You’ll Rue the Day!

Dear reader, I am glad to be back! I hope all are well. Life and many responsibilities had me putting off, something which I love to do (writing) so that I could focus on the business of life.

Even if I don’t write here, I tend to write down ideas for future posts. No matter where I find myself, and even if all I have at hand is a napkin, I put down in paper random thoughts. Issues going on in the world at large, a word or two which I have found intriguing and of course, any collected subconscious thoughts about spiritual practice, etc.

I also like paying attention to the “pulse” of magick. What people around me are doing with magick, how do they use it? Why?

One magickal subject I see cropping up a lot is the topic of revenge. With the easiness in this digital age, to access any type of topic under the Sun regarding magick, it is two things at once: Excellent that information is but a click away. But worrisome that many times, the same information, can have as well as the good, the ugly!

What I mean by that, is that the information obtained might refrain from going too deep, beyond the necessary spell steps. So that it is easy to find for example a spell to get revenge on someone. It does not contain anything but the basics beyond the needed steps and items needed for the spellwork.

But, it is necessary to asses what the situation calls for. To go within the self and think twice or thrice! if it’s worth it. After all, magick is energy. Whether we use it for good or negative deeds, we are utilizing the same energy. We infuse the purpose of the spell with our emotions, our reason to do the spiritual work in the first place.

So, if you think about it, we raise that energy. Send it out to the Universe. To, later on, manifest on this reality where we reside. That energy does not just bring back results. It lingers. What many might call “karma.” It is energy collected for a specific situation. If its a good deed, that energy will attract blessings, shall we say for a time until it diffuses. Or might stay on, then, later on, bring luck and dissipate. The same with negative deeds. Only the reverse.

I know! it is hard to let go of anger, and frustration when we know someone has jinxed our life. All we want when filled with those emotions is to get back at the person or persons for ruining our good fortune, blocking our money. Or anything else that might be going on to block our well being on all areas.

I also know, what I will say will make some of you frustrated. Perhaps dismiss my words as the words of a crazy person or just stop reading the post. It’s fine. But say it I must.

Sometimes the best thing to deal with evil energy sent to you is to reverse the hate with peace. Its to create a spell in which you will dissipate the energy sent to you with harmony. To create a balance where there is spiritual unbalance. To surround the hater (for that is what they are) with calming vibes.

I have been a practicing witch for so long, sometimes I even forget when exactly I started on my spiritual journey. I was younger. Filled with all these ideas and theories about how things should be done. I was impulsive. Like many others before and after me, I thought that if someone wronged me, then I had to protect me and mine. And I still think that protection is an important part of being a witch. Heck! For everyone really. We, unfortunately, live in a world where if anyone gets a notion they don’t like someone, boom! A jinx is sent.  Sad but true.

Next hero

But I did learn through the years, that sometimes handling the situation in an unexpected way of doing things, works better than creating negative energy for you or even your loved ones. This sort of “aha!” moment came to me through experience. Through countless times in which I would run out of ideas on how to stop people from just being evil and of course mean.

You know that saying, that love wins, and all we need is love, and.. it sounds so trite! But. It is true. Love is stronger than hate. It might not seem like it. It might seem a bit wimpy for some to return love instead of hate. But it is not. Think about it. Why would you want to create a dark cloud, hanging (literally) raining negative “karma” over you? When you can just deal with it in a reasonable, calm manner and have the upper hand? Why? Because the evildoer (yeah, that is what they are) does not expect that. They are prepared (or not) to receive like for like.

Of course, protection is a must! That is unarguably an important step when practicing magick in your spiritual path. Something that needs not wait until you have to, because someone went and jinxed you. No! It is an important part of being a witch. To keep vigilance is smart and it makes sense.

How (you may ask) can you get rid of jinx? in a way that will not leave you feeling a bit sick of the whole “You will rue the day” type of situation?

The first thing of course, as you might know, is to cleanse the self. The home, and the whole family if it’s possible for you to give each member of your family a spiritual cleansing. Create a strong protection shield around the home, not only by raising energy but by placing items which to you signify exactly that. Water is excellent to place in glass containers at the entrance and the back door of a home. Make sure to change it at least once a week, and keep doing it until you feel things are calmed. Rocks are also excellent “guardians” and they can be left as long as you wish to. But you need to cleanse spiritually and empower them for protection.

