Magickal Remains

Dear Reader: Happy Earth Day! Welcome back to another post in this your magickal gazette. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend as well as (and hopefully) nice weather in your part of the world.

Today’s topic dear reader, is one I have been putting off, but I think it is time I post it. Enjoy!

Magickal Remains. What to do after the magick its done, the candles and assorted magickal tools are spent and all that we have left is the “remains” as witness to our spiritual work.

Candles is the first on the list. Some people believe that burying wax would be the appropriate thing to do. Others feel that the wax that was left over from the candle should be kept in place on their altars or chosen place for burning candles until their spiritual work manifests.

The reality of candles used as a conduit of the personal petition,  it’s that once the candle is burnt, the wish has gone into the realm of Goddess/Universal Spirit, taking with it your faith in the outcome. Once there, the work to be done its theirs. (Here I have to add, that magick without physical efforts fizzles out or does not materialize) The manifestation is in process and the physical vessel has done its job, therefore obsolete.  The hardened wax is collected and placed in a brown paper bag. The ones for sandwiches are perfect. (but if you are out of any brown bags, then any small plastic bag is ok if nothing else is available) I do have to add this too: If the work is one for un-hexing, or strong protection, etc, then add a bit of salt to the bag. For added protection. Once you do that, dispose of it in the collective trash bins (if you live in an apartment complex) or the outside trash bin of your home. That is all.

Other magickal paraphernalia, will be disposed of as well. Easier with natural conduits of magick, as for example water, salt. Water and salt will be disposed of, through your kitchen drain or bathroom. Just run some water from the faucet while you dispose of both.

The incense ashes are disposed of in your trash can. If you have used powdered incense burnt on the instant charcoal tables, then make sure that it is all spent and cold before disposing of it. Same for incense cones and incense sticks. All goes into the trash.

If you have a favorite dish for your candles, and like to re-use for all your magickal work, then a good cleaning is called for. Once is cleaned, spray the dish with a bit of your blessing water/blend etc. This helps to cleanse the vibrational level and makes it ready for the next time you need to use it.

Lovely yellow flowers

If you had flowers on your altar that were specially for your work, let them stay until they dry up. Once that happens dispose of them right away. Do not keep a dry petal of leaf. Just throw them out.

Quartz, stones etc. These depending of the work can be kept or disposed of. Some tumbled stones can be disposed of into the earth (garden or potted plants/flowers) if, that is that the work calls for. Some of the stones can be carried with you, in your purse, your pocket, a charm etc. Until you see the work manifested. Then you either keep them or dispose of them. Otherwise, they are cleansed properly, i.e. Placed on a windowsill to be cleansed with sunlight. Or placed in a dish with some salt, so that the salt absorbs whatever energies it has collected. If you have chosen to place them in water to be cleansed, make sure it is practical to do so. Some quartz, cannot be cleansed this way as they dissolve. Research your type of stone and how to cleanse them properly.

Altar cloth. If you have one in particular that is used often, then hand wash (if small enough) or throw in the washer if too big. Add a bit of blessed water together with your laundry detergent. To not only clean in the physical but as well as in the spiritual. You can also, once is dry, prepare by ironing your altar cloth and spray with lavender blessed water or rose-water etc. This way, you infuse your cloth lovely magickal power.

If you use wands, bells, chimes etc. Cleanse these as well. Pass some incense around them and/or spray them as well with your blessed water after each spiritual work.

Altar, or place/space where you conduct magickal work the most in your home. This is the center of your spiritual work. Where it all happens! This has to be cleansed at the least twice per month or if you constantly conduct magickal work, then weekly is best.

Don’t dwell on the fact that you are disposing of items used for magick once you are done with them. Don’t think your wish won’t manifest just because you did not hold on to it, until the magick manifested. As you already know, or should know if you don’t yet. All things that have no further use and left sitting on a place, corner, surface etc. collect all sorts of energies over time. It is best to clean the space and clear the vibes.

Once the connection is made from the physical world we live in to the Universal flow of magic, then the tool has served its purpose. We give thanks to Earth and elements for having played a part in the ritual. Whether formal or informal. We now this is but the beginning, and the work in the physical is barely started as faith is powered by the action/s we take, with the knowledge that what we ask for will manifest in one way or another.

