The veil of the world of the living and the ones that have passed beyond it, its thin and their spirits are invited to visit with us. Although many believe the veil opens just a few days before Samhain until the first days of November, the veil is thin since the beginning of the month of October until around the second week of November. Samhain is perfect for divination and it seems as if our minds are more receptive at this time. Receiving messages in dreams, thru vision work and meditation.

It is a good time for reflection. The energies around us vibrate with the power this month seems to bring in its wake. These spiritual forces reminds us of the mysteries of life, death, and our connection to all that lives in this planet. Whether human, animal or nature.various-wiccan-images-paganism-17950593-985-1515

Becoming attuned to our own inner frequency which connects to the ones outside our own, is to connect to the never-ending march of time, to the magic which is all around us. It is a blessing that we must cherish, as we walk the journey of the human soul.

Happy Samhain!

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Got a minute?

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Hello dear reader, welcome to a new post. That thief called ‘time’ has done it again…running away with our days and hours! We are already in the month of February, good heavens! wasn’t it just last week that the new year started?

Seeing  as to how time flies, I have been thinking about the type of schedule we make for our magickal pursuits. With time sipping like water through our hands, it is understandable to feel frustration at not being able to do a “proper” spell. Some spiritual practitioners, do nothing but very formal spell work, while others are happy with something more simplified. There is really no fast rule about which is best. Inspiration comes a-knocking at the oddest of times, in the middle of the night, or in the midst of a chaotic work/life schedule. So what do we witches ‘do’ in cases in which our fingers itch at the need to do magick, but we lack a good chunk of time in which to do it?

If you think about it, it is not really how much time we spent doing a certain spell, but the heart we put into it. If you just go through the motion, like an automaton, and work magick, just because it is the “right” day; that alone does not guarantee success of your efforts.

There are ways into which we can bring a bit of magick, with ingenuity, and a little creativity. Always lovely candlekeeping in mind, that magick can be fun (not just serious and boring).  And remember, put your heart into it, you have to want to do it, for it to be strong!

Lets say you need money in a hurry. Yikes! there is no time! you are out of fancy candles, and/or oils. What to do? White emergency candles, do not only work for when the electricity goes out. These small candles work wonders in substituting bigger candles. Just prep them up, by washing in an infusion of water and salt. Do not wet the wick of the candle. Once this is done you’ll charge them with your intention. With a needle write the amount of money you need. Write the word FAST as well. You can also add the symbol of the Sun (success) Mars (quick energies) and/or Venus (money). Dress candle with a bit of cooking oil, sprinkle cinnamon spice and sugar. If you have powdered ginger, the better as ginger is a hot spice as well and brings fast results. Have powdered Chile? Sprinkle as well. Place in a fire-proof candle holder and light it on. Say your intention out loud. Fit your wording to the phase of the Moon. Burn to completion. Done.

strawsFeeling a little stressed out? No time for your usual meditation? Here is something that is quick and fun to do. For this you will need straws. You will need to have some handy, so next time you do your grocery shopping buy yourself a box of straws. Get a cup, drinking water and a straw. Breath in and out. Breathing in the tension by visualizing where it is located, shoulders? head? etc. Exhale and release the tension. Do this 3 times. Now this is the fun part. Blow bubbles into the water with your straw. Just do it. Several times. Is fun! Put all of your attention into this tiny, fun task. When you are done, you will feel a bit better and best part? You didn’t have to spend a huge amount of money for a full therapy session to do so! (only a few bucks in straws).

Thinking your house feels spiritually charged and that it needs a good cleansing? Not enough time to do it? Open your windows. Walk around your home with a broom in hand. Do a sweeping motion on the air, close to the floor, while visualizing the icky, stuck energies getting out of your home. Do this quick. Each room. Finish by standing in the middle of your living room, or entrance of your home and say the following:

“Get out, get out, whatever you are! East and South will help kick you out! West will protect and North will absorb, so all that stuck energy will now have to go!” If you have a white candle (emergency candles work well here too) burn one. If not is fine. Breath in and out, open your front door for a short time and feel your home energized with positive light.

