Old Man Winter

victorian-woman-writing-letterDear Reader: Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of this brand new cycle. The holiday rush has finally passed and we are on the brink of a new life adventure.

Old man winter has settled and its comfortable, smoking a pipe. Sitting at his favorite chair close to a window, from which he can watch the world and control these cold days.. and perhaps reading a favorite book. Winter makes us feel as if we want to hibernate and sleep as many hours as we can. It brings a sense of waiting, pausing and putting on hold those goals we have for the new cycle. It gives us time to dream about them. Giving shape to the not yet manifested.

While Winter it’s here, the world seems to be seen from a different lens, a lens that helps to see old-man-winterthrough it, the not distant past of the old year, and have “aha!” moments. Get wisdom from hindsight, and maybe have a laugh or two about the silly things we did, thought or said. It is good to have a sense of humor about our own fallacies. It is healthy to appreciate that human nature being what it is, will makes us do things that in reflection might make us wince at the memory, but also learn from whatever mistake we made. The key here is not to allow ourselves to wallow in “why or why” feelings or self-pity.

The key here, is to: Reflect, Learn, and Move on! There is nothing for it, but just continue the journey, albeit with new knowledge about our own selves, and the world around us.  The world will continue to spin, the sun will continue to shine, and nature to evolve.

January is the threshold into the new cycle. It is the door through which we will walk into the rest of the months. It is not for us to jump mindlessly into the maelstrom of the unknown, but quietly rest, as I mentioned previously, re-set our inner clock, re-charge and wait. Follow your own natural cycle, if the body is asking for rest, then do so. If the mind is restless for lack of a break, then give it one. If the heart feels a bit heavy, a bit disillusioned that the “magic” of the holiday did not stick around, then accept the fact that holiday expectations are set too high. The last month of every year it is only that..another month. Albeit one adorned with holiday celebrations, but that is all. The outward pressure put on this holiday alone, is too much to bear for many, thus creating depression and a sense of helplessness.

hibernationThat is why its important that January is taken for rest and  to reflect. We can still get rid of old junk, cleanse the home, organize our minds, and the clutter around the house. Watch movies with the family, have coffee with friends, bake something you love, and just enjoy this season. With global warming Winter is getting shorter and shorter, why waste it with worries, or stress?

Don’t sweat it if you do not have yet written your goal list. Work on it, as ideas come to you. From lived personal experience, I work on goals as baby steps to getting them manifested. Lesson learned from past stress due to a feeling of not living to my own expectations. Relax those expectations, be kind to yourself and above all know, that no one knows of your personal goal list…only you (unless you have posted the list on all your social media pages, which definitely puts the pressure on). Or don’t make one, the choice is always yours.

Remember..Nature itself is asleep, animals hibernate, and wait for it to awaken. We are part of  the natural cycle of Earth. Lets move with the natural flow, to help us strike a balance between body and the soul, heart and mind.

Until I write again,


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Autumns Days

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: I hope I find all in good cheer. November is almost gone and today we celebrate Thanksgiving. If you like me; find yourself with a bit of time, while the food is ready and the relatives arrive; then I invite you for a quick read.. go grab a cuppa, sit back and chill for a bit. Enjoy!


Weather has changed to cooler days and colder nights.  Samhain, our beautiful celebration has  passed and here we are, at almost at the end of November. Autumn although late this year, it’s finally felt with is windy days, and preparations for the approaching holidays . Thanksgiving the holiday that marks the onslaught holiday shopping madness, brings for a short while at least, a sort of respite before the rush.

funnyAlthough Thanksgiving is not a celebration that  requires us to spend a lot of money, and is not as much publicized as it predecessor  Halloween or its follower Christmas,  it does require for us to put our “chef” cap and think of ways of cooking a diversity of dishes that are not only enjoyable, but also  money and time savers.  Some, who  might have company during Thanksgiving celebration, have as well to prepare their homes to receive guests (be it family or friends) plus various other activities that are part of the family routine. To keep sane during these last months of the year, we have to strive and find “me” time.  Even if squeezed in the early morning before everyone gets up to start the day or at night, when everyone else has retired for day. It requires a bit of strategy thinking on your part, but it can be done. Think of it as a “must” have time-off for yourself, remember your sanity depends on it, if you are to survive the “holiday” season.