It is important to keep our altar, physical tools and vibrational level in optimum condition. By keeping magickal items in one place, organized and ready for next time we need them, we can concentrate and focus on what is important: Our magickal work.

Keep in mind that the important thing is not to lose yourself in the details. It is energy for magick after all, you are garnishing for your outcome. Go with the flow!

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-Magic of Numbers

72813_floral_w_smDear Reader: Another week has passed. The wheel of time continues to turn.72794_floral_g_sm

My calendar being in the last page brings forth a question of whether I should keep some of the art work on it, which I think is worth keeping. It is said that an old calendar is best thrown away, *sigh* I will have to make copies of what I like to keep.

Even though my calendar is where I mark my work, it is the seasons which are my compass. We as humans move along with the passage of seasons. But, we are also very much concerned with the “clock time” movement of each day. Everything we do revolves around numbers, but this goes deeper than just the need to organize what we see as a repeated measurement. It goes deep into the recess of what our subconscious perceives of the Universe at large.

numerosWhy do number have such an important meaning in magick? In our spiritual work and our everyday lives as well? Numbers gives us precise meaning, it tells us where we are at a certain time of day or year (clocks, calendars) and it allows to make ‘sense’ of things. It enables us to coordinate our activities.  But numbers go beyond that. Our subconscious reveals to us numbers in dreams, which speak in an almost mysterious manner of things to come, to watch out for, to expect something from, depending on the feeling we get of the dream.

Take for instance the number 9. Such is the power of nine that we know in magic, it signifies completion, the power of 3 multiplied. 9 is the number a pregnancy lasts. It is a time of forming a life, within another life form in a period that lasts 3 trimesters. The power of 3 is seen again in the seasons. Each one lasting 3 months each. The number of chakras is also based on the 3. Although many think that there are only 7 important chakras, in reality there are many more, based again on this number.

The Universe is based it seems, on a mathematical lay out. There are quadrants in each galaxy, which in turn is divided into squares within the quadrants.  We are after all a frequency, an energy of the Universe vibrating into Earth and through us.

Numbers  that keep cropping up in dreams or everyday life, are a way of the subconscious mind of reminding us of something important, something not to be repeated, to be aware of. If the same keeps appearing then it might be something we need to keep in mind,  learn, but have not yet done so.

If you pay attention to the pattern in your life, you might get to see how some situations have been repetitive for a certain number of times. If you can get to how many times it happens, and compare to other instances in your life, then you have figured out your life journey’s number. What I mean with this is, lets say you have had a pattern of stressful work conditions. On and off. Finally you are free from that pattern and you settle in a job that is stable and you feel at peace. How many times did you go through that bad situation? 3?  more?  Compare that situation to another in your life. This might the number of times, it takes for you to learn a lesson in your life’s journey and a situation which can be avoided, by being mindful of the choices you make and how you realize the impact of each in your life.

The same can be said with a number that brings you luck and good results. Paying attention to that particular number can bring a sense of being able to control certain aspects of your life that otherwise might seem random.

Numerology is a powerful tool to use in magick. You already know that for a spell to work you have to repeat it a certain number of times. Or burn a candle for several days until you “feel” it has sent the spiritual message to where it should go. Even if you perform magick without the thought of using a certain number of days, you subconsciously know how long you should be working on it.

Although numbers have a subtle influence in our lives, it is ultimately up to us, if we want to use them to our advantage.  Numbers and/or numerology is something that is there for us to “mine” if we want to. But it is not something we cannot avoid, as they are not a “command” of things that must happen or be done in a certain way. Numbers are perfect tools in magick,  although not the answer to it. Lets remember, that Earth’s nature is not in numbers, but a powerful energy that verges on the mystical and as such said energies are used when performing spiritual work.

As Albert Einstein said :

Numbers Wallpaper“Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.”

Until I write again, dear reader..


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-The Chemistry of Spells

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smHow would chemistry be related to the art of spell casting? Lets have a look.

Chemistry  is:  The science of matter; dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions. Spells are conducted with a blend of substances that will produce a desired “reaction.” Of course not exactly the same as the substances used in Chemistry. Spells work on various levels after all; that of the physical and the astral. The seen and the unseen.