angry-bossIs there someone at work being a “poopy face” to you? (I could use the alternative word for that, but dear reader, this an erh..’genteel’ sort of newsletter and we must strive to be the better person even if we don’t want to ….) and you are there at work, fuming because the “poopy faced” person is being stupid, once more?  Needs must! Here is where technology comes in handy. Write in your phone’s note pad what you are feeling at that moment. Visualize a pentagram going on top of your words. Once you have that in mind, delete saying these words in your mind “I release the bad, keep the good. I am blessed” Once you do that, go to the bathroom and flush the toilet, visualizing your anger going down the drain (even if you are not really using it). I understand for this one, different jobs have different rules about using our mobiles while working, so here is where you ingenuity comes into play.

Want to bring a bit of luck? Get a cotton ball and place it in a dish with sugar. Leave it on the dining table.  This is an old practice which stems from the process of “spinning sugar into cotton.” Some ancient cultures believed that a sweet and sticky substance (e.g. cotton candy) brought good luck when ingested. In this instance, you will use the simple act of attracting good luck by combining the cotton and the sugar, and! without the added calories…

Feeling low of confidence? Wear something red. It can be as simple as a scarf or a shirt. You can also drink a cup of cinnamon tea. Cinnamon is fiery spice that helps to lift the spirit. Add honey for added power. Since honey comes from bees and bees represent the Sun and the Goddess, you are adding a bit of heavenly power into your day.

squeeze_orange_juice_glass-wideFeeling blue, have the blahs! and just feel so lazy that the thought of making your bed, makes you want to just get back in it? If you have orange juice at home,powdered ginger and a lime or lemon (even raw ginger is ok) you can do the following. Fill a glass with orange juice, sprinkle ginger on top, swirl it in. Place your glass of juice by a sunny window. Leave it there to collect the powerful energies of the Sun. Grab the lemon or lime, cut in half, sprinkle a bit of white sugar on each half. Take a shower. After the usual ablutions of shampoo and soap, pass each half of the lemon all over your body (not the hair). Rinse with water visualizing that as the lemon gets off from your skin, it takes with it the low spirits you are feeling (just be a careful, make sure all of the lemon/sugar is drained as the sugar might make the shower slippery). This is after all the element of water, which helps to purify. Once out, drink the juice. The power of orange with ginger energized by the sun, truly has an uplifting element when combined and helps to bring just the needed kick to feel better.

You might be saying to yourself “Hey! that is not a minute!” which is true. When I say “Got a minute” it just means, that the above suggestions, will not take a huge amount of time. They are quick to perform, and it will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, that you can infuse your life with magick, whether it is on the go, on the job, or at home. Magick is energy, raw and beautiful, energized by the Goddess, powered by the Universe and ultimately streaming through our everyday lives! why not use them for good and create awesome changes for us?

Until I write again, may you find Her magick in all you do..Picture 098


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Achieving Balance

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Greetings and welcome back! The first weeks of the new year, find me organizing my closet. A feat of no inconsiderable size. Not because I have tons of clothing items, but due to the fact that I store there as well boxes of books and journals, and the assortment of other odds and ends.

A type of activity that I find time-consuming but one that must be done.  While I work on this self-imposed chore, my mind wanders. I mule over the fact that I do want a type of “bare minimal” closet space. I start to connect the dots through association of ideas. Old ideas I have had in mind, and some recent. What does bare minimal mean to me, besides the fact of owning only the necessary? I start to think that the phrase implies to me; order, peace, zen! Peace brought about by less chaos.

That to me makes sense on various levels. Disengaging the mind from the everyday chores, will let my brain focus. To be more receptive to the dynamics of family life, spiritual life and creative influx. It makes sense dear reader, that having an orderly home, it will leave off more time to pursue that which we want to achieve. To be able to be there, I mean..really be there for the ones you love and love you back! One of the reasons we suffer from stress, is that we tend to do a bit of everything, without committing or pouring our whole soul into one task at a time. We have so many things to accomplish, that we end up with frayed nerves, bad tempers, and worst! unfinished tasks!

I have gone through the spectrum of neatness, not so neat and sort of neat. Which brings me to the present. Finding the balance.

