Witch’s Gazette-Magickal Newsletter- Alchemy and Magic

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smThrough out time, the facts and myth of alchemy and magic seems to have been intertwined and mixed as being one and the same. It is true that magic is a sort of alchemy, as it transmutes energies and changes the frequencies of reality. Alchemy, which is not in existence any longer, although sharing the use of magic,  and some of the spiritual views about Earth, was quite different, based on a theory that became a sort of obsession with alchemists of old.  So what is the difference? and do they share any similarities in modern times?

According to historic records, Alchemy, which goes back to the year 100, reaching its pinnacle in medieval times, was practiced with the base of experimentation and partly upon magic.  The alchemy of medieval times has come to be known as the search to convert lead into gold, but alchemy had roots of a spiritual worldview. To the practitioner of alchemy everything surrounding human beings was seen as containing some sort of universal spirit and metals were believed to have life.  Base metal such as lead was thought to be a spiritually immature form of higher metals; like gold.

Alchemists, did not consider metals the exclusive substances that form part of the Periodic table. Rather alch3the metals were perceived to be in different phases of evolution on their journey to spiritual ‘perfection.’ Ancient Alchemists, would center their research on a ‘mythical’ substance they knew as the ‘philosopher’s stone’ which they believed had the power to prolong life, heal and change metals into precious metals like gold. For the alchemist, the ‘philosopher’s stone’ was not a literal stone but rather a substance that held magical powers. They did not seek the change of metals into gold out of greed. Gold symbolized the highest development in nature and came to personify human renewal and regeneration. Their theories were based upon those theories of Aristotle, in which the world and everything in it are composed of four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, together with three that were called ‘essential substances’:  Mercury, Salt and Sulfur. So, if lead and gold consisted of the blend of the four elements, then according to their theories, lead could be transformed into gold, as gold is superior to lead,  and which contained the perfect balance of the four elements. Though alchemy is long gone, the contrast between lead and gold remains; lead is a common, poisonous metal that can harm children and lead to brain damage; gold is highly valued, and often worn as jewelry.

Magic is the belief that with focused intention, we can create changes through a combination of toolsMagic-Potion chants, meditations and connecting to our own spiritual center which aids the spiritual practitioner to achieve the desired result . We believe that indeed, the four elements are an important composition not only of Earth but of each human being.  The forces of Nature empower magic. Thus we use nature’s energies to aid, to bring changes. Like the alchemists of old, we strive to achieve something through the garnishing of the elements. But unlike them, we do not seek perfection, but a better sense of who we are. As alchemy is transmuting something common into something else, so does magic helps to ‘transmute’ and change ordinary situations into something different.

Magic is a belief and means to an end, but not and end unto itself. Magic is not seen, but felt. If there is no belief, there is no result to be had. The use of magic requires the practitioner to evolution, to open their minds, to accept that Nature is ever-changing. We adapt to the changes and learn new things with each magical effort and result we achieve. Alchemy of old was it seems, immutable non-changing, searching for something that was not to be achieved in the way these ancient alchemists believed. Although their theory of the four elements was sound, the way they went about their quest, was I believe the reason they failed. Even though we as magical practitioners use physical items to achieve a change, we do so as a point of focus, to ground us to the goal in mind. The results are not something solid per say, like asking for a car, and voilà! the car materializes out of nowhere. This is not to say we cannot obtain something material in the physical realm, but that it is achieved through a string of events that brings the desired result.

That dear reader, could be said to be our own form of achieving the ‘gold’. But alchemy did not exist for nothing after all. It is thanks to these men of old, that we have what is now Chemistry. And thanks to them, that we as spiritual practitioners know the difference between achieving the obtainable while aware that such ancient theories like the existence of the ‘philosopher stone’ is best left where it belongs, in medieval tales of myth.