The predictability of spells depends on several things: timing, astrological influences, ingredients that might or might not be easy to find, props of the spiritual practitioner and that most important of ingredients: Faith.JohnWWaterhouse

Yet, for all the mystery behind spells, it is work (albeit of a magickal nature) that requires a mindful approach. A focused mind and a willingness to research the chosen subject matter. e.g. If it is a spell for un-hexing, then we most do a thorough research of the components needed for the spell, the best time to perform, what are the drawbacks of using certain ingredients and the time we have at our disposition, as the ‘perfect’ timing is not always available. Add to this our various obligations, and we have a challenge of sorts to overcome as well. That of finding a time that fits not only our schedule but also our frame of mind.

circe-offering-the-cup-to-ulysses-1891-oil-on-canvasSpells cannot be conducted in a hurried, “might-as well-get it over with” attitude.  Spells need to be done in a calm and focused manner. It need not to be ‘serious’ per say but rather approached with a sense of sacredness to the task at hand. Once you have all needed for your spell at your disposition, you can do so in a light spirit. If we don’t enjoy the process that leads us to the actual spell, then we won’t enjoy the actual spell work. When I say, do your spell in a ‘light’ spirit, what I mean is, do your spell work with love in your heart, a sort of intangible sense of calm in you, with harmony in the moment. This approach is not something you set out to feel in a conscious manner, rather it is achieved without conscious effort. The more you do spell work, the more you will feel this. Not only of the components for successful spell work but of yourself.

Of course if the spiritual work is to be that of protection or of taking off hexes, which requires concentration and a sense of righteousness in your heart, then the work is indeed serious. As opposed to working on spell work to draw money for example.

So as you see, spells to work  do need discipline and (ideally) working within ethics. Personal ethics that create a better balance with this planet Earth and within ourselves.

There is a ‘chemistry’ of the elements used for a spell, invoked to aid and lift energies. It is a dance of two worlds colliding..that of Magick and Science, to create something that is achieved by the blending of the physical and the ethereal.

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Until I write again


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Pub II

ink and butterflyDear Reader:

Greetings,   I hope to a find all in good health and humor. I have been looking forward to the second publication of my humble newsletter and without further ado,  let me walk you down the hallways of my musings.


Alas! Thanksgiving is around the corner now. Despite efforts to avoid certain members of family, many had to give in to familial obligations and are preparing to visit or receive in your homes the aforementioned persons. Even though am fortunate enough to have the bulk of most of my family far away, I have nevertheless found myself trapped in “virtual” nattering with various weird denizens of the family tree. Misfits and  ne’er-do-wells the bunch… Oh! ok, maybe not that, but weird sometimes and many of them strangers now, from so many years of being blessedly on the other side of the map.


This is a time, when we realize we have a lot in common with other families. We are after all, of the same combined human race. Unless you are absolutely certain your ancestors are from the Sun and you are just waiting for the next planetary alignment to open the portal for the rescue spaceship, then of course you are different…But the rest of us dear reader, share similarities.  Like the grouchy old aunt or uncle that delights in prophesies of bad weather, asking all the single members of the family when are they going to get married.  A time as well for the delight of going food shopping to places where havoc and mayhem is found, (read: supermarkets) with many running around the aisles looking for last minute ingredients and trying to find a VERY small turkey with a VERY small price tag.  What to do in the midst of so many electrifying energies flying around? Try  breathing exercises  (really dear reader! it works wonders for the mind and the soul) and squeeze in a 10 minute daily meditation. I assure you, your peace of mind is worth the time for self-soul-pampering.