Now, with some wisdom added to my life belt, I can be objective and realize that in order to functionsigns well within and without, balance is needed. It is not something only the super neat have and deserve. Although I must say, it is something that needs to be worked at. Not only in mundane matters but spiritual as well. We cannot be spiritual beings, if the outside life is messy and the mind is a wreck. Like wise, we might look like a million bucks, well put together on the outside, but be a mess within us, in our souls. So it is a matter of balance, after all.

So how to achieve it right? The challenge (and beauty!) for the spiritual practitioner, is that we add just that, a spiritual twist to an otherwise mundane task. It is awesome, that we can add that bit of magic to otherwise everyday tasks and projects. So here are a few ideas that you can implement and  you can add even more of your own.

Make space in your home. Move furniture around . Get that energy flowing! Get indoor plants. Create little oasis of mindfulness through out your home. Like mini-altars around your space. An altar does not need to have the whole nine yards to “be” an altar. And there is nothing that says you only need the one altar.

Keeping it simple. Not overwhelming your home with lots and lots of items. Just the needed things that make you happy.

Closets are the most obvious places where negative and old energies nest for a long while. Sometimes just by the simple act of cleaning it and bringing order to it, we open blocked energies in other areas of our lives. Makes sense. If you are organizing closets throughout the home, it is a good idea, as you work through each closet; to take out all of the stuff inside. Give the closet a good cleaning and pass incense. Let it open so that fresh air comes in before you start to organize it.

Thrifting, has become more and more popular recently. Although not something new. It is just that nowadays more people realize, it makes sense to re-use, recycle and re-purpose . It helps charity causes and reduces needless spending in expensive new items. Of course as with everything else you buy (new or used) it is always a good idea to either spray it with a blessing blend or pass a blessing incense around your (new to you if it is used) item.

Give out furniture or clothing (that is in good condition) that you do not need or use anymore to friends and family. You will always find someone who loves what you have. And in return, you can accept items that others offer you. This creates an awesome exchange of energies. Which in turn fills your own life with even more awesome energies!

Make baby-step efforts towards achieving a home where you love spending time and all is where you free soulwant it to be. Don’t stress that it has to be achieved within a day or two. That is not a realistic goal. Be kind to yourself and only commit to organizing, fixing, painting, or whatever is it that you want to do on days you have available. Every time you achieve one thing in your list, light a candle, burn some incense, and/or just be mindful and find joy in the order and beauty you are creating in your own life.

Lets face it, we are a consumers. We are not hermits, living a life devoid of needed things.  But we have a choice, and we can strive to live a life, in which we don’t have an excess of anything. This is where the balance element is useful.  We strive for the mindful life. We live a life where less is more. More space more energies. More energies, more joy, more peace, etc!

It does make sense, from a spiritual point, that an organized home will add balance. It  will help to free our minds from the small irritations. It will allow our inner beings to be open towards a more satisfying spiritual/mundane life, and it will open our minds as well, to new challenges.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau  “Simplify, simplify!”quote

Until I write again dear reader, may you find peace within as without.


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-Magic of Numbers

72813_floral_w_smDear Reader: Another week has passed. The wheel of time continues to turn.72794_floral_g_sm

My calendar being in the last page brings forth a question of whether I should keep some of the art work on it, which I think is worth keeping. It is said that an old calendar is best thrown away, *sigh* I will have to make copies of what I like to keep.

Even though my calendar is where I mark my work, it is the seasons which are my compass. We as humans move along with the passage of seasons. But, we are also very much concerned with the “clock time” movement of each day. Everything we do revolves around numbers, but this goes deeper than just the need to organize what we see as a repeated measurement. It goes deep into the recess of what our subconscious perceives of the Universe at large.

numerosWhy do number have such an important meaning in magick? In our spiritual work and our everyday lives as well? Numbers gives us precise meaning, it tells us where we are at a certain time of day or year (clocks, calendars) and it allows to make ‘sense’ of things. It enables us to coordinate our activities.  But numbers go beyond that. Our subconscious reveals to us numbers in dreams, which speak in an almost mysterious manner of things to come, to watch out for, to expect something from, depending on the feeling we get of the dream.

