Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub V

newsletter  Dear Reader:

Welcome once more to the Witch’s Gazette. A place where you can peruse the various offerings and happenings, and where you can relax for a few minutes, and take your mind off worries and stress.

PUBLIC HAPPENINGS:  December with its cold, rainy and windy days..I love it! December is for me seen through a kaleidoscope of colors, and smells. Red and green. Red for the nose on Rudolph the reindeer… just kidding!  I do see red in the texture of the month. The hectic pace, color of ribbons, red wines, red scarves, the power of the Sun being re-born, the Winter Solstice, cranberries, mistletoe! Green for the pine smells, trees of Yule, evergreens, Rosemary mini shrubs that all seen in many markets. December would be really beautiful if it were not for all the rush, and the need to “finalize” and give “closure.” What are we closing really? Winter starts on December 21st. We have already left the last month of the harvest behind (October) so that really is the end of the growing season. Now is the time of mentally “chill” and just become one with the season. Enjoy the cold days, enjoy the long nights. Enjoy the passing of the days as when we look back they will be gone and we will be lost in a flurry of activities that did not let us enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Colder weather awakens the need for comfort home cooking. Which brings me to the very interesting subject of cooking for the celebrations at hand. What dear reader can we prepare, cook and offer for the holiday dinner.

Vegan Witches


Another joyful occasion! We go crazy looking for those passed-down through generations recipes, the old magazines, the old cooking books. It could also be that you make use of your handy smart phone to look up some yummy  recipes (and easy to prepare) for Yule or Christmas dinner. It is a challenge indeed, to find something that will not take you 5 days to prepare, but something that will cook fast, look  good and taste even better!

For me this year is even extra challenging. I have stopped eating meat. I took baby steps, started off by not eating red meats.  Then this year, I stopped eating white meat. I decided to leave at least fish in my diet. I was content that at least I was going to have something else besides veggies and tofu. I was not a very happy camper truth be told and sometimes grumpy. I seemed to be extra hungry. So I wanted to be “extra” creative with my diet and started to peruse the ezines of vegetarian cooking. To my surprise (remember I am a newbie in this lifestyle change) I found something new (to me) My eating style has a name-o! yes! just like that bologna with a first and last name, mine has a name too! True, this one is just the one name and sort of gibberish sounding… I am what is called a Pescatarian, which is just someone that eats fish in an otherwise vegetarian diet. One of my brood found the name funny, and after many smart aleck comments he said to me, that it sounds like the name of a religion. Which come to think dear reader *sigh* it does. Thinking about the vegetarian friends I’ve had, who in the past,  were always trying to “convert” me to their eating life style, this name is strangely apt… but hey! I don’t make up the names. So guess, dear reader what I’m cooking for Yule? :=)


What goodies are in the air, for us, from those celestial bodies?

Monday December 15th, starts off with a challenge! Uranus/Aries squares Mercury/Capricorn. This happens at 9:14 p.m. PST (12/14)/12:14 a.m. EST (12/15). As the day progresses, we have but only one trine Moon/Libra trines Mars/Aquarius at 12:56 p.m. PST and the rest is a mix of squares, conjunctions and quincunx, which is how it ends at 10:36 p.m. PST. Moon/Libra quincunx  Chiron/Pisces. Quincunx aspects are supposed to be frustrating as the planets and signs don’t share qualities. So in real time, this means that we may need to adjust to a situation or person, and something in us might feel forced to carry on with our usual routine. I don’t understand how this can be as Libra and Pisces are Air and Water respectively and they blend well. So perhaps not such a bad aspect.

Moving on, December 16th Mercury moves into Capricorn. These two energies together are not so much a challenge, but a combination that dance around each other. Each with its own personality traits. Capricorn lends a dry sense of humor and Mercury with its capacity of movement and an airy intellect; both contrive to bring a sense of seeing the unexpected dark humor in situations which cushions their sedate effect.

On Saturday 20th at 1:09 p.m. PST we have the annual meet up of Venus and Pluto. Pluto is intense and Venus is all about satisfaction.  Good combo to work on your money goals and to work on bringing more passion into your relationship.  Then to close the week we have  awesome energies for Sunday December 21st. Here is what is happening that day:

Uranus ends its 5 month retrograde period. The astrological happening of Winter Solstice. Moon Enters Capricorn at 3:03 p.m.PST.  Sun enters Capricorn at 5:25 p.m. PST. New Moon in Capricorn at 5:36 p.m. PST. Don’t forget this day is a Sun-day. Ruled by the Sun, a day of all around success. Love it!

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


Dear reader, this week’s horoscope offering is fast and quick. I am putting together something lovely for each of you my readers, for the end of this year. Not wanting to leave you wondering what the stars have in store, I have the following. As always enjoy!

