Celestial Merry-go-Round

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome to another installment of my weekly newsletter. Next week it’s charged with astrological peril! From a retrograde (Yes, you guessed it..Mercury) to planetary configurations, and solar eclipses. We must harden the intent of keeping as cool as we can, and of course prepare accordingly.

Planets are a funny thing. They do what they want as they see fit. Meanwhile down here on Earth we humans are affected by their energy. Whether on a global scale or a personal one, it does play a bit of havoc on the psyche and life in general.

moderen-metaphysicsTake Mercury for example. How many times have I seen people get stressed out when they realize a retrograde is imminent. Many. Even those who say they do not believe in astrology and/or in anything metaphysical or spiritual etc, are very aware that communications do go awry. Whatever plans are to be put into action, become undone or go really bad indeed. Better put on hold and sit the retrograde through.. in peace. Unfortunately there is no escaping a retrograde. It happens. Its unavoidable. We deal with it. In the best way we can. So we use our smarts and do not begin anything new. Do not (if able) make that trip, do not buy any electronics during this period or get a new car (movement, Mercury). Etc..etc.

knightsfightingAdd to the retro the challenge  which happens between the Sun and two planets, Neptune and Saturn. Not the best of astrological energies when challenging each other. Sun makes things worst, by being its forceful self, and shining all that bright energy onto the taciturn Saturn and the Neptune dreamy energy. Saturn imposes slowness, it does not like to rush. All well and dandy when you want to utilize its energies to make things happen properly so it makes it grow slowly but surely (like investments) but bad really, when square to the Sun. Imagine if you will, two knights of old. Armed to the teeth with all that heavy armor and huge swords, each with its need to be honorable and do the right thing, but stubborn as hell.  Each of them tall and powerful, each maintaining their ground.  The Sun pushes for resolution and Saturn pushes back with its need to wait it out and do things well.  So we get obstacles and things go even slower than usual.

Then Neptune will be in opposition to the Sun..oh dear! Hmm, I see Neptune as another knight, but a female knight.. Yes, she fights if needed, but she would rather find a nice scarf to go with her shining armor suit. She after all is very creative, so every where she goes, she sees possibilities to make it pretty or better if possible, even when is not. So when she is in opposition to the Sun, she sort of dazzles the Sun with her otherworldly beauty while trying to avoid the reality of such power of the Sun. Remember that Neptune  does like to avoid reality and fantasize. She also likes everything of mystery and psychic nature. So while she is trying to convince the Sun to step aside so she can go on her path to… wherever whim might take her, and the Sun trying mightily not to fall to her charm…well we humans get a bit of murky thoughts, forget things, sort of walk in a fog, due to the Sun being engaged otherwise and not helping matters.

argument-cartoonThen when Neptune finally moves away from the Sun, she goes on her merry way to have a square with Saturn..*sigh* This mighty knight is not as easily swayed as the Sun has been. He is a stubborn planet. So they get into an argument. Neptune trying to convince him so and so its true. He almost shouting that she lives in the clouds and needs a dose of reality.  She saying Ay! and he saying Nay! So we humans have conflict. We vacillate in our decisions, we might want to take the easy road, but our minds are telling us that is not the way.

What is a person to do, in the midst of such danger?! OK, I am being melodramatic, and to be honest I poke fun at some things I read about this time being one to lay low…under the radar…What is that? We cannot live our lives hiding from every celestial alignment  and go about our days sayings such things as “We are doomed, doomed! The retrograde nears, hide! avoid…hmm..living your life as normal!”

Yes, dear reader, I know some people are more affected than others by some planet being retrograde and some others are affected by squares and oppositions. But my intent is to bring calm, to an otherwise unstable week ahead. So what must we do? Hmm..

As I mentioned before, prepare accordingly. Do not do things when Mercury is retrograde that go against the energy of the moment. Just take the time, to prepare for when its gone. Reflect on your goals, re-organize. Do not make major decisions that will go awry anyway. By now most are masters at avoiding the “dreaded retro.” Otherwise live life as usual.

As to the opposition and square between Sun, Saturn and Neptune. Do not stress out about something that cannot (I repeat) be avoided. If you find obstacles to your plans in the week ahead (Sun/Saturn) then re-think your strategy, perhaps once you do it, you will realize you can either wait it out or realize maybe is not the best of plans.

If you find yourself being a bit or more forgetful than usual, daydreaming, or distracted in the week ahead (Sun/Neptune), do a mental exercise to bring focus or meditate. Carry grounding stones. Like Hematite or Onyx for example.

