Altars, a Magickal Portal

Dear Reader: Welcome back! Another installment of your magickal newsletter has finally arrived. I am excited to be be back ready for another year of magickal blogging. Spring is here, Earth is awakening from the long Winter slumber, and that energy that permeates through the soil and plants seems to transfer to us humans as well. We feel the urge to purge home and selves of negative and stale energy collected throughout the Winter season.

I have several topics already lined up for the weeks to come, I think the following topic is a good one to kick-start this year’s blog. Let us begin!

The subject for this week’s post is Altars. Their uses and how to enhance, or set up one for spiritual work.

Altars have been in use since the early civilizations.  Although it has been suggested that they go as far back as the Paleolithic Age, there is no actual sustained evidence as to this. But! It is from Paleolithic Age that, the connection to our ancestors to help in daily life, which was survival and hunting for them, had its beginning. From there further along our human history, other cultures began to make the connection between ancestor worship and setting up “special” places (altars) to connect directly to their essence.

Fast forward to the modern times, and the idea of altars in the home has been infused into our “subconscious collective” to the point that without conscious thought, we create little islands of special knickknacks, pictures etc. around ourselves.

For example, a wall in your home, which is dedicated to family pictures, is an outward need to honor those who are part of our blood “tribe.” It is a way of expressing the love we have for them, whether they are alive or not. Far away or nearby.  This, we may do unconsciously. Without a thought that what we are doing, is honoring our roots, our family.

Knowing that there is intent behind the action, brings a different layer to those special places in the home we choose to set up as an altar. There is no set or fast rule as to how many altars we should have. After all, spiritual needs vary, we are not only confined to let’s say an altar for love matters. We can have a different one in several corners of our home. Or just have a general one. Which we change according to the magickal work. We can even set up altars according to the compass points and follow the Feng Shui school of thought.

We can also have seasonal altars. Changing the theme to suit the current seasonal months. The creative has no limits really. It is up to us, to figure out, what is it we want to accomplish by setting up an altar. So, taking this into account, what are the themes and items utilized for setting up an altar?

A general list of items:

  • Statues or pictures of a deity or representation of Goddess/God, etc. In the case of let’s say, a representation of the Goddess, small knickknacks of butterflies,  fresh flowers, or a picture that to you represents Her energy for example.
  • Candles. Candle holders.
  • Incense holder, for when you burn your incense. Or incense sticks all ready for next time you activate the altar’s energies.
  • Water in a pretty cup, which is only used for the purpose of a blessing extension of your altar.
  • Crystal/Tumbled stones either in groups on small plates or one per each corner of the altar.
  • What I call a “request” vehicle. This can be a plate, a bowl, even a pretty planter which its used for petition papers or small items that might be found on walks. Like small feathers, sticks, leaves, stones etc.
  • You can choose to have a bare surface or place an altar cloth. Altar cloths can be made if you are crafty, washed with blessing herbs (by hand is better the first time if you are using herbs). Then after drying, you could iron it, spray with a blessing blend before its placed on the altar. Or you can just buy something that calls your whimsy and still go through the same blessings process.
  • Also, items that hold a special significance for you. This varies from person to person. Go with what feels right in your heart.
  • Flowers. Fresh flowers are best. You do not have to have flowers each day of the week, but whenever you can, or when working your magick! It is not necessary to break the bank to accomplish this part. Flowers from your garden, no matter how small. Even herbs that flower, like for example Lavender or Basil, Rosemary etc. Or from the supermarket. You can find low prices for a small bunch of pretty flowers.

As I mentioned before, you can make it seasonal and add items that represent the season, like seashells for the summer season or leaves to represent Autumn.  Or for example, it can be like the picture to your right, a one-time altar. A temporary Altar set-up which you will use for a special petition.


The following are a couple of examples of the altar setups:

The one below was provided by a lovely friend of mine. This is how her altar looks most of the time. She changes according to the season. In the example below, she wanted a representation of Spring, thus the ladybug teapot and the flower petals around her petition candle. As you see, through the items around the centerpiece, she reflects and engages her belief in the magick created in her special place.