Until I write again,

*M* the Witch Gazetteer..Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221

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Witch’s Gazette- Magickal Newsletter-Special Edition

72813_floral_w_sm72794_floral_g_smDear reader, welcome back! I have been hard at work, writing down ideas for my Gazette. As I said in my last newsletter, I have been thinking of taking the W.G. to new places, make it a bit different. It is after all, a Gazette written specially for those that have a spiritual hankering in their souls. A thirst for something more of what we ‘see’ or ‘perceive’ in this dimension where we reside. It is not necessary for my readers to be Witches, but it is necessary to have an open mind. A natural curiosity, questioning the imposed and outdated system other human beings have imposed on us, the rest of humanity. The format changes, the purpose does not. I strive to fill your mind with knowledge, create questions and above all to help you find a place, a niche, where your soul feels content and free. With that in mind, I introduce my subject of the week:


How many times have I read and then rolled my eyes in frustration, about witches of ‘old’, how they used to live in these ‘lovely’ cottages, with herbs hanging from rafters, with a cauldron bubbling, while the witch stood near by with a huge book of incantations, recipes and spells? Many times dear reader! But what a disservice this does to us, modern witches, or any spiritual practitioner. Really, by now there should be more books about the reality of the medieval times and before for witches. I know that scholarly authors have written about history, medicine, living conditions etc, of times gone by. What we also need, is a serious study of how witchcraft, magic, and alchemy was really used back then. Without the religious touch, in a very detached manner. So that we understand better the root of what we practice.

But without a huge tome of the history of humanity, we can still use our common sense and logic and apply it to our history. Back in the lets say, 11th century, many people were illiterate. The privilege of education was for only a few. The rich, the clergy and the merchants (and not all merchants were by the way, fully educated).  Due to the spiritual awakening at the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century, many women became nuns and many men monks. During the middle ages until the 13th century women of means, were sent to monasteries to be educated. This was due to invasions having destroyed state schools. Not all students were rich, and some were given special scholarships if deemed worthy, to study at monasteries. The conditions for women that had no money, were bad. The crusades made matters worse, leaving many women (wives, daughters) destitute. The only means left to many was to be involved in the monastic life. This denies the quaint belief that at this time in history, many witches were practicing their craft. Or that there were ‘covens’ of witches getting together for a Full Moon ritual in a middle of a forest. Life was hard, survival a most.

What there was though, for the majority of people living in those times, a need for medicine, to heal the sick. As many could not afford the services for a physician of the times when they became ill, their first call would have been to local people. Known as healers, for their common sense knowledge of herbs and plants.  Nature was the school of any natural healer. To survive, whether in a tribe or village the local healer would set about learning their natural habitat and through trial and error learn what was bad or good for healing ailments. Many common healers were women. It was women who attended pregnant women, sick children and who nurtured the beginning and ending of life. These healers came from different backgrounds. In Rome for example,they were slaves, ex-slaves or wise women. Historians call this thriving and influential tradition “popular” or folk medicine.

While it is nice to believe that there was a time, in which witches existed in such a way, the kindly cottage witch healing one and all, it does a disservice to the reality of our roots. I am not saying that magic was not used back then, after all witchcraft has been around for many centuries. What I am saying, is that it was not romanticized as many articles and even books lead many to believe. Back then, with ignorance abounding most everywhere, fear of the church coming down on people for not following a “godly” life and in general, a lack of intellectual sophistication, it makes sense to me, now looking back through time, that people who knew how to manipulate energies and use herbs and plants for anything other than just healing, were pretty cunning about survival and kept that knowledge hidden.

We live in enlightened times, we see new technology often, our lives have become easier in the mechanics of it, if not in the spiritual. And yet, I see many with outmoded ideas of what a witch was and is to this day. As witches, we have an obligation to ourselves to learn as much of our craft as it is possible and to those that will follow our footsteps. Since there is no definite way to find out exactly how it all started where witchcraft is concerned, it is best to live our belief in the now. We can re-shape our history with accounts of what it really is to be a witch. We are after all, human beings, living a spiritual experience. We have the power to leave behind a better story for those that will follow.

Until I write again,

*M* the Witch Gazetteer..Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221

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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter Pub XIX

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear reader: Welcome back to another issue of your magickal newsletter. I am changing several things on the Gazette. After all it is Spring already. Time to take out the old and welcome the new!


With the new Moon, most of us see it as a chance to do something “new” in our lives or just dust-off those forgotten projects and re-animate them with new life.  With this charged Super Moon we just experienced, it has left us with a sense of anticipation. It opened up a sort of portal of opportunities that we have to, nay ….. we must! dear reader, use if we want to bring major changes in any part of our lives we might deem it necessary a change is needed.

But how to use these energies? you might be asking. I always find the best way to start off is by sitting down with pen and paper and write down things I would like to accomplish. Be practical and don’t over reach yourself. Tackle a few goals at a time, or just one. This is best as you will be able to invest more energy into it.  Use the power of Aries Sun to speed up the results. As Aries is not such a sticker for long-range goals, then utilize the energies of Sun to add more power and steadiness to the project you might want to accomplish. Attitude dear reader always plays a large part in anything we put our minds into. If you really want something wholeheartedly, then your attitude is positive. Strive to not let anything let you down. Naysayers always abound everywhere, so it is important to always “keep your chin up” as the maxim goes. This is when the energies of the Sun come into play to boost your self-confidence.