Take for instance the number 9. Such is the power of nine that we know in magic, it signifies completion, the power of 3 multiplied. 9 is the number a pregnancy lasts. It is a time of forming a life, within another life form in a period that lasts 3 trimesters. The power of 3 is seen again in the seasons. Each one lasting 3 months each. The number of chakras is also based on the 3. Although many think that there are only 7 important chakras, in reality there are many more, based again on this number.

The Universe is based it seems, on a mathematical lay out. There are quadrants in each galaxy, which in turn is divided into squares within the quadrants.  We are after all a frequency, an energy of the Universe vibrating into Earth and through us.

Numbers  that keep cropping up in dreams or everyday life, are a way of the subconscious mind of reminding us of something important, something not to be repeated, to be aware of. If the same keeps appearing then it might be something we need to keep in mind,  learn, but have not yet done so.

If you pay attention to the pattern in your life, you might get to see how some situations have been repetitive for a certain number of times. If you can get to how many times it happens, and compare to other instances in your life, then you have figured out your life journey’s number. What I mean with this is, lets say you have had a pattern of stressful work conditions. On and off. Finally you are free from that pattern and you settle in a job that is stable and you feel at peace. How many times did you go through that bad situation? 3?  more?  Compare that situation to another in your life. This might the number of times, it takes for you to learn a lesson in your life’s journey and a situation which can be avoided, by being mindful of the choices you make and how you realize the impact of each in your life.

The same can be said with a number that brings you luck and good results. Paying attention to that particular number can bring a sense of being able to control certain aspects of your life that otherwise might seem random.

Numerology is a powerful tool to use in magick. You already know that for a spell to work you have to repeat it a certain number of times. Or burn a candle for several days until you “feel” it has sent the spiritual message to where it should go. Even if you perform magick without the thought of using a certain number of days, you subconsciously know how long you should be working on it.

Although numbers have a subtle influence in our lives, it is ultimately up to us, if we want to use them to our advantage.  Numbers and/or numerology is something that is there for us to “mine” if we want to. But it is not something we cannot avoid, as they are not a “command” of things that must happen or be done in a certain way. Numbers are perfect tools in magick,  although not the answer to it. Lets remember, that Earth’s nature is not in numbers, but a powerful energy that verges on the mystical and as such said energies are used when performing spiritual work.

As Albert Einstein said :

Numbers Wallpaper“Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose.”

Until I write again, dear reader..


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XXI

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to this latest installment of your  magickal newsletter. I hope every one is enjoying the season of Spring. Without further ado, lets delve into the:

CURRENT EVENTS: Spring sings to me every morning through my window. Nature is speaking out loud now, so we can hear its voice, through the singing of the birds, and the rustling sound leaves make when the wind dances through the trees branches. Spring explodes not only with the beauty of nature awaking from slumber, but with it own kind of music.

Music has been since time immemorial, an important part of the human experience. It has the capacity to change a mood, whatever the piece being played and the state of mind of the person listening to it.

Music resonates in our hearts,  and reverberates through the soul. Each melody is felt differently by each individual. What’s important is that it helps us transcend a moment, a situation, a mood.  Spiritually it is a powerful tool that aids in meditation, healing, spell work. In life, it inspires us, it can be a muse, that enters our senses and sparks the imagination. I say dear reader, let there always be music. It brings us closer as people of this earth, and it awakens our senses to the human riddle of who we really are.


“Music is the language of the Spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, abolishing strife” Kahlil Gibran


This week, exactly on Wednesday April 8th the Jupiter Retrograde ends at 9:57 a.m. PST.  The five month retrograde is over, and financial matters and plans start to move forward. Jupiter that expansive planet, gives a jolt of confidence, which heralds better times for the economy worldwide. This is the time to continue with whatever projects we have and march forward with assurance that hard work pays up, but its sweeter when Jupiter’s energies are lending a hand.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

On Thursday April 9th at 9:00 p.m. PST. The Sun in Aries will conjunct Mercury/Aries. These two combined gives a push in the right direction to anything connected in the areas of communication, commerce, travel.