Yes, we are still in the season of Autumn, no matter what advertisers want to make us think with their “winter-like” backgrounds and stores filled to the brim with Winter items and holiday cheer.

Autumn IS a very magical time of the year. Leaves change color, mornings are filled with a crispy sort of air. Days are starting to grow shorter and shorter and we can enjoy hot drinks in the comfort of home.  It is a time that invites reflections on the past months. Where we are at this point of our lives, what we achieved so far.

If you like taking walks in the park or around your neighborhood, this is a good time to collect acorns, pine cones and dry leaves fallen from near by trees.  I have many things I made when my sons were toddlers and others I made for myself through out the years. For me, it signifies not only shared memories but a bit of Autumn that I got to keep through things I made with the items collected from nature through out the years.3_leaves

I refuse to get into the Yule/Christmas-y sort of mood at this time of year. I want to enjoy Autumn, to be able to appreciate the changes from hot weather to suddenly cold, is like only yesterday I was wearing summer-y, light clothing and today a sweater! (which happens to be true where I live) this is why I cherish these short-lived days. I am a coffee lover and in between I cheat on coffee with my love of tea.. This time of year I can enjoy both, with my morning coffee and afternoon tea time. Baking is as well and important part of my life. My waistline may not appreciate it, but my well-being depends on it! Baking is like therapy to me, and I enjoy this as well during the Autumn days.  Now I can see as well the fruits of my labor on my balcony potted garden. Autumn flowers are in bloom, no longer do they drip listlessly from all that blustery summer sun, now they show their beautiful lush leaves and newly sprung buds or flowers. So dear reader; ask yourself what is not to like about Autumn?

As I am winding down preparing to close this week’s newsletter, I wonder dear reader, where might you find yourself while you read my musings? Are you perchance a traveler of the wide roads, taking a deserved break in a far from home Diner, sitting at a booth, with smart phone or lap computer at hand, while you sip a cup of coffee? Are you a housewife, taking a few minutes respite perhaps in your room,  with your feet up, resting on near-by chair? Are you a single parent, struggling to make ends meet, grateful of a few minutes break? A student or a teacher? Nurse, or nurturer? Whomever you are, and wherever you might find yourself at this moment, I want to say thank you for reading this humble offering, for taking the time to read through it. Perhaps I might leave you with a smile on your face, a thought in your mind. If I have, then my job is done for the moment.  I give thanks for that and for you. I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, may it be filled with laughter, good food, good companionship. Whether a dinner of one or many.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until I write again,


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Bringing a Sense of Wonder – Color In Magick

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to another post from the Magickal Gazette. As summer nears the end of its season, the sun starts to shine harder as it uses the last of the season’s power.

As I was sitting down, ruminating about summer’s end and preparing to work on my post, I noticed the colors reflected on the wall behind my desk from a small butterfly prism hanging at my balcony window.  The colors making a lovely rainbow through the wall, moving this way and that.  It seemed for a moment, as if the wind and the glass butterfly were playing a game only they knew about.

That brought to mind, a topic I have wanted to explore in this blog. In my previous post I talked about the power of Blue. Now in this one, I want to broaden the range of colors and how it can be used for magickal purposes.

The effect of color on the human psyche and emotions is a well know fact. Like music which  has a range of vibrational ripples that affect the emotions so do colors affect us as well. We even have phrases like:

” I am feeling blue” or “seeing red.” We have come to subconsciously acknowledge the effect of colorscolormagick (2) and this is not something that is a phenomenon of the modern age, but rather goes back centuries. It is believed that occultists created a code, which they could refer to whenever they performed magickal work. The belief in the power of the color red, to name one, goes back to Roman times. Back then, it symbolized the sacred liquid of life and the sacred flame. Silver, was associated with the moon and believed to held power over the astral world and Blue being the color of the sky was associated with divine blessings.

