Magick and You

Dear Reader: Welcome back to this, your magickal newsletter.

I have been musing over this next theme. As it is my wont, my mind wanders and I note down what comes to me. Magick, twirls around my thoughts. Like snowflakes falling on a winter day. It is enticing and it leads a dance down the corridors of my mind. I reflect upon the subject and wonder upon such powerful energy.

Although this energy it’s so available for all, it is seldom understood in its entirety. An energy that defies explanation and refuses to be boxed in. It is not after all, a solid thing that can be caught and studied. Analyzed, labeled  and filed away.

It is fast energy. It is light and shadows. Fluent, airy, fiery. It is universal energy that can be garnished if one but believes. Although explained in many books and/or online forums, it is very much expounded upon. Yet the subject, perhaps leaves the reader wanting to know more.

How to explain something not seen, but felt? It’s like the very air we breath. We know it’s there, yet we are not consciously aware of every breath we take. We just do. Knowing that we are alive not wondering how, but just living. Magick is a bit like that. All around us, always present. Pulsating with energy.

The question perhaps should not be about “what magick is” but  how to gather such energy and use it to create a change. Because it is fluid we cannot hold it for long. Thus such energy, has to be collected. Utilized and then let go. This is the only way such energy will fly high into that mysterious place where all happens.

This is why props like candles, incense and quartz etc. for example help one to focus the will. It is the eternal need of us humans, to define something by making it solid, more real. It helps to know we are indeed drawing down, a small amount of such powerful force. A tiny happening in the vast Universe, but one that has momentous importance to us. By gathering this energy, we can work on our intention. Release the energy and cement the belief that we had touched if only for a moment, that eternal essence of the Universe.

Such energy revolves around this planet, expands into the Universe at large. Ever present and ever-growing. The more we believe it is indeed real, the better we are able to connect to it, blend with it. And for just a tiny moment become one.





Until I write again,


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Working your Magick

Dear reader: Welcome back to another installment of this magickal newsletter.

Through the years, I have come to realize that to many; a Witch (whether woman or man) relays much on physical items to be able (so many think) to materialize the desired outcome. Or that the beginning of learning your spiritual path must be done utilizing an assortment of stones, wands, and what not!

The reality is sort of split between the conceived idea of what a witch does to the reality of what a witch really does. To confine magick to physical items only is to confine oneself to a finite way of doing things. In reality magick is infinite. It is after all the ability to harness universal energies (which are infinite) and create the desired outcome. Tools or no tools.

If what you as a witch like, is to immerse yourself in formal ritual, with the chanting, and the incense, the quartz! etc. then do so, but do so with heart. If you what you love is lighting a solitary candle, concentrating on your personal desire, focusing your will and then letting go and just go about your day. Then, excellent, but do so with conviction.

Whatever your inclination, follow-up on what you have done. If there is something you desire that requires you to chant a certain verse several days in a row. Keep at it. Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. Magick is actual work. Is not just wishing and then thinking things will fall on your lap -although sometimes this might happen I will not deny. But here we are talking about serendipity, or some serious overdue good karma that took years to come crashing your way, or perhaps Goddess, an angel or even a demon is looking out for you….. but I digress – most of the time you need to be an active and willing participant of what you want to manifest.

What I mean by the above is this. You want a job. You have a nifty spell for it. You do your magickal thing, and then you get your magickal self moving. Actually looking for a job, not just expecting a friend is going to call out of the blue to offer one up.

I must add, although it must sound like an oxymoron, magick is work but is also spontaneous. If you have an urgent need to perform magick, and you think you need, but do not have that certain plant that its only found in the wilds of the amazon jungle. Which can be bought only a few times a year, thus you give up in despair because that is not available. Or the moon is not right, or your in-laws are visiting…Stop yourself right there! You have what matters the most. Your own self. Your need to create a change. Wait for the in-laws to go to sleep or go out so you have time alone. If herbs are important to you, improvise with a substitute. If the day is not correct, then look up the best planetary influence and if all that fails, remember something even more important. Your need is urgent, thus an emergency, thus, do what thou will! Imagination, paired up with strong desire and belief in the outcome, that’s what matters.