Then on Saturday April 11th at 8:28 a.m. PST. Venus enters Gemini. This combo also helps matters to continue moving forward. Gemini is a mutable air sign. It  likes to try new things that are out of the ordinary. With Mercury as the ruler of this sign, there is constant move and with Venus, the planet that likes to please, there is sure to be an influence of “what the heck, I deserve a change” sort of mood. Just remember, whatever decision you make during the four weeks their energies will be in effect, will leave an aftermath in its wake.


With life pulling me into a new direction, one that I have postponed traveling for a long time, it creates a desire in me of also pull this newsletter to new territory, new borders. My mind is already twirling ideas as to what these new changes will be for the Witch’s Gazette.

In the meantime, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this experience. Thank you for taking the time to read through each post. I hope a brought a bit of laughter or smiles into your life, that I made you think with some of the subjects I wrote about in this newsletter. I hope as well, that I am leaving a sense of wonder, a sense of wanting to extend your wings and fly even further, to find your own sense of freedom, and expand your mind.

Until I write again.. blessed you be!♥


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Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter – Pub XIV

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new week. I hope all are doing well and ready to embrace a new chance to draw good things to your life.


We saw last week pass with Mercury going into direct mode again. Things are starting to move. Now we can leave all that “re”- behind. Re-plan, re-organize, re-think things, etc. Goodbye to that and good riddance! It bores my mind to have to hold on to perfectly good plans which I feel it’s such a waste. To wait a certain period of time when a planet is in retrograde, but no matter. A brand new week. A brand new canvas. Blank, waiting for us to fill it with colors, give shape through our inner drawings of things we want to see become solid.

This is actually a very interesting week, in celestial matters. Which as always affect our human life. After the humdrum inactivity of the past week, a change of pace is just what we need to fire up our dreams and lift us out of the blues.

Starting with the New Moon on Wednesday 18th ( 3:47 p.m. PST) is not just any new Moon but it is also a supermoon, or as it called in astronomy a perigean new Moon. This type of Moon (new or full)  coincides with perigee, the closest point to Earth in its orbit.  We have a total of 6 supemoons  for this year alone.  3 new moons – January, February and March and 3 Full Moons – August, September and October.- The closest of which, will be the September 28th which will also be a total lunar eclipse. Physically on Earth this creates higher than usual tides and this in turn increases the risk of flooding.

Soon after the new moon happens, the Sun leaves Aquarius and will move into Pisces for the next four weeks. Then next day on Thursday February 19th we have the Chinese new year. That same day (2/19) Mars moves into its own turf by moving into Aries where it will stay for the next 6 weeks. Venus will also move into Aries on Friday, Feb. 20th. Which makes for an interesting match. Mars the fire warrior and Venus the planet of love. Both combined for a passionate meet-up.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Monday 2/16 – 4th quarter. Moon void of course at 12:17 pm. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 pm.

Tuesday 2/17th – 4th quarter. Aquarius Moon. Mardi Gras

Wednesday 2/18th – New Moon at 3:47 pm. Moon void of course at 3:47 pm. Then immediately the Moon aspects Pisces. Sun moves into Pisces at 3:50 pm.

Thursday 2/19th – 1st quarter – Moon in Pisces. Chinese new Year. Moon goes void of course at 3:02 pm. Mars enters Aries at 4:11 pm.

Friday 2/20th – 1st quarter – Venus enters Aries at 12:05 pm. Moon enters Aries at 3:13 p.m.

Saturday 2/21st. – 1st quarter – Moon in Aries. Then it goes void of course at 4:36 pm.

Sunday 2/22nd – 1st quarter –  Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm. The week ends with a sextile between a Moon in Taurus and Sun in Pisces. Excellent energies to wrap up the week!

Oracle cards


For this week’s card I used a deck by Ravynne Phelan.

Honor Gaia:

This card’s message is for us to look outside ourselves and look around us. This planet that nourishes our everyday life. We walk upon this Earth. Live off from its fruit. We inhabit every inch of it. We live, love and die on this plane. The never-ending energies and magic of the planet is there for us. It is our duty to guard that which protect us.  To nourish it in return. To make sure that it is not destroyed.

