Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XXI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to this latest installment of your  magickal newsletter. I hope every one is enjoying the season of Spring. Without further ado, lets delve into the:

CURRENT EVENTS: Spring sings to me every morning through my window. Nature is speaking out loud now, so we can hear its voice, through the singing of the birds, and the rustling sound leaves make when the wind dances through the trees branches. Spring explodes not only with the beauty of nature awaking from slumber, but with it own kind of music.

Music has been since time immemorial, an important part of the human experience. It has the capacity to change a mood, whatever the piece being played and the state of mind of the person listening to it.

Music resonates in our hearts,  and reverberates through the soul. Each melody is felt differently by each individual. What’s important is that it helps us transcend a moment, a situation, a mood.  Spiritually it is a powerful tool that aids in meditation, healing, spell work. In life, it inspires us, it can be a muse, that enters our senses and sparks the imagination. I say dear reader, let there always be music. It brings us closer as people of this earth, and it awakens our senses to the human riddle of who we really are.


“Music is the language of the Spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife” Kahlil Gibran


This week, exactly on Wednesday April 8th the Jupiter Retrograde ends at 9:57 a.m. PST.  The five month retrograde is over, and financial matters and plans start to move forward. Jupiter that expansive planet, gives a jolt of confidence, which heralds better times for the economy worldwide. This is the time to continue with whatever projects we have and march forward with assurance that hard work pays up, but its sweeter when Jupiter’s energies are lending a hand.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

On Thursday April 9th at 9:00 p.m. PST. The Sun in Aries will conjunct Mercury/Aries. These two combined gives a push in the right direction to anything connected in the areas of communication, commerce, travel.

Then on Saturday April 11th at 8:28 a.m. PST. Venus enters Gemini. This combo also helps matters to continue moving forward. Gemini is a mutable air sign. It  likes to try new things that are out of the ordinary. With Mercury as the ruler of this sign, there is constant move and with Venus, the planet that likes to please, there is sure to be an influence of “what the heck, I deserve a change” sort of mood. Just remember, whatever decision you make during the four weeks their energies will be in effect, will leave an aftermath in its wake.


With life pulling me into a new direction, one that I have postponed traveling for a long time, it creates a desire in me of also pull this newsletter to new territory, new borders. My mind is already twirling ideas as to what these new changes will be for the Witch’s Gazette.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this experience. Thank you for taking the time to read through each post. I hope a brought a bit of laughter or smiles into your life, that I made you think with some of the subjects I wrote about in this newsletter. I hope as well, that I am leaving a sense of wonder, a sense of wanting to extend your wings and fly even further, to find your own sense of freedom, and expand your mind.

Until I write again.. blessed you be!♥


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Pub II

ink and butterflyDear Reader:

Greetings,   I hope to a find all in good health and humor. I have been looking forward to the second publication of my humble newsletter and without further ado,  let me walk you down the hallways of my musings.


Alas! Thanksgiving is around the corner now. Despite efforts to avoid certain members of family, many had to give in to familial obligations and are preparing to visit or receive in your homes the aforementioned persons. Even though am fortunate enough to have the bulk of most of my family far away, I have nevertheless found myself trapped in “virtual” nattering with various weird denizens of the family tree. Misfits and  ne’er-do-wells the bunch… Oh! ok, maybe not that, but weird sometimes and many of them strangers now, from so many years of being blessedly on the other side of the map.


This is a time, when we realize we have a lot in common with other families. We are after all, of the same combined human race. Unless you are absolutely certain your ancestors are from the Sun and you are just waiting for the next planetary alignment to open the portal for the rescue spaceship, then of course you are different…But the rest of us dear reader, share similarities.  Like the grouchy old aunt or uncle that delights in prophesies of bad weather, asking all the single members of the family when are they going to get married.  A time as well for the delight of going food shopping to places where havoc and mayhem is found, (read: supermarkets) with many running around the aisles looking for last minute ingredients and trying to find a VERY small turkey with a VERY small price tag.  What to do in the midst of so many electrifying energies flying around? Try  breathing exercises  (really dear reader! it works wonders for the mind and the soul) and squeeze in a 10 minute daily meditation. I assure you, your peace of mind is worth the time for self-soul-pampering.