Personal altar






Summer Solstice Garden Altar


This is a temporary garden altar I put up a couple of years back. It was used for a Summer solstice ritual.  As a conduit of the magickal work for that specific day. It created a connection between the beginning work and the way I chose to close it. After several hours it was dismantled and brought it inside the home.


If you are into gardening and love all things nature, then an altar in a corner of your garden, can be constructed or set up an as a special place to connect more directly to mother Earth. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

After all, altars, are a personal expression and extension of your spiritual life, practice, and creativity. Each unique and special. There are plenty more ideas which you can incorporate into it.

The above are only suggestions and basic tools for the setup.

The most important thing is that it is created with a deep understanding of your spiritual needs. Knowing that what you are creating is a connection to Goddess, Universe, etc. A place where you spark your whimsy, rest your worries, heal, and let your soul soar from a place rooted in love and belief.

I hope, that with this post I am leaving something, a little nugget of re-discovery.  Something that engages your imagination. Which in turn will spark your personal passion and transform your quest of all magickal.

Thank you for being part of this magickal blog!

Until I write again,


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Working your Magick

Dear reader: Welcome back to another installment of this magickal newsletter.

Through the years, I have come to realize that to many; a Witch (whether woman or man) relays much on physical items to be able (so many think) to materialize the desired outcome. Or that the beginning of learning your spiritual path must be done utilizing an assortment of stones, wands, and what not!

The reality is sort of split between the conceived idea of what a witch does to the reality of what a witch really does. To confine magick to physical items only is to confine oneself to a finite way of doing things. In reality magick is infinite. It is after all the ability to harness universal energies (which are infinite) and create the desired outcome. Tools or no tools.

If what you as a witch like, is to immerse yourself in formal ritual, with the chanting, and the incense, the quartz! etc. then do so, but do so with heart. If you what you love is lighting a solitary candle, concentrating on your personal desire, focusing your will and then letting go and just go about your day. Then, excellent, but do so with conviction.

Whatever your inclination, follow-up on what you have done. If there is something you desire that requires you to chant a certain verse several days in a row. Keep at it. Don’t fall into the trap of complacency. Magick is actual work. Is not just wishing and then thinking things will fall on your lap -although sometimes this might happen I will not deny. But here we are talking about serendipity, or some serious overdue good karma that took years to come crashing your way, or perhaps Goddess, an angel or even a demon is looking out for you….. but I digress – most of the time you need to be an active and willing participant of what you want to manifest.

What I mean by the above is this. You want a job. You have a nifty spell for it. You do your magickal thing, and then you get your magickal self moving. Actually looking for a job, not just expecting a friend is going to call out of the blue to offer one up.

I must add, although it must sound like an oxymoron, magick is work but is also spontaneous. If you have an urgent need to perform magick, and you think you need, but do not have that certain plant that its only found in the wilds of the amazon jungle. Which can be bought only a few times a year, thus you give up in despair because that is not available. Or the moon is not right, or your in-laws are visiting…Stop yourself right there! You have what matters the most. Your own self. Your need to create a change. Wait for the in-laws to go to sleep or go out so you have time alone. If herbs are important to you, improvise with a substitute. If the day is not correct, then look up the best planetary influence and if all that fails, remember something even more important. Your need is urgent, thus an emergency, thus, do what thou will! Imagination, paired up with strong desire and belief in the outcome, that’s what matters.


Do we ever stop learning? No, the older I get, the more I realize the learning is not done. There are lots of things one can still learn. New ways to materialize the sometimes impossible into this physical world we live in.  We would be doing a disservice to ourselves, if we were to think we know “everything.” There is always something new to learn, something new to absorb and a new way of seeing things, life, ourselves, etc. but this is true for everyone. Witch or not.

Do we put on our “Witch hat” only when its convenient, and necessary? I would say no, but I am talking from my own life experience. I am a witch, is what I am. Day or night, asleep or awake. It is inherent in me. The beauty of it, is blending both my everyday life with my magickal life. Knowing that my life is more harmonious because of it. I bring the best of being a witch into the everyday and I learn from the everyday so that I do not take myself too seriously or think I am above reproach. Ultimately I am a human being, and like everyone else, I am walking this human journey along with everyone.