ARIES: Give due to friends for who they are, not for what they have. This attitude if taken, pays up in dividends! Lucky number: 8.

TAURUS: You might feel out of place. Take care of self and avoid unnecessary  changes. Lucky number: 6

GEMINI: You are going through a stroke of genius, which makes you thoughts clear and comprehensible. Lucky number: 7

CANCER: If feeling grumpy or just out of sorts, don’t give in! things will get better. Lucky number: 3

LEO: There is a new opportunity to put your talent good use. Take advantage to create something wonderful that will make your soul happy. Lucky number: 1

VIRGO: Good balance of mind and body. Easiness of making the right decisions. Your worries are left behind. Lucky number: 4

LIBRA: A new phase is at hand, discovering new things about your self. A spiritual experience marks a change in your life. Stay grounded when making plans. Lucky number: 5

SCORPIO:  There might be a favorable agreement of sorts between you and someone else. Prove you are the right person for the situation, this will get your positive future outcomes. Lucky number: 3

SAGITTARIUS : Your goal may be out of reach at the moment. Don’t give up! instead analyze the situation. Not all is what is seems. The journey is as important as reaching the goal. Lucky number: 2

CAPRICORN: No obstacles in you path, all is humming along, a good phase in your life. Your are filled with new energy. Be clear in your goals. Lucky number: 9

AQUARIUS: Good energy surrounds you. Perfect moment to work on new projects. Steer your goals well so that it ends in success. Lucky number: 7

PISCES: The coming days and weeks are filled with harmony in your life. Make sure to enjoy the happy days. Lucky number: 6


Feeling hungry but do not want to cook a full meal? This is a nice and quick recipe that fills you up, and can be done and served for dinner as well as breakfast:

French Omelet:

6 eggs

6 tbs. milk or water

3/4 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. black pepper

3 tbs.  butter or margarine

1. Set out an 8-10- inch skillet

2. Beat together eggs. milk or water, salt and pepper until blended but not foamy.

3. Heat skillet until just hot enough to sizzle a drop of water. Melt butter or margarine in skillet.

4. Pour egg mixture into skillet and reduce heat. As edges of omelet begin to thicken, with a wooden spoon or fork draw cooked portions toward center to allow uncooked mixture to flow to bottom of skillet. Shake and tilt skillet as necessary to aid flow of uncooked eggs. Do not stir.

5. When eggs no longer flow but surface is still moist, the heat should be increased (just a bit) to brown quickly the bottom of omelet. Loosen edges carefully and fold in half.  Slide omelet onto a serving platter.

6. If desired fill omelet before folding with  your choice of either: Cheese, veggies, diced pieces of meat, etc.

4 to 6 servings. Preparation and cook time: 20 mnts.

If made for a quick dinner, you can accompany with french baguette bread, and a quick salad. enjoy!

Bon Apetit!

Yule/Winter Solstice Candles


Thinking about Yule/Winter Solstice, has me preparing my magick work for that day. I always strive for easy to make, prepare and organize spells; as I am almost always short on time for lengthy and formal magickal work.

I have my candles at the ready for that day, but what else can I add, that will change and optimize the impact of the spell? Since my candles are specially made for Yule, I will place them onto a plate that will be surrounded with fruit, like apples, grapes and oranges.

The center piece is really the candles. Then the fruits. I can also add several drinks to make the outer ring of my set up. What else dear reader can I do to make it even more powerful and apt for the celebration?

Decorating with colors  of the season to fit your spell work is another way of magnetizing the frequency.  Since my candles will be placed on my dinning table, I will decorate my table with a lovely tablecloth, perhaps some fresh flowers,  and pretty napkins. I ask my family in advance to write petitions in small pieces of paper and we place this nestled amongst the fruit.  We will be holding hands in a semicircle around the table to bless the day and meal.  While the candles burn, the energies will bless us, the food and offering surrounding them.  The fruit can be shared with friends and family after the candles are all burnt. Give one to each of your friends and family members to pass along the blessings. If you want to get more creative then make small favors with a magickal intent. Place around the candles/fruit as well and give out before your guests leave or to each member of the family before you retire for the night. A family favorite are those chocolate “coins” that are wrapped up in golden tinfoil. These are perfect as chocolate is great to draw prosperity. These are sold at many drugs stores, or your local supermarkets might sell them too. Anything that calls your whim and feels right in your heart.

The important thing is to celebrate with joy and feel the blessings of the seasons. Don’t stress out about having the “right” things for the spell work. Just do what comes naturally to you.