Lovely yellow flowers
My pretties♥

Finally, the beautiful season of Spring is here! Time to tackle that Spring cleaning and get rid of the musty air that Winter leaves behind.

Spring cleaning is better when done with intent. Getting rid of old stuff (like clothing, bedding, old appliances etc) its specially good when you add a spiritual twist to it. Instead of just going through your closets, garage, storage room etc. prepare yourself with a  combo of candle, incense, spray,  blessed water and your favorite music to cleanse your home as well on the spiritual and magnify the frequency of your living space.

White candles, yellow candles, red candles or orange candles are good colors to use. Incense aromas  like mint, rose, lavender, lemon balm, sweet grass, are perfect for a spring cleaning. A spray with your favorite blend to spray around closets, blessed water to sprinkle around your home to seal the work once you are done, and your favorite music playing in the background, makes for a fun cleaning, rather that just a bland one. An added spiritual cleansing leaves a home truly rid of negativity collected through out the past months, thus elevating the vibrational frequency of your living space.


March 23rd to March 29th.

On Wednesday March 25th, we have a harmonious trine between Aries/Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:25 p.m.  This is a good window of opportunity of about 3 hours (it ends approx at 3:10 p.m.) to work on your projects/goals. Saturn in this trine brings to bear the discipline for which this planet is famous for, as well as the insight of being able plan ahead and prepare for any delays on your project.

We also have Venus in Taurus Square  Jupiter/Aries at 7:11 p.m. Friday 27th. The combo of Venus (fun, luxury loving planet) and the expansive Jupiter is one to look out for. Their influence comes in the form exaggerating anything in general. Like over eating, over spending, etc. So dear reader, if you find yourself over doing something, pull yourself back to normal mode and remember the square.

MAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK:  Ethic Code- To Hex or not to Hex


Through out my spiritual practice one of the most asked questions I have received is “How can I hex so and so?” Many times in the life of a witch this particular issue arises. To hex or not to hex…that is the question (if I may borrow a famous quote) some ask.

It makes me shudder when I browse through stores that sell magickal ware. Some stores sell “hexing” products as if it were something that is positive, as if it were OK, to use powders, burn candles and curse the name of a particular person! oh, dear, dear..how banal and commonplace. This is a matter that needs to be addressed in a serious frame of mind.

As witches we have to adhere to a certain code of magickal conduct. This is a fact each practitioner should know, and sadly one that many ignore. Even when we are solitary practitioners, we must strive to have a code of “honor” lets say as to how we conduct ourselves with magick.

I understand, we are human beings. Our human nature is, at the core of it, very much based on instinct. The first instinct that arises when we are upset is to strike back for slights (real or not) done to us. This should be a  moment in our lives when we have to face the dark side of our nature and come out of it better. By raising above it, and facing the light. Not drowning in darkness.

Every action we take has a  reaction and consequence. We open a chain reaction that stem from our deeds, good or bad. Whether magickal or mundane. When we add a dark magickal twist to our behavior, we are setting a chain of events that reverberate in the astral to come back down again to this dimension where we reside.

How do we deal with someone who really (not something we think they might have done) has crossed that line in the astral with a magickal attack? Do we just sit and take it? Are we to “turn the other cheek” and just be “better” by ignoring such deed? What do we do when is even worst! and they attack those we love the most? These are tough situations when we must rise above the anger and control that basic emotion…revenge! It is hard, trust me dear reader, I know! but yes, we can do something that does not require us to burn ourselves in a fire that was not of our own making in the first place.

Energy when used, hangs about a person, some of that dark matter, will stay glued to he/she that worked on that dark piece of magick. Even when we are not sure who the culprit was, we can return that energy back to source. We are indeed sending back what we do not want, without malice. Remember, it was something sent to us (or our loved ones) with evil intent and most importantly without our consent. This is a sort of retribution if you will. Karma is a funny thing… it seems to be either asleep or way too busy with other matters, so needs must!

