the crystal at topmost part, the two candles side by side below it and the rosemary on a small plate in between the candles. The salt as well in a small plate beneath the rosemary. Bless all for your work ahead. The candle on the right is the one that will bring in new energies and blessings. The candle on the left the one absorbing the old.

Create a bubble of light around you and your space. This is your sacred space. Bless your items, state your intent, e.g. ” I let go of hindrances, blocks, mistakes I made in the past Moon. I ask Goddess (or your deity of choice or belief) To cleanse me. Mind, body and soul, from that which stops me to attain the best for myself.” Of course you will fit the wording to your goal. If it is healing you want then create a petition for healing, if it is money the same, etc.  But make sure to add the words : “Cleanse mind, body and soul” Take the crystal in your hands and breath in the cleansing energies that are within this power stone. Put it back and lit the candles.  Let them burn while you take your bath and  to completion once you are done. Just remember to burn away from flammable items and monitor lit candles.

After the blessing and empowering of your magickal work, take the rosemary and boil it in 2 cups of water. Let it cool. Strain into your bath water.  Add the salt to the bath water. Salt purifies and cleanses the aura, absorbs negativity. Rosemary helps with deep cleansing the soul, purifying the aura, and attracting positive flow. Take your bath for 5, 7, 9 or 13 mints. Think of how you are letting the negative out of your body, out of your soul and heart and how you are welcoming the new energies.

When you are done with the bath mini-ritual, leave the crystal on your altar, or carry with you, to keep the positive energies going.

As I close today’s blog, I reflect upon the growth of my own magickal newsletter, and where I would like to steer it for future posts.  With the new Moon in Gemini, I see an empty canvas, waiting to be painted and days ahead full of possibilities! May the new Moon, be filled with awesome things, beautiful things, for you dear reader.

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
– Meister Eckhart

Until I write again, IMG_20160503_140500


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XIV

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new week. I hope all are doing well and ready to embrace a new chance to draw good things to your life.


We saw last week pass with Mercury going into direct mode again. Things are starting to move. Now we can leave all that “re”- behind. Re-plan, re-organize, re-think things, etc. Goodbye to that and good riddance! It bores my mind to have to hold on to perfectly good plans which I feel it’s such a waste. To wait a certain period of time when a planet is in retrograde, but no matter. A brand new week. A brand new canvas. Blank, waiting for us to fill it with colors, give shape through our inner drawings of things we want to see become solid.

This is actually a very interesting week, in celestial matters. Which as always affect our human life. After the humdrum inactivity of the past week, a change of pace is just what we need to fire up our dreams and lift us out of the blues.

Starting with the New Moon on Wednesday 18th ( 3:47 p.m. PST) is not just any new Moon but it is also a supermoon, or as it called in astronomy a perigean new Moon. This type of Moon (new or full)  coincides with perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit.  We have a total of 6 supemoons  for this year alone.  3 new moons – January, February and March and 3 Full Moons – August, September and October.- The closest of which, will be the September 28th which will also be a total lunar eclipse. Physically on Earth this creates higher than usual tides and this in turn increases the risk of flooding.

Soon after the new moon happens, the Sun leaves Aquarius and will move into Pisces for the next four weeks. Then next day on Thursday February 19th we have the Chinese new year. That same day (2/19) Mars moves into its own turf by moving into Aries where it will stay for the next 6 weeks. Venus will also move into Aries on Friday, Feb. 20th. Which makes for an interesting match. Mars the fire warrior and Venus the planet of love. Both combined for a passionate meet-up.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday 2/16 – 4th quarter. Moon void of course at 12:17 pm. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 pm.

Tuesday 2/17th – 4th quarter. Aquarius Moon. Mardi Gras

Wednesday 2/18th – New Moon at 3:47 pm. Moon void of course at 3:47 pm. Then immediately the Moon aspects Pisces. Sun moves into Pisces at 3:50 pm.

Thursday 2/19th – 1st quarter – Moon in Pisces. Chinese new Year. Moon goes void of course at 3:02 pm. Mars enters Aries at 4:11 pm.

Friday 2/20th – 1st quarter – Venus enters Aries at 12:05 pm. Moon enters Aries at 3:13 p.m.

Saturday 2/21st. – 1st quarter – Moon in Aries. Then it goes void of course at 4:36 pm.

Sunday 2/22nd – 1st quarter –  Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm. The week ends with a sextile between a Moon in Taurus and Sun in Pisces. Excellent energies to wrap up the week!

Oracle cards


For this week’s card I used a deck by Ravynne Phelan.

Honor Gaia:

This card’s message is for us to look outside ourselves and look around us. This planet that nourishes our everyday life. We walk upon this Earth. Live off from its fruit. We inhabit every inch of it. We live, love and die on this plane. The never-ending energies and magic of the planet is there for us. It is our duty to guard that which protect us.  To nourish it in return. To make sure that it is not destroyed.

So what dear reader, can we do to ensure that our beautiful planet keeps alive? thinking about it is not enough, deeds are important. It is not only the caring of the physical planet, but the caring for others. We are all connected to this planet. We are connected spiritually to each other as humans. What flows out of Earth, flows into us and out into the Universe. Creating a constant flow of whatever we make of its powerful energy. If we love, then we expel love, if on the contrary we hate and create chaos, then that is the message we are sending to the Universe. All its connected.  It is a cosmos (humans) within a cosmos (Earth) within a larger cosmos (Universe) . To live mind fully in every aspect of our lives, creates harmony. When we care for Earth, and to  mindfully do things for Earth is the same as to do for us and others.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:ink and butterfly

This week I want to reflect of what the week is bringing to our lives. Since the Card of the Week, is a card about our planet, it makes for the perfect opportunity to think about mindful living. What is that? some might ask, and how do we achieve it?  others might say.