Well dear reader, another newsletter has been written. Another week will pass by, before I can sit amongst you and share a bit of news through this forum.  May your journey through out the week, have you not looking back in sadness or looking forward in expectation of something that has not happened yet, but living each day fully. May you recognize the small “aha!” moments that might transpire in your life. May you find the funny in life, even if your heart feels laden with sadness. And remember dear reader,  it is the little things that matter. Wishing you a beautiful Winter Solstice, and a Happy Yule!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub IV

Dear Reader:

Greetings and welcome to another installment of this  weekly newsletter! A maelstrom of energies all colliding in this; the last month of the Gregorian calendar. December happens with a flurry of activities, that carries along in its rush, even the strongest of mind.


Another month that has many running around trying to “close” the year in good erh..cheer. If you notice dear reader, life has us by the ears. Always rushing, trying to make it on time to our individual destinations. December is the worst of all! Being the last, it brings a wrongly perceived idea that we have to, nay!  we must! finish all we started  during the 11 months already past.  Or our lives (we think) won’t be the same! I beseech you to stop for a moment and just breath, that is right. Breath in an out, one, two, breath. There, don’t you just feel a little bit better?  It’s all in the breathing dear reader, all in the breathing. We have to keep our perspective in place and just keep calm.


Ah! the joy of decorating with all those ornaments and crafty items, stashed away for a whole year. Getting that tree up for the holiday. Out comes the box (or boxes) from the storage place, garage, closet or under bed organizer! Some put up their holiday ornaments right at the beginning of the month, while others procrastinate and still others avoid it like the plague.  It affects us all, whether we want to or not. My household is no exception to this rule. Although I was all for postponing this event, it is a promise to one of my brood that had me unpacking, and dusting off several stored nick-knacks of the season. There I was dear reader feeling quite “grinchy” muttering under my breath at the chore I had to perform. So I strove for a cheerful mood, thinking it was all for a good cause (making one of mine happy) even if meant mustering the courage to once more look at all that  holiday color. To boost said courage, I started to hum along some crazy song I made up on the spot. When suddenly! I realized… I was humming Christmas music!!! gasp!! like the Grinch in the movie I was quite upset at this happening.   Just like he felt when he was rhyming so I felt when I was caroling! nooo! Immediately, I opened up my playlists  and played music that has nothing to do with the season. Phew! that was a close call! The dangers of the season dear reader are many. Beware of that holiday cheer! OK, moving on…


What  you may ask do we have for this week?

Jupiter enters it retrograde period Monday December 8th at 12:41 pm. (PST) it will stay retrograde until April 8th, 2015 when it ends at 9:57 a.m. Jupiter begins it  Retrograde in front of the constellation of Leo. Whatever is ruled by Jupiter is put on hold, lets say. Jupiter is expansive and enthusiastic, during the retrograde period we might feel we lack the enthusiasm to pursue bigger goals.  Retrogrades are periods of taking the time to listen to our inner wisdom. With the philosophy that is part of Jupiter, it helps re-evaluate our goals. Any retrograde is a period of just taking a breather, and taking advantage of going through our lists (mental or physical) of things we can do in the meantime, while waiting for the retro to be over. Jupiter on Leo puts a pause on traveling, activities planned outside the humdrum of ordinary life.

On December 10th at 8:42 a.m. (PST) Venus enters Capricorn.  A good match if you want to purchase anything that is a big ticket item for the home. It brings a practical side on our finances (Capricorn influence) letting us find the best deal to fit our budget.  With Jupiter the planet of finance on retro period, this is something positive, as that sector is on hold. Better go with the flow and not make any big changes in our financial goals.

December 11th at 10:20 a.m. (PST) there is a Moon/Leo trine to Sun/Sagittarius. This happening on a Thursday brings up a feeling of enthusiasm, which is in turn brings a positive attitude all around.

Not a very dramatic week, which is good, as we don’t want added energies to the already hectic pace of the month.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES: You will be getting a bit of an ego boost this week. Recent changes in your physical appearance (hairstyle, how you dress, weight loss etc) will be getting noticed. You are high in the magnetic attraction index. Your attitude  could be changing as a result. Suddenly it is a different world. Seize the day! Lucky number: 2

TAURUS: You may find yourself in a bit of a financial challenge. You have several priorities right now that involve health, security, friendships and family. You may be forced to make a compromise. Do what you know is the right thing. Lucky number: 4

GEMINI: Your thoughts just need to come out, no matter how strange they seem. Speak out. The worst that can happen is you put your foot in your mouth in front of some companions. The existing state of affairs does stink, and you are just the one to say so. Don’t be afraid to show your grasp on the matter at hand! Lucky number: 7

