The veil of the world of the living and the ones that have passed beyond it, its thin and their spirits are invited to visit with us. Although many believe the veil opens just a few days before Samhain until the first days of November, the veil is thin since the beginning of the month of October until around the second week of November. Samhain is perfect for divination and it seems as if our minds are more receptive at this time. Receiving messages in dreams, thru vision work and meditation.

It is a good time for reflection. The energies around us vibrate with the power this month seems to bring in its wake. These spiritual forces reminds us of the mysteries of life, death, and our connection to all that lives in this planet. Whether human, animal or nature.various-wiccan-images-paganism-17950593-985-1515

Becoming attuned to our own inner frequency which connects to the ones outside our own, is to connect to the never-ending march of time, to the magic which is all around us. It is a blessing that we must cherish, as we walk the journey of the human soul.

Happy Samhain!

Until I write again,


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