4TH  and last week of November

Mercury conjunction with Saturn/Scorpio on Tuesday November 25th at 6:37 p.m. PST.  Saturn the disciplinarian connects with Mercury the communicator and thinker.  You can use the time to clean up the mental litter and be ready for fresh  influence on Thanksgiving (Thursday Nov. 27th) with Moon in aspect to Aquarius. With Thanksgiving comes the time when we have to play a part on family traditions. The question asked and amplified by the Aquarian Moon is do we keep at them, just so we don’t disappoint family? or because we like being part of those traditions? Aquarius urges us to question and also try new alternatives.  With Mercury going into Sagittarius (6:26 p.m. PST) it makes Thanksgiving a good day for celebrations and get together, making us feel the expansion and joviality of both Jupiter and the sign it rules.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES:  I see a bit of tension in the air. Try to understand your goals, an important key  for balanced mental well being. Remember dear Aries, action have reactions, what you do come back to thee, good or bad. With Saturn in your 8th house, health might be a bit weak. Efforts for a healthy balanced diet and exercise regimen help too keep your health at its maximum peak. Your lucky number for this week! 7

TAURUS: Try to take care of important matters with a light heart dear Taurus, or you will feel chained down by obligations. Don’t try quick schemes for weight loss. Small changes bring better results on the long run. Avoid eating strongly spiced foods,  your stomach might be too sensitive for such rich foods at the moment. Lucky number for this week! 1

GEMINI:  I see there might be transformation in the love area, these are vital shifts, don’t fight it. Just flow with it, adapt well so that changes are favorable. You might feel the need for a cleanse and detox of your body.  Add some gentle stretching and yoga to your exercise routine. Lucky number for the week! 9

CANCER:  The wheel of life continues in its endless grind, creating shifts and changes that will be interesting. I see the need for rest now in your life. It will help to get rid of stress brought on by negative people that deplete your energy. Get involved in your favorite activities to restore balance within and without. Lucky number for this week! 3

LEO:  Someone at work might create feelings of frustration. If you can, communicate in a positive manner, how you feel to clear up matters. You might also get a surprise from a friend or acquaintance, with knowledge that will help in a matter that had you stumped for an answer. Lucky number for this week! 4

VIRGO:  Luck is on your side and you will obtain a reward. This event/happening will lift your spirit and bring optimism. Take advantage of this optimal energy to create a positive environment. In love matters, I see tension and stress. Don’t let other people’s rude behavior affect your peace of mind. Avoid conflict, focus that frustrated energy on your goals and projects to help get rid of stress. Lucky number for this week! 2

LIBRA:  Positive attitude about a family matter. Make an effort to maintain this frame of mind. I see that you have to eat healthier, and incorporate nutrients, proteins and vitamins in your diet that were perchance lost while in a quick weight loss diet. Lucky number for this week! 7

SCORPIO:  I see that you have to find a point of balance and try not to easily get upset. In love matters, give yourself the worth you do have and deserve! A good time to open yourself to trust. Try to be more understanding. Believe in yourself. You have all you need to recharge in your own home. Make an effort to loose the extra weight. Your lucky number for this week! 5

CAPRICORN:  You might have to give in about a certain matter, to avoid conflict (specially at work). If a goal, project does not go your way, do not give up. Persevere! Take care of health with a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Lucky number for this week! 3

AQUARIUS:  Keep loyal to your beliefs! Harmony and balance are within reach. Take time before you act to achieve success. Your emotional maturity goes through a quick growing phase. You might feel lonely dear Aquarius, but don’t be, happy days arrive. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone push you into the shadows.  You might need to change your eating habits. Lucky number for this week! 1

PISCES:  Dear Pisces, maintain calm, don’t go into any dispute at work and ignore  co-workers that might want to bring despair. Keep your cool! Your sincerity pays off. Positive energies surround you, take advantage to re-charge your inner and outer self. Luck number for this week! 4


Autumn cooking brings out the need for comfort, home-made  foods.  I love to bake potatoes and top with chopped steamed broccoli, and cheese sauce. I also love cooking time saver recipes and even more so, if I don’t have to spend much in creating filling and delicious dishes. Here is my time/money saver…

Cheese Sauce:

Melt 2 TBS unsalted butter in a saucepan/

Blend in 2 TBS of flour.

Combine with 1 cup of milk (low fat, regular or lactose-free)

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook until sauce thickens. Add a half cup of  grated cheddar cheese and cook until smooth.  You can freeze any surplus. Add on your steaming hot veggies.

Bon Apettit!


With the New Moon of November 22nd, the energies are just ripe to create spells that draw things to us. After last week’s spiritual cleansing your home is ready for some good old fashioned spell-castings, but are you as well ready for it? Before you attempt to write that petition, light that candle and call in energies of manifestation, you need to take a physical cleansing. Even if you do believe yourself ready, think again!