4TH  and last week of November

Mercury conjunction with Saturn/Scorpio on Tuesday November 25th at 6:37 p.m. PST.  Saturn the disciplinarian connects with Mercury the communicator and thinker.  You can use the time to clean up the mental litter and be ready for fresh  influence on Thanksgiving (Thursday Nov. 27th) with Moon in aspect to Aquarius. With Thanksgiving comes the time when we have to play a part on family traditions. The question asked and amplified by the Aquarian Moon is do we keep at them, just so we don’t disappoint family? or because we like being part of those traditions? Aquarius urges us to question and also try new alternatives.  With Mercury going into Sagittarius (6:26 p.m. PST) it makes Thanksgiving a good day for celebrations and get together, making us feel the expansion and joviality of both Jupiter and the sign it rules.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES:  I see a bit of tension in the air. Try to understand your goals, an important key  for balanced mental well being. Remember dear Aries, action have reactions, what you do come back to thee, good or bad. With Saturn in your 8th house, health might be a bit weak. Efforts for a healthy balanced diet and exercise regimen help too keep your health at its maximum peak. Your lucky number for this week! 7

TAURUS: Try to take care of important matters with a light heart dear Taurus, or you will feel chained down by obligations. Don’t try quick schemes for weight loss. Small changes bring better results on the long run. Avoid eating strongly spiced foods,  your stomach might be too sensitive for such rich foods at the moment. Lucky number for this week! 1

GEMINI:  I see there might be transformation in the love area, these are vital shifts, don’t fight it. Just flow with it, adapt well so that changes are favorable. You might feel the need for a cleanse and detox of your body.  Add some gentle stretching and yoga to your exercise routine. Lucky number for the week! 9

CANCER:  The wheel of life continues in its endless grind, creating shifts and changes that will be interesting. I see the need for rest now in your life. It will help to get rid of stress brought on by negative people that deplete your energy. Get involved in your favorite activities to restore balance within and without. Lucky number for this week! 3

LEO:  Someone at work might create feelings of frustration. If you can, communicate in a positive manner, how you feel to clear up matters. You might also get a surprise from a friend or acquaintance, with knowledge that will help in a matter that had you stumped for an answer. Lucky number for this week! 4

VIRGO:  Luck is on your side and you will obtain a reward. This event/happening will lift your spirit and bring optimism. Take advantage of this optimal energy to create a positive environment. In love matters, I see tension and stress. Don’t let other people’s rude behavior affect your peace of mind. Avoid conflict, focus that frustrated energy on your goals and projects to help get rid of stress. Lucky number for this week! 2

LIBRA:  Positive attitude about a family matter. Make an effort to maintain this frame of mind. I see that you have to eat healthier, and incorporate nutrients, proteins and vitamins in your diet that were perchance lost while in a quick weight loss diet. Lucky number for this week! 7

SCORPIO:  I see that you have to find a point of balance and try not to easily get upset. In love matters, give yourself the worth you do have and deserve! A good time to open yourself to trust. Try to be more understanding. Believe in yourself. You have all you need to recharge in your own home. Make an effort to loose the extra weight. Your lucky number for this week! 5

CAPRICORN:  You might have to give in about a certain matter, to avoid conflict (specially at work). If a goal, project does not go your way, do not give up. Persevere! Take care of health with a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. Lucky number for this week! 3

AQUARIUS:  Keep loyal to your beliefs! Harmony and balance are within reach. Take time before you act to achieve success. Your emotional maturity goes through a quick growing phase. You might feel lonely dear Aquarius, but don’t be, happy days arrive. Be yourself, and don’t let anyone push you into the shadows.  You might need to change your eating habits. Lucky number for this week! 1

PISCES:  Dear Pisces, maintain calm, don’t go into any dispute at work and ignore  co-workers that might want to bring despair. Keep your cool! Your sincerity pays off. Positive energies surround you, take advantage to re-charge your inner and outer self. Luck number for this week! 4


Autumn cooking brings out the need for comfort, home-made  foods.  I love to bake potatoes and top with chopped steamed broccoli, and cheese sauce. I also love cooking time saver recipes and even more so, if I don’t have to spend much in creating filling and delicious dishes. Here is my time/money saver…

Cheese Sauce:

Melt 2 TBS unsalted butter in a saucepan/

Blend in 2 TBS of flour.

Combine with 1 cup of milk (low fat, regular or lactose-free)

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook until sauce thickens. Add a half cup of  grated cheddar cheese and cook until smooth.  You can freeze any surplus. Add on your steaming hot veggies.

Bon Apettit!


With the New Moon of November 22nd, the energies are just ripe to create spells that draw things to us. After last week’s spiritual cleansing your home is ready for some good old fashioned spell-castings, but are you as well ready for it? Before you attempt to write that petition, light that candle and call in energies of manifestation, you need to take a physical cleansing. Even if you do believe yourself ready, think again!