The main focus of the spiritual work is a candle spell. A black candle, cleansed and empowered to cut through the hate, to bring clarity and vanquish the evil deed. You want to also state that you want to balance out the negative energy.  Burn for a while then snuff out to repeat the next day until the candle is done.

After that is done burn a white candle. To surround you and yours with a strong protective and blessing energy. Next, place several crystal stones, like rose quartz, moonstones and black tourmaline (just some suggestions) in a bag with a blend of herbs that attract peace, love, and protection as well. Write down what you want to accomplish which would be for the jinx to be removed and have peace. A ziplock bag is good. If you know the name/s of the person/persons who sent the jinx, the better! Add their names to the bag.

Cleanse and bless your home at each change of the Moon phases which would be 4 times a month. Do not skip this. It is important that you flow with the Moon phases. It creates a connection that keeps you focused and grounded.

And the most important step in all of the above is to send light energy and love ( ok! maybe not the love as that part is hard I understand, but light energy is a must) to the person that sent you the jinx in the first place. Why? because you want the hate to be done with. The black energy sent to you to be lifted and dissipated. You do not want to be locked into a witchcraft war (trust me, some people do that. They keep sending that bad energy back and forth between them). A forever struggle of who will win! Who’s stronger spiritually,  etc.  That is just a waste of energy that can be put to better use.

As with all in all life, all the advice in the world will not work if we do not want it to. It has to come from within. The need to rise above the ugly, the jinxes and revenge and be what we are meant to be. Someone who can see beyond the ordinary and understand that until we make a conscious decision of changing the hate game, we will not be able to raise about our petty differences and shine that light that is within us all.

Until I write again,









Because you are awesome!

Hello everyone! I am back even if just for a quick note. My blog is always and ever present in my mind. This day being so special I did not want to miss a chance to wish all of the beautiful and strong mamas who read this blog an awesome day.


May your day be brilliant and at least for today, you get to do nothing and enjoy everything!♥ xo

As we journey through..

Hello dear reader! Its been a while that I have come to this lovely place of musings. Life has intruded upon my writing. Work, responsibilities and the lot has had me busy, as is everyone else. It is part of our journey on planet Earth. But how could I not write what has been on my mind to write? And how can I not share this thought with you, my lovely readers?

Our journey is one that is not lived in a linear straight line comprised by months, days and hours.
Time does not really exist as we perceive it. So, in reality, we have “time” to do all the things we want to do, reach and accomplish all the goals we have in mind.

You know that saying that we are the only limit to what we can accomplish. If we put a finite line to our lives, then that will be it.
But if we strive to create to the infinite. Do not get stuck in the moment, but continue to dream and create then, yes the possibilities are endless.

The past is a place where we traveled through, not really a “time”. It is something we lived, experienced, hopefully, learned the lesson and kept on walking. The future, of course, is dependent on what we decide to create today.

So today, remember the lessons. Think of all the good things you have with you at this moment of the past months. Make peace with the not so great moments, which do leave (even if we do not want to see it as such) a lesson to be learned. If only not to make the same mistakes or walk away from situations and people who do not deserve our time nor our love.

Today we know what we did not know back in 2017. Today we stand stronger, wiser and more aware of our shortcomings as well as of our strengths.

Make your life count. I am not saying you have to go and become famous or go to another country to make it so. Make your life count for you. Create your purpose. Sometimes if it is not clear, then it is yet to be created. I have said before in my posts. We are the architects, the creators of our own life. Own it!

I want to wish everyone a great beginning for your personal story of 2019. Make every chapter something special. Something that resonates within you in mind, body, and soul.
Many thanks for being a part of my journey through my magickal blog. It has been that…Magickal!

With love, and until I write again♥

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Beyond Angels – The Other Spiritual Guides

Hello dear reader! Welcome back. Another post on my magickal blog. I have been mentally chewing on this next theme. It is something I had an idea of writing for a while but was always put in the back-burner.

Spiritual Guides its something that many think about. Whether it is believed or not we have one. Or whether they are all exclusively Angels.

I don’t believe this is the case.  That Angels hug the whole “guardian” territory. There are plenty other beings and creatures of the Astral and beyond that present themselves to us, through the years. It might be a one-time occurrence or it could be someone who sticks with us until the end of our lives.