We come in daily contact with many people. All of whom have their own energies to share with us. The advice I give is, take a spiritual bath or shower, before you do your magickal work. It will revitalize your aura and make your personal vibes and frequency be on par with your soul’s intention. It can be as easy as taking a baking soda bath or as elaborate as preparing yourself a bath tea with herbs that match that of the spell you want to work on. Neither one is better than the other. It is the intent behind the act, that matters.  Do not despair dear reader if you do not have a bath tub, and only a shower stall. You can use a plastic pail/bucket that will be used only for your magickal baths.  It is also a matter of personal preference.  Here is the quick and convenient baking soda bath. It works wonders, cleanses your aura of any spiritual debris,  softens your skin and makes you feel good all over.

Give a good cleaning to your bathtub. Fill with warm water, light a candle if you like and place in a fire safe container in your bathroom. Add about 1/2 cup to the water. Get in and relax. Let go of the stress, focus on letting go of negative thought forms and feel the water purifying body and soul. Stay in the tub for 9 minutes minimum. 18 mnts. maximum.

If you are using the bucket bath, then shower first and at the end of your shower, bring in the pail into the shower stall, and rinse yourself with this prepared baking soda water from your head down. The ratio of baking soda for a bucket of water is 1/4 cup.

You are now ready to do your spell casting. If doing a candle spell, add a white candle to your candle set up to bring a protection to your spell and to your self. Happy Spell-casting!

As I am winding down preparing to close this week’s newsletter, I wonder dear reader, where might you find yourself while you read my musings? Are you perchance a traveler of the wide roads, taking a deserved break in a far from home Diner, sitting at a booth, with smart phone or lap computer at hand, while you sip a cup of coffee? Are you a housewife, taking a few minutes respite perhaps in your room,  with your feet up, resting on near-by chair? Are you a single parent, struggling to make ends meet, grateful of a few minutes break? A student or a teacher? Nurse, or nurturer? Whomever you are, and wherever you might find yourself at this moment, I want to say thank you for reading this humble offering, for taking the time to read through it. Perhaps I might leave you with a smile on your face, a thought in your mind. If I have, then my job is done for the moment.  I give thanks for that and for you. I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, may it be filled with laughter, good food, good companionship. Whether a dinner of one or many.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.













Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub I

FRED STEIN  Paris 1936
FRED STEIN Children Reading Newspaper, Paris 1936

Dear Reader:

My newsletter comes to the aid of the weary, who is in search of intelligent yet humorous writings, specially those of a seasoned witch. This is born out of need of material that brings a sense of yesteryear.. even if you were not born erh.. “yesteryear”  you still feel a yearning in your heart for simpler times.  Your quest for a good read, with good content, humor and magickal knowledge is here. Seek no more! as you have arrived at your destination. What nuggets of wisdom will you find here do you wonder?

You will find various bits of current events, weekly horoscope, old-fashioned recipes, gardening tips and of course! the star of the show….magickal tips and spells and other goodies. The best part is that you need not carry your newsletter in your shopping bag, purse or your attaches. This is what I love about technology, we can travel back into a gentler time,  with the use of our handy smart phones, tablets, or even your PC! the wonder of it all!

If you are at home go grab a cuppa, sit back  and get ready for a good read. Or just get comfy where ever you might find yourself. Enjoy!


Weather has changed to cooler days and colder nights.  Samhain, our beautiful celebration has  passed and here we are, at  a brand new month. November its here with is windy days, preparations for the approaching holidays and our efforts to avoid several family members for the Thanksgiving dinner. For some a single affair for others a whole herd of family members, some of which we never heard of, are foreseen in the not so far horizon. Fear not dear reader! along the way in my humble newsletter you might find some easy ways to “pre- De-stress from the “stress” we all know is part of the holiday season, what fun!

Although Thanksgiving is not a celebration that  requires us to spend a lot of money, and is not as much publicized as it predecessor  Halloween or its follower Christmas,  it does require for us to put our “chef” cap and think of ways of cooking a diversity of dishes that are not only enjoyable, but also  money and time savers.  Some, who  might have company during Thanksgiving celebration, have as well to prepare their homes to receive guests (be it family or friends) plus various other activities that are part of the family routine. To keep sane during these last months of the year, we have to strive and find “me” time.  Even if squeezed in the early morning before everyone gets up to start the day or at night, when everyone else has retired for day. It requires a bit of strategy thinking on your part, but it can be done. Think of it as a “must” have time-off for yourself, remember your sanity depends on it, if you are to survive the “holiday” season.