Just as color with its vibrational energy; is used to enhance a living space it can also be used in magickal work. There are various ways to attain the desired effect in any particular magickal endeavor.

The most obvious one is colored bottles,  to store items like blessed water,  incense, oils or even small tumbled stones.

colormagick (3)Lights can be shined through a stained glass and the colored light that comes through it, can be focused on talisman, petition, charm, stone, water etc. Anything you can think of to be charged for magickal work.

For example an oil that is meant to be for money, can be placed in a green bottle and this in turn placed on a windowsill were the light of the Sun and the Moon will shine on it, and empower the oil with their natural energy.

When you empower an item with color as a filter, sunlight is used first as the Sun will imbue the vibratory essence of the color. After which, the Moon light will be used to imbue the metaphysical property of the color.

Other things to take into consideration to charge your items: Moon phase and the season of the year. Both will determine the type of vibratory energy your item receives through the chosen color. Seasons like moon phases each bring their own energy, thus Spring and Summer are for things of growth, Autumn for harvest and Winter for reflection and gathering energy.

The waxing moon, for things of “growth” like plans, income, health (to make it stronger) gain. The waning moon phase is used to work on things we want to diminish (weight loss for example), get rid of and protection, etc.

Prepare accordingly with the days of the week, astrological sign and moon phase. This means that you can choose a day to use the sunlight energy and then wait for the correct lunar phase to finish empowering your item with color on a different day.

Once your item is charged, re-empower each Full moon under the lunar energies.

A short list of color for magick, this is not an all inclusive list. Just enough to start you off.

Gold- success, wealth

Green – Money, growth, renewal, employment,

Purple- Success, wisdom, protection

Red – health, will power

Yellow – intellect, creativity, success

Regardless of how color is utilized in one’s life, whether for magick or just every day living, color has the power to uplift the mood, calm the mind and energize the will power. Like music, color is needed to help us in our human journey.

As I wrap up today’s post, I look up again at the wall and notice the prism lights are disappearing as Earth moves away from the Sun into the afternoon hours. I recapture in my mind the wonder I felt when I first saw the colors earlier on, reflecting the colors of the rainbow.  Like a child watching a prism for the first time, it is that sense of wonder, that we need to keep within our heart, for it is such moments, that help us to see the beauty around us.

dreamUntil I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XXI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to this latest installment of your  magickal newsletter. I hope every one is enjoying the season of Spring. Without further ado, lets delve into the:

CURRENT EVENTS: Spring sings to me every morning through my window. Nature is speaking out loud now, so we can hear its voice, through the singing of the birds, and the rustling sound leaves make when the wind dances through the trees branches. Spring explodes not only with the beauty of nature awaking from slumber, but with it own kind of music.

Music has been since time immemorial, an important part of the human experience. It has the capacity to change a mood, whatever the piece being played and the state of mind of the person listening to it.

Music resonates in our hearts,  and reverberates through the soul. Each melody is felt differently by each individual. What’s important is that it helps us transcend a moment, a situation, a mood.  Spiritually it is a powerful tool that aids in meditation, healing, spell work. In life, it inspires us, it can be a muse, that enters our senses and sparks the imagination. I say dear reader, let there always be music. It brings us closer as people of this earth, and it awakens our senses to the human riddle of who we really are.


“Music is the language of the Spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife” Kahlil Gibran


This week, exactly on Wednesday April 8th the Jupiter Retrograde ends at 9:57 a.m. PST.  The five month retrograde is over, and financial matters and plans start to move forward. Jupiter that expansive planet, gives a jolt of confidence, which heralds better times for the economy worldwide. This is the time to continue with whatever projects we have and march forward with assurance that hard work pays up, but its sweeter when Jupiter’s energies are lending a hand.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

On Thursday April 9th at 9:00 p.m. PST. The Sun in Aries will conjunct Mercury/Aries. These two combined gives a push in the right direction to anything connected in the areas of communication, commerce, travel.