Magick itself is neither black nor white. Light or dark. Magick as I said is energy. Universal. It is the person that is harnessing said energy that will make of it, what he or she will. It is about personal choices, our own moral compass, and knowing that every action has a reaction.

Although magick is beautiful, mysterious, and other worldly, I know the danger of  every day practice is taking it for granted. We must remind ourselves of that wonder we felt when we first discovered our spiritual journey. The awe, the connection of the divine and ourselves. We must keep it well in our hearts. For this is the core of magick on a personal level. To believe in what we do, and that what we do, creates a change.

It is this wonder, that makes magick special. The belief that anything and everything its possible.

Until I write again,


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The Spiritual Witch

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome to your magickal newsletter. I hope I find you, all who read my humble blog, well of mind and body. With yesterday’s Full Moon, marking what is called the Corn Moon, many find themselves looking forward to the next season, and perhaps reflecting on the global happenings these past months on this, our planet Earth.

With what has transpired so far, and what is going on at the moment. The chaos and pain inflicted on the innocent as well as all the crazy, senseless things going on around the country and the world at large, I take comfort on daily devotional or prayers. It is my anchor, sort of speak, that I throw into each day. So that it grounds me, and helps to keep me aware of the blessings. Even if I cannot make sense of things, it creates a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. Without it I feel lost, out of whack. If I do not have the will to even pray, then I light at least a small candle. If it is life keeping me too busy then I give thanks at the end of the day, sitting down on my bed, before I go to sleep. Prayer or devotions brings light and calmness of mind.

Three_Macbeth_WitchesPrayer or devotions, is a way of expressing out what worries you or a way to acknowledge the blessings. Most people act surprised when they find out witches pray.. Why would that be? I have wondered in the past. Perhaps some might think that as witches we are not spiritual. That all to us is spells, candles and bells. While it is true, we do perform spells, those are but a minimal part of being a witch, and just the props or background to aid the mind in visualizing a desired outcome. But it is our spiritual practice that which keeps it all together. This is true for any one, of any dogma, religious practice, etc.

Whatever you believe in, you gain spiritual strength from prayer. It is a powerful tool through daily practice, which will help guide you true when looking for answers that cannot be achieved otherwise in our lives. Being a human, in this world of ours, makes it necessary to look for ways in which we can create peace within as well as without. Not so that we can detach ourselves from everyone else. On the contrary; it is done with the idea in mind of reaching out to the collective consciousness and understanding how we can be of service to our fellow human beings.

prayerSo how do witches pray? you may be pondering. Is there a special formula said out loud, or ancient words of wisdom passed down from witch to witch?….  We are but humans living a spiritual life and as such we pray much the same as everyone else. We do so from the heart. With words that come to mind in times of need. We might have one prayer we have written down ourselves, or something borrowed from an old book of prayers that is fitted to our own type of need. But nothing fancy, nothing “ancient” I cannot say we are unique in our prayers, just because we might happen to burn incense (other cultures do burn incense during offerings to their ancestors and requests) or burn candles (again, other religious beliefs do make a habit of burning an Offertory votive candle). So you see prayer is simply that…prayer.

The need to connect to the divine in time of need, is ancient indeed. Perhaps it did not precisely start off as a “prayer” perhaps some ancestor way back in time, had the need to ask for guidance, to something other than what she/he saw in this physical world. We humans love to talk. It is in our nature. Some of us more than others. But it makes sense that we externalized, that which is within through speech, it makes sense that as time went by, we started to have those special “talks” at moments when we are not interrupted. So we can connect better to the Divine.

There is nothing either, that says one belief group has better prayers than others. I have found some optimismbeautiful prayers that are not of my belief. It has not deterred me to use for myself. All I change is to whom I send my prayers, but the intent its the same. For all of us.

We really are all spiritual beings. Living the same human experience. In different countries under different cultures, and circumstance, true. Nevertheless, we share that inner need to connect to the Universe, to the Goddess, God, Source. Whatever your personal belief. We are all searching for answers. For peace, for universal love, and understanding.