We come in daily contact with many people. All of whom have their own energies to share with us. The advice I give is, take a spiritual bath or shower, before you do your magickal work. It will revitalize your aura and make your personal vibes and frequency be on par with your soul’s intention. It can be as easy as taking a baking soda bath or as elaborate as preparing yourself a bath tea with herbs that match that of the spell you want to work on. Neither one is better than the other. It is the intent behind the act, that matters.  Do not despair dear reader if you do not have a bath tub, and only a shower stall. You can use a plastic pail/bucket that will be used only for your magickal baths.  It is also a matter of personal preference.  Here is the quick and convenient baking soda bath. It works wonders, cleanses your aura of any spiritual debris,  softens your skin and makes you feel good all over.

Give a good cleaning to your bathtub. Fill with warm water, light a candle if you like and place in a fire safe container in your bathroom. Add about 1/2 cup to the water. Get in and relax. Let go of the stress, focus on letting go of negative thought forms and feel the water purifying body and soul. Stay in the tub for 9 minutes minimum. 18 mnts. maximum.

If you are using the bucket bath, then shower first and at the end of your shower, bring in the pail into the shower stall, and rinse yourself with this prepared baking soda water from your head down. The ratio of baking soda for a bucket of water is 1/4 cup.

You are now ready to do your spell casting. If doing a candle spell, add a white candle to your candle set up to bring a protection to your spell and to your self. Happy Spell-casting!

As I am winding down preparing to close this week’s newsletter, I wonder dear reader, where might you find yourself while you read my musings? Are you perchance a traveler of the wide roads, taking a deserved break in a far from home Diner, sitting at a booth, with smart phone or lap computer at hand, while you sip a cup of coffee? Are you a housewife, taking a few minutes respite perhaps in your room,  with your feet up, resting on near-by chair? Are you a single parent, struggling to make ends meet, grateful of a few minutes break? A student or a teacher? Nurse, or nurturer? Whomever you are, and wherever you might find yourself at this moment, I want to say thank you for reading this humble offering, for taking the time to read through it. Perhaps I might leave you with a smile on your face, a thought in your mind. If I have, then my job is done for the moment.  I give thanks for that and for you. I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, may it be filled with laughter, good food, good companionship. Whether a dinner of one or many.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Little Magick

Finally featuring my first book in digital format! This has been a labor of love. I have put together a series of books entitled: Little Magick. The series contain 4 different areas of spell work.  The first in the series, this book covers several areas of Love Spells from attracting a new love, to keeping a marriage stable.

“Little Magick Love Spells, Charms, Potions & Sigils”

Available now only through my online store. Visit:

See you there!


Magickal Tips

chamomile from candlechem

Tips on how to incorporate magick in your everyday life:

Taking from what I have done through the years to help in my daily practice of my spirituality. I have already written here about meditation- a quick post on ideas how to reach that point of practice, nothing deep, but just to get you interested enough to start digging into more information regarding that subject. I think the best posts are those that leave you thirsty for more, as not just one post, or just one person will show you everything there is to know about a particular subject, but will open your mind to the possibilities and fill it with questions, and start you on a quest of your own for more knowledge about a given subject.

Through personal experience and through the years, I have come to the realization that your set of mind is the most powerful tool in magick (as in life, but here I am just “zeroing-in”  in our spiritual state of being). How you feel when you awake in the morning, decides the rest of your day. If you add to that a daily meditation or mantra, then you raise your possibilities and chances are your day will be as you wish it to.  Of course there are the external influences or events that we cannot avoid, as they are not ours to stop or command, but for this we have to prepare so as not to let us affect us.

Mornings are mainly hectic for the majority of people, we get ready for whatever place we have to head to, if you have kids then the preparations involve more than just you, even if its only you and your significant other, or on your own, we all have a certain type of “ritual” that does not necessarily entail a full blown meditation, but something we like to do in the morning- to calm, clear our minds and prepare us for the day ahead. Even if its an unconscious act we do in the morning, like drinking our coffee before everyone gets up, having a few minutes for ourselves etc.,  Why not add a little magick to go with your day?