Then we still have the conflict between Neptune/Saturn. If you vacillate making a decision, again re-think, change strategy and again…ground and focus.

planetsIn an otherwise everyday routine, one without being aware of the celestial happenings, we do use our logic in times of stress (Hopefully) and re-think our actions and decisions (Ideally). For those of us that perform magickal work, like knights of old, we put on our “spiritual armor” and make sure to protect ourselves in the spiritual. Just in case. Makes sense.

It is true that their influence is felt sometimes more than others. It is also true that it has been happening for many a millennia and it will continue to do so, until we cease to be, and others will inhabit this planet. So perchance dear reader, the best we can do, is to be a bit pragmatic about the whole thing. That may yet be, the best strategy to be able to deal with the natural flow of the Universe.

Until I write again,


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New Moon in Pisces. A planetary battle, conflict, challenge?

New Moon in Pisces – March 1st -2014

The month kicks off on a high celestial note. Not only is today the New Moon but we have two strong planets going in retrograde period. Mars and Saturn. The retrograde periods are not good for starting out new projects, so accordingly,  is definitely not the time to do so, but do not despair as all is not lost! In reality we cannot live our lives based on all the celestial happenings. We just would make ourselves into little knots if we were to follow the do’s and don’ts of every conflict that happens between planets and the Moon and the Sun etc. What we can do, if we follow the planet’s transits, is accommodate our projects to fit the energies floating around.

For instance if Mars (going retrograde March 1st) the planet of action and assertive energy, is retrograde- it follows that during a retrograde period, we have to just sort of “chill” and think about the situation we would like to act upon, and find out if it is worth all that effort and energy. So instead of just rushing in; we are actually giving ourselves the time to think things through and that in itself its positive non-assertive motion we can do. Of course life circumstances limits our way of carrying out our plans of not doing something we shouldn’t during a retrograde, this is where reality comes in and says “ nope, you gotta act now, can’t wait for planets to move direct again” so we have to use common sense and just carry on, trying to remember we are in the midst of a 3 month retrograde period (but lets face it, most of the time we forget!) and going about it in a different angle. Just really making the best of the situation.

Saturn- (going retrograde March 2nd) the planet of structure, order, organization and practicability – is not (in my opinion) such a difficult sign to sit tight while is retrograde. Since the retrograde, calls for us to use caution when dealing with things that are affected by the planet that is in that period, then Saturn is perfect! After all it is the planet of caution, patience, being conservative and prudent.

Add to this interesting bag of cosmic energies, the Moon in Pisces, which many have the misunderstood notion is all about “dreaming” and floating away in a sea of confusion, and emotional crises. We are really doing a disservice to the adaptability that the sign of Pisces bestows on us, one that can be used to our advantage. People born under the sign of Pisces are very strong minded, many of my friends and customers are ruled by this sign and all of them have yet to show me their “impractical” “dreamy” side. They are very practical, adapt well to rough situations. They go with the flow of things when things get tough. It is true, we do tend to analyze things more under the Moon in Pisces, but under the retrograde period it is good that we analyze and think twice before making a move that might not be the correct one in the long run.

Pisces is the sign of creativity, of paying attention to our dreams, or realizing goals. We do tend to be optimistic under this sing’s influence. It is a beautiful sign to practice your meditation, add a new dimension to it. If you are into spiritual healing, then there is no better sign than that of Pisces, with the gift of compassion. Also excellent to perform purification rituals on your self, your home, friends, etc.  Pisces (like Virgo, Taurus, Sagittarius) loves beautiful things, a harmonious home, color, texture, music! A mystical sign that knows intuitively when a friend or family member is in need of comfort. Pisces as well make excellent story tellers. Their imagination is endless it seems, and if used positively, it can help them to become beloved and popular authors.

All of the astrological signs have two sides, the good, the bad. The bright, the dark, the optimist, the pessimist. All of us as humans have two sides, so it does not matter really what sign you are ruled by. What all comes down to really, is being able to navigate the waters of life without drowning in it.  Let us see the retrograde in Mars and Saturn for the challenge they bring. Many flourish under a challenge, it changes our lives, our perceptive. It has the possibility of making us stronger, and wiser. Instead of seeing the challenge as something scary, let us see the promise it brings in its wake. Instead of crying out “Beware of the New Moon in Pisces! Fasten your seat belts! we are doomed, doomed! the retrograde is cursed! Plus Jupiter and Uranus are being so mean to each other!! *sob*  what are we going to do for the next three months!”   you get the picture :=) – let us not forget, the most important thing is not to loose our perspective and focus on what is important to accomplish. Small steps sometimes make bigger strides than a big overhaul that will only leave us exhausted and deplete our vital energy.

Surprises are always waiting around the corner, and if we keep our head, keep calm, and just be wise as to how to use those “horrible retrograde” periods, we might just get a lovely boom when July rolls around and the retrograde period is over with (for those two planets, that is ;=)

In light,

* M *