Do we ever stop learning? No, the older I get, the more I realize the learning is not done. There are lots of things one can still learn. New ways to materialize the sometimes impossible into this physical world we live in.  We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, if we were to think we know “everything.” There is always something new to learn, something new to absorb and a new way of seeing things, life, ourselves, etc. but this is true for everyone. Witch or not.

Do we put on our “Witch hat” only when its convenient, and necessary? I would say no, but I am talking from my own life experience. I am a witch, is what I am. Day or night, asleep or awake. It is inherent in me. The beauty of it, is blending both my everyday life with my magickal life. Knowing that my life is more harmonious because of it. I bring the best of being a witch into the everyday and I learn from the everyday so that I do not take myself too seriously or think I am above reproach. Ultimately I am a human being, and like everyone else, I am walking this human journey along with everyone.

Magick itself is neither black nor white. Light or dark. Magick as I said is energy. Universal. It is the person that is harnessing said energy that will make of it, what he or she will. It is about personal choices, our own moral compass, and knowing that every action has a reaction.

Although magick is beautiful, mysterious, and other worldly, I know the danger of  every day practice is taking it for granted. We must remind ourselves of that wonder we felt when we first discovered our spiritual journey. The awe, the connection of the divine and ourselves. We must keep it well in our hearts. For this is the core of magick on a personal level. To believe in what we do, and that what we do, creates a change.

It is this wonder, that makes magick special. The belief that anything and everything its possible.

Until I write again,


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First Publication: 2014

A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.

Meditating with intent

Image More than ever people are aware of the  awesome benefits of meditation.

The most used form of meditation, according to my sources (customers, friends, family) is to get rid of stress, to have a moment to be able to let go of all those hectic energies we collect during a single day. No surprise there really. As time goes by we tend to look for alternative ways of getting in touch with our core and just be at peace.

There are many ways of meditating and many reasons why we do so. Many use meditation as a way of reaching their highest potential, others like to just go out astrally and leave the physical body behind for an excursion of wonder and knowledge, still others do so to be able to heal themselves and help alleviate pains, headaches, colds etc.

Through the years I have been meditating  but, I did not start exploring until I discovered that meditation goes beyond the opening of chakras etc. I discovered that I could meditate in a different way. This is not something new I know, but it is something I stumbled upon while on meditative state. Even though I’ve read extensively on meditation, there is something to be said for practice, there is no better teacher than actual hands on experience.

I think it was not a fluke that I did so that way.  In foresight I know now I was not ready for any other type of meditation before that moment of “truth” shall we say hit me. Emotionally and mentally my energies were spent elsewhere, all those hectic thoughts had to lead somewhere, someday and through the constant sitting down, calming thoughts,  focusing said energies and just being still I arrived to what I call “meditation with intent”

What is Meditation with intent you may ask? (hopefully, I mean I do want to tell you) well is just the simple act of having an intent, a goal, that you would like to achieve through your meditations.

You make them as long as you want or as short as it suits you. You can meditate on so many things, and if you practice it faithfully, you can see results that will make you feel proud of the fact that you did not give up just because you might have tended to fall asleep during meditations at the very beginning, or could not for the life of you still your thoughts.

We go through that phase, but  sticking to you guns and showing that old brain that you are the boss, and it better open up all those doors in your mind, that no matter how many locks might hold them close, believe me,  they can be opened and its worth it. For once you open those doors, the possibilities extend in all directions, to infinity and back! Still want to find out more? Read on..

Let’s start with one of the things that are foremost in the majority of minds… money.  I know!  it’s not love sadly, although that one comes a close second, it is money. That energy that we humans have made so real, that it has become a huge green elephant walking through the corridors of our conscious mind.

So lets say money does not flow as smoothly as we wish it would, there might be some low walls that detain its progress or some mighty ones (so we think) that stop the flow completely.  Before I proceed, do remember that money represents different things for different mind frames, and that what may be abundance to some it’s completely different to others.

The first thing we do is trying to meditate on how to get money, but surprise, surprise! the meditation only gives us more stress, as that old brain I mentioned will tend to lead us through the corridor of “logic” and worst… math!! (ughh) calculations of budgets, payments, bills, mortgages and whatever else it is you are dealing with will pop out of hidden corners, making you jump and be anxious at just what you might find next and decide it’s not worth, so you close up yourself and open your eyes, and say “forget it! It’s not worth it! I knew it wouldn’t work”! but wait! there is still hope that it just might.