Then on Saturday April 11th at 8:28 a.m. PST. Venus enters Gemini. This combo also helps matters to continue moving forward. Gemini is a mutable air sign. It  likes to try new things that are out of the ordinary. With Mercury as the ruler of this sign, there is constant move and with Venus, the planet that likes to please, there is sure to be an influence of “what the heck, I deserve a change” sort of mood. Just remember, whatever decision you make during the four weeks their energies will be in effect, will leave an aftermath in its wake.


With life pulling me into a new direction, one that I have postponed traveling for a long time, it creates a desire in me of also pull this newsletter to new territory, new borders. My mind is already twirling ideas as to what these new changes will be for the Witch’s Gazette.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this experience. Thank you for taking the time to read through each post. I hope a brought a bit of laughter or smiles into your life, that I made you think with some of the subjects I wrote about in this newsletter. I hope as well, that I am leaving a sense of wonder, a sense of wanting to extend your wings and fly even further, to find your own sense of freedom, and expand your mind.

Until I write again.. blessed you be!♥


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A Flower Power House Publication.

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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XII

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Welcome to another installment of my weekly newsletter.

The dear old groundhog has one more been avidly watched by many to find out just how long the Winter season will last. It seems we will see the winter last its full 6 weeks, but are we surprised dear reader? That is after all how much longer the season lasts. Nature will not be rushed. Whether we have a very cold winter (which it is, in the Northeast section of the United States) or milder weather (which, we have in the Southwestern section) it is the Winter season. Poor old groundhog, must be puzzling to him all the hoopla and goings on around this time of year. Perhaps all he wants to do is sleep it off!

artwork by Wendy Andrew

CURRENT HAPPENINGS:    Technology and all that it entails have brought us together in many ways. Advances in communication has made it easier and faster to connect with one another from one corner of the planet to the next.

Sadly it has drawn us away from our spiritual self. We have come to loose the connection to our ancestral beliefs and to our beautiful planet Earth.

Many see the passing of the year, as only having 4 seasons. But to the spiritual minded and the ones that live their life through the natural pattern of nature, there is awareness that Earth goes through an 8 season cycle. Earth is alive and in constant change. It makes a transition about every 45 days. Although the beginning of each of the four seasons, the Equinoxes and Solstices are times of celebration, the peaks of these three months periods are too.

We live on this powerful and magical planet. We need to show our gratitude for letting us walk on her soil, and sail on her waters, by acknowledging these changes. No matter how far we have come in terms of technology. Earth is a natural energy. The wheel of the year goes on. Every time we see its beauty unfold before our very own eyes. Lets rejoice in the beauty and thank that which sustains our daily life.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday Feb. 2nd- Imbolc. Second quarter. Moon enters Leo at 9:41 a.m.  Leo Moon trines Saturn in Sag.

Tuesday Feb. 3rd.  Full Moon An excellent day. There is a promising alignment of the Leo Full Moon with the expansive Jupiter. This conjunction will happen at 9:31 p.m.  and it will extend their powerful energies through out the week. Positive energies that will help to take care of unresolved issues and bring completion to anything you might have been working on. Take advantage and don’t let this magickal threshold slip you by!

Wednesday Feb. 4th – Begins with the moon void of course (it happened on the conjunction on the night before – 9:31 p.m. PST). Moon enters Virgo at 9:46 pm. PST.

Thursday Feb. 5th – Day begins with a Virgo Moon in place and goes through a sextile – Mercury/Aquarius – Saturn/Sagittarius.  Sextile encourages positive exchange between two planets. It ends with an opposition on Virgo Moon -Venus/Pisces.  Even though the opposition make planets work or struggle against each other,  it is not as difficult as it may seem. They can still come to some type of understanding. It is always good to note what energies the day begins with as well as the ending energies.  This is a good rule of thumb if you are making an important decision for the day.