This is when the “better” part of us, raises above the petty and mundane, by applying the law of return. Now, do not misunderstand the concept of applying such law. If we have in the past, ourselves committed such dark deeds then returning hexes will not work at all. So before you do anything, take a good look inside your heart, and own up to your past mistakes. This requires cleansing, un-hexing and protection spell-work, meditation and living a life with positive intent.

But if on the other hand, we have been hexed and our hearts are clean of such deeds, then what we must do, is work magick in a way that all the collected dark energies hanging about our persons is  send back to the one that sent it to us. I like to call this the “boomerang” effect.  Neither way of getting rid of a hex is easy, in the sense that it will only take one day, no such thing. You have to continuously and consciously work protective magick, unhex once a month (just in cases dear reader), cleanse your chakras and try to meditate daily. This also entails having your home cleansed at least twice a month. Your vibrational frequency is in tune with the frequency of your home. It is important both frequencies are on the same energy level, to have the most balance one can achieve.

Being a witch is not a game. Magick is to be respected not abused. We are after all, garnishing Universal energies. Why would anyone in their right mind misuse such energies for evil purposes? We have a hard life as it is in this human guise, why make it harder? Being a witch is and should be, a beautiful experience, and more so if we live by a set of ethical codes that helps to walk in light on our individual paths. By adhering to such ethics, we are honoring not only ourselves, but one of the oldest beliefs on this planet. We are witches, let us raise above such petty deeds and be the change!

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub IX

Victorian_woman_at_writing_desk-228x221Dear Reader: Welcome to this, your Magickal Newsletter, of current goings on and magickal inspiration.

CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Now that we have started a new year, thoughts turn to matters like finding a new job, a new place to live, going back to work, school, or loosing weight. Out of all the above mentioned, loosing weight its a goal that is pursued by many and one which clothing companies- together with exercise gear companies and exercise gurus- exploit to their advantage. To feed our minds with the same commercial drivel that was fed to us on the past months. Buy, and buy more! Alas reader, we have to fortify our minds to be able to sail through the waters of weight loss and make a vow that we will pursue what is best for us, our health, our inner happiness.

MIND OVER MATTERnew year Presently most traditional magazines,  and E-zines are filled to the brim with “how-to” advice on how to shed a few extra pounds. I read through many of these, as it brings me many hours of smiles. An old but popular   trick in “diet-land” is the one that tells you to use a smaller plate. This is of course a simple optical/visual illusion that will “trick” (they say) your stomach into thinking is full… hmm, I don’t know about this. Somehow I cannot rationalize  my stomach “thinking” of anything, but if I am to get  whimsical here, then lets say for argument’s sake that the stomach does think.

To “think” something is enough for it, first it has to have the signal from above, the brain. The eyes are sending the signal to the brain which sends it to the stomach that something is not quite right. In fact something is outright wrong, the person who is about to eat, is trying to trick not only the brain, but the stomach as well! The stomach accepts the portion given, as it has no choice just then… But! unbeknown to the body, the brain is quietly plotting revenge! (might as well give full reign to this fantasy). Maybe 2 hours after dinner, the stomach starts to growl. The person trying to keep to a rigid diet, goes and follows yet another piece of advice from the aforementioned magazines, he or she drinks water, to calm the hunger. Feeling quiet proud of achieving his/her goal, the person then, goes back to whatever he/she was doing. The stomach though is not done. Oh, no! The stomach starts to growl, louder and more often. It feels as if a wild animal is inside that darn stomach by now. The person rushes to the kitchen and pulls out that guilty (out of sight out mind) snack that has been hidden in the freezer (yet another bit of advice!) and rips into it. Almost stopping all breathing until the last morsel of that delicious snack has been consumed..Ah! so much better. The stomach then, having achieved its goal, goes back to normal, but not before sending one last message to the brain. To let the person think he/she is in control, not the stomach..bwah-hah!

What I am trying to say dear reader, is that we have to use our common sense if our goal is  to shed a few extra pounds. Do not starve the body, otherwise it will go into over-drive and it will be worst. It can be accomplished, without the “noise” of the outside world. Gentle, baby steps make bigger changes over time, than strict changes that will leave you (and your stomach..) feeling grumpy and unhappy. Make changes that make sense to you and ones that will bring an over-all feeling of well being. After all, it is the simplest things that make life worthwhile.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek

CRYSTAL BALL – A PEEK AT THE WEEK– We start off the week with one  of the seemingly “problem” planets (so the naysayers advice) Mars aspects Pisces, on Monday January 12th.  Mars is fiery, feisty and driven by action.  Pisces is intuitive, emotional, sensitive. This is is supposed to be a challenging time, as fire and water (Mars/Pisces) don’t really combine well, BUT! Let me differ here. Mars lends motivations (fire) to Pisces, who often times gets in a funk and doesn’t seem to find the will to move forward. Mars lends assertiveness to Pisces when uncertain about a situation or person. On the other side of the coin, Pisces cools Mars  influence, helps calm fired up energies and lends a sensitive streak when the cruel, violent side of Mars presents itself.