Yes, the guide of choice for many is Angels. Perhaps due to the fact that they cross over most cultures around the world. There are countless tales, oral and written about their existence. Whatever the spiritual belief or lack of belief. Angels are believed to be the ultimate guardian of human existence.

On the other hand, there are countless tales as well, of other creatures or beings that appear to people from time to time or are always present. These can be shown in the form of an animal spirit. The spirit of an old ancestor that comes across dimensions to help and guard. It can even be demons (yes, dear reader, you read well) which come across the astral veil to help. Why these creatures choose to help us one time or another is a mystery that is revealed (or not) to each individual if they get past their fear of sensing, or seeing a being from the beyond by their side.

Why do we need to be guarded, protected or guided from time to time? Why are some chosen to have this type of help and others might not? It could be that the spirit of the being helping might have been related to the person. If an animal spirit (other than an old pet that has passed away) graces our lives with their presence, perhaps there is something that Universe wants to convey through their pure essence. Animal spirits are actually one of the purest forms of energy. They are untouched by human tragedy, dramas and hang-ups of our mortality. Even more so than Angels, demons or any other Avatar that walked through this Earth of ours. Those have been too entrenched in our human history and we have given them so many human traits, that the line between their otherworldly existence is blurred by our own need to bring them down to our own human level.

Animal spirits are special messengers, who bring us either a message of comfort or guide us for a little while in an important part of our journey. It is up to each individual to decipher their presence and message.

I think many people do have special guardians or messengers, whom they are not even aware of. They go through their life journey, not knowing that indeed, they were guided through some instances or situations in their life.

It is not as simple as that of course. Bad things happen to really good people. Those are the ones,  one would think, need the most a helping hand from anyone out there watching our human comedy. That is really a whole separate post and one that would take too long, to delve into. For now, what I want to convey in this post is that there are other beings out there, who exist. Not only the exclusive territory of Angels. But why do they appear to us? It could be either that when we were still pure Soul energy made a deal with some other being out there. Before signing up for another human journey. Or because we have something important to accomplish. Which is tied up to the Universal thread of our human existence. Which in turn, helps the wheels of Universal existence to continue churning along.

Most importantly, we must realize that it is up to us to understand their role in our human journey. Why they appear to us. What is it that they want us to do.  These are valid questions, which we should ask, if as I said before, we get past the mentality that it is a “scary” situation, and perhaps we should just not think about and it will go away. If you dear reader, can see or hear them, then so can they. Talk to them. Ask why they are there. Do not hesitate to request a clear explanation, not one riddled with mystery. Our journey is hard enough, without having to deal with things we do not understand. We have enough of those.

We must own our own “reality” and see things for what they are. Whether from this physical plane or another. The better we understand their presence the better we can shed light on our personal journey.

The universe is made up of more than just Angels. There is a wide and vast place out there, inhabited by beings beyond our wildest imagination. Open your mind to that wonder and let your inner mind take you on a wild ride of exploration.

“the plain everythingness of everything, in cahoots with the everythingness of everything else,”

Diane Ackerman

Until I write again,


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Altars, a Magickal Portal

Dear Reader: Welcome back! Another installment of your magickal newsletter has finally arrived. I am excited to be be back ready for another year of magickal blogging. Spring is here, Earth is awakening from the long Winter slumber, and that energy that permeates through the soil and plants seems to transfer to us humans as well. We feel the urge to purge home and selves of negative and stale energy collected throughout the Winter season.

I have several topics already lined up for the weeks to come, I think the following topic is a good one to kick-start this year’s blog. Let us begin!

The subject for this week’s post is Altars. Their uses and how to enhance, or set up one for spiritual work.

Altars have been in use since the early civilizations.  Although it has been suggested that they go as far back as the Paleolithic Age, there is no actual sustained evidence as to this. But! It is from Paleolithic Age that, the connection to our ancestors to help in daily life, which was survival and hunting for them, had its beginning. From there further along our human history, other cultures began to make the connection between ancestor worship and setting up “special” places (altars) to connect directly to their essence.

Fast forward to the modern times, and the idea of altars in the home has been infused into our “subconscious collective” to the point that without conscious thought, we create little islands of special knickknacks, pictures etc. around ourselves.

For example, a wall in your home, which is dedicated to family pictures, is an outward need to honor those who are part of our blood “tribe.” It is a way of expressing the love we have for them, whether they are alive or not. Far away or nearby.  This, we may do unconsciously. Without a thought that what we are doing, is honoring our roots, our family.