In one of my previous newsletters, I suggested obtaining a personal magickal journal.  Whether is an electronic journal or a paper journal, it can be used to take notes of your week. Just that. Write down your routine during the week. You do not have to write down every little instance (unless you want to).  From writing your morning routine to the last thing you do before you go to sleep.  Don’t change a thing.

By Sunday night, you will read back to yourself how your week went. Reflected through your own accounting.  No matter how tedious this might seem to you. It brings a different perspective when you read what you have done. What in the week, did you do that was mindful? For example, did you visit an elderly relative that lives alone to give company? Did you help someone in any way? Or did you just live a life void of any of that? Do not feel bad. This is only for you. Think of ways in which you can incorporate a mindful way of living. Do not over reach yourself. Do not try be competitive with any one you know who you feel is doing “better” than you. This is only for you.

Mindfulness is moments. Small. Moments that bring a sense of something accomplished. Something that will make you feel good about yourself. Something positive. The challenge lies not on the bigness of the act, but in the purity of intention. Think about it dear reader. At the least, it will bring an added dimension to your life. At the best, it will enrich it. Allowing your frequencies to expand, to vibrate with positive flow and love.

Well dear reader, it is time to put down my virtual pen and sit back and hope that the words written in this magickal blog, will leave something good in your mind. Something to reflect upon. Live your life with love and in the process love your life as if it were the last one on Earth. Make it lovely!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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New Moon in Pisces. A planetary battle, conflict, challenge?

New Moon in Pisces – March 1st -2014

The month kicks off on a high celestial note. Not only is today the New Moon but we have two strong planets going in retrograde period. Mars and Saturn. The retrograde periods are not good for starting out new projects, so accordingly,  is definitely not the time to do so, but do not despair as all is not lost! In reality we cannot live our lives based on all the celestial happenings. We just would make ourselves into little knots if we were to follow the do’s and don’ts of every conflict that happens between planets and the Moon and the Sun etc. What we can do, if we follow the planet’s transits, is accommodate our projects to fit the energies floating around.

For instance if Mars (going retrograde March 1st) the planet of action and assertive energy, is retrograde- it follows that during a retrograde period, we have to just sort of “chill” and think about the situation we would like to act upon, and find out if it is worth all that effort and energy. So instead of just rushing in; we are actually giving ourselves the time to think things through and that in itself its positive non-assertive motion we can do. Of course life circumstances limits our way of carrying out our plans of not doing something we shouldn’t during a retrograde, this is where reality comes in and says “ nope, you gotta act now, can’t wait for planets to move direct again” so we have to use common sense and just carry on, trying to remember we are in the midst of a 3 month retrograde period (but lets face it, most of the time we forget!) and going about it in a different angle. Just really making the best of the situation.

Saturn- (going retrograde March 2nd) the planet of structure, order, organization and practicability – is not (in my opinion) such a difficult sign to sit tight while is retrograde. Since the retrograde, calls for us to use caution when dealing with things that are affected by the planet that is in that period, then Saturn is perfect! After all it is the planet of caution, patience, being conservative and prudent.

Add to this interesting bag of cosmic energies, the Moon in Pisces, which many have the misunderstood notion is all about “dreaming” and floating away in a sea of confusion, and emotional crises. We are really doing a disservice to the adaptability that the sign of Pisces bestows on us, one that can be used to our advantage. People born under the sign of Pisces are very strong minded, many of my friends and customers are ruled by this sign and all of them have yet to show me their “impractical” “dreamy” side. They are very practical, adapt well to rough situations. They go with the flow of things when things get tough. It is true, we do tend to analyze things more under the Moon in Pisces, but under the retrograde period it is good that we analyze and think twice before making a move that might not be the correct one in the long run.

Pisces is the sign of creativity, of paying attention to our dreams, or realizing goals. We do tend to be optimistic under this sing’s influence. It is a beautiful sign to practice your meditation, add a new dimension to it. If you are into spiritual healing, then there is no better sign than that of Pisces, with the gift of compassion. Also excellent to perform purification rituals on your self, your home, friends, etc.  Pisces (like Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius) loves beautiful things, a harmonious home, color, texture, music! A mystical sign that knows intuitively when a friend or family member is in need of comfort. Pisces as well make excellent story tellers. Their imagination is endless it seems, and if used positively, it can help them to become beloved and popular authors.

All of the astrological signs have two sides, the good, the bad. The bright, the dark, the optimist, the pessimist. All of us as humans have two sides, so it does not matter really what sign you are ruled by. What all comes down to really, is being able to navigate the waters of life without drowning in it.  Let us see the retrograde in Mars and Saturn for the challenge they bring. Many flourish under a challenge, it changes our lives, our perceptive. It has the possibility of making us stronger, and wiser. Instead of seeing the challenge as something scary, let us see the promise it brings in its wake. Instead of crying out “Beware of the New Moon in Pisces! Fasten your seat belts! we are doomed, doomed! the retrograde is cursed! Plus Jupiter and Uranus are being so mean to each other!! *sob*  what are we going to do for the next three months!”   you get the picture :=) – let us not forget, the most important thing is not to loose our perspective and focus on what is important to accomplish. Small steps sometimes make bigger strides than a big overhaul that will only leave us exhausted and deplete our vital energy.

Surprises are always waiting around the corner, and if we keep our head, keep calm, and just be wise as to how to use those “horrible retrograde” periods, we might just get a lovely boom when July rolls around and the retrograde period is over with (for those two planets, that is ;=)

In light,

* M *