Yes, we are still in the season of Autumn, no matter what advertisers want to make us think with their “winter-like” backgrounds and stores filled to the brim with Winter items and holiday cheer.

Autumn IS a very magical time of the year. Leaves change color, mornings are filled with a crispy sort of air. Days are starting to grow shorter and shorter and we can enjoy our hot drinks in the comfort of home.  It is a time that invites reflections on the past months. Where we are at this point of our lives, what we achieved so far.

If you like taking walks in the park or around your neighborhood, this is a good time to collect acorns, pine cones and dry leaves fallen from near by trees. Something I did when my boys were younger was collect dry leaves from the back yard of our old house. We had a beautiful, big Oak tree. We would collect dry leaves, choose the ones that were the prettiest ones,  clean them up a bit, press them over with a medium hot iron (with a piece of fabric above the leaves). I made mats for my dining room table. I made one specially for my altar where I would burn candles during the Autumn season.  This is an excellent idea if you have toddlers and want to share the fun of collecting the leaves. Give them a small plastic bucket so they can go around collecting leaves with you. Once you get home or get inside your kitchen let them help you with choosing which are the best to keep. Except for the ironing of the leaves, which you will take charge of, it is a fun pass time, that they will cherish and remember always.

I refuse to get into the Yule/Christmas-y sort of mood at this time of year. I want to enjoy Autumn, to be able to appreciate the changes from hot weather to suddenly cold, is like only yesterday I was wearing summer-y, light clothing and today a sweater! (which happens to be true where I live) this is why I cherish these short-lived days. I am a coffee lover and in between I cheat on coffee with my love of tea! This time of year I can enjoy both, with my morning coffee and afternoon tea time. Baking is as well and important part of my life. My waist may not appreciate it, but my well-being depends on it! Baking is like therapy to me, and I enjoy this as well during the Autumn days.  Now I can see as well the fruits of my labor on my balcony potted garden. Flowers are in bloom, no longer do they drip listlessly from all that blustery summer sun, now they show their beautiful lush leaves and newly sprung buds or flowers. So dear reader ask yourself, what is not to like about Autumn?


3rd Week of November:

Week starts with Virgo still being in aspect, with a sextile of Virgo Moon with Scorpio/Sun at 1:26 a.m. PST. Then minutes before it goes into a V/C Moon there is a a trine between Mercury/Scorpio and Chiron/Pisces. Moon goes V/C at 3:11 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. when it aspects Libra.

Then on Tuesday Nov. 18th Saturn and the Sun have a meet up that happens but once a year. These energies combined have a long-term effect, it is a good day to closely consider your obligations.  Opportunity only knocks once,  so remember last day the Sun has in Scorpio for the year.  Then the Sun will make its way to Sagittarius, on Saturday Nov. 22nd. Sagittarius is optimistic, extravagant, freedom loving and goal oriented. With the Sun shining on it, it brings optimism . Key words are new prospects, new adventures.

On Saturday 22nd. We have the New Moon phase in Sagittarius at 4:19 a.m. PST. The Moon wants peace at this time, as opposed to the bubbling, carefree attitude of Sagittarius, so it is a good time to saw the seeds for new projects. Sagittarius new Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 12:50 p.m. Dreams (Neptune/Pisces) with exaggeration (Sun/Sagittarius) this translates to, don’t take on more that you will be able to work on. Use the Saturn/Sun influence to keep your goals real and within your means of achieving them.


ARIES: Fire sign, reigned by Mars. Finish what you start, there is always that good feeling of accomplishment, once the task is done. A favorable period in friendship and with friends. A love opportunity might be lurking in the shadows, keep those peepers peeled! Your lucky number this week: 3

TAURUS: Venus reigned, with Earth Element. A good week for anything related to business. Also at work, it is possible to get the respect you crave from your boss. Don’t loose heart, your work is appreciated. Persist in your goals, achieve calm through meditation. Lucky number! 5.

GEMINI: Element Air, reigned by Mercury. Don’t change your mind too much. Curiosity is good when in search of broadening your knowledge. Culture and art shine this week for many of this airy sign. Possibility of travel is in the cards! and to meet people from other countries or meet mystics. Lucky number! 2

CANCER: Element Water, reigned by the Moon. Don’t take things too personal, build your self-assurance. Learn to handle your emotional tides well. Good week to look for financial opportunity, good time to be approved for credit, and maybe a salary raise! Trust in your power of conviction when evaluating new opportunities. Lucky number! 4.