  • If you have the time, light a votive candle- white, preferably- and focus on the flame for a few seconds or minutes. Just gaze at the flame without straining to put any particular thought on your mind. Just gaze and breath.  Snuff out and go about your day.
  • While you take your morning shower, why not add a bit more to it than just the usual? Give yourself a lemon rub almost at the end of the shower, rinse with clean water. Lemon is excellent to lift your spirit, and cleanse your aura, a good way to start your day. If you want to add a bit more of a kick to it, add a bit of sugar to the half that you will use in your shower, and rub all over you ( it takes the two halves for this actually ) just be careful not to drop sugar on the shower floor as it does make it slippery. Rinse and you not only have cleansed yourself in the spiritual you have added a sweetening element to your day, one that draws good things to you.
  • If you drink coffee before you head out for the day, do this;  before you take that first sip, bless it, and ask the Universe to bring you a prosperous day. Coffee is excellent to draw money to you. There is a belief that – if-  when you pour your coffee in your cup you see bubbles this is a sure sign of money coming to you soon, so it never hurts to bless that which helps to awaken our senses. Tea drinkers can also bless tea ( I personally love both:) Dark tea is also good for money, green tea sharpens your mind, chamomile tea (although this is best for night time) is another excellent money attracting herb.
  • Do  you work at an office? try to carry a blessed stone with you, it does not have to be a specific tumbled stone, if you don’t have those, any stone that has called your attention from the park, your backyard, the beach,  garden, etc. bless this stone (small its better) so that it has protective energies, ask it in blessing to keep you safe, and to keep away negative people from you. Small as I mentioned is best, so you can carry in your pocket or purse. If you want to ( and if you can) place in a corner of your desk to absorb all negativity. Take it back home and at night, let it seat in a clean cup that you do not use for drinking- with spring water and a bit of salt. Next morning take it out, dry it and let it do its thing all over again. Re-bless once a month on the Full Moon.

Stones after all belong to our lovely planet and it is little bits of its Spirit that we are carrying, don’t see it as childish or waste of time, it does work. I  have used the stones that my boys have given me when they were little.  All kids have their spirit more open than that of adults, so if your kids are bringing you stones, for no reason at all  (they do that a lot when little:) keep one at least, cleanse and bless.

  • If you have a presentation at work, try to bless the presentation a day before. Cleanse it from negativity, bless it for success and empower yourself so that all goes well and you give a great presentation. Try to also bless the items of clothing you will wear for the presentation. The more things you bless the more assured and calm this will make you feel.
  •  Wash your clothes with a blessed laundry soap, make yourself a vinegar-lavender laundry softener- and bless this rinse so that it not only cleanses out the negative vibes (Vinegar) but blesses it as well (Lavender). If you have to take your laundry to a public laundromat, add a bit of angelica (powdered) or rosemary (powdered) to the laundry soap. This helps to cleanse away the negative we collect daily from other people. If you do your laundry at home, then add the above mentioned herbs to the wash after  the laundry soap.
  •  Try do a weekly spiritual cleansing of your home, preferably when you are off from work, either weekends or any other day that you have enough time to do it. This as well does not entitle a full blown ritual (those are good every 3 months) but just a simple cleansing with a representation of the elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth. use the following: A bowl of clean and blessed water (blessed by you), a small dish of blessed salt (again blessed by you), a small candle (red its best-but white will do as well) and incense (powdered, cone or stick either one its good) Spirit is represented by you saying words of blessing asking Spirit to help you to cleanse your home with its energies and at the end thanking Spirit for being with you. Go around your whole house/apartment etc. open windows, closet doors, front door, and cleanse your space. This helps your home to hum along with good energies so that it vibrates to your own energy level. Once you are done with this spiritual cleansing, leave your items on your altar for a bit of time. Snuff candle and throw away (candle has already absorbed negativity) dispose of water and salt in your garden or backyard or just down the drain. Let the incense go out on its own and throw away ashes. Don’t keep any of the representation of the elements as they have done their work.

If the above is not do-able for lack of time (and you do not have pets or have small children) then place bowls of water in each of the rooms. This collects all negativity from each room and you can throw away at the end of each week, replacing with clean water and leave it there for another round.