Knowing that there is intent behind the action, brings a different layer to those special places in the home we choose to set up as an altar. There is no set or fast rule as to how many altars we should have. After all, spiritual needs vary, we are not only confined to let’s say an altar for love matters. We can have a different one in several corners of our home. Or just have a general one. Which we change according to the magickal work. We can even set up altars according to the compass points and follow the Feng Shui school of thought.

We can also have seasonal altars. Changing the theme to suit the current seasonal months. The creative has no limits really. It is up to us, to figure out, what is it we want to accomplish by setting up an altar. So, taking this into account, what are the themes and items utilized for setting up an altar?

A general list of items:

  • Statues or pictures of a deity or representation of Goddess/God, etc. In the case of let’s say, a representation of the Goddess, small knickknacks of butterflies,  fresh flowers, or a picture that to you represents Her energy for example.
  • Candles. Candle holders.
  • Incense holder, for when you burn your incense. Or incense sticks all ready for next time you activate the altar’s energies.
  • Water in a pretty cup, which is only used for the purpose of a blessing extension of your altar.
  • Crystal/Tumbled stones either in groups on small plates or one per each corner of the altar.
  • What I call a “request” vehicle. This can be a plate, a bowl, even a pretty planter which its used for petition papers or small items that might be found on walks. Like small feathers, sticks, leaves, stones etc.
  • You can choose to have a bare surface or place an altar cloth. Altar cloths can be made if you are crafty, washed with blessing herbs (by hand is better the first time if you are using herbs). Then after drying, you could iron it, spray with a blessing blend before its placed on the altar. Or you can just buy something that calls your whimsy and still go through the same blessings process.
  • Also, items that hold a special significance for you. This varies from person to person. Go with what feels right in your heart.
  • Flowers. Fresh flowers are best. You do not have to have flowers each day of the week, but whenever you can, or when working your magick! It is not necessary to break the bank to accomplish this part. Flowers from your garden, no matter how small. Even herbs that flower, like for example Lavender or Basil, Rosemary etc. Or from the supermarket. You can find low prices for a small bunch of pretty flowers.

As I mentioned before, you can make it seasonal and add items that represent the season, like seashells for the summer season or leaves to represent Autumn.  Or for example, it can be like the picture to your right, a one-time altar. A temporary Altar set-up which you will use for a special petition.


The following are a couple of examples of the altar setups:

The one below was provided by a lovely friend of mine. This is how her altar looks most of the time. She changes according to the season. In the example below, she wanted a representation of Spring, thus the ladybug teapot and the flower petals around her petition candle. As you see, through the items around the centerpiece, she reflects and engages her belief in the magick created in her special place.

Personal altar






Summer Solstice Garden Altar


This is a temporary garden altar I put up a couple of years back. It was used for a Summer solstice ritual.  As a conduit of the magickal work for that specific day. It created a connection between the beginning work and the way I chose to close it. After several hours it was dismantled and brought it inside the home.


If you are into gardening and love all things nature, then an altar in a corner of your garden, can be constructed or set up an as a special place to connect more directly to mother Earth. It can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.

After all, altars, are a personal expression and extension of your spiritual life, practice, and creativity. Each unique and special. There are plenty more ideas which you can incorporate into it.

The above are only suggestions and basic tools for the setup.

The most important thing is that it is created with a deep understanding of your spiritual needs. Knowing that what you are creating is a connection to Goddess, Universe, etc. A place where you spark your whimsy, rest your worries, heal, and let your soul soar from a place rooted in love and belief.

I hope, that with this post I am leaving something, a little nugget of re-discovery.  Something that engages your imagination. Which in turn will spark your personal passion and transform your quest of all magickal.

Thank you for being part of this magickal blog!

Until I write again,


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We are the Change

Dear Reader: I hope to find you well. Another season is winding down and coming to an end. As we prepare for the new one to enter, we might reflect on the past months.

The Mercury retrograde is past, we had two eclipses, summer season was unbearable the past week (in some parts of the USA). We are witnessing natural disasters, not only here but elsewhere in the world. Political climate is scary (for lack of a better world) and there seems to be note of uncertainty as to where are we heading as a race. I am talking about the whole of human race. Not just one race, but all of us.

It feels surreal that, as there are big strides made in technology, with assurances that the next frontier for us would be Mars, its worrisome at the same time.