The times we live in, require the collective human mind, to come together. Indeed it is needed that we pull our spiritual beings in a concentrated effort for a better world. Perhaps that or those who we believe in (Goddess, Universe, etc.) needs us to do that. For they alone, cannot bring change unless we want that change.

So, yes. We are witches, but we are also spiritual beings. Living life in the best way we see fit. Creating positive changes, in the best way we can. With harm to none…

So mote it be.lovely candle

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- The Being of Humanity

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: I hope everyone has been well and that life is treating you kindly. I have been writing an re-writing a post for this virtual newsletter. As the weeks have rolled, so have the ideas in my head shifted from what I thought I would write, so what I think in my heart I should write about.

Each and every one of my posts is infused with actual practice of what I talk about or colored with my personal experiences. I find that, there is not better way than to talk about something I know of,  have gone through or have read extensively and then put into practice myself. It is bits of wisdom after all that I want to share with you dear reader, and thus today’s subject.

As witches, we face many challenges. Some of those challenges might be the choice of keeping our spiritual belief private and not tell all and sundry that we are practitioners of one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We might choose to tell some but not all. We might choose to belong to a group or be a solitary. Etc. etc.! and so we live life as a witch. In whatever form, public or private. As that thief called time rolls by, we find ourselves so enmeshed in our spirituality that one day we realize something that perhaps we haven’t before..Sometimes, we have to drop the veil of magick we have surrounded ourselves into and just be, well…for lack of a better word, “normal”.

We have been so busy mixing the magickal with the mundane that when a sudden emotional Magic-Potionupheavals hits, it might take a minute to get our bearings, and realize the following: That it is OK to step away from “witch” being and just accept that we are human after all.

What do I mean by the above?  What I mean is; it is ok to come back from that spiritual, magickal world where we usually take all our personal cares and transform them into something above and beyond the usual. It is ok to step back into what I like to call the Being of Humanity. We after all are human beings. We must remember that, and try to remember as well, that some things that happen are beyond the scope of magick and have just to be dealt with in a more “day-to-day” sort of way.

Some witches might be reading this and wriggling in their chair, a bit discomfited at the notion of “just being human” we are after all (you might be thinking to yourself) above the petty and the routine…but dear witch..are we really?

I have found myself hit with the “mundane’ recently, and thrown off-balance hither and yonder. One of my elements roared high to the sky and my chakra points as a result went off kilter. I felt that I was going back in to the primal, raw and angry. My first thought? “do magick!” but I forced myself to breath in and out, several times, to calm down. Finally after releasing tension with a watery storm, I felt ready to face up to my challenge. That of just letting things be.

Think of it, as going without make up. Your own self in the “raw.”  No wands, no crystals, not a single drop of that special oil you have made for “emergency” cases. The only thing left to do when confronted with such moments, is to go deep into the belly of the issue, and face it square in the face.

psyguSo what do we have left to use and what can we do? Meditation. So blatantly obvious; yet simple. Stilled power. In deep meditation, its when you will be able to go down that “rabbit hole” sort of speak and really see yourself, find your hidden strength (for we all have it) and redefine your own power.

As a witch, the older we get, the more we realize, that it is no longer the “props” of our trade that make us, but that which is within. All that experience we have collected and the wisdom that we have gathered. It is times like the one I am describing, that really defines us. But then again, it is the same for every human being, witch or not. It is the most challenging moments that defines a person. How each person will come out of it, is the meter, of  their own personal strength.

From this experience comes this humble realization:  I have to redefine my own personal power. Tweak my witch’s world-view, arrange my perspective and accept that yes, it is OK to let go of the mind-set of being a witch once in a while and remember that within the fold of humanity is after all where I found my calling.

So dear reader I say to you…Let go and embrace the void, within it lies the root of your own power.

Until I write again,


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Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter-The Chemistry of Spells

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smHow would chemistry be related to the art of spell casting? Lets have a look.

Chemistry  is:  The science of matter; dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions. Spells are conducted with a blend of substances that will produce a desired “reaction.” Of course not exactly the same as the substances used in Chemistry. Spells work on various levels after all; that of the physical and the astral. The seen and the unseen.