So what dear reader, can we do to ensure that our beautiful planet keeps alive? thinking about it is not enough, deeds are important. It is not only the caring of the physical planet, but the caring for others. We are all connected to this planet. We are connected spiritually to each other as humans. What flows out of Earth, flows into us and out into the Universe. Creating a constant flow of whatever we make of its powerful energy. If we love, then we expel love, if on the contrary we hate and create chaos, then that is the message we are sending to the Universe. All its connected.  It is a cosmos (humans) within a cosmos (Earth) within a larger cosmos (Universe) . To live mind fully in every aspect of our lives, creates harmony. When we care for Earth, and to  mindfully do things for Earth is the same as to do for us and others.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:ink and butterfly

This week I want to reflect of what the week is bringing to our lives. Since the Card of the Week, is a card about our planet, it makes for the perfect opportunity to think about mindful living. What is that? some might ask, and how do we achieve it?  others might say.

In one of my previous newsletters, I suggested obtaining a personal magickal journal.  Whether is an electronic journal or a paper journal, it can be used to take notes of your week. Just that. Write down your routine during the week. You do not have to write down every little instance (unless you want to).  From writing your morning routine to the last thing you do before you go to sleep.  Don’t change a thing.

By Sunday night, you will read back to yourself how your week went. Reflected through your own accounting.  No matter how tedious this might seem to you. It brings a different perspective when you read what you have done. What in the week, did you do that was mindful? For example, did you visit an elderly relative that lives alone to give company? Did you help someone in any way? Or did you just live a life void of any of that? Do not feel bad. This is only for you. Think of ways in which you can incorporate a mindful way of living. Do not over reach yourself. Do not try be competitive with any one you know who you feel is doing “better” than you. This is only for you.

Mindfulness is moments. Small. Moments that bring a sense of something accomplished. Something that will make you feel good about yourself. Something positive. The challenge lies not on the bigness of the act, but in the purity of intention. Think about it dear reader. At the least, it will bring an added dimension to your life. At the best, it will enrich it. Allowing your frequencies to expand, to vibrate with positive flow and love.

Well dear reader, it is time to put down my virtual pen and sit back and hope that the words written in this magickal blog, will leave something good in your mind. Something to reflect upon. Live your life with love and in the process love your life as if it were the last one on Earth. Make it lovely!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub VIII~2015

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader:

Greetings on the brand new 2015 and welcome once more to the Witch’s Gazette!

The season is Winter, and the first days of this Gregorian calendar month are already shining upon us. What dear reader have you in store for your lovely self? What brand new goals, wishes, projects are you putting in motion? The new year brings an urge to move forward, but it does somehow denies our more natural instinct to hibernate during the Winter time. What do we do in the midst of the outside world influence and our inner calling of just being still?


Our collective mind has been so saturated with the holiday hype for  so many centuries, that it leaves us somewhat deflated as to what to do next once is over. We, as a collective group of earthly beings have forgotten that we live in a planet that has a natural cycle of seasons.  We are still in the midst of Winter. After all, it just started about 15 days ago. True, some parts of the country the Winter is not felt as much as in others, but it is still the Winter season, it is still a time for hibernation and stillness. When our bodies go against the natural instinct it possesses, it breaks down (in a matter of speaking) and that is shown through colds, flu, or any malady which the body suffers from during what many so quaintly call the “flu” season. Why dear reader do we call it that? It shouldn’t be so, if we properly prepare for any inconvenience which the flu or colds surely bring.

In our rush to make the days go faster, we forget to slow down and just  live each day. We go about our individual responsibilities and when its time to rest or just relax we don’t do it properly. Many think life without a million errands, activities and such is no life at all!  We have to strike a balance.  So what, dear reader if once in a while you give yourself the luxury of sleeping late on a Saturday or Sunday? The planet will keep spinning, and life will continue to roll. Nothing lost, but something gained, which is your body conditioning to the natural need for rest. It will help to keep your mind fresh, get rid of the bad moods (for lack of proper sleep) realize that your body surely needs the healing that comes with a good and proper rest.  When we are accustomed to raise early even on the week-end, we might feel as if we are wasting time if we sleep one more hour on such days. Why? I myself am conditioning my body to just rest when needed and accept that I feel much better for it. Try it, it helps and you feel rejuvenated with the added energy. If you add to this a nice hobby, something that does not need a big chunk of your time and something you truly love, then you are allowing the body to just be still while you do what you like best. Winter can indeed help collect all that lost energy we threw about during the long holiday period. It helps to re-charge, re-energize  so we can be ready for the next season.