Friday Feb. 6th – 3rd quarter.  Moon is still in Virgo and it will go void of course at 2:09 p.m. PST.  Jupiter which is in retro mode until April 8th, goes into opposition to the Sun. The opposition helps to detach ourselves from our plans and goals and take a look into them with a neutral perspective. This is a good opportunity  to fine tune those goals and plans to ensure success.

Saturday Feb. 7th – 3rd quarter. Moon enters Libra at 10:44 a.m. PST. A very positive day for any mundane or magickal efforts or activities. There is a trine  between Libra Moon and Mercury/Aquarius 3: 07 pm. PST and two sextiles. One at 6:44 pm. PST between Libra Moon and Saturn/Sagittarius and the last one at 9:53 pm. PST between Libra Moon and Pluto Capricorn.

Sunday Feb. 8th. 3rd quarter. Moon still in Libra. Sunday being a day of the Sun and success, will bring a push to any matter even though aspects are not the greatest for this day. Since the Moon is in waning period, a good day to successfully get rid of unwanted habits, clean out the house/apartment of stuff you do not want anymore, etc.


These are from my motivational cards ” I can do it” From Louise Hay. I have drawn the following message: ” I am now willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exists everywhere” on one side. An the other side: “Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust life”

I see the message of the card as having the will to grab the energies that are all around us, and make it work for our individual needs. As we trust that life is a constant flow of energy, so we work towards our desires goals, instead of just waiting for things to happen, we MAKE things happen.


The purpose of this week’s tip, is to help you step back, and take a look at the space where you create magick. It is a good idea to periodically pay attention to not only the tools, but the place where magick is conducted. This helps to reconnect to its energies, and bring new insight into your magickal life.

Do you have a space for your magickal work? Do you have a big altar, or a side table? Is your altar mobile? Is it a place you have placed aside for it, that will be just for that? or is it versatile and it doubles (or triples as the need arises) as your dining table or maybe your personal desk?

If you have one specially for magick, what would you do to make it more practical? If you have to make your altar wherever you find space, do you think you could come up with a new, innovative way of creating an altar that can be carried anywhere in your living space? Do you think it could do with an altar “make over”.  Take note of all that you can. Cleanse your altar, as well as your tools. Write down all that comes to mind when you see your altar. What do you feel when you conduct your magick on your altar or your makeshift space for spells?

This exercise will help to bring clarity to your magickal practice as well as opening you to the energies that go into creating your sacred space. Try it for at least a week. You will notice new insights. Remember that the altar is an extension of your belief.

Another week has gone by and with it, ideas, plans and rethinking of goals perhaps. Life lived through a kaleidoscope of moments. Moments that amount memories. What memories, dear reader would you want to look back on as you grow older?

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter Pub XI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings to all. As always I hope all are in good health and good cheer. The beautiful season of Winter is still with us. One I wish would last perhaps 4 months instead of three. That would take care of the dreaded summer season, so we would only have comfortable and lovely weather, without the sweaty intermission we have to go through. Oh well! it is what it is. Moving on dear reader, lets peruse the themes on this week’s publication..

CURRENT HAPPENINGS: We go through the seasons. Each churning away in a never-ending journey. Winter with its solitude and gathering of energies. Earth in peaceful slumber. Until Spring when it awakens with a splash of color with flowers everywhere. Trees housing nests and nature becoming “aware” shall we say of the beauty it can create and share with us humble humans. Then the dreaded summer (sigh) a necessary season (although I do not see the point of incredible high temperatures) which brings fruit, vegetables and grains to maturity. Which we can finally harvest and enjoy on Autumn, and the circle starts all anew. I like to enjoy the passing of time through the seasons. It makes more sense to live through each season, than watching it go by through a calendar.  Why would we want to “mark” time like that? when we can mark each passing day, by actually watching all evolve right before our own very eyes? What is the point of rushing through the working week. We think that we will really enjoy the well deserved weekend only to be thinking that soon the working week will start again! I will not claim that I have always watched time go by through each season. It is perhaps the passing of the years, the gathering of wisdom, that brings an added dimension to my senses. It makes each day special, each moment lived worth keeping in the chambers of the heart.