CANCER: You are finding new ways to communicate with loved ones and family members. You may be making an addition to your home to accommodate a larger family. Their security and safety will be on your mind. Lucky number: 5

LEO:  Due to your open and friendly conduct, people provide you with positive feedback that  you find extremely helpful. An atmosphere of mutual support develops, which is beneficial for everyone in your life. Don’t forget, you have that  wonderful energy of Jupiter since July of this year. Make good used of it! Lucky number: 3

VIRGO:  You’ll have no luck forcing your way out of a tricky work situation with an uncooperative employer or other authority figure. Work  on a better solution, ask advice if needed. Lucky number: 1

LIBRA: Avoid any confrontations with the people you care about most, to prevent misunderstandings. Instead concentrate all your efforts on simple routine matters. Lucky number: 5

SCORPIO: A partner or associate could help bring financial assistance just when it is needed. Not all due to good luck but through hard work which successfully laid the groundwork for the bonus you are likely to receive soon. Lucky number: 8

SAGITTARIUS:  This week you might find it hard to concentrate at times. Your mind is drawn from one pretty idea to another, and you can’t seem to resist them. Take notes. One of those ideas is gold. Lucky number: 6

CAPRICORN:  This is the Moon’s last visit to your relationship sector for the year and with many challenges on this particular area, it brings a chance to end the year with everything sorted out. Communication lines are open, with a chance to move on. Use the energies of loving Venus (that will be aspecting you on December 10th). Lucky number: 4

AQUARIUS: A friend will be asking your opinion about a personal matter. Be careful to be extra tactful if you offer any criticism, because your motives could be misunderstood. Lucky number: 3

PISCES: Your intuition will seem stifled or blocked but it will come back in force before the end of the week. You may find that organizing, re-arranging your closets and home in general brings a feeling of accomplishment . Relax with a bubble bath.  Lucky number: 5


I like to share with you dear readers, recipes that I have made myself. Now with this blog, I find myself pouring over old favorites that I have not done for many a year, and making them once more. The following is one that was a favorite of family and friends and one that I will making as well, this week. It is a sweet treat, with the sweetness tempered by the sour cream that is added on top once is cooked.


1- 29 oz. can ( or a bit larger) peach halves

1/4 cup reserved peach syrup

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 crushed corn flakes

2 TBS butter or margarine melted.

1. Set out a shallow baking dish.

2. Drain peaches, reserving the  syrup.

3. Arrange peaches cut side up in the baking dish. Pour over peaches a mixture of peach syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Bake 375 degrees for 10 mnts. Basting 2 or 3 times. Remove from oven (but don’t turn it off) Raise the temp. to 400 degrees and sprinkle over peaches a mixture of corn flakes and butter or margarine.

5. Return to oven. Bake 5 mnts. longer.

6. Serve peaches warm with cream (sour cream).

Serves 4. Preparation plus cooking time:  30 mnts.

Bon Apetit!

Spell BottleMAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK: Now that the Moon is once more starting on its wane phase, it is the perfect time to make and bless items for protection of the home.

This week’s magickal tip is a  PROTECTION BOTTLE.

You will be needing a small glass container, with a  lid.  Wash it well, and let it dry.

In the meantime get the following ingredients. For the first four ingredients you need 1 TBS of each. For the Bay leaves, you need 3- Salt about 1/2 cup and for the garlic 5 cloves.




Black Pepper

Bay Leaves



3 small stones from your garden, back yard. If you don’t have any, purchase small stones that come in a bag at the dollar store. Wash them well, and let them dry.

Place all in a bowl, put your hands on top and chant a blessing of your choice. Or just say words that come from your heart. Give thanks for each of the items that Earth has provided and empower them for a strong protection of your home and all that reside within.  Visualize a purple light going into the bowl around all your ingredients. Once this is done to your satisfaction, place stones at the bottom of the bottle and the herbs on top. Close with the lid. Now bless your bottle with all the items within.

Place jar in a place that is important to you but that will not be too visible to visitors.  You can be as creative as you wish with your magickal project and place ribbons around the bottle, close up the top with melted wax, add shinny colored glass pebbles, the choice is yours. This is your Protection bottle after all, own it!

To finish up say the following:

“Round and round the Earth goes on

Twilight light and morning Sun

Bring protection unto me,

The ones I love, this place within.

As above, so below.

Round and round, so shall it be!

Happy spell-castings!

Alas dear reader, it is the end of this week’s newsletter offering.  As I am writing this last paragraph,  I ponder upon the words I have left here, about the things I share. As always I hope to have brought a smile and to have left a nugget of wisdom, even if very tiny.  May your journey for the rest of the week be safe and filled with new wonders, new wisdom, and much love.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


Copyright © 2014 by M

First Publication:


A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.