LEO: Element fire, ruled by the Sun. You love yourself, all of you! your hair, your teeth, your smile and the ability to get what you want when you want it! This week is good in matters of love. You are favored in your capacity for communication and your social life is harmonious at present. Your lucky number! 7

VIRGO: Element Earth, ruled by Mercury. Virgo, you are efficient, love to organize your surrounding,  find solutions to problems, and give attention to detail. For this week I see that you should not take any quick decisions. Wait it out, until things are clear. When it comes to finance and business, you need to practice good judgment in the face of conflicts. Lucky number! 6

LIBRA: Element Air, ruled Venus. Libra, like Leo you love yourself. You love watching yourself in the mirror, loving what you see! You dislike drama, and always strive for balance and harmony in love and friendship. You love dressing well, and have a good sense of what looks best in you. A new job may be in the horizon! I see that you have to take care of your back and your circulatory health.  Lucky number! 7

SCORPIO: Element Water, ruled by Pluto. You are intense, secretive, compulsive. mysterious and shrewd. You feel things deeply.  For this week, put effort in the dynamics with your family and friends. Social life is harmonious. There might be a misunderstanding with a friend, be honest, and make your feelings clear when something bothers you. Your lucky number! 4

SAGITTARIUS: Element Fire, ruled by Jupiter. Fun loving, enthusiastic, extravagant, goal oriented. You dislike routine, and are always looking for the next adventure. This week I see that you might be feeling a bit tired from past activities. Take a rest and chill.  A possibility of a misunderstanding with your significant other, keep your cool! I see that you are going through an important lesson from life, pay attention. Your lucky number! 3

CAPRICORN: Element Earth, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn, you are ever so responsible,authoritative, career or business oriented. You have a dry type of humor, tend to be pessimistic and you like to be organized. I see a favorable week in the financial field, and an extra income or money bonus might be part of this week. However, I see that you have to put special attention and care in your love life. Do this, unless you want to face problems in this area, in a near future. Lucky number! 5

AQUARIUS: Element Air, ruled by Uranus. Independent, innovative, rebellious, revolutionary, emotionally detached. I see that initiative has to be your strong point this week, to be able to resolve pending matters.  Do not let things unresolved or you will face personal problems. I see that this week you are more sensitive to art and beauty in general. Lucky number! 4

PISCES: Element Water, ruled by Neptune. You are compassionate by nature, sensitive, spiritual, intuitive.   Time spent on your own this week is beneficial and healthy. A good time to revise the past months,  blessings received and lessons learned. Lucky number! 9


Throughout the years, It has become second nature, to purchase grocery items that are not only affordable but nutritious. The following is a favorite family staple, and one that saves you time, money and the whole family enjoys. Bon Apetit!


1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit

2 cups all-purpose flour

4 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 cup sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

1/2 cup butter melted

1 cup milk


1/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Cut fruit in small pieces. Combine flour, baking powder, 3/4 Cup sugar, and salt into a mixing bowl. Stir in fruit until well blended. In a small bowl, beat eggs. Add butter and milk. Stir into the flour mixture just to blend. Fill muffin cups 3/4 full. Sprinkle with sugar/cinnamon mix. Bake in 400 degree oven for 15 mnts.  Yields  1 dozen muffins.

Tip: your fruit can be raisins (my favorite) and instead of butter you can substitute with plain apple sauce. If you do not want the sugar added to the top, only use the cinnamon powder.


We are in the waning Moon phase. This is a perfect time to give a good spiritual cleansing to our home. First give a good physical cleaning, throughout the house/apartment and finish up with the spiritual cleaning. Use the five elements:

Before you start make sure to create sacred space and place protection around your home (like a balloon over the whole place. Any color that means protection to you)

Fire- Candle

Water: Drinking water

Earth: Salt or combination of salt and a bit of purifying herbs (like sage, rosemary, basil)

Air: Incense (or if you don’t have any, play music=Air element)

Spirit: Ask Spirit, your favorite deity etc, to be present during your spiritual cleaning and give thanks when you are done, asking for its protective energies to be left after the cleansing. Why ask for protection you may ask? Every time we conduct spiritual work, we open certain thresholds, make sure to protect self and home always!

Well dear reader, this is the end of this week’s offering in my Witch’s Gazette. It has been lovely putting together this humble newsletter and I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.