  • Our kitchens are for most of us, the heart of our home. Even if its a small kitchen, families tend to gather there, talk while cooking, drink a cup of tea or coffee if short of time, etc.  My kitchen has always been a point of importance for myself and my family.

I think this is in our collective subconscious as human beings. Since the beginning of time, once fire was discovered it was kept in the center of the cave, hut etc. This is where people would gather to cook their meals, even sleep in the same room.  This was a point of importance and gathering. This has kept in our collective memories through time and many centuries later we find ourselves going through the same ritual, of gathering there with our families, talking about our days, etc. As magickal practitioners we may even use our kitchens to concoct our potions, and cast spells.  It makes sense as many ingredients we use for magick are right in our cupboard.  It is a good idea to keep it in excellent order, to separate what ingredients we use for cooking and what we use for magick.  You can if you want or wish to, burn a small candle each week in your kitchen. Cleanse with an empowered handmade “tea”  with herbs like: spearmint, rosemary, chamomile- boil, let it rest and dilute it with more distilled water. Cleanse your counter and cabinets with this brew, to keep your kitchen’s energies humming with good vibes.

Keep the fire of your home vibrant and in harmony – Kitchens are our hearth- no matter how small and humble your kitchen is- or how grand and “state of the art” Re-claim your fire!

  • To wrap up this post I am adding a short money spell. Simple but one that works. All you need is:

A small box (wood is better, cardboard its fine)

Loose change, pennies etc.

Money oil

Candle- (votive) Green, yellow, or brown. If you don’t have these colors, then white will be  fine.

Salt (blessed)

Water (blessed)

A needle.

This spell will help to focus your mind in a way that it will create more awareness of how we spend, keep and save money. Money like said in a previous post, its an energy, that flows in and out the human life. The more we understand this natural flow, the best we know how to make these energies work for us, and make its natural flow vibrate to our own energy flow.

* Gather your items and cleanse by sprinkling a bit of salt on each of the items. Take the water and sprinkle a bit on each too, Leave them for a few minutes and then come back and empower your candle by placing it between your hands. Say a blessing of your choice to help attract money to you. Once you feel you have blessed it well, make a symbol of a dollar sign on the candle with the needle. Dress your candle with the money oil.

* Place the small change inside of the box. Place the candle either to the side of the box or on top but use a fire safe plate. Do not put candle directly on the box , you want to avoid burning it.  Light up the candle and gaze at the flame, see in your mind’s eye how the money you will be adding to your box, will multiply. Do not doubt yourself or your spell work, just let yourself go with the flow of the moment. Let the candle burn in its entirety.  Your box has been blessed, you have started the attraction spell with the candle.

* Wait until next day and add more loose change into the box, the highest you can go is one dollar bills. not higher than this denomination. Every day, no matter how little you add (pennies) you keep doing this. If you don’t have any loose change or money- don’t feel bad or guilty, just gather the box in your hands and imagine how the money you have inside its multiplying.  When you little box is full, take out most of the money, leave some inside ( at least one dollar) and spend the money you saved in food, pay a small bill, give away, save in your savings account etc. Just don’t spend it in something frivolous.

The amount of money you collected will not be much, but that is not the point of this spell. The main object here is that you are making yourself aware that you can create abundance by starting small and simple. If you have been paying attention to your finances, you will notice that you might be able to save up a bit more from your paycheck, maybe your worries about money are a bit lessened, not because all has been magickally disappeared, but for the simple reason that when you place that money into the box every night you are sending a message to your conscious mind of being able to do something about your financial health, instead of just worrying constantly,  your are  doing something positive.

Start your spell all over again. If you have a goal in mind then you can put a time limit to your spell. Lets say you want that money in the box for something specific. You can take out the money every time is full- put that away- leave some behind. Once you have reached the amount you have set for you goal, spend it, and use it as you wish to. If you do not want to continue with this money spell once your reached your aim, cleanse your box and put away for maybe another time.

This is it for quick magickal tips,  I hope this post helps along your spiritual and magickal journey.  One last piece of advice… Let the magick work subtly in your life, if you let the flow move around you, without straining to “feel” it, things will start to shift and move and fall in the right place.
Until I write again…BB!


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