Four seasons


As we already know, people in ancient times, lived by seasons. They would mark their lives according to nature. No one knows when the first calendar was invented, but “notched bones” have been found in Africa and Europe, which were used to record moon phases. A notch would be carved to mark the passing of each full Moon, this type of ancient “calendar” dates back to 20,500 BC.

It makes sense that as we went through evolution into more sophisticated beings, tools used to mark time would change with us. As our minds expanded, so did our worldview. Sadly, as it is the norm with technology, we lost the sense of self, and of the natural energies of the planet which we inhabit. This is what I mean when I say that we should attune ourselves to the passing of time through the changes of each season. If we are attuned to Earth, our senses are more vibrant. We are in accord with our inner beings. We are healthier, happier and bad moods and anger are less frequent. Of course, this is a personal choice. It is not practicing magic that will turn us into “green” and natural beings. It is a worldview of spiritual contentment. Not to be confused with a religious view-point, but rather a spiritual well-being. The more we practice mindfulness, and/or meditation, and strive for a better self, the more the world around us (the natural world) comes into focus and the more it comes into focus, the more attuned we become to our inner and outer cosmos.


Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

Monday January 26th. Moon enters Taurus at 8:37 a.m. 2nd quarter begins

Tuesday January 27th – Venus aspects Pisces. This is supposed to be a very unrealistic pair up. So it is up to us to buckle up and maintain our left side of the brain active, as Venus combined with Pisces, creates an illusion of sorts and all becomes rosy colored. But! as usual I like to see the practical side, Venus does represent money energies and Pisces is a water element. It makes perfect sense that if you want to draw money, prosperity and better financial opportunities,(Venus) Pisces will make sure to get that water flowing for manifestation.. cha’ ching!$$

Wednesday January 28th – This day is sort of blah! Mercury is on Retro mode. So forget about using this day to get things “moving” or communicating your ideas in a cohesive manner. The plus side is that there is not many squares going on. Only one in which Gemini Moon squares Venus/Pisces..yawn! Even though squares develop friction between planets by one challenging the other..well I don’t see much antagonism out of the dreamy duo of Venus/Pisces against the Airy Gemini, which by the way is ruled by Mercury. The only challenge I see for this day is opposition between Gemini Moon-against Saturn/Sagittarius. But this will happen at night, 8:44 p.m. PST. So again, it might not be felt by many.

Thursday January 29th – This day its different. It starts with a Gemini Moon square to Neptune/Pisces at 2:10 a.m. PST. Good thing most of us are asleep then. No harm done. Then another square Gemini/Moon to Mars in Pisces at 4:12 pm. Air/Water-against Fire/Water. You might have an uncomfortable or aggravating moment. It all ends finally with a Gemini/Moon square to Chiron/Pisces. at 6:44 p.m. PST. I don’t see this one as much of a challenge but perhaps something/ an area where we need growth and or healing (Chiron)

Friday January 30th– Moon goes void of course at 1:24 a.m. PST. The Sun conjunct Mercury at 5:45 a.m. PST and the Moon enters Cancer at 11:09 p.m. PST.

Saturday January 31st. – This day is busy albeit not much of interest. The only good points of the day ( for spell work) are 2 trines. The first one 8:56 a.m. PST Cancer Moon trines Venus/Pisces and then a second one right after at 11:20 a.m. PST-Cancer Moon trines Neptune/Pisces. These planets understand each other. Their energies are favorable and most of all they want to help you! Take advantage of this opportunity window.