The past week was a quiet one. I had the opportunity of taking a few days off from work. It gave me the chance to re-asses my magickal newsletter and think of ways I would like to change it.  The newsletter will no longer have the “Thrifty Cooking” section, and the horoscope will be gone for a few weeks. I will still have the Crystal Ball Peek-at-the- Week section but somehow different. This is to keep the energies of the Newsletter fresh and current with new things. I always welcome ideas and suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment on things you would like to read about.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


What are the planets up to? Lets have a look:

On Sunday January 4th, Mercury aspected Aquarius where it will stay until March 12th. A retrograde of Mercury in Aquarius will occur from Jan. 21st to February 11th.  Mercury being the planet of communication and movement, mind and intellect. Rational, logical and abstract thinking. Like the mythical figure, Mercury travels fast and that symbolizes flexibility, adaptability. Then we have Aquarius, which is all about innovation, independence. Aquarius is rebellious, detached. Mercury/Aquarius combination helps us to seek knowledge, broaden our horizons, bring forth ideas. Their energies combined help us to make objective decisions. A time when our creativity (after all Mercury, as well as Aquarius are ruled by the element of Air) is at a high peak. Good time to create, invent, and let that imagination fly!

Sextile between the Sun and Chiron. Their combined energies  encourages our relationships.  This is a time to find an impression of purpose. Which emerges with this combo,  increasing our confidence.

Venus sextile Saturn  Sunday January 4th. Saturn brings a reserved influence and that helps to bring balance in relationships (Venus territory).  In business matters,  advances can be pursued.

Uranus-Pluto square.  A square aspect places planets at cross purposes.  Resistance develops and one challenges the other. Although Uranus-Pluto creates struggles   when it comes to letting go and/or making changes, the square also points to places where exceptional growth is possible. Make use of it, where you need such changes and channel their energy so that it helps, not hinders.

A Full Moon occurred yesterday (Jan.4th) in the sign of Cancer (Sun in Capricorn)

Full Moon in Cancer is about striking a balance between your career and your home life.

Full Moon  is for culmination, fulfillment. Seeking illumination or insight into a given situation. Whatever is going on, the Full Moon always shows that there is another side to things, problems, issues etc. That brings objectiveness. Bringing balance to decisions. A perfect time to perform magick, to give closure to magickal workings,  to work on creating changes that will perhaps take a full Moon cycle to become a reality.


A brand new section for the articles that I feature in the Witch’s Gazette Magickal Newsletter. A weekly advice from a card that I will draw, asking Universal guidance for the week. I will be  using old divination cards that I have worked with for many years,  and others like the one featured today, are decks that bring a positive message and which can be worked on with a magickal intent. These are from my motivational cards ” I can do it” From Louise Hay. By now I have lost the original box in which they came. A gift from a friend long ago, that is very much appreciated until this day.





Keeping in mind the above card and its message, I am sharing a quick magickal idea to help the energies of money and prosperity enter your home.

Your front door functions as an ideal place for inviting energies of prosperity into your home. To help them along, place 5 shiny pennies under the front door mat (you can tape them under the mat if you want) or if you have a small plant right at the entrance you can bury the pennies beneath the plant.

How does it work?: It will create a vibrational energy that will combine with that of your home/apartment frequency, thus attracting money to your door and from there to your pocket.

Well dear readers, here we are at the end of this magickal newsletter. As always it was a pleasure preparing it, and writing down my thoughts and advice for the week. Thank you for letting me in and have a virtual “chat”  with you. I hope you liked this week’s offering.

In the meantime enjoy the Winter season, for in its quiet way it has its own magic in the stillness of the cold days.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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