The predictability of spells depends on several things: timing, astrological influences, ingredients that might or might not be easy to find, props of the spiritual practitioner and that most important of ingredients: Faith.JohnWWaterhouse

Yet, for all the mystery behind spells, it is work (albeit of a magickal nature) that requires a mindful approach. A focused mind and a willingness to research the chosen subject matter. e.g. If it is a spell for un-hexing, then we most do a thorough research of the components needed for the spell, the best time to perform, what are the drawbacks of using certain ingredients and the time we have at our disposition, as the ‘perfect’ timing is not always available. Add to this our various obligations, and we have a challenge of sorts to overcome as well. That of finding a time that fits not only our schedule but also our frame of mind.

circe-offering-the-cup-to-ulysses-1891-oil-on-canvasSpells cannot be conducted in a hurried, “might-as well-get it over with” attitude.  Spells need to be done in a calm and focused manner. It need not to be ‘serious’ per say but rather approached with a sense of sacredness to the task at hand. Once you have all needed for your spell at your disposition, you can do so in a light spirit. If we don’t enjoy the process that leads us to the actual spell, then we won’t enjoy the actual spell work. When I say, do your spell in a ‘light’ spirit, what I mean is, do your spell work with love in your heart, a sort of intangible sense of calm in you, with harmony in the moment. This approach is not something you set out to feel in a conscious manner, rather it is achieved without conscious effort. The more you do spell work, the more you will feel this. Not only of the components for successful spell work but of yourself.

Of course if the spiritual work is to be that of protection or of taking off hexes, which requires concentration and a sense of righteousness in your heart, then the work is indeed serious. As opposed to working on spell work to draw money for example.

So as you see, spells to work  do need discipline and (ideally) working within ethics. Personal ethics that create a better balance with this planet Earth and within ourselves.

There is a ‘chemistry’ of the elements used for a spell, invoked to aid and lift energies. It is a dance of two worlds colliding..that of Magick and Science, to create something that is achieved by the blending of the physical and the ethereal.

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Until I write again


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Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter-Special Edition

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smDear reader, welcome back! I have been hard at work, writing down ideas for my Gazette. As I said in my last newsletter, I have been thinking of taking the W.G. to new places, make it a bit different. It is after all, a Gazette written specially for those that have a spiritual hankering in their souls. A thirst for something more of what we ‘see’ or ‘perceive’ in this dimension where we reside. It is not necessary for my readers to be Witches, but it is necessary to have an open mind. A natural curiosity, questioning the imposed and outdated system other human beings have imposed on us, the rest of humanity. The format changes, the purpose does not. I strive to fill your mind with knowledge, create questions and above all to help you find a place, a niche, where your soul feels content and free. With that in mind, I introduce my subject of the week:


How many times have I read and then rolled my eyes in frustration, about witches of ‘old’, how they used to live in these ‘lovely’ cottages, with herbs hanging from rafters, with a cauldron bubbling, while the witch stood near by with a huge book of incantations, recipes and spells? Many times dear reader! But what a disservice this does to us, modern witches, or any spiritual practitioner. Really, by now there should be more books about the reality of the medieval times and before for witches. I know that scholarly authors have written about history, medicine, living conditions etc, of times gone by. What we also need, is a serious study of how witchcraft, magic, and alchemy was really used back then. Without the religious touch, in a very detached manner. So that we understand better the root of what we practice.

But without a huge tome of the history of humanity, we can still use our common sense and logic and apply it to our history. Back in the lets say, 11th century, many people were illiterate. The privilege of education was for only a few. The rich, the clergy and the merchants (and not all merchants were by the way, fully educated).  Due to the spiritual awakening at the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century, many women became nuns and many men monks. During the middle ages until the 13th century women of means, were sent to monasteries to be educated. This was due to invasions having destroyed state schools. Not all students were rich, and some were given special scholarships if deemed worthy, to study at monasteries. The conditions for women that had no money, were bad. The crusades made matters worse, leaving many women (wives, daughters) destitute. The only means left to many was to be involved in the monastic life. This denies the quaint belief that at this time in history, many witches were practicing their craft. Or that there were ‘covens’ of witches getting together for a Full Moon ritual in a middle of a forest. Life was hard, survival a most.