We are filled with misunderstanding among our own kind. Walls want to be built, wars want to be started, famine and poverty are still a big reality on this planet, with only a handful of people in the wealth index (globally) and yet we inexorable continue to look towards the stars. Aiming at traveling far away and conquer and colonize other parts when we haven’t even learned the concept of harmony, understanding and love, here in our own “backyard.”

Yes, it is awesome that we have new technology, I love that. We have come a long way from wood toilets to the A.I. home living.
Yet, we are still behind in basic human kindness. I am not saying all of us are. But compared to the many that are not, we are a small island in the vast sea of humanity.

It is easy, when one has a social platform, to get lost in the everyday, in the cool posts, with cooler pictures. It is easy to forget that we as human beings, each carry a responsibility to help each other. It is easy to turn the other way, avoid the “ugly” and ignore what we might see as a lost cause.
It might seem that way, that we are utterly lost, and think somewhere along the line, the gods forsook us, long time ago. But that doesn’t mean we must stay “lost.”  We can lift ourselves from despair, as shown time and time again through history. We can rebuild, we can survive.
We have the ability to dream, to hope and to move forward.

Of course one post will not change things, or just one voice. The purpose of this post is to raise awareness, so that whoever reads it passes the word and in turn that other person does that as well. Somewhere along the line the collective conscious of a group might stand up and say “enough! we are all human beings, and as such we deserve to live in dignity, in a world that will be finally a gift for our children, not a burden. Enough! we stand for what is right, what is just.”

If only.. Then perhaps we might have a chance.

Until I write again,

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Total Solar Eclipse – Spiritual Shift

Dear reader: Welcome to the newest post of the Witch’s Gazette. I hope your weekend has been going well.  We are one day away from the much-anticipated Total Solar Eclipse.

It will be the first in 38 years to be seen in the U.S.A.  Across the United States many will be able to see the total eclipse, while in other cities it will only be seen as a partial one. No matter whether you will see it in its totality or just a glimpse of it. The astrological significance alone, has many wondering what global and/or personal changes will happen.

The Solar Eclipse continues with the Leo theme…ooh! Leo must be feeling the warmth and attention! But, it is due to the grandeur of Leo’s energies that tomorrow’s total eclipse has been so much scrutinized even before the actual event. Everywhere on the internet, you see news about it. Hypothesis and theories are flying high! but lest we forget, eclipses bring changes not only outwardly, but as well to our inner beings. Our souls.

Total solar eclipse occur every 18 months. This is seen by many as the beginning of a brand new spiritual phase. On a personal level, perhaps a transformation that began stirring last year, during that total solar eclipse, will see its conclusion on this next one. Maybe not a spectacular change, but one that will bring a new direction.

The energy carried and released during a solar eclipse, is magnified at the exact moment of the eclipse. This intense energy, creates confusion in many and might make one feel unsettled.  Such energy, cannot really be garnished and or directed towards spiritual efforts. The best thing is just to sit it out and be an observer, and just enjoy the event for what it is. By doing this, it might bring clear insight of what changes are coming on the personal level

Mercury retrograde, will tone down the eclipse’s impact. But nevertheless, the power of the eclipse will be felt.


When: August 21st. 2017

Day of the Week :Monday Moon and Sun in Leo (until it goes void of course at the moment the Moon is new)

Moon Phase: New Moon – Will happen at 11:30 a.m. PST

Celestial Event: Total Solar Eclipse ( a partial one everywhere else outside of the belt of the total solar eclipse) will happen

at 10:21 a.m. PST

Duration: 2 hours 39 mints.



New spiritual phase

End of something

Culmination (and beginning)

Lets not forget we do have the New Moon happening as well. At the moment of the Lunar phase change, the Moon goes Void of Course for about 2 hrs. when Moon will aspect Virgo.

Even without the Solar Eclipse happening, we would still need to wait out the Void of course to start working on new Moon goals and projects.

Sun will aspect Virgo Tuesday August 22nd and the spotlight will be on this Earthy sign!

But for now, I wish you dear reader to have a lovely week ahead. Observe the Solar eclipse with equanimity and keep your mind and soul open, for any new opportunities ahead in your personal journey.


Until I write again,


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First Publication: 2014

A Flower Power House Publication.

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy,recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known to be invented, without permission in working with the publisher. All rights reserved.