On Tuesday January 13th,  the Moon enters Scorpio under the 4th quarter. Early evening 6:16 (PST)  Scorpio moon trines  Mars in Pisces. Trines are formed between planets or signs of the same element. In this instance we have Scorpio, whose ancient ruler used to be Mars (modern ruler:Pluto) and Scorpio and Pisces, both signs sharing the quality of Water element. In magick utilizing both signs, create a sure outcome to whatever is needed to manifest. As Scorpio is fixed water sign, it helps to manipulate frequencies altering its effect and Pisces with a mutable water influence helps to adapt the magick to the best outcome.  How can  these two signs be combined in magick? Candle(fire/mars) magick- Aqua Blue and Dark Blue. Either a double color candle or two candles sitting by side each with their representative astrological sign inscribed on each. Add to this duo your own astrological candle (with your sign on it) with a written petition and focused (mars) intention and watch the magick unfold!

Wednesday January 14th a square between Saturn/Sagittarius- Mars/Pisces. Saturn which is also viewed as a problem planet (although this makes little sense to me as it is a steady influence). Mars wants action. It does not matter to Mars how something is accomplished, what matters is moving forward, with a very strong will. Saturn is contraction, limits, and always adhering to rules. Saturn makes sure that Mars doesn’t move too fast as Saturn wants to be patient when dealing with set goals and Mars only wants fast action. Not to worry,  Pisces and Sagittarius influence diffuses the energies that these two headstrong and powerful planets bring to bear. These two make changes or plans go easy, which breaks up the  vexation you might feel under their brief influence.

January 16th – Friday – Moon enters Sagittarius making it a fun day as Venus  loves social affairs and Sag likes nothing better than having a good time, making Venus a good fold for this mutable fire sign.

Our week ends with Moon entering Capricorn – a cardinal sign with Earth element- on Sunday January 18th. There are two sextiles on this day: Capricorn Moon on Mars/Pisces (12:25 p.m. PST) and Capricorn Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces (1:52 p.m.PST)- Sextile links planets that have compatible elements. The first one is Fire-Earth. The second sextile is Earth-Water. A good exchange between the signs and planets combined.


For today’s card I chose my Rune divination deck. Artist,  Nigel Jackson.

RAD-RIDE:  This card signifies errands, visitors and and communication (phone calls, emails or texts). It also advices on finishing projects so that you can move ahead towards your goal. With Mars/Pisces combination this week- It makes sense to use the Mars energy to get the motivation to get going and keep moving. No matter how large or small are your goals, it can be accomplished under the positive energies of this rune card.  It is also a time to make decisions and come up with ideas that will help long term. This card helps to get your ideas across in a positive manner, drawing forth the wisdom gained through life’s lessons. You can be creative and use the Rad symbol on your goals list giving it added power, so that projects and desires stay in the right direction. In magick if you want to utilize the Rad symbol, it is a good idea to inscribe it on a red candle on top of your petition and burn incense that has the element of Air (to keep things moving).  Keywords for Rad:  journeys, short or long. Physical or spiritual. Movement, changes (for the better). Since Rad is about moving, journeys etc. It can represents a time frame for your goals or projects. It can be 24 hours or4 days or 4 weeks. Keep this in mind if you want to add a time element to your spell work.



For this week’s magickal tip I would like to pause, take a breather and propose an idea that I have been thinking about for several weeks now.

I keep thinking that the best way to learn something is to write it down so that it sticks better in memory as it helps the conscious mind dilute it to the subconscious.

It is advisable to  get a notebook where you will write down all the tips I have shared in this blog, until this point. To continue onwards, so that at the end of the year you will have not only lots of magickal tips at your disposition, but your thoughts and how magickal efforts, spiritual efforts and personal efforts have changed your life: For example did you find a new purpose? Is this new purpose in balance with your life? Is it by that time, a  spiritual purpose,  or a physical purpose?