What there was though, for the majority of people living in those times, a need for medicine, to heal the sick. As many could not afford the services for a physician of the times when they became ill, their first call would have been to local people. Known as healers, for their common sense knowledge of herbs and plants.  Nature was the school of any natural healer. To survive, whether in a tribe or village the local healer would set about learning their natural habitat and through trial and error learn what was bad or good for healing ailments. Many common healers were women. It was women who attended pregnant women, sick children and who nurtured the beginning and ending of life. These healers came from different backgrounds. In Rome for example,they were slaves, ex-slaves or wise women. Historians call this thriving and influential tradition “popular” or folk medicine.

While it is nice to believe that there was a time, in which witches existed in such a way, the kindly cottage witch healing one and all, it does a disservice to the reality of our roots. I am not saying that magic was not used back then, after all witchcraft has been around for many centuries. What I am saying, is that it was not romanticized as many articles and even books lead many to believe. Back then, with ignorance abounding most everywhere, fear of the church coming down on people for not following a “godly” life and in general, a lack of intellectual sophistication, it makes sense to me, now looking back through time, that people who knew how to manipulate energies and use herbs and plants for anything other than just healing, were pretty cunning about survival and kept that knowledge hidden.

We live in enlightened times, we see new technology often, our lives have become easier in the mechanics of it, if not in the spiritual. And yet, I see many with outmoded ideas of what a witch was and is to this day. As witches, we have an obligation to ourselves to learn as much of our craft as it is possible and to those that will follow our footsteps. Since there is no definite way to find out exactly how it all started where witchcraft is concerned, it is best to live our belief in the now. We can re-shape our history with accounts of what it really is to be a witch. We are after all, human beings, living a spiritual experience. We have the power to leave behind a better story for those that will follow.

Until I write again,

*M* the Witch Gazetteer..Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221

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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XIX

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome back to another issue of your magickal newsletter. I am changing several things on the Gazette. After all it is Spring already. Time to take out the old and welcome the new!


With the new Moon, most of us see it as a chance to do something “new” in our lives or just dust-off those forgotten projects and re-animate them with new life.  With this charged Super Moon we just experienced, it has left us with a sense of anticipation. It opened up a sort of portal of opportunities that we have to, nay ….. we must! dear reader, use if we want to bring major changes in any part of our lives we might deem it necessary a change is needed.

But how to use these energies? you might be asking. I always find the best way to start off is by sitting down with pen and paper and write down things I would like to accomplish. Be practical and don’t over reach yourself. Tackle a few goals at a time, or just one. This is best as you will be able to invest more energy into it.  Use the power of Aries Sun to speed up the results. As Aries is not such a sticker for long-range goals, then utilize the energies of Sun to add more power and steadiness to the project you might want to accomplish. Attitude dear reader always plays a large part in anything we put our minds into. If you really want something wholeheartedly, then your attitude is positive. Strive to not let anything let you down. Naysayers always abound everywhere, so it is important to always “keep your chin up” as the maxim goes. This is when the energies of the Sun come into play to boost your self-confidence.


Lovely yellow flowers
My pretties♥

Finally, the beautiful season of Spring is here! Time to tackle that Spring cleaning and get rid of the musty air that Winter leaves behind.

Spring cleaning is better when done with intent. Getting rid of old stuff (like clothing, bedding, old appliances etc) its specially good when you add a spiritual twist to it. Instead of just going through your closets, garage, storage room etc. prepare yourself with a  combo of candle, incense, spray,  blessed water and your favorite music to cleanse your home as well on the spiritual and magnify the frequency of your living space.

White candles, yellow candles, red candles or orange candles are good colors to use. Incense aromas  like mint, rose, lavender, lemon balm, sweet grass, are perfect for a spring cleaning. A spray with your favorite blend to spray around closets, blessed water to sprinkle around your home to seal the work once you are done, and your favorite music playing in the background, makes for a fun cleaning, rather that just a bland one. An added spiritual cleansing leaves a home truly rid of negativity collected through out the past months, thus elevating the vibrational frequency of your living space.


March 23rd to March 29th.