Sunday February 1st – Still in the second quarter Moon. We close the week with a host of planetary movements. Quincunx, squares, conjunction and oppositions! The Moon goes void at 5:37 a.m. with Cancer moon on a trine with Venus Pisces.  But the last aspect at 9:36 a.m. is a conjunction between Venus/Pisces Neptune/Pisces. Ah! dream time! don’t make important decisions. Wait for this conjunction to end. Take naps, organize your closet (remember Retro period is good for this), take a walk, drink tea, read. Whatever keeps you happily occupied.


For today’s card I have chosen my numerology cards. Its been a long time since I used these cards. Someone gave them to me many eons ago, and I lost the little box where they came in. I was happy when back in December of last year, I found them. So here it is. Number 5!

Number 5 is represented by the planet Jupiter. Expansion, travel, motion.

this number carries a bit of vacillation and profound changes. The spiritual meaning draws attention to the wonder of life and invites us to appreciate our perception of the world around us. 5 has strong vibrations. Trips are under this number, unexpected perhaps, or taking action on a personal matter. Just keep in mind, that not all trips are taken on the physical world. Some might be spiritual journeys of the mind and soul.


To follow the theme of mindfulness and spiritual well-being, I want to share a simple meditation exercise. Magick is not done or conducted only through physical tools. Meditation even though not of a “magical” nature, can be part of our magickal self.

Get a white candle (a votive candle). Clean and bless. This candle is empowered with the intention of creating sacred space and allowing us to disengage from mundane care just for the moment we meditate.

Do this preferably before you go to sleep. Once you are ready for bed, place your candle on your night table if you are doing this meditation on your bed. It can also be done sitting on the floor of your bedroom with the candle in front of you. Sit in a simple lotus position. If you are uncomfortable, place pillows behind your back. Once you are ready, close your eyes. Breath in and out 5 times. Each time you exhale imagine letting go the stress of the day. Each time you inhale imagine drawing in peace and calm.

Create a mental bubble around you. The color will be white. It  can encompass your whole bedroom or just a small ratio around your body. This is your protection bubble. Necessary always whether in meditation or while conducting spells.

Gaze into the flame and observe how is burning. Close  your eyes. It is of course normal to see the flame as a little white light in the darkness when your eyes are closed. Keep it like that until it disappears. Open your eyes again. Look at the flame. Again close your eyes. You will do this one more time for a total of 3 times. The intention behind this, is to focus in the moment. The last time, don’t open your eyes again. Eventually the mental chatter will go away and your mind will quiet. Don’t force it, it will happen. You will tell yourself that your sleep time will be peaceful. Say this 5 times. Then you will say that if you need messages from your inner being, your soul, that you will see it in dreams. Say this 3 times. Quiet your mind. Stay like that for as long as you can. Even if its only 2 or 3 minutes longer. Just feel the peace that surrounds you. Open your eyes. You can keep the protection bubble around you or let it go before you go to bed. Snuff out the candle, keep it in a place that will not be touched by anyone and that will be handy for your night meditation.

You might have vivid dreams, you might just have a short dream, or you might not remember dreaming at all. All that is normal. Before you go to work, or start your daily routine, stand in front of the mirror, and tell yourself that your day will be a positive day. Just that. Go about your day. What is the benefit of this meditation? After you keep doing this for a solid 14 days, you will start to feel less stress in your life. You might notice things more on your way to work or the supermarket etc. You will feel yourself, being more in the moment of things. As well as being more patient when perhaps before you were not.

The longer you do this, the more used you will become to it, and the more it will make sense to make it a regular part of your life. Meditation does not only bring mindfulness, it helps with some health issues like headaches, or insomnia. The benefits are really more than just this. It impacts your life in a positive manner. Just think about it. If we can spend 2 mindless hours watching television at night, why not invest 15 minutes daily, enriching our souls?

Well dear readers, its time for me to close today’s newsletter. May your week ahead be filled with wonder, and may that wonder leave you with a sense of the beauty of our planet Earth!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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