Leave several pages blank in between each spell, spiritual work. So that you can include the time, days, weather and season the work was conducted on.  How you were feeling/mood on that particular day, plus the conclusion/outcome.  Make the journal as special as you want. Preferably a thick notebook so that there is enough space to write on. It can also be a small binder, or large one. Whatever fits best your lifestyle. It is important that you choose a notebook you will be happy with. This is so you can connect at some level with the type of notebook  you are writing on, otherwise you will not feel compelled to use it. Be as creative with your notebook as you want to be.

How else will the notebook/journal help? It will help you, to become more organized. It will help with being in the moment. To sharpen your focus. It will help open up right side of the brain so that your creativity, muse, inspiration spills forth. It will also help spring a need to create, to be inspired. With sayings,  with quotes, or whatever comes from your heart. Drawings, songs etc. Anything that comes from your soul. In other words, own your notebook!

Well dear reader, it is time to close my weekly newsletter. Talking about notebooks and magick brings this to mind.  Magick need not be formal, nor serious. But it does need to come from the heart. It also needs to be respected not mistreated. It needs your better self to raise above petty feelings, so the end result enriches your life, not destroy it. It is your responsibility to treat it as you want others to treat you. With care and respect.

Thank you for your continued readership, as always I hope this magickal newsletter brings a bit of something learned and kept well within mind and heart.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Witch’s Gazette – Magickal Newsletter – Pub IV

Dear Reader:

Greetings and welcome to another installment of this  weekly newsletter! A maelstrom of energies all colliding in this; the last month of the Gregorian calendar. December happens with a flurry of activities, that carries along in its rush, even the strongest of mind.


Another month that has many running around trying to “close” the year in good erh..cheer. If you notice dear reader, life has us by the ears. Always rushing, trying to make it on time to our individual destinations. December is the worst of all! Being the last, it brings a wrongly perceived idea that we have to, nay!  we must! finish all we started  during the 11 months already past.  Or our lives (we think) won’t be the same! I beseech you to stop for a moment and just breath, that is right. Breath in an out, one, two, breath. There, don’t you just feel a little bit better?  It’s all in the breathing dear reader, all in the breathing. We have to keep our perspective in place and just keep calm.


Ah! the joy of decorating with all those ornaments and crafty items, stashed away for a whole year. Getting that tree up for the holiday. Out comes the box (or boxes) from the storage place, garage, closet or under bed organizer! Some put up their holiday ornaments right at the beginning of the month, while others procrastinate and still others avoid it like the plague.  It affects us all, whether we want to or not. My household is no exception to this rule. Although I was all for postponing this event, it is a promise to one of my brood that had me unpacking, and dusting off several stored nick-knacks of the season. There I was dear reader feeling quite “grinchy” muttering under my breath at the chore I had to perform. So I strove for a cheerful mood, thinking it was all for a good cause (making one of mine happy) even if meant mustering the courage to once more look at all that  holiday color. To boost said courage, I started to hum along some crazy song I made up on the spot. When suddenly! I realized… I was humming Christmas music!!! gasp!! like the Grinch in the movie I was quite upset at this happening.   Just like he felt when he was rhyming so I felt when I was caroling! nooo! Immediately, I opened up my playlists  and played music that has nothing to do with the season. Phew! that was a close call! The dangers of the season dear reader are many. Beware of that holiday cheer! OK, moving on…


What  you may ask do we have for this week?

Jupiter enters it retrograde period Monday December 8th at 12:41 pm. (PST) it will stay retrograde until April 8th, 2015 when it ends at 9:57 a.m. Jupiter begins it  Retrograde in front of the constellation of Leo. Whatever is ruled by Jupiter is put on hold, lets say. Jupiter is expansive and enthusiastic, during the retrograde period we might feel we lack the enthusiasm to pursue bigger goals.  Retrogrades are periods of taking the time to listen to our inner wisdom. With the philosophy that is part of Jupiter, it helps re-evaluate our goals. Any retrograde is a period of just taking a breather, and taking advantage of going through our lists (mental or physical) of things we can do in the meantime, while waiting for the retro to be over. Jupiter on Leo puts a pause on traveling, activities planned outside the humdrum of ordinary life.

On December 10th at 8:42 a.m. (PST) Venus enters Capricorn.  A good match if you want to purchase anything that is a big ticket item for the home. It brings a practical side on our finances (Capricorn influence) letting us find the best deal to fit our budget.  With Jupiter the planet of finance on retro period, this is something positive, as that sector is on hold. Better go with the flow and not make any big changes in our financial goals.