On Wednesday March 25th, we have a harmonious trine between Aries/Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:25 p.m.  This is a good window of opportunity of about 3 hours (it ends approx at 3:10 p.m.) to work on your projects/goals. Saturn in this trine brings to bear the discipline for which this planet is famous for, as well as the insight of being able plan ahead and prepare for any delays on your project.

We also have Venus in Taurus Square  Jupiter/Aries at 7:11 p.m. Friday 27th. The combo of Venus (fun, luxury loving planet) and the expansive Jupiter is one to look out for. Their influence comes in the form exaggerating anything in general. Like over eating, over spending, etc. So dear reader, if you find yourself over doing something, pull yourself back to normal mode and remember the square.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:  Ethic Code- To Hex or not to Hex


Through out my spiritual practice one of the most asked questions I have received is “How can I hex so and so?” Many times in the life of a witch this particular issue arises. To hex or not to hex…that is the question (if I may borrow a famous quote) some ask.

It makes me shudder when I browse through stores that sell magickal ware. Some stores sell “hexing” products as if it were something that is positive, as if it were OK, to use powders, burn candles and curse the name of a particular person! oh, dear, banal and commonplace. This is a matter that needs to be addressed in a serious frame of mind.

As witches we have to adhere to a certain code of magickal conduct. This is a fact each practitioner should know, and sadly one that many ignore. Even when we are solitary practitioners, we must strive to have a code of “honor” lets say as to how we conduct ourselves with magick.

I understand, we are human beings. Our human nature is, at the core of it, very much based on instinct. The first instinct that arises when we are upset is to strike back for slights (real or not) done to us. This should be a  moment in our lives when we have to face the dark side of our nature and come out of it better. By raising above it, and facing the light. Not drowning in darkness.

Every action we take has a  reaction and consequence. We open a chain reaction that stem from our deeds, good or bad. Whether magickal or mundane. When we add a dark magickal twist to our behavior, we are setting a chain of events that reverberate in the astral to come back down again to this dimension where we reside.

How do we deal with someone who really (not something we think they might have done) has crossed that line in the astral with a magickal attack? Do we just sit and take it? Are we to “turn the other cheek” and just be “better” by ignoring such deed? What do we do when is even worst! and they attack those we love the most? These are tough situations when we must rise above the anger and control that basic emotion…revenge! It is hard, trust me dear reader, I know! but yes, we can do something that does not require us to burn ourselves in a fire that was not of our own making in the first place.

Energy when used, hangs about a person, some of that dark matter, will stay glued to he/she that worked on that dark piece of magick. Even when we are not sure who the culprit was, we can return that energy back to source. We are indeed sending back what we do not want, without malice. Remember, it was something sent to us (or our loved ones) with evil intent and most importantly without our consent. This is a sort of retribution if you will. Karma is a funny thing… it seems to be either asleep or way too busy with other matters, so needs must!

This is when the “better” part of us, raises above the petty and mundane, by applying the law of return. Now, do not misunderstand the concept of applying such law. If we have in the past, ourselves committed such dark deeds then returning hexes will not work at all. So before you do anything, take a good look inside your heart, and own up to your past mistakes. This requires cleansing, un-hexing and protection spell-work, meditation and living a life with positive intent.

But if on the other hand, we have been hexed and our hearts are clean of such deeds, then what we must do, is work magick in a way that all the collected dark energies hanging about our persons is  send back to the one that sent it to us. I like to call this the “boomerang” effect.  Neither way of getting rid of a hex is easy, in the sense that it will only take one day, no such thing. You have to continuously and consciously work protective magick, unhex once a month (just in cases dear reader), cleanse your chakras and try to meditate daily. This also entails having your home cleansed at least twice a month. Your vibrational frequency is in tune with the frequency of your home. It is important both frequencies are on the same energy level, to have the most balance one can achieve.

Being a witch is not a game. Magick is to be respected not abused. We are after all, garnishing Universal energies. Why would anyone in their right mind misuse such energies for evil purposes? We have a hard life as it is in this human guise, why make it harder? Being a witch is and should be, a beautiful experience, and more so if we live by a set of ethical codes that helps to walk in light on our individual paths. By adhering to such ethics, we are honoring not only ourselves, but one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We are witches, let us raise above such petty deeds and be the change!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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