Money its only energy, pure undiluted it flows through the Universe, and thus through  our solar system and our lovely planet.  This energy is strong, and once you garnish it, you can make it into what you wish, in this case it has been made into something palpable on this earthly plane.  It is not about closing your eyes real tight and say to yourself “I believe, I believe!” one hundred times a day  but just to know that these energies are available to anyone. It is a matter of how we garnish it, and hold it in. Yes, I can feel those thoughts already! “Right, if that is the case how come I cannot even find a darn quarter in between the pillows of my sofa?”  and I say your point is valid.

We are as rich or as poor as we feel we are deserved to be. This might have discombobulated reasons that go way back into your childhood or even another lifetime. Sometimes, unconsciously we program ourselves that we can only have so much, but not more than that for whatever reasons we give ourselves.

It is a matter or re-training our brains (that old conscious devil) and being patient in the process. Now’ what I want you to understand is that your meditation with intent to get the flow of money going in your life will not make you an overnight millionaire (but if it does…. do let us know:) but it will make you more open to said energies.  Money comes in different ways, through different channels, and possibilities. We have to be open to all, and this is what the meditation with intent is doing…. opening the doors in your mind (remember what I said about those locked doors?).  Say you open a door, not much only a tiny bit (the opening is represented by your belief, the more you believe the wider the door will open) and some long-lost friend, or relative that owed you money, appears out of the blue and pays you back, now isn’t that sweet? you will not have to do internet searches anymore to find that son of a..errhh.. your aunt, or some lady that is their mom.

Say over at your job place the powers that be, pass out periodic money bonus based on good work performance etc. hey! you might be the next one receiving one. Or your job is one where you receive tips. You might have a nice, generous patron, that will leave you a nice fat tip. Point is, be open to all! whether you get $10 or $100 when you least expected it, see it as a blessing, that has come through your perseverance in your intent to be open to the Universe and its flow, for that is all it is really.

I understand that to some is not easy being patient, and for others is an easy piece. Patience pays up! so let us begin.

Start your meditation as you usually do, in whatever way you feel comfortable. I advice the use of a small candle (votive) to focus your energy into the flame. This makes it easier but you can also use water if you so wish a small bowl of water right in front of you, or music. Don’t forget to create a circle of light around you to protect you. Do your thing, and relax  and finally achieve your point of stillness. This is the moment you start visualizing your surroundings. With you inner eye, you will see that there are no walls around you, but just light. We live in a non-reality so this is easy to achieve, seeing nothing but light.  Don’t think with your conscious mind, but with your subconscious, your imagination.  Don’t panic if you do not see anything where the T.V. is supposed to be! just go with the moment.

Now see these energies as moving around you, away from you, coming right back  etc. The color of these energies is your own.  Make it what you wish. Now imagine that your silver cord comes out from your heart out into the space you see before you. Make it go as far as you want to. Tell yourself that with this cord you are searching for and finding money possibilities.  Tell yourself that you are doing this, with the best intention for yourself  in love and harmony.  Always remember to say that. You don’t want to cause negativity around you, but always the highest good. Do this meditation with an amount in mind, or just simple like the above. Imagine your cord finding places far and close from where the money might come. Maintain this visualization as long as you want to and come back to the moment. Ground yourself. Open circle. If  you still feel light-headed after meditation ( it happens, energy has been spent) eat something like a yogurt or fruit. If you have something red around your home, focus your attention on it for a couple of minutes. It helps to bring you back to yourself.

You can add to your meditation on an every day basis, or just a few times a week. In between, help yourself by consciously making an effort on saving  your money better. Get a small piggy bank or a small box, and place money there every day if you can, no matter if it is pennies, quarters or dollar bills, whatever you can.  What this accomplishes  is that you are telling the Universe that you are willing to change, that you not only believe in the Universal flow, but most importantly…in yourself, your own power to create changes.

Meditation dear readers, is our portal to the Universe. We are light, made up of different colors.  When we reach our highest level, meditation comes as natural as breathing and as necessary.  Anyone no matter if spiritual practitioner or not, can use meditation to better their own lives, whether it’s a better job, better health,  success,  but like everything in life, it takes  effort and practice. The more we do it, the better we get at it.

We are Love and Light