Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Got a minute?

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Hello dear reader, welcome to a new post. That thief called ‘time’ has done it again…running away with our days and hours! We are already in the month of February, good heavens! wasn’t it just last week that the new year started?

Seeing  as to how time flies, I have been thinking about the type of schedule we make for our magickal pursuits. With time sipping like water through our hands, it is understandable to feel frustration at not being able to do a “proper” spell. Some spiritual practitioners, do nothing but very formal spell work, while others are happy with something more simplified. There is really no fast rule about which is best. Inspiration comes a-knocking at the oddest of times, in the middle of the night, or in the midst of a chaotic work/life schedule. So what do we witches ‘do’ in cases in which our fingers itch at the need to do magick, but we lack a good chunk of time in which to do it?

If you think about it, it is not really how much time we spent doing a certain spell, but the heart we put into it. If you just go through the motion, like an automaton, and work magick, just because it is the “right” day; that alone does not guarantee success of your efforts.

There are ways into which we can bring a bit of magick, with ingenuity, and a little creativity. Always lovely candlekeeping in mind, that magick can be fun (not just serious and boring).  And remember, put your heart into it, you have to want to do it, for it to be strong!

Lets say you need money in a hurry. Yikes! there is no time! you are out of fancy candles, and/or oils. What to do? White emergency candles, do not only work for when the electricity goes out. These small candles work wonders in substituting bigger candles. Just prep them up, by washing in an infusion of water and salt. Do not wet the wick of the candle. Once this is done you’ll charge them with your intention. With a needle write the amount of money you need. Write the word FAST as well. You can also add the symbol of the Sun (success) Mars (quick energies) and/or Venus (money). Dress candle with a bit of cooking oil, sprinkle cinnamon spice and sugar. If you have powdered ginger, the better as ginger is a hot spice as well and brings fast results. Have powdered Chile? Sprinkle as well. Place in a fire-proof candle holder and light it on. Say your intention out loud. Fit your wording to the phase of the Moon. Burn to completion. Done.

strawsFeeling a little stressed out? No time for your usual meditation? Here is something that is quick and fun to do. For this you will need straws. You will need to have some handy, so next time you do your grocery shopping buy yourself a box of straws. Get a cup, drinking water and a straw. Breath in and out. Breathing in the tension by visualizing where it is located, shoulders? head? etc. Exhale and release the tension. Do this 3 times. Now this is the fun part. Blow bubbles into the water with your straw. Just do it. Several times. Is fun! Put all of your attention into this tiny, fun task. When you are done, you will feel a bit better and best part? You didn’t have to spend a huge amount of money for a full therapy session to do so! (only a few bucks in straws).

Thinking your house feels spiritually charged and that it needs a good cleansing? Not enough time to do it? Open your windows. Walk around your home with a broom in hand. Do a sweeping motion on the air, close to the floor, while visualizing the icky, stuck energies getting out of your home. Do this quick. Each room. Finish by standing in the middle of your living room, or entrance of your home and say the following:

“Get out, get out, whatever you are! East and South will help kick you out! West will protect and North will absorb, so all that stuck energy will now have to go!” If you have a white candle (emergency candles work well here too) burn one. If not is fine. Breath in and out, open your front door for a short time and feel your home energized with positive light.

angry-bossIs there someone at work being a “poopy face” to you? (I could use the alternative word for that, but dear reader, this an erh..’genteel’ sort of newsletter and we must strive to be the better person even if we don’t want to ….) and you are there at work, fuming because the “poopy faced” person is being stupid, once more?  Needs must! Here is where technology comes in handy. Write in your phone’s note pad what you are feeling at that moment. Visualize a pentagram going on top of your words. Once you have that in mind, delete saying these words in your mind “I release the bad, keep the good. I am blessed” Once you do that, go to the bathroom and flush the toilet, visualizing your anger going down the drain (even if you are not really using it). I understand for this one, different jobs have different rules about using our mobiles while working, so here is where you ingenuity comes into play.

Want to bring a bit of luck? Get a cotton ball and place it in a dish with sugar. Leave it on the dining table.  This is an old practice which stems from the process of “spinning sugar into cotton.” Some ancient cultures believed that a sweet and sticky substance (e.g. cotton candy) brought good luck when ingested. In this instance, you will use the simple act of attracting good luck by combining the cotton and the sugar, and! without the added calories…

Feeling low of confidence? Wear something red. It can be as simple as a scarf or a shirt. You can also drink a cup of cinnamon tea. Cinnamon is fiery spice that helps to lift the spirit. Add honey for added power. Since honey comes from bees and bees represent the Sun and the Goddess, you are adding a bit of heavenly power into your day.

squeeze_orange_juice_glass-wideFeeling blue, have the blahs! and just feel so lazy that the thought of making your bed, makes you want to just get back in it? If you have orange juice at home,powdered ginger and a lime or lemon (even raw ginger is ok) you can do the following. Fill a glass with orange juice, sprinkle ginger on top, swirl it in. Place your glass of juice by a sunny window. Leave it there to collect the powerful energies of the Sun. Grab the lemon or lime, cut in half, sprinkle a bit of white sugar on each half. Take a shower. After the usual ablutions of shampoo and soap, pass each half of the lemon all over your body (not the hair). Rinse with water visualizing that as the lemon gets off from your skin, it takes with it the low spirits you are feeling (just be a careful, make sure all of the lemon/sugar is drained as the sugar might make the shower slippery). This is after all the element of water, which helps to purify. Once out, drink the juice. The power of orange with ginger energized by the sun, truly has an uplifting element when combined and helps to bring just the needed kick to feel better.

You might be saying to yourself “Hey! that is not a minute!” which is true. When I say “Got a minute” it just means, that the above suggestions, will not take a huge amount of time. They are quick to perform, and it will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, that you can infuse your life with magick, whether it is on the go, on the job, or at home. Magick is energy, raw and beautiful, energized by the Goddess, powered by the Universe and ultimately streaming through our everyday lives! why not use them for good and create awesome changes for us?

Until I write again, may you find Her magick in all you do..Picture 098


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