December 11th at 10:20 a.m. (PST) there is a Moon/Leo trine to Sun/Sagittarius. This happening on a Thursday brings up a feeling of enthusiasm, which is in turn brings a positive attitude all around.

Not a very dramatic week, which is good, as we don’t want added energies to the already hectic pace of the month.

Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek
Crystal Ball-Peek@theWeek


ARIES: You will be getting a bit of an ego boost this week. Recent changes in your physical appearance (hairstyle, how you dress, weight loss etc) will be getting noticed. You are high in the magnetic attraction index. Your attitude  could be changing as a result. Suddenly it is a different world. Seize the day! Lucky number: 2

TAURUS: You may find yourself in a bit of a financial challenge. You have several priorities right now that involve health, security, friendships and family. You may be forced to make a compromise. Do what you know is the right thing. Lucky number: 4

GEMINI: Your thoughts just need to come out, no matter how strange they seem. Speak out. The worst that can happen is you put your foot in your mouth in front of some companions. The existing state of affairs does stink, and you are just the one to say so. Don’t be afraid to show your grasp on the matter at hand! Lucky number: 7

CANCER: You are finding new ways to communicate with loved ones and family members. You may be making an addition to your home to accommodate a larger family. Their security and safety will be on your mind. Lucky number: 5

LEO:  Due to your open and friendly conduct, people provide you with positive feedback that  you find extremely helpful. An atmosphere of mutual support develops, which is beneficial for everyone in your life. Don’t forget, you have that  wonderful energy of Jupiter since July of this year. Make good used of it! Lucky number: 3

VIRGO:  You’ll have no luck forcing your way out of a tricky work situation with an uncooperative employer or other authority figure. Work  on a better solution, ask advice if needed. Lucky number: 1

LIBRA: Avoid any confrontations with the people you care about most, to prevent misunderstandings. Instead concentrate all your efforts on simple routine matters. Lucky number: 5

SCORPIO: A partner or associate could help bring financial assistance just when it is needed. Not all due to good luck but through hard work which successfully laid the groundwork for the bonus you are likely to receive soon. Lucky number: 8

SAGITTARIUS:  This week you might find it hard to concentrate at times. Your mind is drawn from one pretty idea to another, and you can’t seem to resist them. Take notes. One of those ideas is gold. Lucky number: 6

CAPRICORN:  This is the Moon’s last visit to your relationship sector for the year and with many challenges on this particular area, it brings a chance to end the year with everything sorted out. Communication lines are open, with a chance to move on. Use the energies of loving Venus (that will be aspecting you on December 10th). Lucky number: 4

AQUARIUS: A friend will be asking your opinion about a personal matter. Be careful to be extra tactful if you offer any criticism, because your motives could be misunderstood. Lucky number: 3

PISCES: Your intuition will seem stifled or blocked but it will come back in force before the end of the week. You may find that organizing, re-arranging your closets and home in general brings a feeling of accomplishment . Relax with a bubble bath.  Lucky number: 5


I like to share with you dear readers, recipes that I have made myself. Now with this blog, I find myself pouring over old favorites that I have not done for many a year, and making them once more. The following is one that was a favorite of family and friends and one that I will making as well, this week. It is a sweet treat, with the sweetness tempered by the sour cream that is added on top once is cooked.


1- 29 oz. can ( or a bit larger) peach halves

1/4 cup reserved peach syrup

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 crushed corn flakes

2 TBS butter or margarine melted.

1. Set out a shallow baking dish.

2. Drain peaches, reserving the  syrup.

3. Arrange peaches cut side up in the baking dish. Pour over peaches a mixture of peach syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

4. Bake 375 degrees for 10 mnts. Basting 2 or 3 times. Remove from oven (but don’t turn it off) Raise the temp. to 400 degrees and sprinkle over peaches a mixture of corn flakes and butter or margarine.

5. Return to oven. Bake 5 mnts. longer.

6. Serve peaches warm with cream (sour cream).

Serves 4. Preparation plus cooking time:  30 mnts.

Bon Apetit!

Spell BottleMAGICKAL TIP FOR THE WEEK: Now that the Moon is once more starting on its wane phase, it is the perfect time to make and bless items for protection of the home.

This week’s magickal tip is a  PROTECTION BOTTLE.

You will be needing a small glass container, with a  lid.  Wash it well, and let it dry.

In the meantime get the following ingredients. For the first four ingredients you need 1 TBS of each. For the Bay leaves, you need 3- Salt about 1/2 cup and for the garlic 5 cloves.




Black Pepper

Bay Leaves



3 small stones from your garden, back yard. If you don’t have any, purchase small stones that come in a bag at the dollar store. Wash them well, and let them dry.

Place all in a bowl, put your hands on top and chant a blessing of your choice. Or just say words that come from your heart. Give thanks for each of the items that Earth has provided and empower them for a strong protection of your home and all that reside within.  Visualize a purple light going into the bowl around all your ingredients. Once this is done to your satisfaction, place stones at the bottom of the bottle and the herbs on top. Close with the lid. Now bless your bottle with all the items within.

Place jar in a place that is important to you but that will not be too visible to visitors.  You can be as creative as you wish with your magickal project and place ribbons around the bottle, close up the top with melted wax, add shinny colored glass pebbles, the choice is yours. This is your Protection bottle after all, own it!

To finish up say the following:

“Round and round the Earth goes on

Twilight light and morning Sun

Bring protection unto me,

The ones I love, this place within.

As above, so below.

Round and round, so shall it be!

Happy spell-castings!

Alas dear reader, it is the end of this week’s newsletter offering.  As I am writing this last paragraph,  I ponder upon the words I have left here, about the things I share. As always I hope to have brought a smile and to have left a nugget of wisdom, even if very tiny.  May your journey for the rest of the week be safe and filled with new wonders, new wisdom, and much love.

I hope to see you next week! same place, same time!

Until I write again!


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Do we live a magickal life all the time?


Some time ago, many years ago actually, I taught a short course on magick. It was a simple way of introducing my students to magick, and I had fun learning from each of them and sharing what wisdom I had collected in my spiritual journey until then. Back then as now the same question has been asked of me (recently by a friend) how do I balance the my “witch” side to my everyday life? in other words am I a witch all the time? or do I leave it be to take care of other more mundane and pressing matters of everyday life?

Back when I taught that course, I had not been practicing for many years, but I found what I was doing beautiful and wanted to share the little wisdom I had obtained.   Now looking back through the corridors of time,  I am glad I did,  as it taught me a lot about myself and what I do. My answer back then was more rigid. My kids were younger, I had to concentrate a lot on the everyday aspects of my life, on the mundane as recently my friend pointed out, and to me magick was a way of finding a nice lovely “me time” in which to create changes, or help my kids in school, or heal family or self.

Time has gone by, and as we get older, kids get older, things change around us, we get wiser and more settled into what we do, and believe in. Hopefully we have grown more mature mentally and learned all the lessons that life has to offer and keep open for more to come, as learning really never ends.

So now I have time for reflection, and realize that I have made magick a way of life. Magick is inherent in all we do, all we see around us,  Earth is a magickal ground from which to learn, take comfort and wonder at the beauty of the place itself where we live.  I am living a magickal life everyday of my life. From the moment I wake up, I  instill the love of magick  in what I do.

Many of the things I use in my household have been created by me,  from the candles I use for daily blessings, to the soap we use.  I bless my food when I bring it from the supermarket, give blessings to my children as they head out to school. comfort friends that might seek spiritual guidance, help myself or family with healing, bless my coffee in the morning so I can have a prosperous day, greet my plants and ask they grow healthy and beautiful, meditate daily with intent. My children have grown in this belief, and although since they were young I told them they have a choice in what they believe in, they have chosen the same path I walk.  So you could say my home resonates in the same vibrational frequencies as far as we live our spiritual lives.

I have grown so used to blessing new items I buy I totally refuse to use them without doing so. It feels as if something not right if I don’t perform that simple magickal task.

I choose to live this life, that by years of practicing, believing, has adhered itself to my very being, and truth to tell, I could not see myself living in any other way.

Of course this is only me,  one life,  one belief.  There are others that have other religious or spiritual beliefs and they in turn live their lives according to those beliefs.

None is better that the other, all is part of the same really, we all believe in somethings or someone out there in the Universe. As long as we respect our beliefs and those of others, and harm no one in doing so, then I think we are all living a sort of  a magickal life,  for to believe in something, you must suspend all else and that which you believe in, will come to be and that itself is the magick and power of the Universe at work.

So my answer was that in reflection, you embrace what you believe in, practice it, live it, and with time it becomes such an intricate part of you, that you no longer think of being a witch, you just are.

We are love and light,